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Tutorials & Tools: to help you create an explainer video

Quick web marketing videos, "explainer videos," describe the goods and services your business offers. Explainer videos are frequently displayed on such an official site, the webpage of a company blog, or a corporate website. Many kinds of tutorials have grown very prevalent. Certain websites state that adding an explainer video to a business webpage increased productivity to 2x level. So, why not try your own?

Online videos are, without a doubt, beautiful resources for a company. So how would you create their explainer video, is the query? Today, we'll cover the following aspects:

  • The top online explanation videos and their effectiveness
  • How should some organizations use explainer videos?
  • Various explainer video formats are available.
  • We are developing explanatory films for the company website: how to get started.

Part 1: Useful tips for making an explainer video

Here are some tips for producing an awesome explainer video that accurately portrays your company and boosts revenue.

Everything Depends on the Script:

The secret to a great explainer video is a solid script. Most of the time, having a script written by an "outsider" is beneficial. Select a candidate who can examine your business objectively and communicate it to everyone. Many reputable video production businesses ask you to complete a design document first.

The Shorter the Better:

The standard is 150 words every minute. This film is supposed to serve as the "hook" to pique viewers' curiosity about the proceedings. According to writer and design director Helen Klein Ross, the worse you speak, the more likely individuals will recall it.

Benefits instead of Features:

The desire is to showcase as many goodies as possible, such as 100GB of storage, a 60" HD screen, limitless users, etc. Whether creating a product, software, or web server, inform users of whether your item or service will benefit them rather than rambling about technical language. The benefits are what count most for customers.

Visuals are Secondary:

Visuals that are highly qualified are crucial, just like a professional voiceover. They are not as significant as you may believe, though. I've seen a lot of successful, expert videos that employ explicit images, like the one produced by Meetup below.

The secret is choosing images that support the narrative and clarify the story. You're not trying to make the following avatars. In actuality, whiz-bang visual effects and excessive detail might detract from the message.

Part 2: Recommended 5 explainer video makers

There is a vast array of explainer video software available. You can make any video you desire using special equipment and themes. The Recommended 5 explainer video makers are discussed in this part. These are namely:

Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a user-friendly tool for creating explainer videos. The reason it is on top of the line is its animation explainer feature that is advanced-level and efficient. You can improve the quality of videos by using the many configurable animation effects, backdrops, and graphic tools. One of the top platforms for making animated videos, it enables users to produce expert animated content online and offline.

The tool may be used to make explainer films, instructional videos, marketing, and sales videos, and it has a variety of use cases. It is driven by a cutting-edge AI explainer video creator that makes explainer video creation easier for all types of consumers. For example, if you are a digital product owner, you can quickly add a screen recording explaining your product's characteristics to your explainer movies.

univerconverter explainer video maker

Link: UniConverter


  • Offers a large selection of editable explainer video templates
  • Includes style packs for 3D animated explainer videos driven by AI
  • User-friendly UI with simple-to-use instructions
  • Includes voice-over software and a built-in video editor.
  • Access to a large number of ready-made and configurable templates


Canva is an all-in-one branding platform that provides the greatest selection of online tools. It enables users to quickly and easily create eye-catching videos, graphic designs, mockups, logos, and websites. It is also appropriate for producing other interactive material, including infographics, design documents, data visualizations, and visuals for social media.

canva explainer video maker

Link: Canva


  • Free: Free of-cost version
  • Canva Pro costs $12.99 monthly or $119.99 annually.

Access to a stock library with 100 million stock assets is provided.

Enables collaborative tools and third-party integrations.

Offers tools for personalized branding.


There are few choices for modifying audio.


Scenes may be edited independently in the Animaker editor. This technique makes the timeline editor in expert video editing software less overwhelming. Our explainer video software is undoubtedly among the more affordable options on this list, and the pre-made templates they provide have a rather contemporary appearance. There are a few things to keep in mind, however. First, a product called Animaker provides mostly animation images for your video marketing.

animaker explainer video maker

Link: Animaker


  • Free: 5 up to 2-minute exports every month.
  • Personal: $19 per month or $12 yearly billed
  • Startup: $19 invoiced yearly or $35 per month
  • Business: $59 per month or $39 yearly billed

Contains a character-building tool.

