Adobe Premiere Pro vs Premiere Elements – What's the Difference?

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"What is the difference between Adobe Elements and Premiere?" Question from Quora.

Adobe is known for its collection of professional-grade video editors. These top-of-the-range programs are designed to offer unique capabilities and fit different video editing styles. However, if you want an Adobe video trimmer, you might be confused between Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements. While the former is best for professionals, the latter offers convenient AI-powered tools like the smart trim feature. So, let's stack up these two video editors and determine which one is best for you.

Part 1. What can Adobe Premiere Elements do?

Premiere Elements is an advanced video editing program released for macOS and Windows systems in 2004. Unlike its competitors in the market, this video editor supports unlimited video and audio tracks with numerous keyframe effects added to each clip. Also, Premiere Elements supports chroma key and picture-in-picture capabilities, which is the industry standard these days.

But if there's one area where this program stands tall, then it's the automated video trimmer. With Premiere Elements, you can upload a video and then the program will automatically select the sections to trim. The smart trim feature can auto-select scenes with human faces or medium-to-high activities before splitting and trimming. You can even set both if you want. Overall, it's one of the most beginner-friendly Adobe programs you can find.

Below is how to auto-trim a video on Premiere Elements:

Step 1. Install and run Premiere Elements on your PC and then load your footage. Then, drag it to the timeline.

Step 2. Launch the auto-trim feature by clicking the Trim icon on the video clip and then tap Smart Trim. Or, tap Tools on the right pane and then choose Smart Trim.

launch smart trim tool on adobe premiere elements

Step 3. Next, mark the scenes to select by choosing one of the three presets. As said earlier, you can auto-select scenes with high to medium action or any setting with people. You can even auto-select areas with both presets.

Step 4. Hover the cursor on the auto-selected clips on the timeline and tap the Delete icon at the top-right corner. You can also add transitions to the separated clips before exporting. It's nothing complicated!

Pro Tip: Adobe Premiere Elements isn't the only program that supports automatic trimming. You can use a more straightforward option in Wondershare UniConverter. It's a free and powerful video editor that support auto-trimming hundreds of video formats like MP4, MOV, MTS, 3GP, VOB, etc. It's simple, just set the program to auto-select scenes based on audio volume level, audio playback duration, or audio buffer. Let's see how to do that:

Step 1 Launch the Smart Trimmer and upload the video.

Run Wondershare UniConverter on Mac or Windows and then tap Smart Trimmer on the home window or Toolbox tab. Then, tap the Remove Silent Segments tab and upload your video by dragging and dropping. Alternatively, tap Add Files to load a clip.

open uniconverter smart trim feature
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Step 2 Enter audio presets to auto-select sections.

After loading a clip successfully, enter the preset that you'll use to auto-select scenes. For example, enter the Volume and then tap Run. You'll see the invisible scenes selected on the audio track below the preview screen.

auto select audio scenes to trim

Step 3 Save the trimmed video.

Last but not least, set a File Location for seamless access to the trimmed video. Then, tap Export to cut and save the video. It's that easy!

wondershare uniconverter 13

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Part 2. Is Premiere Elements free?

Adobe Systems video editors are undoubtedly exciting to use. But the problem is that they're not free to use, including Adobe Premiere Elements. Here, you'll pay a $99.99 one-time fee. In other words, the program is yours for keeps with free updates and support from Adobe after purchasing it. Even better, you'll get a 30-day money-back guarantee after purchasing the program. Yes, that's how reliable the program can be!

Part 3. Adobe Premiere Pro vs Adobe Premiere Elements

[User interface] - Premiere Element wins

When choosing between the two Adobe video editors, user-friendliness is critical. The thing is that both are neatly arranged, making it easier to find whichever tools you want to use. But sadly, the Premiere Pro UI is so huge and jammed up that it can intimidate first-timers. So, if you're a beginner, stick to Premiere Elements until you grow the necessary skills to use Premiere Pro.

[Automated editing] - Premiere Elements wins

Timing is critical if you're constantly editing short videos. For this reason, you might need a program like Premiere Elements that auto-selects scenes on the timeline. This program readily finds sections of photos and videos for the task at hand. A good example is the Smart Trim feature. But Adobe Premiere Pro cut video also comes with multiple features and shortcuts that make trimming fun and easy.

[Editing features] - Premiere Pro wins

Take nothing away from Premiere Pro; it's the best video editor for movie creators and other professionals. That's because the packed UI houses more tools than what you can find on its younger sibling, Premiere Elements. For example, the program comes with multiple tools for 3D editing, color correction, chroma-keying, etc. Also, you can create two or more projects and switch between them during editing sessions. Another thing, it boasts more than 60 camera angles to make editing fun and easy. It's no contest here!

[Pricing] - Premiere Elements wins, but …

For a program with fewer features than Premiere Pro, you expect Premiere Elements to be more affordable. That's very true, as a lifetime license costs $99.99, which is a great steal. On the other hand, Premiere Pro costs $20.99 per month, which is on the higher side of things. But to soften the blow, the program comes with 100GB free cloud storage, multiple Adobe fonts, Adobe Spark and Adobe Portfolio.

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These two Adobe video editors are beautiful to have. But let's be honest, having both is unrealistic. So, it's all about your needs and pocket size when it comes to a straight down choice. If you want something simple for basic editing, Adobe Premiere Elements should be the best fit. On the other side, Premiere Pro is the perfect program for professional video editors and movie creators. In short, choose one that fits your needs.

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