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20 Best Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-07-03 11:54:13 • Proven solutions

Mother's Day is usually celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May worldwide. This year, it will fall on May 9. It is the one day of the year, centered around the purest relationship in the world, called Motherhood. People do everything on this day to make their Mother or maternal figures feel appreciated by making special plans and arranging for unique gifts.

However, if you are having trouble finding the right present for your Mother, then follow our post as we’ll be discussing the best and most thoughtful gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Part 1. 5 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Mother's Day to Share and Save Beautiful Memories

There is more thought and meaning behind a gift that you craft yourself. This section will share 5 of the most expressive Mother's Day gift ideas that your Mom will cherish forever.

  1. Create a Photo Slideshow with Music for Mom
  2. Make a Special Video for your Mom
  3. Write a Thanks Letter with Flowers
  4. Family Pizza-Making Night
  5. Mother's Day To-do List

1. Create a Photo Slideshow with Music for Mom

You can collect various photos of your Mom of different timelines and make a slideshow with a piece of upbeat music playing in the background. This is one of the best Mother's Day ideas during quarantine if you are unable to meet her on a special occasion. You can send the slide show directly to your Mom or share its video on social media platforms for the world to see how much you love her.

Create a Photo Slideshow with Music for Mom

Tips: How to make a special slideshow for Mother's Day? Follow the guide on how to How to Make A Inspired Mother’s Day Slideshow/Ecards Easily

2. Make a Special Video for your Mom

Most people will celebrate this year’s Mother's Day during quarantine as the dreaded Covid-19 is still active globally. Presume you are unable to meet your special lady on May 9, 2022. So, you can send a special video dedicated to her involving all your siblings and her loved ones. You can share how much she means to you and thank her for everything.

To make a video, you can use a dedicated video recorder/editor such as the Wondershare UniConverter, which will offer you to add music, photos, and effect to make the video more personal. It is one of the warmest quarantine Mother's Day ideas.

3. Write a Thanks Letter with Flowers

Nothing is more intimate than writing a heartfelt letter to your loved ones. If you can not meet your Mother on her special day due to unforeseen circumstances, then writing a thank you letter as a present is a way to go. You can show your gratitude by sharing some of your best memories with her. Moreover, you can express how much she means to you.

Write a Thanks Letter with Flowers

4. Family Pizza-Making Night

If you are lucky enough to be with your Mom on this year’s Mother's Day, then you can plan several things to craft a gift for her. However, we suggest going down a more straightforward route. You can let your Mom take a break from the kitchen and do a family pizza-making night. This homemade Mother's Day gift will be more special to her than you can imagine.

Family Pizza-Making Night

5. Mother's Day To-do List

Let your Mom take a break from her daily routine and replace her usual to-do list with more fun-oriented ones. You can design a customized checklist. It could involve going shopping with her, painting her nails, letting her take a bubble bath, and similar things that will spoil her for the entire Mother's Day.

Mother's Day To-do List

Part 2. 10 Sweet and Easy Homemade Gift Ideas for Mom

You can follow 5-minute crafts for Mother's Day videos to make a simple yet sweet homemade gift for your beloved Mom. This part will reveal the 10 of the most emotive ideas for the important occasion.

1. Instagram Calendar

You can handcraft an Instagram calendar for Mom to make her daily schedule more fun. The do-it-yourself calendar will allow her to remain organized and keep the gift close to her. You only need some tape, scissors, glue, a pencil, and a ruler to design a calendar for Mother's Day.

Instagram Calendar

2. Photo Flower Pots

This Mother's Day, you can go an extra step by creating handmade flower pots in different colors. You can insert paper-made flowers with you and your siblings’ photos on them with your Mother. Moreover, you can create a whole set for her backyard garden to plant flowers or vegetables. All you need is a clay pot, paper, scissors, paint, and a picture of yourself to craft a perfect photo flower pot for Mother's Day.

Photo Flower Pots

3. Wallpapered Recipe Box

Every Mother has their set of secret cooking recipes that they compile together in a specialized box. If your Mom uses a plain old recipe box, you can gift her a new one with and-crafted wallpaper wrapped around it. Moreover, you can add dividers inside the box, making it easier for her to access the recipe she wants to create at the given moment.

