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A Step-by-Step Guide Helps You to Create a Time-Lapse Video

As the demand for video content grows, so does the need for efficient and creative ways to produce it. Time-lapse video is one way to meet this demand.

Time-lapse video is a process of capturing images at regular intervals and then combining them into a video. You can use time-lapse to show the construction of a building, the changing seasons, or even the growth of a plant.

There are many benefits to using time-lapse video. It can be used to compress a lot of time into a short video, making it perfect for time-sensitive content. It can also be used to create a sense of motion in a static scene.

If you're looking for a creative and efficient way to produce video content, you can make a time-lapse video using time-lapse video maker. This article will show you how.

Part 1: What is a time-lapse video

A time-lapse video is a technique in videography whereby video is recorded at a lower frame rate than the final video. When the video is played back at the normal frame rate, it appears to be playing fast forward.

Therefore, this technique can be used to create several effects, such as conveying a sense of speed or showing the progression of time. Since they can compress a lot of information into a short amount of time, it's perfect for capturing complex processes that would be otherwise difficult to film.

Part 2: How to create your time-lapse video

There are many ways to create a time-lapse video, but three of the most common methods are shooting a time-lapse video using a supporting camera, creating a time-lapse video from photos, and speeding up the video.

Method 1: Shoot a time-lapse video via a supporting camera

One of the most ideal methods of shooting a time-lapse video is using a supporting camera like GoPro. GoPro cameras are designed for action shots, thus making them an excellent option for time-lapse videos.

gopro camera

There are a few things you'll need to do to set up your GoPro for creating a time-lapse. First, you'll need to set the camera to time-lapse mode and mount it in a stable position. Second, you'll need to select the correct interval for your time-lapse. And third, you'll need to make sure you have enough battery life and memory card space to shoot the entire time-lapse.

Once you have your GoPro all set up, you can start shooting your time-lapse video. Just hit the record button and let the camera do its thing.

Method 2: Create a time-lapse video from photos

Creating a time-lapse video using photos is relatively simple and only requires a few basic steps. First, gather a sequence of photos that show the progression you want to capture.

When you have gathered the photos, you can put the photos together into a video using a video editing program. Then, change the video speed using a video editing program that supports this feature, such as UniConverter. After you have satisfied, you can export the video in the format you need.

wondershare uniconverter

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Method 3: Create a time-lapse video by speeding up

Lastly, you can create a time-lapse video by changing the audio speed with UniConverter. UniConverter is an easy-to-use yet powerful video converter that can not only speed up video but also slow it down, reverse it, convert it to different formats, and more.

To create a time-lapse video using UniConverter, follow these steps:

  1. Launch UniConverter on your PC. If you haven't installed it yet, it's available for download here:
  2. On the Home screen, click Editor > Speed. Then, upload the videos you want to speed up to create a time-
select speed on the editor feature
  1. In the speed setting, change the Audio Speed to the fastest one (3X) and click OK.
change the video speed

Once done, you can save your time-lapse video to your local folder.

Part 3: Recommended time-lapse video creators

If you are looking for an excellent tool to create a time-lapse video, we also have a list of recommended time-lapse video creators you should try:


Typito is a great online video maker that can help you create time-lapse videos. With the Typito speed controller tool, you can change the playback speed of your video and show the progression of something over a period of time.

Official Website:


  • Make a time-lapse video using a sequence of pictures
  • Seamless video editing
  • Export and share your video across all social media platforms
  • Supports 20+ formats and aspect ratios

Easy to use

Fast and friendly customer support


Often having trouble when exporting

Watermark for the free version

Audience: Creators, small businesses, marketing teams & agencies.


  • Solo: $15/month billed annually
  • Pro: $29/month billed annually


clideo online time lapse creator interface

Clideo online video maker is another great tool for creating time-lapse videos. It's easy to use and has a variety of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking to create a time-lapse video.

Official Website:


  • Merge video
  • Security Encryption for your data
  • Supports most video formats, including MP4, AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, MOV, etc.

Compatible with all devices, including Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android

Upload files up to 500 MB for free


No significant differences between the paid version and the free version

Watermarks on the video for the free version

Audience: Creators, small businesses, and personal video editors.


  • Free plan available
  • Paid plan for $9/month or $72/year

Time Lapse Creator

time lapse creator interface

Time Lapse Creator is a simple way to take still images and turn them into a video. Select the input folder, specify a timespan, and save. You can also merge videos together and even capture images or videos directly from the app.

Official Website:


  • Speed up videos
  • Capture from camera
  • Create video from photos

Produces great quality videos from many images


Limited features

Exclusive for creating a time-lapse video only

Audience: Personal, creators, video editors.

Pricing: Free


invideo time lapse creator interface

InVideo is a great online tool for creating time-lapse videos. You can upload your photos or videos and modify the speed by changing the "playback speed." You can then add music, text, and transitions to your video. Once you're finished, you can share your video with the world.

Official Website:


  • Integration to stocks photos
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Speed manipulation

High-quality output

Optimized workflow


You have to create an account to use it

Load slowly

Audience: Small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.


  • Free plan available
  • Business: $15/month billed annually
  • Unlimited: $30/month billed annually


flixier time lapse creator interface

Flixier can help you create attractive time lapses to display a stunning landscape. You can upload videos from any camera onto Flixier video maker, then start creating a time-lapse in minutes.

Official Website:


  • Cut, trim, and adjust videos
  • Make footage in a time-lapse with smartphones and cameras
  • Add motion titles and text

Cloud-powered tool

Collaborative video editing


Bugs issue

Audience: Creators, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.


  • Free plan available
  • Pro: $11/month billed annually
  • Business: $23/month billed annually

Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are many ways that you can turn photos into a time-lapse video on your phone. You can use a supporting camera, a third-party app, or even time-lapse video makers online. Choose the method that fits you best and enjoy creating your time-lapse video.


How do I turn my video into a time-lapse?

There are a few different ways to turn your video into a time-lapse. The most common way is to use video editing software like UniConverter to speed up your video. You can also use a stand-alone time-lapse program like Time Lapse Creator.

Can I make a time-lapse with photos?

Yes, you can create a time-lapse with photos. This can be done with any camera that allows you to set an interval between shots. Then, edit them together into a time-lapse video using software programs that can help you with this.

How can I turn photos into a time-lapse video on the phone?

There are a number of apps that can be used to create time-lapse videos from photos on your phone, such as Time Lapse Camera, Lapse It, Framelapse, etc.

These apps typically work by taking a large number of photos over a period of time and then stitching them together into a video. The resulting video is then played back at high speed, which gives the effect of a time-lapse.

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