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How to Make A Inspired Mother’s Day Slideshow/Ecards Easily

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:28:53 • Proven solutions

Creating a slideshow of old memorable photos or Ecards is an excellent way to express your love and respect for someone. This Mother's Day, if you wish to make a Mother's Day slideshow or an Ecard, and do not know where to begin, then simply follow this post till the end. You will learn how to make exciting Ecards and learn about some Mother's Day slideshow ideas.

Part 1. Best 2 Ways to Create an Impressive Photo Slideshow with Music

This section will share the 3 quickest and easiest solutions to create a Mother's Day slideshow with uplifting music to offer as a gift of appreciation to your Mom.

1. Create a fabulous photo slideshow with DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

The Slideshow Builder Deluxe by Wondershare is a handy software that offers to combine all memorable and meaningful photos of your Mom into a beautiful slideshow. The tool allows you to make a custom slideshow or create one using the default template. Moreover, there are several customization functions available on the program, which is compatible with Windows PC.

Free Download

The steps to use Wondershare Slideshow Builder Deluxe to create Mother's Day Slideshow are as follows:

Step 1: Download/install, and run the application.

Step 2:Select either Standard Mode or Advanced Mode. The Advanced Mode will enable you to add videos and use different slideshow styles.

Step 3: Click on Add files to import the photos for the slideshow.

Click on Add files to import the photos for the slideshow

Step 4: Personalize the added pictures by editing Transition, Motion, Effect, Pre-Audio, Intro, Music, and Subtitles. After all settings are done, click the Play icon to preview it.

Edit the pictures, and press Create

Step 5: Create and select Save to Computer to export your wonderful Happy Mother's Day Slideshows.

Preview the slideshow and select Save to Computer to end the process

2. Create a memorable slideshow with Wondershare DVD Creator

Wondershare DVD Creator is an easy-to-use software to make memorable slideshows for Mother's Day. The program lets you add music and other animated effects to the slideshow as well. You can download the tool for free on any modern version of Windows and macOS X.

Free Download Free Download

The step-by-step tutorial is mentioned below:

Step 1: Launch the DVD Creator on your desktop.

Step 2: Click on the More DVD Tools option in the bottom-right corner of the interface.

Step 3: From the list, select Slideshow Maker.

From the list, select Slideshow Maker

Step 4: Click on the + icon to import the photos of you and your Mom from the desktop.

Click on the + icon to import the photos of you and your Mom from the desktop

Step 5: Edit the slideshow by adding effects, music, or text. Then, click on Save to MP4 to store the newly created slideshow on your local computer.

Edit the slideshow by adding effects, music, or text

Part 2. Best 3 Ways to Make An Interesting Ecard for Mom

Ecards have replaced conventional greetings and invitation cards. It is more fun to share Ecards with your loved one as it offers you the chance to add animations, effects, and customized font. Here, we will discuss the 3 best methods to make exciting Ecards for Mom.

1. JibJab Mother's Day

JibJab is an excellent platform to create hilarious Ecards for Mom online. The service also offers smartphone apps for Android and iOS. It is easy to use and allows you to make a Mother's Day Ecard in no time.

Please follow the steps to make a JibJab Ecard

Please follow the steps to make a JibJab Ecard:

  1. Open JibJab from your browser.
  2. Select a template, and add the photo of you and your Mom.
  3. Adjust the images, and click on the Make Ecard button to create and download the online greetings card.

2. Someecards Mother's Day

You can select the Mother's Day Ecard template from the Someecards platform, where random users worldwide write and post content for you to download. The Ecards are usually funny, which are easily accessible. Simply go to the official site of Someecards, search Mother's Day, and download any template from the search results.

Someecards Mother's Day

3. 123 Greetings Mother's Day

If you wish to access generic Ecard templates for Mother's Day, then 123 Greetings is a handy platform to download them. You can easily customize the greetings card and send it to your Mom using the platform. Overall, the interface is user-friendly, which lets you complete the card creation in no time.

123 Greetings Mother°Øs Day

The instructions to use the service to create memorable Mother's Day Ecards are as follows:

  1. Open 123 Greetings on your system’s browser.
  2. Select any Mother's Day template from the list.
  3. Click on Customize and Send this Ecard option to add text to the greetings card.
  4. Enter the sender and receiver’s name and email address. Moreover, write an earnest message to your Mother in any available format.
  5. You can also change the font color and add emojis.
  6. Click on Send Now to share the Ecard with your Mom online.


A slideshow or Ecard is a classic yet impactful way to express how much you love your Mother and how helpless you are without her. Arguably, a custom-made slideshow/Ecard shows more thought and affection than a gift, which seems a bit of a clichéd tradition. This post discussed how to create a slideshow or Ecard using the best available platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Mother's Day is just around the corner. Use any of the services mentioned above and express to your Mom, how much you love her!

Free Download Free Download

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