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The Best Lyric Video Maker to Add Lyrics to Your Video

These days, people have been using lyrical video maker apps to combine their music videos with songs to attract a larger audience. The lyric videos may be straightforward and uncomplicated, but they can also be used creatively to produce a dynamic result. We have looked at some of the top lyric video creators the internet has to offer if you are interested in having an animated lyric video prepared.

Many well-known music videos build on the lyric video aesthetic to create works that the public adores. Therefore, the lyrics video is a pretty common video option nowadays. However, the lyric video differs from a typical music video in that it aims to spread awareness of the song's words, regardless of the audio. You can achieve this thanks to the many lyric video creators available on the market, but it depends on what you want to create. Here are some of our favorite 2022 lyric video maker apps.

Part 1: Top 5 Recommended lyric video makers

The lyric videos that we witness on numerous social media platforms represent a new niche that has established itself. No matter how appealing a song or lyrics may be, capturing the consumer's attention is difficult without something visual attached to it. We will propose some tools that may assist you in this respect whether you are an influencer or a typical social media user who wants to raise the number of followers with an exciting and captivating video.

1. Veed

Link: Veed

Use the platform if you want to create a lyric video and share it immediately. It is an easy and cost-free lyric video creator. Additionally, it establishes automated subtitles. Use this feature to automatically create your video's subtitles if you don't want to input them manually. The subtitles may then be changed. Finally, save the subtitle file to your device by downloading it.

veed lyric video maker interface


  • Your lyric video may have subtitles created automatically.
  • It allows you to add subtitles, crop videos, add effects, convert podcasts to videos, doodle on movies, and add progress bars.
  • Any browser may use it.
  • You may crop videos, modify the soundtrack, and blur things.

2. FlexClip

Link: FlexClip

FlexClip is an online tool for making lyric videos that work with most web browsers on desktop computers and mobile devices. It provides simple toolkits for creating lyric videos. For example, a primary account can produce a 720P video, but a plus account can only make a 1080P video. From the many available stock selections, you may choose a design template that best suits your lyric video and alter the backdrop images to fit the video clips. After that, you can add the videos with lyrics by using the Add Text Overlay tool.

flexclip video maker interface


  • Loads of music material are royalty-free.
  • Text templates already created for fast-producing appealing lyric videos.
  • layers of handwriting, background music, and voice-over.
  • Rich asset library includes a variety of stickers, fonts for transitions, and sound effects.
  • To modify the start and finish times of the text layer, drag it.
  • The text's font, color, spacing, and other attributes may be changed.

3. Promo

Link: Promo

The online service Promo Lyric Video Maker provides a collection of tools for making and downloading music clips. You may utilize images from the built-in library of digital materials to create a lyric video. With this service, you may cut your lyric videos, pick your fonts and colors, and decide where the subtitles should be placed.

The Promo tool is an excellent choice for both experts and beginners. The program has many functional capabilities, like combining video clips, adding automatically produced subtitles, applying video themes, inserting text into videos, and more. In addition, users of this creator can upload and alter their works. For example, once the video has been uploaded, the user may modify it, add computer text or music, and then convert the clip to a lossless format.

promo video maker interface


  • The interface is appalling
  • Eye-catching animations and video effects
  • All video formats are supported
  • Numerous thousands of customizable video layouts
  • Allows for the font, size, color, and placement of subtitles to be changed.

4. Flixier:

Link: Flixier

One of the most excellent online lyric video creation tools is Flixier because of its simple user interface. Another perfect choice is the ability to record a voiceover within the editor. Additionally, you may create voiceovers utilizing its text-to-speech AI engine. It offers a variety of voice and language choices. Further, you may benefit from its connectivity with sites like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, and more. Finally, the video editing process will be exciting and more creative thanks to its built-in collection of stock lyric videos, graphics, and audio tracks.

flixier video maker interface


  • The user interface is clever and straightforward.
  • The broad compatibility of the software with a variety of browsers and devices.
  • Offers a vast range of video template options.
  • Possible to save videos in Full HD resolution.

5. (on Mobile)


Use the program if you don't have the time to make a video but must have it downloaded to your blog or personal channel. Download the app, quickly record a video, save it, and then share it with whomever you want through social media or in person. Additionally, you may email them the rough cuts of your lyric videos to obtain input on what needs to be changed. As a result, your lyric videos will become more appealing and memorable for viewers to watch.

