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Top 9 Watermark Remover Apps You Should Know

"What is the best cross-platform watermarking app? I have been searching for a relevant watermark remover app for a while now, but the ones I have found provide limited services."

An ugly watermark could ruin the entire video presentation. However, if you use an outdated watermark remover app, it could further destroy the video quality. Still, several programs offer excellent service to remove watermarks while maintaining the video's original quality. This post will disclose the top 9 watermarking apps that run on popular platforms, such as Windows, macOS, iPhone, and Android.

The step-by-step guide to removing a watermark with the UniConverter is mentioned below:

Part 1. Top 9 watermark remover apps for Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

Here, we will share with you the standout features of the top-rated watermark apps. Moreover, we will reveal any negatives about the software that you should know about before installing it on your device.

1. Wondershare UniConverter Watermark Editor

free watermark app
  • Price: $9.99/month
  • Supported systems: Windows, macOS
  • Customer rating: 4.7

Watermark Editor of Wondershare UniConverter is available for Windows and Mac, which supports removing watermark from video automatically and adding watermark to video easily. It is not only a great watermark remover but also a handy watermarking app. Users can remove any kind of watermark from videos, such as text, logo, object, person, and image.


Automatically remove watermark from video with AI algorithm.

One-click to add a watermark to the video.

Batch add or remove the watermark of the video quickly.

Remove multiple watermarks from a video easily.


Not so far.

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter - Best watermarking app for Windows and Mac

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

An easy-to-use video editor to add or remove watermarks anytime anywhere.

Add text or photo as a watermark to the video easily.

Watermark your videos with text or images with just one click.

Automatically trim your videos and make video editing easy and time-free.

Remove any watermark from your videos effortlessly.

Add dynamic watermarks to your videos easily.

2. HitPaw

free watermark app
  • Price: $8.99/month
  • Supported systems: Windows, macOS
  • Customer rating: 5.0

HitPaw is available for you online and offline, which offers an extensive set of features to perform video editing. The program offers three modes: smooth filling, texture repair, and edge filling to remove the watermark. As for removing the watermark, select the area of a video you wish to erase, and Hitpaw will instantly remove it from the footage.


You can edit videos of multiple formats using this software, including removing watermark from them.

The program lets you add any audio notes or music you like to video.

It enables you to convert the video file type to your preferred one.


The online version is limited.

There is no version for Linux or smartphones.

The paid version only works on one PC.

Compared with UniConverter

Easy-to-use interface, limited features compared to UniConverter's comprehensive toolkit.

3. Movavi

best watermark remover free
  • Price: $12.49/month
  • Supported systems: Windows, macOS
  • Customer rating: 4.6

When one talks about video editing, they refer to programs that manage clips only on high-end desktops. However, it isn't the case with the Movavi video editor. The software works smoothly on systems with RAM as low as 4GB.

Besides, you can access the crop function to remove the watermark from any video you like. Moreover, the software lets you add objects, images, or texts to videos to hide the watermark.


You can cut any portion of a video with ease.

The merge functionality lets you combine two different videos into one.

The crop tool will erase the edges of the footage with the watermark.

You can reverse the video using Movavi video editor instantly.


No live telephone support!

Huge watermark with the free version!

Limited functions with the free-trial version.

Compared with UniConverter

Limited watermark removal capabilities, lacks advanced editing options like UniConverter.

4. FilmoraGo

best watermark app
  • Price: $0.99 - $34.99 per item
  • Supported systems: Android, iOS
  • Customer rating: 4.6

FilmoraGo is a dedicated smartphone video editor available on Android and iOS smartphones. The software provides the grounds to remove an already published watermark from a video. Additionally, you can customize the watermark with your preferred text or object.


It supports all aspect ratios that are suited to different social media outlets.

You can add a wide variety of text styles and fonts as your watermark.

FilmoraGo enables you to change the video playback speed.

It supports every video file format available!


You can experience crashes on an old or low-end smartphone.

Compared with UniConverter

Limited watermark removal features, lacks batch processing capability like UniConverter.

5. PicLab

free watermark app
  • Price: $0.99 - $9.99 per item
  • Supported systems: Android, iOS
  • Customer rating: 4.6

PicLabs is one of the renowned apps to edit photos on Android and iOS devices. The tool is smooth and offers many options to remove a watermark from an image.


Use the crop function to edit out the watermark from the image.

You can create collages of your memorable photos using this app.

The app offers 20 different photo filters.

Use a beautiful combination of stickers using the robust app.


It sometimes wholly locks up the phone, and you have to hard reset the device to make it functional again.

Compared with UniConverter

Basic watermark removal tools, lacks the versatility and advanced features of UniConverter.

6. Apowersoft

watermark removal app
  • Price: US$20.99/month
  • Supported systems: Windows, macOS, iOS
  • Customer rating: 4.3

Apowersoft supports removing or adding watermarks from both images and videos. The powerful software keeps the original quality of the video after processing the edited version.


