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Best 7 MP2 to MP3 Converters in 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-07-03 14:34:00 • Proven solutions

Conversion of MP2 to MP3 files has become easy with the help of online and offline converters. MP3 files are more commonly used for desktop and online programs. Hence this format is supported by many. Though the compressed audio file loses a slight quality, the loss is negligible, and sizes are much lesser than the original file. For your convenience, we have curated some of MP2 to MP3 converters. With them, the conversion will not take more than a couple of minutes. Playing the files can be extremely easy when they are in Mp3 format and hence, it is termed as portable music.

Part 1: The best MP2 to MP3 converter for Windows/Mac

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is one of the best MP2 to MP3 converter software. It is very easy to use not just for conversion but also offers additional options such as advanced editing, compressing, recording tools. This software can handle more than 1000 audio/video formats with the highest conversions speed relatively and that too without losing quality. It also helps you with the downloading, disc burner and screen recorder options. The interface is very easy to navigate as the conversion formats are well categorized into several types. It fits for both Windows and Mac Operating System.


video converter logo Wondershare UniConverter for Mac/Windows

wondershare uniconverter
  • With this powerful tool, you can easily facilitate the conversion of Mp2 to MP3 without a hitch.
  • Offers the function of batch conversion of audio/video files.
  • Relatively, Wondershare Uniconverter converts an audio/video file at a 90x faster speed.
  • Facilitates audio/video conversion of over 1000 file formats.
  • You have the power to convert your videos to device-specific formats as well.
  • Download or record videos from 10,000 video sharing sites.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.
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Step by step conversion of MP2 to MP3

Step 1 Upload the MP2 file.

We need to opt for the Converter from the left navigation panel. Now hit the Add Files button to import the audio file, which is needed.

add files

Step 2 Select the required output format.

Now we have to select the Output Format from the drop-down tab, which is located at the bottom. You will see a pop-up window appearing in which we have to hit the Audio tab to opt for the desired audio output format. We also need to select the quality of output before moving onto the next step.

choose the format

Step 3 Initiate the conversion process and access the file.

You need to hit the Convert button, which is available at the right bottom corner. Your conversion is completed, and you need to hit the Folder icon, which is located beside the file location tab at the bottom of the windows to access your file.

convert MP2 to MP3

Part 2: The other 6 Online MP2 to MP3 converters


Anyconv is an online MP2 to MP3 converter. It is very easy to use and supports several kinds of files along with MP2. First, we need to add a file by clicking the choose file button. Now we have to click the convert button. When the conversion is completed, you can download your MP3 file. The conversion is pretty fast within a few seconds. Your uploaded file will get deleted after 24 hours, so it is absolutely safe. It works on an operating system that has a browser.

● Anycov is a free MP2 to MP3 converter online

● It works in a browser and hence doesn’t require any installation

● Conversion of MP2 to MP3 is done easily in just a few clicks

● It accepts several different types of audio formats

● Support drag-drop functionality to facilitate easy importing of files


Online Audio Converter

Online audio converter is an online MP2 to MP3 converter app. It supports all formats and helps to process your files quickly. The converter can work with more than 300 different file formats, which include MP2, MP3 and MP4. First, you need to upload your file into the app. Once it is uploaded, you need to set the output to your desired format. Now you have to start the conversion process by clicking the convert button. Your conversion gets ready in seconds. Now you can download your file to your system.

● It is a free MP2 to MP3 file converter

● The app does not require any download and installation in your system

● It allows multiple file conversion that will eventually save a lot of time

● It automatically deletes your files within a few hours and hence they cannot be accessed by others

● The conversion process is pretty easy

Online Audio Converter


Convertio is an online MP2 to MP3 converter. You can freely browse Convertio, and you need not share any personal information there. So it is safe to be used. It helps to convert MP2 files into MP3. The process is very simple and straight forward. Upload your MP2 files to this converter. You can choose the type of output you need and then start the process by clicking the convert button. Once the conversion is completed, you can download your MP3 file to your system. It works with several file types. You can choose your plan according to your requirement and budget.

● It can support more than 200 formats in the conversion process

● The process is simple and risk-free

● You need not download and install any software for this

● There are various kinds of plans in pricing from which you can choose according to your necessity

● It is a user-friendly platform which can help you to deal with your conversion



Freeconvert it is one of the best MP2 to MP3 file converter. Since it is not easy to open MP2 files on most of the platforms, we convert them to MP3. The process is very simple and straight forward. You need to first choose your Mp2 files by clicking the choose file button. Now you have to press the convert to MP3 butter in order to start the conversion. When the process is over, you see the status changed to do. Now you have to click on the button download MP3 in order to download the file to the system.

● You get the high-quality output with this MP2 to MP3 online converter

● You can also fine-tune the conversion parameters with the help of advanced settings

● This converter is absolutely free of cost

● You are files are protected with the help of 256 bit SSL encryption, and they get automatically deleted after 2 hours

● This works with any kind of operating system as long as the web browser is working well



MP3 cutter is another online MP2 to MP3 converter tool. The tool is capable of converting multiple MP2 files into MP3 format, which is also called a batch conversion. Currently, this converter supports MP2 files that are up to 20 MB in size. Upload of MP2 files can be done either from your computer or using URL. The process of conversion is very easy and quick. First, you have to click the button to choose the file to select your MP2 files. Now you have to get redirected to the editor page, where you can adjust the properties of your MP3 file. Finally, you can click the convert button in order to start the conversion process.

● This MP2 to MP3 converter is an absolutely free

● This tool is web-based, and hence no software installation is necessary

● It is being hosted by the Amazon cloud, and it is very secure. Also, your files are removed within 24 hours

● You can change audio quality and other settings with the help of Advanced options

● It can also support several other audio formats in the conversion process



FileZigZag is an online MP2 to MP3 converter. First, you need to drop your files by clicking on the button Browse for files. You can select your MP2 file and upload it. You can select the format in which you need your output and run the conversion process. After the conversion is done, you get your file, which can be downloaded to your system. It can recognize more than 180 file formats and can help to perform more than 3000 different conversions. All your uploaded files get deleted within 24 hours except for those files that are submitted as feedbacks, which gets deleted after 30 days.

● It keeps you to the best quality output

● The conversion process doesn't take much time

● Supports easy import with drag-drop functionality

● It is absolutely free

● You need not install any software for this



The conversion of an MP2 to MP3 is pretty easy and simple. When choosing a converter, there are some points we must remember. The quality of the MP2 file plays a vital role. The size of the file is also equally important. Try for a converter that can support batch conversion. It is better if you can choose a converter that has multiple file format compatibility. Wondershare Uniconverter has all the features which can help you in your conversion process. The conversion process is fast and gives you the best quality output.

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