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CUE File: Everything You Need to Know 2023

by Christine Smith • 2023-03-06 16:11:41 • Proven solutions

CUE files are mostly used in the CDs to store the disk images. This file is also known as the Bin files. The CUE files are also used in many other different applications including the “Monkey” audio. Mostly everyone knows about the CD and DVDs, but they don’t know about the CUE files. If you are looking for what is a cue file, then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss everything that you need to know about these files.

Part 1. What is a CUE file

A CUE file is an essential part of the CD and DVD’s as it defines how your tracks are organized in the CD. It takes care of how tracks are organized in the super audio CDs as well. These files come with the.CUE extension stores the information about the length, name of the song, performer of the song even the length of each track information is available in this file. These files are well written in the standard format, and it is fully recognized by the most all video or audio editing program and CD playback devices.

Part 2: How to open CUE files on Windows


Power ISO is an image mounting software that can mount the images and allow you to create disk images. This software is also capable of opening the CUE files. Here we will show you how to open cue files in Windows 10 or other versions of Windows using PowerISO.

Step 1: Download, install and run the PowerISO on your Windows computer. Once launched, you need to hit the Open button.

open the tool

Step 2: Now, you need to select the CUE file from the system hard drive. Select the file from the popup and click on the Open button.

select the file

Step 3: When you click on the Open button, then the program will automatically list the file in the program interface.

run the program

Step 4: Now select the CUE file and then click on the “Extract” button to extract the CUE file's available content.


Step 5: After clicking the Extract button, you need to set the location to extract this file in the small popup. Finally, click on the OK button, and the file will be extracted in the target location.

save the file

Part 3. How to open CUE files on Mac


Unarchiver is software that is capable of opening mostly all types of files on the Mac operating system. This software allows you to open the files which are not compatible with your previously installed applications.

How to open CUE files on Mac using Unarchiver:

Steps to follow:

● Download and install the software on your Mac and go to the settings of Mac

● Here set Unarchiver as the default for opening all unsupported formats

● Launch an app, and you will be on the preferences page. Here you can set which format you want to open with the app. Make sure to select cue files here, and you can select other formats as well

● Now go to the drive where your CUE file is kept. From there, right-click on the file and select Open With and scroll down, then find and click Unarchiver. Now your file will be opened in the Unarchiver, and you can make the changes whatever you want to do

open it on Mac

Part 4. How to create CUE files on Windows and Mac

This is really very easy to create a CUE file on the Windows, and you can easily do it using notepad on your computer without spending anything.

How to Create CUE file on Windows:

Step 1: Create a CUE file, first open the notepad on your Windows computer, and then enter the below text in the file. You need to place your file name at the place of abc.bin.

place the name

Step 2: Now, save the file with the same name, which is used in the text, and then set the file's extension .cue. Finally, click on the Save button. This is the way to create a CUE file on Windows.

save it


This is all the information about CUE files. You can easily open these files using the method above, and you can even create your own CUE file on the window computer just by using your notepad without paying anything.

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