Does the auto lip-sync tool exist?

Several well-crafted templates are made available.

Allows for quick object animation.


There are few possibilities for editing.

Inappropriate to produce videos from scratch.


Another web-based tool for easily making, editing, and sharing animated films is Vimeo. Over 1,300 pictures, 100+ completely adjustable layouts, and 50+ audio files are available. Businesses may produce HD 1080p graphics using custom watermarks, integrated clips, and animations. You may use your objects in place of the default ones provided by the library.

vimeo explainer video maker

Link: Vimeo


Able to produce vertical, square, and horizontal movies.

Offers convenient and quick video editing.

Includes a large number of customizable video templates.

Is filled with a variety of graphics, object types, animations, and music.


There are few available characters and icons.

Users are unable to alter the style pack while maintaining the current content.


  • Starting Price: $7 per month every year or $12 per month
  • Pro: Monthly cost of $7 yearly or monthly cost of $12


The online explainer video maker Biteable was created to assist business owners, marketers, human resources professionals, and SMBs in creating animated films. Teams may use a unified dashboard to collaborate across projects and edit films utilizing the platform. Most of the time, it's utilized to make cartoons, presentations, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and product commercials. Additionally, it includes some well-animated explainer video templates.

biteable explainer video maker

Link: Biteable


A cost-efficient toolkit for beginners.

Thanks to the connection with Shutter Stock, it is simpler to include quality stock assets in videos.

Has a 14-day free trial available.


There are few possibilities for editing.

Inappropriate to produce videos from scratch.


  • Personal: This package includes monthly payments of $29 and yearly payments of $19 per month.
  • Team: $99 per month with monthly billing and $49 per month with yearly billing.

Part 3: How to choose your best explainer video maker

It appears that there are several simple explainer video creators available, and many of them provide a free plan or at least a complimentary trial so you can decide if you like it before signing up. Suppose you want to create the best explainer films on your own while being required to hire an expert cameraperson. Picking the correct software is crucial. In trying the applications above, you may discover that the features and the associated prices could differ considerably.

Users feel that making original videos is the only way to differentiate themselves from their rivals. That’s where you can pick a featureful software that offers both online and offline usage. UniConverter by Wondershare offers video compression, high-quality editing as well as AI-backed editing features. These features place UniConverter solution on the top of the queue to get it done with an explainer video.

Part 4: FAQs Regarding Explainer Videos

1. How to make a PowerPoint into an explainer video?

Any variation of PowerPoint may be used to create a variable that affects using one of two methods: Animation or Transitioning. However, if using PowerPoint seems a tricky notion then you can utilize any of the above-recommended toolkits to create the explainer video. Furthermore, using a handy toolkit like UniConverter would also suffice subtly. The software is inclusive of several other features in addition to the presentation to explainer video transformation.

2. How do I make a video explainer?

Users may develop new lectures that differentiate themselves from others, including using a UniConverter as an explainer video creator. Your explainer movies can be easily enhanced with images, clips, logos, and voiceovers. Using UniConverter, your explainer movies will be distinct and exciting according to various modification choices. Let’s have a glimpse of how can you use it to make an explainer video:

  • Download the Software Wondershare UniConverter to get started with the explainer video. Then, attach the appropriate files that need to be converted and continue. Drag the MP4 videos onto the system's display to download them.
uniconverter download
  • You must select the "Create a registration here" choice on the opening page if you don't already have an account with Wondershare. When you press the Sign-Up option, a user layout will appear where you can input your email address and password to establish an account. You can view your information afterward.
uniconverter sign up window


People surveyed say they've watched an educational film to understand something about an item or service over 95% of the time. This figure shows that Users are interested in watching videos and are desperately looking for them. Users increasingly don't wish to waste too much time watching a drawn-out movie or studying through online websites; they desire to advance their findings.

With explanatory video, you can effectively convey your message while ensuring the viewers are given valuable details. Animations are, therefore, reasonably necessary in marketing strategy. Anybody could record and edit his explainer videos using the "Screen+Webcam" mode or "Virtual Human" option in the UniConverter. Anybody could make an explainer film using these tools to increase sales, promote your business, or educate customers concerning your new model.

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