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How to Easily Find and Add Subtitles for DivX and DVD Movies

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:27:46 • Proven solutions

For a person whose first language isn’t English, subtitles play a vital role in understanding what is being said in the DivX video. However, for a non-technical individual, the process of adding DivX subtitles to the media player could be tricky. It is vital to learn the subtitle file dynamics for any user, including its format and file name. Here, we will discuss the easiest method to find and add DivX subtitles during the video playback.

Part 1. 6 Online Sites Make it Easy to Find DivX Subtitles

Subtitles are available in almost every language in the world. It is difficult for the user to listen and understand everything said during the video or movie playback experience. Subtitles fill in the gaps during such a period, allowing the user to understand the video altogether.

Subtitles are available in various file extensions, but the most common file is the SRT file format. Here, we will discuss the list of platforms that allow the user to find and add DivX subtitles to a media player.

1. DivX Titles

Divx Subtitles is a free and user-friendly platform that can help you find the relevant Divx movie subtitle. The platform is easily accessible from any web browser. Moreover, after finding the subtitle file, you can quickly add it to any DivX media player.

Find DivX Subtitle in DivX Titles

If you have trouble managing or finding subtitles from the DivX title webpage, then insert the name of the movie or series in the search bar, and wait for the results. The list will display the subtitles in different file types and languages.

The disadvantage of getting subtitles from this platform is that you will have to deal with a stream of ads. It could somehow disturb the whole searching procedure for the right subtitle file.

2. English Subtitles For Divx Movies

English subtitles for DivX movies is a handy platform to access the subtitles for DivX movies. The subtitles are categorized alphabetically under the name of the relevant film or tv show. The webpage is smooth and straightforward to manage. Moreover, there are a lot fewer ads that will come your way during the process.

Find DivX Subtitle in English Subtitles For Divx Movies

However, the platform asks the user to install the DirectShow filter for Windows Media Player to play subtitles with the DivX video smoothly. Moreover, the subtitles for languages other than English aren’t available, which is a huge downside.

3. Subscene

Subscene is a popular platform that offers subtitles in perhaps every top language. The platform gets updated daily. Moreover, you will find subtitles for all the latest movies and tv shows on the website.

Find DivX Subtitle in Subscene

The webpage is user-friendly and fast. The response time is excellent, and it also offers a dark mode. Additionally, the search bar is incredibly advanced, which located the subtitles for old and new videos in a matter of seconds. The website allows the user to upload subtitles to its platform as well.


The MovieSubtitles webpage offers DivX subtitles for movies in as many as 13 languages. As for the TV shows, the service supports DivX subtitle accessing in 3 languages.

Find DivX Subtitle in

Subtitle files for all the latest movies and tv shows are available instantly. The various categories and tabs accessible on the website make the process of searching for the right subtitle quick. There is an active feedback portal that you can use to share your experience of getting the subtitle.

5. Open Subtitles

It is perhaps the most comprehensive platform for users worldwide to get subtitles in their preferred language. The website updates new and improved DivX subtitle files daily for all the new and old movies/tv shows. The interface is brilliant, and the user can access the files easily.

Find DivX Subtitle in Open Subtitles

Moreover, there is an open forum for frequent users to discuss or request the subtitle file for any video. The web platform also allows you to create an account if you are a subtitle creator and wish to establish yourself.

6. VLC

VLC is not only a media player that supports playing DivX movies. The freeware offers its user to get subtitles of the latest movies using its “Search Subtitles” tool.

Open Subtitles in VLC

Upon searching the file from the program, you will receive a list of relevant subtitles instantly. Once you get the file, the program will embed the subtitle into the video file. Moreover, VLC offers to synchronize the video and subtitle text if it is not correct.

Part 2. How to Add Subtitles for DivX and DVD Movies

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) offers a reliable platform for you to add subtitles, edit videos, and synchronize them if needed. The service works on both Windows and macOS, which is convenient as you wouldn’t have to access any other service.

Moreover, It doesn’t matter if the subtitle file’s format is SRT, as the UniConverter can detect the related file and add it to the video. The interface is fast and offers to render the clip at a 30x faster speed.

Here are some key functions of the UniConverter that go well with the subtitle feature:

best video converter icon Wondershare UniConverter - Best Video Converter Windows/Mac

program convert video
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  • It is also an effective file transfer application that allows sending/receiving content from portable devices to the PC, and vice versa.
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The method to add a subtitle file with the UniConverter is as follows:

Note: It wouldn’t be wrong if you call this point ‘Step 0’. Here, if your source file do not have internal subtitle, the first thing that you must do is, obtain the subtitle file (with the SRT extension) from the web. This file must be in the correct format, i.e., it must have the right text along with the start and end time to tell the program as for how long the caption should appear on the screen during the playback. Once you get the *.srt file, you are good to go ahead.

Step 1 Import the source video.

Launch Wondershare Subtitle Tool, then click the Toolbox on the left pane. Now press the Subtitle Editor tab to open your local storage and upload your video file.

open DivX subtitle section

Step 2 Import the subtitles file.

On the next window, click the Import Subtitles from under the preview box, click the Add from the menu that pops up in the Subtitle field at the bottom, and then select and import the SRT file, you downloaded earlier, to UniConverter.

load subtitle file

Step 3 Fine tune the subtitles and formatting.

If the subtitles are inconsistent, click the wrong text from under the preview box, and change the content in the Subtitle text present at the top of the right section. To adjust the duration of appearance, use the Start Time and End Time fields as needed.

Further formatting like font type, size, and color can be customized using the options under the Font section. Also, to manage the stroke width of the font and its opacity level, you can use the Outline Width drop-down list and the Transparency slider respectively. The buttons under the Position section let you choose the area on the screen where the captions should appear during the playback. After the settings are personalized, click the OK to save the changes, and to get back to the main screen.

Edit DivX subtitle

Step 4 Produce a new video with subtitles.

The File Location tab will let you choose the desktop folder to save the processed files. Click on the Export button at the bottom-right corner to start processing and added the subtitles to the file.

Convert DivX videos with subtitle

Part 3. Tips for DivX Subtitles not Displaying

There could be several reasons behind your video’s failure to run DivX subtitles. Here, we will discuss some essential tips to remedy the subtitles not displaying issue.

  • Some media players and devices such as smart TVs cannot detect the Divx subtitle file unless it has the same file name as the video. Make sure to set the same name for both files.
  • There is a chance that your media player doesn’t support the subtitle file other than SRT. It is why you should try to get an SRT file. Otherwise, try another media player to see if it works.
  • Suppose you wish to use a subtitle file for a language other than English. In that case, it is better to check the Preferences of your device or media player.


Adding a subtitle to the video enhances the video/movie watching experience. It allows you to know what exactly was said at a particular instant. Now you know the top platforms to get the DivX subtitles. Moreover, if you wish to hardcode them to the clip, then using the UniConverter is the best option.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

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