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Best 4 Ways to Convert AMR to MP3 in 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-20 11:37:23 • Proven solutions

Finding issues in opening and playing the AMR file on your system? AMR is a compressed audio file optimized for recording speech, and the right program is required to open the file. If you want to play AMR on your system, mobile, or other audio devices converting it to a compatible format like MP3 is the best option. Know about different types of conversion tools for converting AMR to MP3 format.

Part 1. How to Convert AMR to MP3 on Windows/Mac

Conversion of AMR file to MP3 requires the use of professional software so that the process is hassle-free and results in quality output files. We recommend Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) as the best software due to its wide range of format support and additional features. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this versatile program supports over 1000 formats to look after all your conversion needs, including AMR to MP3. With batch processing, multiple files can be converted at a time, and there is also an option for file editing if required.

video converter logo Wondershare UniConverter for Mac/Windows

wondershare uniconverter
  • Support to over 1000 formats for the conversion, including AMR, MP3, FLAC, MP4, and many more
  • High-quality conversion at a super-fast speed
  • Batch processing supported to convert multiple files at a time
  • The built-in editor allows file editing and changing key parameters
  • Additional features include video downloads from more than 10,000 sites, video recording, compression, transfer of files, and more
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Steps on using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1 Add AMR files to Wondershare UniConverter.

Launch the software on your system and choose the Converter option from the main interface. On the right-side pane, click on the add files icon or the plus sign to browse and load the AMR files from your system. Multiple files can be added, and you can drag and drop the files to the interface.

add files

Step 2 Choose MP3 as the target format.

The added files can be seen on the interface. Expand the drop-down menu at the Output Format tab at the bottom-left corner of the interface. Choose MP3 as the desired format. Also, select the output file quality as needed.

choose the MP3 format

Step 3 Convert AMR file to MP3.

The File Location tab can be used for selecting the desktop folder to save the converted files. Finally, click on the Start All button to start with the conversion process. On completion, the converted files on the software can be checked from the Finished tab.

convert AMR to MP3 format

Part 2. How to Convert AMR to MP3 on Android

If you want to convert the AMR files on your Android smartphone to MP3, an app has to be used, and one such popularly used app is AMR to MP3 Converter. Developed by Smart Mobile Apps Studio, it is a simple to use app that supports converting up to 99 files at a time. Encrypted and protected files cannot be converted using the app.

App link:

Steps on how to convert AMR to MP3 Android:

1. Download, install and run the app on your Android device. Choose the Convert tab and click on the Select files button to add the AMR files to be converted.

convert AMR to MP3 on Android

2. Next, click on the Convert button to start the conversion process.

3. After the process is completed, you can check the converted files on the Phone/AMR2MP3 folder on your Android device.

Part 3. How to Convert AMR to MP3 free

Looking for ways to convert AMR files to MP3 for free? Listed below are the best methods.

1.Change the file name extension:

One of the simplest ways to convert the AMR files to MP3 is by changing its filename extension. The AMR files come with. amr extension while the MP3 file bears .mp3 extension. Simply change the extension to convert the file to the desired format.

Steps to convert AMR file to MP3 by changing the extension:

1. Go to the AMR file on your system and select the option to rename it.

2. After the file name, there is a. amr extension, which you need to replace with .mp3

3. A dialog box will appear, asking you if you are sure to change the extension. Click on the Yes box to confirm.

change the file name to convert AMR file

With this, the AMR file will now be converted to MP3 and can be opened in an array of players and devices.

2.Wondershare Free Video Converter:

Free programs for converting AMR to MP3 formats are available as well, and one of the widely used tools is Wondershare Free Video Converter. Once installed on your Windows and Mac, the program allows conversion in over 1000 formats. The free software has ads, and the processed file comes with ads. Multiple files for batch processing can be added, and a host of additional features are also supported.

Steps to convert AMR to MP3 free using Wondershare Free Video Converter:

Step 1. Launch the installed software on your system and choose the Convert tab from the main interface. Click on the Add Files button to add the AMR files to be converted.

Step 2. Expand the drop-down menu at Convert all files to tab at the top-right corner. Choose MP3 from the Audio list. Also, select the output file quality.

Step 3: At the Output tab, select the desktop folder to save the processed files. Click on the Convert All button to start the file processing.

convert AMR file to MP3 free

Part 4. More about AMR file

1.What is an AMR file?

Developed by Ericsson, AMR is a compressed audio file created for voice recordings on a mobile phone. Standing for Adaptive Multi-Rate, AMR is optimized for speech recording and is not ideal for high-quality audio playback. The majority of the 3G smartphones use AMR format for storing the voice memo, voice messages, as well as MMS. The format uses the Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction (ACELP) algorithm for compressing the audio files. The files can be saved in narrowband (AMR-NB) or wideband (AMR-WB), with the latter supporting broader frequency and thus better sound.

2.How to open AMR files?

AMR files are used for speech recording, and thus specific programs are required to open the file. Some of the programs that allow opening the AMR files are Apple QuickTime Player, VLC media player, RealPlayer, Audacity, AMR Player, and more. While opening the file on Windows Media Player, K-Lite Codec Pack is required.

3.What can play AMR files?

As mentioned above, AMR files require a specific program to open and play them. So, if you have any one of the supported players installed on your system, you need to double-click on the AMR file having the extension. amr, and it will play.


Thus, when you convert AMR into MP3, the files will become compatible with a wide range of devices and players. The task of conversion can be accomplished using any one of the above-listed tools depending on the files you have and the added features required.

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