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How to Smart Trim Video in Vimeo

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Vimeo is an American video-hosting and sharing service currently boasting more than 200 million users. Similar to YouTube, you can find HD content like music, movies, tutorials, pranks, and so on. But as usual, you may want to trim Vimeo before uploading on your Vimeo channel or watching and sharing with friends and family. So, can Vimeo trim video directly? Or, does it have an inbuilt editor to retouch videos before uploading? Read on for answers to these queries and many more.

Part 1. Popular Vimeo features

Are you feeling frustrated or bored on YouTube? Consider joining Vimeo instead. If you join Vimeo, you won't encounter those pesky adverts and paid users get more value for the money than on YouTube. Vimeo also comes with a feature-rich editor that you can use to retouch your videos before posting. So to cut it short, below are some attractive Vimeo features:

  • Upload local or cloud videos: With Vimeo, you can upload local file formats from your computer or cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.
  • Inbuilt video editor: Vimeo boasts an inbuilt video editor to help you trim video in Vimeo. You can also apply texts, stickers, background music, and so on.
  • Templates: You'll access thousands of video templates on Vimeo to trim and customize with watermarks, music, texts, effects, etc.
  • Royalty-free music: This website features thousands of royalty-free music tracks to download and add to your project.
  • Screen and live recorder: On Vimeo Create, you can record your screen or take a live video before sharing it with the Vimeo community.
  • No ads: Yes, that's right! Vimeo has no annoying adverts like YouTube to interrupt your viewing sessions. However, this option is only available to paid users.
  • Broad format support: This platform supports most standard video formats. You can upload MOV, WMV, AVI, MP4, and FLV. You can even add 4K UHD content.
  • Vimeo app: Vimeo makes it convenient for its users to upload, create, and watch content on Android and iOS. The app is intuitive and straightforward to use.
  • 360-degree video support: This platform supports 360-degree videos. It even provides tutorials on how to enhance your 360-degree video editing skills. Plus, 360-degree clips can be added in 8K quality.
  • Integration with video editing programs: Vimeo offers seamless integration with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Wondershare UniConverter programs. This allows users to edit and upload clips directly from these video editing tools.
  • Stats monitoring: Vimeo comes with a detailed analytics tool to help you monitor the performance of your videos. For example, you can know the number of views and their location. Interesting!
Try Wondershare UniConverter Smart Video Trimmer for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

Part 2. How to Trim Your Videos on Vimeo

Now that you have all the reasons to join Vimeo, it's time to learn how to Vimeo trim video quickly and easily. Note that the steps vary, depending on the device you use. Follow me:

Trim video on Vimeo with desktop

Step 1. Launch Vimeo on your favorite desktop browser and sign up for an account. Then, choose a video template or upload a video to edit.

Step 2. To trim the video on Vimeo, move the trimming handles on the video timeline to shorten the playback duration. Or, you can auto-split the video into multiple clips by tapping Split. Click Done if satisfied.

trim vimeo video with inbuilt trimmer

Step 3. Now navigate to the left pane, where you'll see functions for adding music, filters, stickers, texts, and so on.

Step 4. Lastly, tap Save & Preview to process your edited video. You can then download it, post it to social media, or convert it to GIF.

Trim video on Vimeo using iOS app

Step 1. Install Vimeo on your iPhone and then choose a video to trim.

Step 2. Then, enter the Edit mode before choosing a scene to trim. Now tap the clock-like icon below the video.

Step 3. Drag the trimming handles inwards to trim the video on Vimeo. You can also extend the playback duration by dragging the handles outwards.

Step 4. If you're happy, tap Done.

Trim video on Vimeo using Android app

Step 1. Install the app and then tap Upload to import a local video. You can also record your smartphone screen before editing.

Step 2. After uploading the video, drag the trimming handles to shorten the playback duration. Remember to use the playhead to trim the video with more precision.

trimm vimeo on android

Step 3. Play the video to preview it, and then tap Next. Finally, name your video and upload it.

Try Wondershare UniConverter Smart Video Trimmer for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

Part 3. Trim Vimeo Videos More Quickly on Mac/Win [Recommended]

As you've seen, learning how to trim video on Vimeo can be challenging for beginners. Also, Vimeo doesn't support cutting by video frames, which give a more precise output. For these reasons, use Wondershare UniConverter to split and trim videos on Mac or Windows. With this program, you'll enjoy fast and automated trimming sessions, thanks to the AI-powered smart trimmer. Here's the thing; the program will auto-select silent video sections based on the volume level, buffer rate, or audio playback duration and proceed to erase them. As expected, it also comes with a manual trimmer that lets you trim video scenes more practically. Let's dig in!

Trim Vimeo videos with Smart Trimmer:

Step 1 Upload video to trim.

trim vimeo with wondershare smart trimmer load video.

Run UniConverter and then tap Smart Trimmer on the home window. Then, tap the Remove Silent Segments tab before dragging and dropping the video you wish to trim. Or, tap Add File to load the video.

Step 2 Enter the audio-trimming settings.

trim vimeo with wondershare smart trimmer auto select scene

Then, navigate to the left pane and enter the volume, buffer, or audio playback duration before clicking Run to auto-select the scenes. For example, you can enter the volume level as 20%. In that case, the program will auto-select all scenes with volume levels less than the set rate.

Step 3 Save the video.

Now set the File Location before clicking Export. Wondershare Smart Trimmer will automatically trim your video.

Trim Vimeo videos with manual trimmer:

Step 1. Upload the Vimeo video to trim.

trim vimeo with wondershare video trimmer load video.

Run Wondershare UniConverter and tap the Video Editor tab on the left pane. Then, tap Trim to open your local storage and add a video to trim.

Step 2. Trim the video.

trim vimeo with wondershare video trimmer split and trim video.

After uploading the video, drag the trimming handles at the beginning and ending points to reduce the playback rate. But if you want to trim and split the video, place the playhead on a video frame and tap Cut. Repeat the action on the ending point before deleting the unwanted clip or rearranging the scenes. Finally, tap Ok to save the new video.

Step 3. Choose a video format and save the video.

trim vimeo with wondershare video trimmer convert and save video

Open the Output Format menu and choose Vimeo under the Web Video menu. Then, choose video quality before tapping Start All. And there is that!

Pro tip: Did you know you can directly upload the converted video to Vimeo? To do that, tap the Finished tab to access the trimmed and converted video and then hit Share. Then, choose Vimeo and enter your details to upload the video.

wondershare uniconverter 13

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I hope you can now Vimeo cut video directly on the video hosting platform. It's fast, simple, and, most importantly, free to use. However, you can employ a more professional video cutting technique using Wondershare UniConverter. This program is perfect for handling large files and comes with other video enhancement tools for cropping, adding filters, applying watermarks, adding subtitles, etc. Overall, it's the best video trimmer for pros and novice Vimeo creators.

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