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Best 10 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas You'll Love

by Christine Smith • 2023-06-01 14:07:07 • Proven solutions

Christmas is just around the corner, so it's time to get started with your Christmas tree decorations. If you have been looking for something new, unique, and interesting to decorate your tree, you are reading on the right page. Check out the ideas below, and get ready with your Christmas tree decorations.

Part 1. 10 Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas You'll Love

We all love to decorate our Christmas trees in some unique, cool, and interesting ways. To help you make your tree look different from the others, we have shortlisted some ideas below.

1. Using pictures to relive memories:

What can be a better way than remembering all the special moments spent with your loved ones and on these lines decorating your Christmas Tree using photos is just a wonderful idea. Pick up all the old and new albums and select the photos of the family members, friends, and dear ones and hang them on your Christmas tree. You can also make the ornaments using these pictures.

Pictures decorated Christmas tree

Picture Resource:

2. Candy decorated tree:

This tree is surely going to get the attention of the children and grown-up alike. Use candies of different colors and types to create a sweet-smelling and sweet-tasting tree. The garlands and the ornaments can be created using the candies or their wrappers as well.

Candy decorated tree

3. Pom-Pom Tree:

The pom-pom balls are always in fashion, so why not this time let them use over our Christmas trees. Brightly colored pom-pom balls in different shapes and sizes can be placed on your tree, or you can use the pom-poms only to create a tree shape itself. Both the ways, the tree is going to look amazing.

Pom-Pom Tree

4. Christmas Card tree

Another interesting way to decorate your Christmas tree is by using all the cards you have received on Christmas over the years. Using these cards on your tree will remind you of all the special and loving people in your life and will let them know how much their wishes and love means to you.

Christmas Card tree

5. ABC Alphabets Tree:

If you have little ones in your home, then your Christmas tree can be made into a learning tree as well by decorating them using alphabets. Use colorful alphabets to decorate the tree by making their garland or an ornament. Moreover, if you are planning to place the tree in your kids’ room, this will be a perfect choice. You can keep the pink Christmas tree, blue tree, and tress in other colors that are favorite of your child.

ABC Alphabets Tree

6. Snowy Christmas Tree:

Giving a snowy look to your Christmas tree will make it look even more authentic and beautiful. Decorate the tree using fluffy white-colored garlands and even using white poinsettias in different areas.

Snowy Christmas Tree

7. Hay Bale tree:

For the ones who really want to go for something interesting and new, this new design of the Hay Bale tree is just apt. Use the hay bales and stack them one over the other to give them the shape of the tree. Next, you can decorate this customized tree with some lights and a star topper.

Hay Bale tree

Picture Resource:

8. Classic White and Black:

The classic white and black combination never goes wrong, and the same can be used for your Christmas tree this time. Your countryside cool home will look even more interesting with this white and black colored combination of the tree. Use the snowflakes, signage, and other rustic ornaments to decorate the tree.

Classic White and Black

9. Colorful Floral Tree:

For nature lovers, this will just be the right choice combining the greens and the colorful flowers. Fresh flowers of different colors and types will make your tree look absolutely fresh and amazing. If fresh flowers are not available, you can even use artificial ones or create them using colored paper.

Colorful Floral Tree

10. Travellers Christmas Tree:

For the ones who love traveling, decorating their tree using the related stuff would certainly be an exciting thing. Use the roadside attractions, National Park pennants, souvenirs from the trips, and other travel-related material to decorate your tree. You can either place the stuff on the tree randomly or create a garland of the same.

Travellers Christmas Tree

Part 2. More about Christmas Trees: History & Tips

1. The History of Christmas Trees

Imagining Christmas without a Christmas tree is just next to impossible, and like all other major traditions of Christmas, the history of the tress dates back to the pagan traditions. Before Christianity, the people of the Northern Hemisphere celebrated the Winter Solstice by decorating their homes and especially their doors and the windows using evergreen plants. A lot of people in different countries believed that these evergreen plants would keep away the evil spirits, ghosts, and all other negativity at bay. Moreover, using these evergreen trees worked as a reminder that summer is to be expected, and the Sun God will start glowing again and get back its strength, which was weakened during the winter season.

A god called Ra was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians who had a hawk head, and his crown had a blazing disk resembling the sun. As the solstice appears, Ra started recovering from the illness, and to symbolize the win of life over death, the Egyptians decorated their homes with green palm rushes. In Northern Europe, the temples were decorated with evergreen boughs that symbolize the everlasting life of the priests of the ancients Celts. The Romans celebrated their festival of Saturnalia, honoring Saturn that is the God of Agriculture, by decorating their homes as well as templates using evergreen boughs.

In several ancient cultures, evergreens were used during Christmas time for decorating their homes and temples.

2. Tips: Artificial vs. Real Christmas Trees & How to Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh Longer

It is true that there is no comparison to the feel of going to a farm or a nursery to pick your choice of a Christmas tree, but on the other hand, a lot of people have moved to artificial trees owing to their low maintenance and prolonged use. Both artificial as well as real Christmas trees, have their pros and cons. We have shortlisted some of the major ones as below.

Pros and Cons of a real Christmas Tree

Pros Cons
Has an emotional connection Requires high and regular maintenance
Sweet fresh secant Have needles which can be risky
Traditional way It is not an economical option.
Multiple choices to select from It does not last for a long time.
Being a real plant, it helps the environment by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Poor maintenance can lead to fire issues.
With people using real trees, new ones are grown as the previous ones are harvested. Transportation of the trees to the home and then disposing of them can be a hassle.
Assist in sustaining the rural economy and also provide jobs to the local people -

Artificial Christmas trees Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
It does not require any maintenance It does not look authentic as the original tree
Cost effect option Storage space is required to keep it after the Christmas
Lasts longer Made of plastic and synthetic material that is harmful to the environment
No issues with the needles Assembling of the tree is required
No fire issues as it is flame retardant -
Wide variety to choose from -

3. Tips to keep your real Christmas Tree fresh for longer:

  1. First of all, look out for a healthy and fresh tree from your local Christmas tree farm or a Christmas tree shop. Check the tress by running your hands through a few branches and select the one that is placed in the shady area,
  2. Regularly water your Christmas tree and keep a check on its level. The most common rule that can be applied here is to fill the sand with one quart of water for each inch of the trunk’s diameter.
  3. A cut is made across the trunk base when you purchase the tree for water absorption. If the tree is not to be used instantly, ensure to keep it in a water bucket and when it is ready to be used, make another cut at the bottom.
  4. All types of heat sources like air ducts, fireplaces, sunlight radiators, and others should be at a distance from the tree. The heat will result in drying up of the tree quickly.

So, if you have been looking for ways on how to decorate a Christmas tree differently, the above-listed ideas will surely be of great help.

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