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How to Create A Unique Happy Mother’s Day GIF to Say Love?

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:28:53 • Proven solutions

"I want to make a unique GIF for mom for this year’s Mother’s Day. I have seen the conventional animations available on the internet, but they do not feel special. What can I do to create my own Happy Mother’s day GIF?"

With so many ways to wish your mom, it is interesting to know that you can acknowledge your mom on her special day by sending her an animated GIF. Such is an incredible way to show her how important she is to you. Creating a GIF is easy, but there are some tips that can help you make it more memorable. In this blog, we will look at some steps to creating a Happy Mother’s day GIF.

Part 1. Make Your Own Happy Mother’s Day GIF

Currently, getting a personalized GIF for Mother’s Day might be quite difficult. If you have been looking online and got nowhere, don’t worry. Wondershare UniConverter’s GIF Maker utility can help you convert your video clips into GIFs with just two clicks.

This way, you can make your own unique ways to send love to the woman who has made you who you are on the day which should be celebrated every day.

An example to make a warm GIF for Mom using Wondershare UniConverter like this:

Love you mom GIF

The steps are listed as follows:

Step 1 Find a Lovely Video to Express Happy Mother’s Day

First, you need a specific video to make GIF out of. To make it happen, you can either use a clip that you have recently produced or saved one from the internet. Once had, proceed to the next step.

Example video:

Step 2 Add a Dynamic ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ Words to Your Lovely Video

Now that you have access to the video, the next thing you should do is add the ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ words to it using the UniConverter’s Watermark Editor. Not only does this feature offer you to insert text, but you can add an image as a watermark. Simply run the UniConverter, click on Toolbox, and select the Watermark Editor option.

Add a Dynamic ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ Words

First, click the Add Watermark button. Next, import the video, select the ‘Dynamic Watermark’ tab under the Styles section, and enter “Happy Mother’s Day” as text. Adjust the font color, size, position, and speed before clicking the Add Watermark tab to end the process.

Add a Dynamic ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ Words

Step 3 Convert Your Video to GIF

Now, the next phase is converting the watermarked video into a Happy Mother’s Day GIF. You need to open the GIF Maker tool from UniConverter’s Toolbox. Under the Video to GIF section, click +/Add to upload the clip.

Next, adjust the start/end time, frame rate, and output size. Finally, click the Create GIF button to make the animated file. That’s it!

Convert Video to GIF

Step 4 Share Your Happy Mothers Day GIF

Once the GIF is created with the UniConverter, you can share it with your mom via email, social media, or any medium you prefer. The important thing is to acknowledge her role in your life on the 2nd Sunday of May.

If you want to create a particular Happy Mother’s Day Quotes GIF, then it is also possible with the Wondershare UniConverter. Read the following section to change the text to get a new ‘Love You Mom’ GIF in no time.

Free Download Free Download

Part 2. Create A Happy Mother’s Day Quotes GIF to Share

An example to make a GIF with Happy Mother's Day GIF using Wondershare UniConverter like this:

Happy Mother's Day Quotes GIF

Step 1 Find a Background Video

You must initially scroll through the internet to find a video with a perfect background that best expresses your love for your mom. You can also use a video you yourself have shot with a camera or smartphone.

Example video:

Step 2 Add Happy Mother’s Day Quotes to the Video

Adding captions to an intimate video makes it extra special for the person you love the most, such as your Mother. You can use Wondershare UniConverter’s Subtitle Editor to add the text to the video and make it a special gift for this year’s Mother’s Day.

Run the program, and access the Subtitle Editor from the Toolbox section. Next, upload the video to the interface.

Add Happy Mother's Day Quotes to Video

Once the file is added, click Manual Subtitles to add the personalized captions and drag the time bar to cover the whole video. You can set the font size, color, position, and opacity of the entered text. Finally, click Export, select MP4 File, and click Export again to save the video.

Export video with Happy Mother's Day Quotes

Step 3 Convert Your Video to Happy Mother’s Day Quotes GIF

The final step is converting the video into a Love You Mom GIF. Just open the GIF Maker function from UniConverter’s Toolbox interface. From the Video to GIF section, add the video, and click Click Create GIF to start the process. Before that, you can also adjust the frame rate and aspect ratio.

Convert Video to GIF

Free Download Free Download

Part 3. Explore Funny Mother’s Day GIFs for Free Download

If you wish to do a Happy Mother’s Day GIF free download, you can access the following online platforms, where hundreds of ready-made GIFs are available.


Best for- Free site to upload or download Funny GIFs in a great range, including many warming and funny Happy Mother's Day GIFs.

GIPHY is a recommended site to download funny Mother’s Day GIFs. Not only can you download the GIFs from here, but it also offers you to share the GIF directly to your mom’s social media account. It currently supports sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, and Pinterest.


2. Tenor

Best for- Cute and Funny GIFs can be found here.

Tenor is another popular GIF downloading online platform where many animated Mother’s Day GIFs are available. Here, you can download Mother’s Day Stickers as well. Also, if you wish to share the GIF created via the UniConverter with others, then you can upload the file on Tenor.


3. Pinterest

Best for- Detailed categories for quick search.

Though Pinterest isn’t a dedicated GIF downloading site, you can access the social media platform to download photos or videos and then use the Wondershare UniConverter to create special Mother’s Day GIFs. Pinterest offers a ton of ideas on creating a perfect GIF for your mom.



Best for - Rich GIFs created from movies, animations, etc.

GFYCAT has an online GIF creator tool to create a 60-second GIF for Mother’s Day. You can add the video from any website directly to GFYCAT and make a GIF in no time. Moreover, it supports downloading GIFs shared by other users.



After reading this post, you know all about the various methods to make animations or GIFs for Mother's Day. The important thing is getting creative with it and having fun. Overall, the most useful platform to create personalized GIFs is the UniConverter. Find or create Happy Mother's Day Gifs.

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