You can select more than one watermark from an image or video and remove them in batches.

The tool also lets you add images inside another photo as a watermark.

The platform offers several hundred fonts to customize the watermark for the image.

Apowersoft enables you to create your personalized watermark, including adjusting its color, effects, and more.


You can not edit a video of more than 50MB for free.

Upload time for videos is significant.

No live customer support is available!

Compared with UniConverter

Limited watermark removal functionality, UniConverter offers a wider range of editing tools.

7. Photoshop

watermark remover app
  • Price: US$20.99/month
  • Supported systems: Windows, macOS, iOS
  • Customer rating: 4.3

When it comes to image editing, no software is better than Adobe Photoshop. It is also an excellent platform to remove watermarks from images. Here are some features that can come in handy in erasing objects, watermarks, or logos from a picture:

  • Magic Wand Tool: You can easily select the watermarked area inside the image with this feature and easily remove it.
  • Clone Stamp Tool: Using this feature, you can paint one part of your image over the watermarked area.
  • The Crop Tool: This is the most fundamental option you can use to remove a watermark from an image. It is only handy when the watermarked region is closer to the edge of the picture rather than the middle!

Compared with UniConverter

Advanced watermark removal tools, but requires extensive editing skills compared to UniConverter.

8. Photo eraser

watermark remover free
  • Price: Free
  • Supported systems: Android
  • Customer rating: 3.4

The free watermark app will automatically determine the watermark or object on a picture and erase it. No matter how significant the watermark is on the photo, the Photo Eraser app for Android will easily remove it! It lets you pinch and zoom the image to ensure no unnecessary part remains on the media.


Add objects in front of the watermark using the Clone Stamp tool

The Photo Retouch utility allows you to remove unwanted objects from any photo

You can erase distractions from images using the Lasso feature.

It lets you adjust the opacity of the new watermark as well.


Too many ads.

A black screen shows up when editing a larger picture!

The app just sits and buffers.

Compared with UniConverter

Basic watermark removal features, UniConverter offers more advanced editing options.

9. Watermark Remover

top watermark remover
  • Price: Free
  • Supported systems: Web-based
  • Customer rating: 2.3

The watermark remover is an online platform to alter the changes on an image, such as removing logos and watermarks. The service does not compromise on the image quality during the processing period.


The platform removes unwanted elements such as objects and logos from any picture

It supports every image and video file format.

You can perform multiple watermark removal with this platform.

It lets you edit more than one file at the same time.


The interface is not user-friendly.

It asks you to complete a survey before downloading the file.

The service does not provide any live customer assistance.

File processing takes ample time!

Compared with UniConverter

Limited functionalities, UniConverter provides a more comprehensive and efficient watermark removal solution.

Part 2. Bonus tip: How to remove watermark easily with UniConverter watermark remover app

watermarking app wondershare uniconverter

Some of the apps mentioned above are pretty one-dimensional, and you do not get that many features to edit your video entirely. If you wish to have complete freedom in removing the watermark or add a new image or text to the file, then try using the latest version 13 of Wondershare UniConverter. The tool is an easy-to-use watermark app available on macOS and Windows, which provides a fantastic UI experience.

Step 1 Launch the Watermark Editor in Wondershare UniConverter.

Install and run the software, click on Watermark Editor from the Home screen.

open watermark editor

Step 2 Add the video(s) to the Watermark Editor.

Click on the Remove Watermark tab, and click on the + button to import the video you want to edit.

add files to remove watermark

Step 3 Remove the selected watermark.

Select the area you wish to remove from the video by dragging the rectangular box. Once you adjust the box, click on the Remove Watermark button to start the processing. The tool will save the edited video to the chosen file location.

remove watermark

Part 3. FAQs about watermarking app

Q1: How do I remove a watermark on a photo?

Ans: PixCut is a helpful online tool to remove an image's watermark, logo, or background. Here's how you can use the service to remove the watermark on a photo:

  • Access PixCut from your browser.
  • Click on Upload Image to import the photo.
  • The tool will automatically remove the watermark.
  • Lastly, click on the Download Free tab to save the video.

Q2: How do you create a watermark?

Ans: Run the Wondershare UniConverter, and open the Watermark Editor from the Toolbox section. From there, you can add any textual or photo watermark.

Q3: How do I turn a logo into a watermark?

Ans: You can access the Add Watermark section from the Watermark Editor of the UniConverter, and add the logo using the Image Type feature on the video as a watermark.

Q4: Is removing a watermark illegal?

Ans: Until the image or video is not owned by someone else, removing a watermark is not illegal.

Part 4. Conclusion

This article has thoroughly discussed the best watermarking apps available across all platforms. In the end, the UniConverter stands out as the best watermark remover app due to its brilliant interface and dedicated watermark editor to complete the job quickly. If you find this post helpful, then share it with your family and friends!

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