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Best video convetrer for games devices: Easily convert, compress game videos for any platform at 90X faster speed.

Top 7 PSP Video Converters to Convert Videos to PSP 2024

by Kayla Morrison • 2024-02-20 11:37:20 • Proven solutions

A decent PSP video converter must be quick, be able to recognize variety of different formats, must have a couple of other editing tools to make the clips useful, and must be lightweight so as not to put overhead on the hardware resources the computer has. Furthermore, it is also imperative that the PSP converter must be platform independent, i.e. it should be compatible with at least two types of operating systems.

Keeping all the above ingredients in mind, the following sections discuss about some of the best PSP video converter applications that can be obtained and used quite easily.

Part 1. What is PSP video format

Generally speaking, a PSP video format is an extension of a visual media file that the Sony PlayStation Portable device recognizes and plays. Although PSP can read AVI, , DivX, etc. formats, the one that it is most comfortable with and can run flawlessly is MP4. Also, due to the screen size of PSPs, the videos should be of 480p x 272p quality, and therefore, a good PSP file converter must be capable of changing the resolution during the conversion process as well.

Part 2. Best PSP video converter for Windows and Mac recommended

When you want to transcode a video to a PSP compatible format, the best PSP video converter that you can find, and that is also appreciated by millions of users across the world is UniConverter by Wondershare. Wondershare UniConverter is a cross-platform program that can be installed on both Mac and Windows operating systems. In addition, UniConverter is capable of reading and recognizing 1000+ formats for conversions, thus making the tool useful for almost all professionals that directly or indirectly deal with media files.

Wondershare UniConverter - Best PSP Converter

Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.
  • Convert videos to PSP format, MKV, AVI, AU, AMR, MP3, and other formats.
  • Download videos from popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc.
  • 90X faster conversion speed than any conventional converters.
  • Batch video/audio compression and conversion are allowed.
  • Toolbox with additional functions like Screen Recorder, VR Converter, GIF Maker, Fixing Media Metadata, and more.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7.

The process of converting a video to PSP supported format using Wondershare UniConverter is given below:

Step 1 Add the source video to UniConverter.

Start Wondershare UniConverter on your computer (Windows 10 here), while making sure that you are on the Converter category, click the Add Files from the center of the right pane, and when the Open box appears, locate, select, and import the source video that you want to convert to PSP to the application.

Open the Wondershare UniConverter

Step 2 Choose PSP as an output format.

Click the Output Format menu from the lower section of the right window, go to the Device tab, click to select the Games category from the left pane, and pick the PSP from the right. Note: Although selecting the PSP preset converts any video format to MP4 with 480p x 272p, if the source media is already in MP4, UniConverter only changes the resolution which may reduce the size of the file after such compression.

Select PSP as an output

Step 3 Begin the conversion process.

Define a destination folder in the File Location field present at the bottom of the right window, and click the Convert from the right of the imported file to use Wondershare UniConverter as a PSP converter.

start to convert video to PSP by Wondershare UniConverter

Step 4 Locate and access the converted file.

After the transcoding is done, go to the Finished from the top of the interface, and when the next window appears, click the Open File Location to get to the output folder to access the converted video from there.

start to convert video to PSP by Wondershare UniConverter

Free Download Free Download

Part 3. Best free PSP video converter for Windows and Mac

Quite recently, Wondershare came up with yet another conversion application called Free Video Converter that can be used as a free PSP movie converter. Wondershare Free Video Converter, like UniConverter, can also be installed on Mac and Windows computers, and is capable of recognizing more than 1000 formats as well.

You can learn how to use Wondershare Free Video Converter as a PSP video converter by following the instructions given below:

Step 1: Add the source video to Wondershare Free Video Converter.

After downloading Wondershare Free Video Converter from the link and downloading and installing the program on your computer (Windows/Mac), launch the application, confirm from the top that the Convert tile is already selected, click the Add Files from the center, and select and import the source video to Wondershare Free Video Converter for conversion.

load files into Wondershare Free Video Converter

Step 2: Pick PSP as an output video preset.

Click and open the Convert all files to menu from the upper-left the area of the window, go to the Device, select the Games from the left list, and click the PSP preset from the right.

choose output format as PSP

Step 3: Convert the video.

Define a destination folder in the Output field that is present at the bottom of the interface, and click the Convert from the right of the added file to use Wondershare Free Video Converter as a PSP converter to convert the video to PSP compatible format.

convert file to PSP by Wondershare Free Video Converter

Step 4: Access the converted video.

Go to the Converted from the top, and when the next window appears, click the Open File Location icon to get to the output folder to access the file from there.

find the converted file in Wondershare Free Video Converter

Part 4. Other 4 PSP video converter is for Windows/Mac/online

In addition to the above applications, a couple of other solutions that you can use as PSP converter online and offline are as follows:

1. Online Converter

Online Converter is a free PSP video converter online tool that doesn’t require any subscription plan, and neither does it ask for any donations or any kind of funds for that matter. The web app can accept the files from your local computer or their URL in case they are published somewhere on the web, and can convert them to PSP format for free.


  • Let’s you to set up output preferences before conversion.
  • Displays the step-by-step instructions on how to perform the conversion right on the landing page.


  • Can convert only the files that are up to 200MB in size.

free PSP video converter - Online Converter

2. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter comes in two variants namely Freeware and Ultimate. While the Ultimate version has many advanced features, general and home video conversions can be done quite conveniently using Any Video Converter Freeware. Also, as it is with the other tools discussed above, even Any Video Converter can be installed on Apple and Microsoft platforms.


  • Supports more than 160 output formats.
  • This PSP video converter also has built-in video editor and DVD burner.


  • Lacks some advanced tools that are pretty useful to produce industry-standard outputs.

free PSP video converter - Any Video Converter

3. Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate

Available for Windows and Mac computers in both x86 and x64 architectures, Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate is a tool with a fairly simple and intuitive interface, and can be operated even by the non-technical users. This is the reason the app can be considered the best PSP video converter, and can be a good competitor to the tools discussed in the earlier sections.


  • Xilisoft PSP video converter can convert HD and 3D videos in as many as 160 formats.
  • Can transcode the videos to device-specific formats.


  • Comes with the price tag.

free PSP video converter - Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate

4. WinX Free PSP Video Converter

Although a paid version is also available for this app, WinX Free PSP Video Converter is sufficient enough to serve the transcoding purpose pretty well, as long as you don’t require a professional output that needs to be distributed among the mass for monetary gains. The free version is equipped with 30 video and 20 audio codecs.


  • Even the free version does not have any spyware or adware to put your personal information on your computer at risk.
  • Supports almost all major formats for conversions.


  • The free variant does not support HD videos.

free PSP video converter - WinX Free PSP Video Converter


When talking about Sony PlayStation Portable supported formats, if you don’t have a media clip with a compatible extension, you definitely need an efficient PSP video converter such as Wondershare UniConverter to transcode the footage. If you are looking for a free online or PC-based solution, apps like Wondershare Free Video Converter would be your best bet respectively.

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