The software itself supports any Android smartphone. So then, you may work on your lyric videos anytime by downloading this app to any of your devices. In addition, there are many other musical options as well as text qualities that may be added to your clip. Different fonts, colors, animations, text sizes, and music in every genre—from classical to everyday noises like rain or screaming babies, are all available. That will enhance your work and make it stand out.

lyrically playstore


  • ly features a wide range of transitions, stickers, filters, effects, and more.
  • It can cut, clip, and change the video's playback speed.
  • ly also offers a free music archive.
  • Provides an easy way of sharing on social media.

wondershare uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter — All-in-one Video Toolbox for Windows and Mac.

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

Edit videos on Mac by trimming, cropping, adding effects, and subtitles.

Converter videos to any format at 130X faster speed.

Compress your video or audio files without quality loss.

Excellent smart trimmer for cutting and splitting videos automatically.

Nice AI-enabled subtitle editor for adding subtitles to your tutorial videos automatically.

Part 2: How to Add Lyrics to Your Videos Easily

Your lyric videos will become more exciting and enjoyable with the addition of background music. The good news is that it's relatively easy to add music to videos.

How to Use

Step 1. Install the mobile app on your device by first downloading it from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Then, launch the application after installation to begin using it.

lyrically playstore interface

Step 2. Next, decide which video template to utilize. Next, click the "+" button to add the multimedia files to your lyric video. From here, press the uploaded files and choose "Add text" to add the song's lyrics.

lyrically add files

Step 3. When finished, choose "Change music" and then "Upload music" to add the song you wish to use for the lyric video. Finally, click the "Try for free" option below to process the video. Then, click "Download" to save the lyric video to your mobile devices after that.

lyrically upload videos

Part 3: Best Alternative to Add Lyrics to Your Video [Wondershare UniConverter]

The finest video editing program for lyrics videos is UniConverter. Due to its very user-friendly design and extensive set of video editing tools that allow for smooth editing and movie production, it is regarded as one of the most fantastic lyric video-making programs. You may use the program to put in place and make actual your fantasies, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

The most effective and practical tool for creating lyric videos is UniConverter Lyric Video Maker. It allows you to adjust font style, font size, color, layout, position, special effects, and mask effects. With this Lyric Video Maker, you can add song lyrics to a video with images and music. Whether you want to make a branded lyric video, a personal music video with your lyrics, or a lyric video of a song, you can use UniConverter to achieve that. So, UniConverter is your best choice if you're seeking for a quick and straightforward solution to create amazing Lyrics videos.

Website to Download: Wondershare UniConverter

Steps to Make Lyric Video with UniConverter:

Step 1: Launch and Load Videos to UniConverter

Firstly, launch the editor on your PC and get started by adding the videos to the platform. You can use the Import button to add the files directly from your PC as shown here:

unionverter lyric video maker interface

Step 2: Add Lyrics to Your Videos

In the next step, open the Subtitle editor function of the UniConverter and make your Lyric video on the go as shown here:

unionverter lyric editor

Step 3: Edit the Videos

You can then add multiple effects and transitions to your lyric video to make it more compelling. Hit Ok when you are done with the advanced-level editing.

unionverter lyric video editing

Step 4: Share to Go Viral

Lastly, sharing a lyric video with others is the final step you can perform. Select your favorite destination to launch your lyric video from the UniConverter and spread the content right away. Retweets, likes, and hashtags are excellent strategies to get the attention of other users so make sure you share it across different platforms right from the Export window.

unionverter lyric video share


1. What are the benefits of adding lyrics to your video?

Fans may actively interact with your music via music videos and lyric videos. Including lyrics in your lyric video may offer viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how you operate and set you apart from the competition. Many musicians use viral marketing strategies with their lyric videos. By all means, it generates something original and worthwhile to share.

2. How can I make a video with a song?

You can make a video with a song in some ways. For instance, as stated above, you can use the recommended platforms of your choice to do so. Select the platform and upload your content to make a video with your favorite song.

3. Where can I make a music video for free?

To make your music video for free, you need to use a platform that offers a free trial to beginners. That’s why we recommend going for UniConverter as it has a load of feature-set you can utilize to make a music video for free. It also offers some functions so you make the best bet while going for this program.

Bottom Line

The music business gained a new spirit with the advent of video into the already booming sector. For the music business, lyrical video software is a crucial component. We may use the lyrics in videos to provide us when we forget the words during karaoke or other nighttime activities. Above are the top-notch video editing applications, as we already explained, that can show you how to make a lyric video quickly.

Furthermore, if you're planning to get started, then UniConverter is your best choice to pick from. It has a set of more features that will indeed convey to listeners the level of effort you put into your lyric videos. Available for both Windows and Mac users, UniConverter has a lead in maintaining a hassle-free user experience to make a lyric video.

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