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12 Easy Christmas Cookies Recipe Ideas You May Want to Try

by Christine Smith • 2023-06-01 14:07:19 • Proven solutions

Cookies are one of the essentials for Christmas as these sweet treats are a way of expressing your love. If you are planning a get together of family and friends, you need to have a good quantity of Christmas cookies for everyone. No matter whether you are a novice or an experienced baker, the following Christmas cookies ideas will be of great help this holiday season.

Part 1. Top 12 Easy Christmas Cookies to Get on Everyone’s Nice List

To treat the sweet tooth of your dear ones, and be on their nice list, check out the top cookie ideas below.

1. Gingerbread Cookies

These are the must-have easy Christmas cookies as they bring in the festive feel and are tasty too. These classic and top Christmas cookies can be prepared using the sugar cookie dough with lovely decorations.

Gingerbread Cookies

2. Spritz Cookies

These lovely looking cookies can be easily made using the cookie press, and they just look as if they have been bought from the bakery.

Spritz Cookies

3. Cookie Shooters

Try something different this Christmas and treat your loved ones with these cookie shooters. Make cute looking cookies cups and then fill milk in them for the perfect Christmas shooter.

Cookie Shooters

4. Sugar Cookie ornaments

Let your cookies also go along with your Christmas decorations with these awesome looking sugar cookie ornaments. Make them in different shapes and colors to get the festive vibes.

Sugar Cookie ornaments

5. Christmas Candy bars

When candies and cookies come together, it’s a double treat. Make interesting cookie bars by layering the shortbread cookies with caramel, chocolates, toffee, and other candies.

Christmas Candy bars

6. Jam Sandwich Cookies

Place one cookie on the top of the other with jam inside and cut interesting designs. You can wrap these cookies in a paper envelope to make these cookies just the perfect gift for your dear ones.

Jam Sandwich Cookies

7. Snowflake Cookies

Make your cookies look like snowflakes by simply dusting them with sugar. You can use simple sugar cookies or any other for these designs.

Snowflake Cookies

8. Christmas Light Cookies

These cute looking cookies in the shape of Christmas lights will add to your overall Christmas celebrations. The cookies can be cut in the shape of the lights, and the crushed rock candies, M&M, and mints can be used as bulbs.

Christmas Light Cookies

9. Red Velvet Snowballs

Make something new and interesting to treat your loved ones with these red velvet snowballs. To gift them to your friends, you can place cupcake liners inside the egg carton and then place these cookies. A red-colored ribbon at the top will add a little extra to it.

Red Velvet Snowballs

10. Sugar cookie buttons

Perfect for kids and adults alike, these cute looking cookies will make this Christmas special for you and your loved ones. Make round shaped cookies with buttonholes and then gather them using a threading ribbon. Place them in a papier-mache box and decorate its top using the snowflake stencils.

Sugar cookie buttons

11. Santa’s belly cookies

These cookies will be a secret gift for your Santa, and he will truly love seeing these cute little cookies resembling the Santa belly. Use simple sugar cookies and then top them using red-colored frosting. Decorate them further using mints and other colored frostings.

Santa’s belly cookies

12. Reindeer Cookies

These awesome looking cookies will taste equally amazing with all its chocolate topping over the sugar cookies. Use mints and other round chocolate balls to make the eyes and the mouth. The ears can be made using white chocolate.

Reindeer Cookies

So, if you are looking for ways on how to make Christmas cookies that are simple to make and look amazing at the same time, the above-listed ideas will be of great help.

Part 2. More about making Christmas Cookies: History & Tips

1. The history of Christmas cookies

Christmas is not only the time for the Christmas trees, decorations, and carols but also the sweet cookies baking smell from the kitchen. The majority of the Christmas traditions found their roots from solstice rituals dating eons ago, and Christmas cookies are also one of them. The winter solstice festivals in the 10th and 11th centuries were celebrated all across the globe to acknowledge the season change. This weather, as well as the terrain, was not considered very good for hunting or crop growing and thus, celebrations were done to share the last harvest with the people. Celebrations revolved around food and drinks and to complete them the must-have was the dessert. Though pastries were used for the desserts with more use of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and other dried exotic fruits, there were experiments done with the sweet platter. Moreover, the ingredients used for making the cakes and pies were expensive and could be afforded by all, cookies start gaining popularity. Cookies were used and gifts in the medieval time and with gaining popularity, they today have become an essential part of Christmas celebrations.

A lot has changed over the years, but some things are still the same as the traditional Christmas cookie flavor that includes nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger.

2. Tips for making Christmas cookies

a. When should I start making Christmas cookies?

How soon you should start making your cookies depends on what quantity is required and how much storage space you have. Homemade cookies can be stored in the freezer for about 3 months without any loss in flavor. Thus, decide on the quantity needed and start storing. If you are storing the cookies, ensure to first thoroughly bring them to room temperature, and then seal them tightly.

b. How many cookies do you need per person for Christmas?

So now, when you have decided to make the Christmas cookies, the next thing is to decide the quantity and the number, and this will depend on the number of the guest and the people whom you want to gift the cookies. The general thumb role that is followed here is for 3-6 cookies per person. The size of the cookies and if there are other desserts will also be a deciding factor here. It is always better to keep some extra so that you do not fall short if more guests join or they are loved so much that your guests can’t stop treating themselves.

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