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How to fix QuickTime No Sound Issue

by Christine Smith • 2023-06-01 14:01:14 • Proven solutions

QuickTime may not give any sound during playback, especially if the video is encoded in a format that QuickTime cannot read. The most obvious answer to playing a video with no audio is to check if your QuickTime installation has decoded all the video files.

You can either fix this by installing the missing codec or convert the video into the required QuickTime format.

Other reasons that could result in sound not coming out of your QuickTime video could be the following:

  • The file could be corrupted
  • 'System'sound not working
  • Faulty speakers

QuickTime - No sound after update

After updating QuickTime if it still does not play any sound, it may be because the old installation files are still being referenced to by the application. This will lead to poor file rendering, hence the absence of sound.

To solve this, follow the steps as given below.

Step 1: Launch QuickTime from the program menu.

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

Step 2: From the top left corner, select the Edit menu.

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

Step 3: Then head to Preferences and click on QuickTime Preferences.

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

Step 4: Click on the Audio tab.

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

Step 5: Then check in the box that says ‘Safe mode (waveOut only)’.

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

Step 6: Click on Apply and then close QuickTime and re-launch it. Play your video file again this time and you should be able to listen to the sound as well.

No sound when playing an AVI file on QuickTime X

Most of the sound related issues are brought about by missing codecs that do not come with QuickTime. To play an AVI file a media player must have all the needed codecs. Let’s take a look at one such situation.

Case: I am trying to play an AVI file, the video plays well, but the sound doesn’t come out. I have checked all the hardware and they seem okay. On the screen there is a message that I need an additional component available on the DIVX website, what do I do?

A better solution will be to convert the AVI files to a more compatible format such as MOV or MP4 using an AVI to QuickTime converter.

Solved: Converting MOV to AVI for Mac and Windows users

  • Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a modern video converter that has so much to offer. It also provides minor editing of videos like changing the orientation, trimming the video, etc. You can also add effects and watermark to your video with the software.

Clicking on the file menu> select choose media files and locate where the media files are. You can decide to do a batch conversion or load them one by one. To do a batch conversion, you will enable the Merge option at the bottom of the main interface.

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

The next step is to select the output format from the top left corner drop down menu, in this case we select MOV.

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

  • Additional options are available as you convert your media.
  • You can split, crop, or even add special effects to the media.
  • When you are satisfied with the editing, click on the convert button

Wait for the program to finish and play your video.

No sound playing QuickTime on Windows 7

To sort the sound issue on Windows, you need to make sure that you have the QuickTime player recommended settings in place.

Case: My downloaded files are playing, but with no sound on my windows 7 installed PC, I don’t know what is the reason, Any help?

Solved: Recommended settings for windows systems (Xp, Vista and Win 7)

If you already have QuickTime installed, launch the player and then follow these steps.

  • Go to Edit
  • Preference > QuickTime Preferences to get to the QuickTime Preferences window

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

  • On the Audio tab: set the rate to 32 kHz, size to 16bit, and channels to stereo
  • Select the browser tab and mark the ‘Play movies automatically’ check box

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

  • Click on the MIME settings button and do as following:
    XP: Click on use defaults
    Vista or Win 7: check the .mov, mqt, .qt, .qti and .qtif
  • Click OK
  • On the streaming tab, choose 512 kbps DSL / Cable from the drop down menu under ‘streaming speed’
  • On the file type, click on use defaults button (this menu is not available on Windows 7)
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • In the streaming section, choose custom for transport, then for protocol, choose HTP, and the port should be 80
  • Then click OK
  • Under the Advanced tab, in the media encoding section make sure that the ‘Enable encoding using legacy codex’ box is checked

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

  • Click OK and then Apply

No sound in Firefox QuickTime plugin

QuickTime player has a plugin that enables you to watch and listen to music on your web browser. Some tweaking needs to be done to enable QuickTime to work well and render all media files as required.

Firefox will not play sound if some of the plugins are disabled.

How to enable or disable a browser plugin

  • Check on the browser menu button

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

  • Select the Add-ons tab to open the add-on manager tab

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

  • From the add-ons manager tab, click on plugins
  • Select QuickTime among the list of plugins
  • Select ‘never activate’ from the dropdown menu to disable a plugin

 4 QuickTime ‘no sound’ cases

  • Click on the always activate to re-enable the plugin

Change how the browser handles media

You need to be sure that the browser handles the file well when you load it. You can change the download action every time the browser opens the media.

Only files that are linked to the QuickTime player are affected with this.

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