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How to Convert AAX to M4A Easily and Quickly

by Christine Smith • 2021-03-25 18:39:17 • Proven solutions


"How to convert AAX to M4A format? My device doesn’t have the authority to play AAX audiobooks by Audible. I wish to change it to M4A. Is it possible to perform such an activity? If yes, which platform offers better user convenience?"

AAX is the best format to manage audiobooks. However, you have to arrange for devices or tools that are compatible with the AAX format. If the device is unauthorized or incompatible, there is no direct way to listen to such audiobooks.

To tackle such an issue, you can use a robust file converter and change the AAX file to a format like M4A to play the audiobook. We will share how to convert AAX to M4A quickly using the best tool in this guide.

Part 1. How to Convert AAX to M4A on Windows/Mac

When it comes to converting the AAX file to your preferred format, no program comes close to Wondershare UniConverter. It stands out in offering relevant features, rendering speed, and intuitiveness.

The multi-purpose platform supports 1,000+ file formats related to images, videos, and most importantly, audios. The smooth interface makes it simple to navigate and access the preferred feature quickly. The UniConverter is a handy video editing platform, which allows you to edit, cut, trim, and merge media files.

The top features of the AAX to M4A converter are as follows:

  • It offers high-speed conversion 30 times more than an average AAX to M4A converter.
  • It allows downloading content from over 10,000 audio and video websites.
  • The Screen Recorder provides you the option to record your in-system activities without any limit.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7.

You can download the UniConverter on Windows and Mac systems. Simply install the application and run it. After that, follow the guide listed below to know the method to perform AAX to M4A conversion quickly.

Free Download Free Download

Step 1 Add the AAX Audiobook to the Interface.

After running the program, click on the Audio Converter tab. Import the AAX file by clicking the + icon and follow the next step to customize the settings.

Import the AAX file

Step 2 Select M4A as Output Format and Adjust the Settings.

Go to Settings and select the Audio section. Search for M4A and click on it before choosing the audio quality. Click on Create to continue the customization process if you need.

Select M4A as output format

Step 3 Start the AAX to M4A Conversion.

Click on Convert, which will prompt the interface to initiate file conversion. The entire process will finish in a few minutes. You will be able to play the M4A file on any device after that.

Convert AAX to M4A

Part 2. 2 Other Useful Tool to Convert AAX to M4A

Knowledge is bliss!

It is quite handy to know everything about some other options to convert AAX to M4A audiobooks. Several platforms claim to offer better results in converting AAX audiobooks to a suitable format. However, only a few of them are capable.

In this section, you will know vital details on the 2 other useful tools for Windows and macOS to convert AAX to M4A files quickly and effortlessly.

1. Ondesoft Audiobook Converter

The Ondesoft converter offers stunning conversion speed to convert AAX files to multiple other formats, including M4A. The tool is simple to use and available for Windows and macOS users. The interface resembles the Apple iTunes platform and offers to load your iTunes library automatically. The multilingual service removes the DRM protection before initiating the AAX to M4A file conversion.

Ondesoft Audiobook Converter

2. AAX Audio Converter

AAX Converter is an open-source tool that can offer you convenience by supporting the audiobook’s conversion to popular formats such as M4A and MP3. The simple to use interface allows fast rendering speed while preserving all meta-tag information. Despite the convenience, AAX Audio Converter isn’t available for macOS users.

AAX Audio Converter

Part 3. Extended Knowledge About .M4A Files

Most users are familiar with the MP3 and prefer it over other audio formats. However, converting the audiobook to the MP3 format could disrupt the file’s quality. It is why we recommend converting the AAX file to M4A. If you do not recognize the file type as well as you understand other formats, then follow this section. We will be discussing everything related to M4A here!

1. Why iTunes create a file in AAC encoding is a .m4a file?

There is a very minute difference between AAC and M4A files. The AAC format is part of the MPEG-2 compression format that iTunes use as a container file. You can manually change the format of AAC to M4A, and there will not be a difference in the audiobook quality.

2. What programs can open .m4a files?

M4A is an extension that is a part of the MPEG container. People prefer it as the go-to format for their audiobook after AAX as it is compressed and offers lossless quality at the same time. The file type is also compatible with notable media players for Windows and macOS. Some of them are as follows:

  1. The Apple iTunes
  2. Microsoft Windows Media Player
  3. Media Player Classic
  4. Apple QuickTime Player
  5. The UniConverter


When the AAX format doesn’t work for you, then the next best format is M4A. However, it is key to understand the file type’s ins-and-outs, such as what platforms support playing it or how it preserves audio quality. Now you know everything about the M4A file format.

Moreover, we have suggested the best tool, the UniConverter, to convert the AAX file to the compatible M4A extension. If you have an acquaintance who wishes to manage their AAX audiobooks, share this guide, which will save their precious time.

Free Download Free Download

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