Wallpapered Recipe Box

4. Geometric Mother's Day Surprise

One creative Mother's Day gift idea is crafting a geometric surprise for your Mom with messages at each turn of the paper stating how much she means to you. This handmade present will take mere minutes to finish but will make your Mom special forever. You only have to get some striped straws, colored cards, glue, and a printable template to create the gift.

Geometric Mother's Day Surprise

5. Wrapping Paper Bouquet

With some wrapping paper, plastic wrap, tape, damp paper towel, and ribbon, you can create a beautiful paper bouquet. You can wrap it around flowers and give them to your Mom for Mother's Day 2022. It is an excellent homemade gift idea that doesn’t consume much time and cot-effective.

Wrapping Paper Bouquet

6. Coffee Cozy

Who doesn’t need a cup of coffee to start the day? If your Mother is a coffee-lover, then she will adore the coffee cozy gift from you. On her day off, she will pour some hot cup of coffee and wrap it around with the fabric crafted as a present by her beloved children. You can sew a new cloth or use an old one to stitch it together in some pattern or form.

Coffee Cozy

7. Hand Holding Heart Card

If you wish to take your Mom out to dinner on Mother's Day and aim for a unique way to send her an invitation, then you can create a hand-holding heart invitation card. You can write the entire invitation and Mother's Day greeting on the personalized card. It only requires paper, pencil, and scissors to craft such a card.

Hand Holding Heart Card

8. 45-Minute Arm Knit Blanket

If you want to make your Mom cozy for this year’s Mother's Day, then knitting her a blanket is a perfect gift for the occasion. You can weave a beautiful blanket using your arms as needles in just 45-minutes. Follow this video to learn the craft quickly and offers it as a present to your Mother.

45-Minute Arm Knit Blanket

9. Vintage Bookmarks

Everyone loves reading a book during their free time, no matter whether it is a self-help book, fiction, or fantasy genre. People often place bookmarks to keep track of their progress in a book. If your Mom is an avid reader, you can design a vintage bookmark as a Mother's Day gift. She will not only enjoy the beauty of the craft and let her think about you every time she uses it.

Vintage Bookmarks

10. Instagram Coasters

Mothers use coasters to prevent stains or watermarks on the coffee table. You can print different coasters with Instagram pictures of your Mom and the entire family as a Mother's Day gift, which she can use around the house. You only need a handful of tiles, pictures, and mod podge to create a beautiful-looking coaster.

Instagram Coasters

Part 3. 5 Classic but Funny Gift Ideas for Mother's Day You Cannot Miss

If you have a candid relationship with your Mom, then you can create funny but classic gifts to give to her for this year’s Mother's Day. The list is as follows:

1. Best Mother's Day Flowers with Funny Cards

The simplest of Mother's day ideas during quarantine is giving your Mom flowers and a card with something funny written on it, which only she could understand. It is a more thoughtful present than something expensive, that means nothing to her.

Best Mother's Day Flowers with Funny Cards

2. Cookie Cutters Shaped Like Her Face

Moms love to bake! Who doesn’t remember the jar full of freshly-baked cookies on the top shelf of the kitchen made by our Mothers? This year, you can gift her a cookie cutter that is shaped exactly like her. With that, the entire family would share a laugh when they chomp on cookies shaped like the house’s leading lady.

Cookie Cutters Shaped Like Her Face

3. Handwriting Bracelet

You can gift your mother a bracelet with a quote or statement inscribed on it, especially if she loves wearing jewelry. You can craft the bracelet yourself or have it made from the local jewelry store for Mother's Day.

Handwriting Bracelet

4. A Classic Perfume

If you want to go the classic gift-giving route, there is none better than presenting your Mom with perfume. You can order it online as Mother's Day gift for quarantine or give it yourself when visiting her on a special occasion. It is arguably among the best gift ideas for Mother's Day.

A Classic Perfume

5. Temperature Control Smart Mug

A temperature control smart mug is another thoughtful gift you can give to your Mom for this year’s Mother's Day. With that, she won’t have to go to the kitchen to heat the coffee when it gets cold due to some reason.

Temperature Control Smart Mug


No relationship in the world cherishes you more than your Mother. It is the reason Mother's Day holds the utmost importance for every person. It doesn’t matter which gift you give to her, as each gesture will show how much she means to you. Regardless of that, now you know the 20 best gift ideas for Mother's Day 2022, which is just around the corner.

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Christine Smith

Christine Smith

chief Editor

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