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How to Convert M4A to M4B format in 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-07-03 14:34:00 • Proven solutions

Being an expert, we know what problems our users face in their day to day activities. The most common thing that we hear is M4A and M4B format. Though both these terms look and sound familiar, and they are too but have a great difference. These are two formats of the audio files that we use in our different devices like phones and computers.

Here comes the question about the difference between both of them. So M4B format is used to store audiobooks and podcasts as these support the bookmarks and can be resumed from where left the last time. On the other hand, this feature is not supported by M4A audio files. And due to this much difference, a lot of users want to convert M4A to M4B. So if you are among those who really want to shift from M4A to M4B, then you are on the right platform. We are your one-stop destination as here we will provide you with complete information about the conversion from M4A to M4B.

Part 1. How to convert M4A to M4B on PC

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is the best platform that allows its users to convert any M4A to M4B format. UniConverter is trusted and loved by 50 million users worldwide. It helps to convert original quality audio and video without any ease. UniConverter can convert M4A to M4B on Mac as well as on windows. It also helps professionally to complete work in minutes because of its advanced editing features. The user can also compress the video or the audio using the compression tool of UniConverter. UniConverter can compress up to 8K video with just one click and compress videos with customizable settings.

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wondershare uniconverter
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  • Can help in conversion for different devices with ease
  • Support batch conversion hassle-free
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Here is a detailed guide which will help you in converting M4A to M4B on your PC using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Import the audio files.

Importing of the audio file is the primary step a user needs to consider whenever they wish to convert. All you need to do is select the Converter option available on the left navigation panel. Now, tap on the Add Files button. When you click on it, you will add multiple files or a single file as per your preference.

add files

Step 2 Choose the audio format.

When you are done with importing the file, you need to choose the format you wish to convert. For the same, you need to get to the Output format with is available in the dropdown tab at the bottom of the screen. Now click on the Audio tab, which is there on the popup window. Select the format and check on the quality of the output file. Now move to the next step.

choose the format

Step 3 Start the audio file conversion.

When you are done with selecting the output quality and audio format now, you need to hit the Start All button, which is there at the right bottom corner. Within no time, the imported files will get started to convert M4A to M4B on PC.

Part 2. How to convert M4A to M4B free

Converting an M4A file to M4B is not a difficult task. Nowadays, there are many online platforms available that will help to convert M4A to M4B. Most users love to have a bookmark on the audio files that they use to resume from where they left. And because of this reason, there are many free M4A to M4B converter available. Two of the most loved and used online platforms are Anyconv and ZAMZAR online file conversion. Let us know more about them. is considered one of the most reliable online free M4A to M4B converter. It can convert any file to any format that the users want without any loss in the quality of the file provided. It also provides straightforward functions that will help even novice users to get hold of it. Here are the detailed steps that will help you out to convert M4A to M4B online.

Step 1: Upload the file

Visit the website, and then you will see a Choose Files button. Click on it, and this will help you choose the M4A file that you want to convert.

add files

Step 2: Convert M4A to M4B

After completing the first step of uploading and choosing the file to be converted, you have to choose the output format using the drop-down menu next to it. Once done, click on the Convert button. By clicking on the button, the conversion process will start.

convert M4A to M4B free

Step 3: Download you converted file

After the above two steps get completed, you can download your required or the converted file.

Pros and cons of


● Available for free and perform quick operations too

● Convert almost any type of audio or video file

● Extremely easy to use functions


● The maximum size supported is 100mb.

● It doesn’t offer customizable options to keep the same or downgrade the file size of the output file

● No provision to customize the quality of the processed file

KeepVid online converter

KeepVid online converter conversion is another best M4A to M4B converter. This platform has converted millions of files since its inception. It has been trusted by users worldwide. Here are the detailed steps on how to convert M4A to M4B using this:

Step 1: Choose the file

First of all, the user has to visit the website and then choose the M4A file that is to be converted. For this, click on the +Choose File button that is available on the screen.

add files

Step 2: Select the Required Format

Now the user has to choose the required format in which the M4A file is to be converted. For this, first, select the output file type as Audio and then the output format as M4B from the respective drop-down menu. After this, you have to click on the Convert Now button that will be available on the screen. After this, the conversion process will start within no time, and you will get your required file.

choose the format to convert M4A to M4B

Pros and Cons of KeepVid Online Converter


● More than 1000 different file format conversions supported

● Supports batch conversion of the file

● Absolutely free and as easy as a 1 – 2 – 3 thing


● Supports only up to 100MB files

● Quality customization options are not available

Part 3. How to play M4B file

After converting the M4A to M4B, the biggest question that arises here is how to play it? Since M4B is the format that is generally supported by all the iOS devices and some of the Android and Windows devices. So if you are among those who want to play the M4B file, then there are many online apps available that will help you out with your problem. You have to search for “how to play m4b files” on any browser, and you will get a list of apps and software that will be there for your help. After clicking and downloading the app that fulfills your requirements, open it. Then search for your M4B file that will be present on your device or import that file into the device and enjoy your m4b file. One can consider different apps or software like:

● Bookmobile audiobook player(iOS)

● Audible audio player(iOS and android)

● Smart audiobook player(android)


So, this was all about the task of converting the M4A to m4b file format. Wondershare UniConverter helps our users in all their grievances about the file conversion to any of their desired format. So if you want to convert their files to any other format, then UniConverter will help you out in that. At Wondershare, a team of experts and professionals is available for their users at any time and any place. So in case of any problem regarding M4A to M4B conversion, then we are here for you.

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Christine Smith

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