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The History of Mother's Day You Don't Know

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:28:53 • Proven solutions

Mother's Day is not just an average holiday! There is a vast history behind it that dates back to Greek Mythology. In the article, we will talk about the history of Mother's Day and how it originated in the modern era. Moreover, we will share when the holiday is celebrated in different cultures of the world and how they celebrate it. Once you are done reading this post, you can successfully impress your Mom and jokingly brag about your knowledge in front of all your siblings.

Part 1. Mother's Day and Anna Jarvis

Mother's Day is a legal holiday celebrated in the United States of America and several commonwealth countries on the second Sunday of May every year. The modern version of this day was created by the women’s rights activist Ann Jarvis in 1908 to be celebrated on the second Sunday of June.

Additionally, she advocated that there should be a day to honor the sacrifices of Mothers. It by finally recognized by the President of the USA, Woodrow Wilson, in 1908. Anna Jarvis was considered the founder of the holiday. However, during the final years of her life, she fought against the commercialization of the day and renounced it entirely.

 Mother's Day and Anna Jarvis

Part 2. Mother's Day All Over The World

Every region of the world, have their own way of celebrating various religious, cultural, or national holidays. Here, we will discuss when and how different cultures and countries celebrate Mother's Day.

1. France

People of France celebrate their Mothers every year on the last Sunday of May, established in a 1950 law. It is similar to how Americans spend the holiday, including giving gifts, flowers, and dinner with the entire family. However, if the Pentecost happens to fall on the same day, then “fetes des meres” is celebrated on the first Sunday of June.

2. Russia

Soviet Era Russia used to celebrate Mother's Day on the occasion of International Women’s Day(8th March). However, since the fall of the Soviet Union, many Russians commemorate the day and share gifts with their Moms on the Last Sunday of every November.

3. The Arab World

Egypt and many Middle-Eastern countries observe Mother's Day on the first day of Spring. However, it is an official holiday, but gifts and flowers are widely given.

4. The Rest of the World

People from countries like the USA, China, India, UK, Canada, and 50 others honor their Mothers on the second Sunday of May every year. A record number of flowers are purchased, and restaurant reservations are made on that day.

Part 3. The Most Popular Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day Today

All countries of the world are collectively fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic since January 2020. Many states have implemented strict lockdown protocols, preventing people from unnecessary travel and interacting with one another. It also means many won’t meet their Moms in person on this year’s Mother's Day, especially if they are living under quarantine.

We still have a long way to go before normalization in effect. It is why people are now finding new ways to intermingle with their loved ones. Though it is not as fulfilling as getting a hug from your Mom, it is still better than nothing. Follow this section to learn various effective ways to celebrate Mother's Day during quarantine.

  1. Host a Surprise Party
  2. Send an Ecard
  3. Send her a Slideshow and See her Reaction
  4. Send Her a Gift via Delivery
  5. Arrange a Pre-Planned Brunch

1. Host a Surprise Party

You and your siblings can plan a surprise party for Mom on Mother's Day online using platforms like Zoom or Skype. Call your Mom using the above-mentioned services and invite all her loved ones to the virtual conference as a surprise. Moreover, you can share your best memories using old pictures and even play online board games with her.

2. Send an Ecard

Make an Ecard using any available online platform writing your true feeling about your Mom. You can send it to her via email or post it on social media. Some services offer templates to create funny Ecards, which is the best way to cheer your Mom if she is a bit depressed about not meeting you due to the pandemic.

3. Send her a Slideshow and See her Reaction

Create a slideshow of your pictures with Mom with a piece of heartfelt music playing in the background and share it with her on a virtual call to see her live reaction.

Tips: How to make a special slideshow for Mother's Day? Follow the guide on how to How to Make A Inspired Mother’s Day Slideshow/Ecards Easily

4. Send Her a Gift via Delivery

If you are unable to meet your Mom for Mother's Day, then it doesn’t mean that you can’t give her any present for the occasion. You can order something nice from an online store and have it delivered to your Mom’s address. Make her come to Zoom or Skype to see how she reacts while opening the gift.

5. Arrange a Pre-Planned Brunch

Since Mother's Day falls on Sunday, what is a better way to celebrate it while having brunch. However, since you and your sibling can’t meet Mom on that day, you can make brunch food and eat It over a virtual conference while talking about fond memories, amongst other things.


Mother's Day is an important day where people honor the purest relationship in the world. Moreover, it is even better to know how this day originated and how different cultures celebrate it. By reading this post, now you know all about the history of Mother's Day.

However, the current world situation has made it difficult for many people to meet their Moms or other Maternal figures. Still, you can make the most of it by following the fun ways mentioned above to celebrate Mother's Day in the current scenario.

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