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Unlocking Crisp Visuals: The Best 4K Video Converters of 2024

Christine Smith
Christine Smith Originally published Aug 09, 23, updated Jul 03, 24

Step into the world of superior multimedia transformation with our curated selection of the "10 Best 4k Video Converter." Whether you're seeking to enhance your video quality or extract the utmost from your 4k videos, look no further. We've meticulously chosen and rigorously tested the finest video converters available, ensuring breathtaking outcomes with unrivaled clarity and accuracy.

Whether you're a seasoned videographer or an enthusiastic video lover, come along as we delve into these state-of-the-art tools, guaranteeing seamless and delightful 4k video conversions. Let's get started!

In this article
  1. Top Features to Look for in a 4K Video Converter
  2. 10 Best 4k Video Converters for You
  3. How to Use UniConverter to Convert 4K Videos

Part 1. Top Features to Look for in a 4K Video Converter

With the rising need for smooth video conversion, the search for the ultimate 4K video converter becomes crucial. Let's delve into the essential qualities that set apart an outstanding converter:

1. High-speed conversion for efficient processing of large video files

In a time-sensitive world, rapid large file transformation is vital in a 4K video converter. Efficient conversion speeds up work and the transition from raw footage to refined content. Seek hardware acceleration and multi-core processing for swift, quality conversions utilizing modern computing power.

2. Support for various input and output formats to ensure compatibility

A 4K video converter's versatility lies in its ability to handle numerous input and output formats. A strong converter effortlessly navigates various formats, from MP4 and AVI to specialized codecs. This adaptability ensures compatibility across devices, software, and platforms, making your converted videos captivating for audiences on any viewing medium.

3. Advanced editing tools for precise customization and enhancement

An exceptional 4k resolution converter goes beyond conversion, embracing enhancement and personalization. Look for advanced editing tools like trimming, cropping, watermarks, color adjustments, and filters to refine your videos. This blend of conversion and editing turns the converter into a creative canvas, bringing your visual stories to life.

In the realm of video conversion, these essential features unite to build an exceptional 4K video converter. Their synergy guarantees efficient processing, compatibility, and creative potential, culminating in a smooth journey from raw footage to captivating visual artistry.

Part 2. 10 Best 4k Video Converters for You

There is a wide array of reliable choices when selecting the finest 4K video conversion software. These tools excel at processing high-quality video formats and producing outstanding output outcomes. Let's now introduce you to the 10 best 4k resolution converters:

1. Wondershare UniConverter

uniconverter 4k video converter

Wondershare UniConverter stands as a top-notch 4K video converter, offering professional-grade capabilities. It can seamlessly convert videos of any resolution into the 4K format, as well as transform 4K videos into various common formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, WebM, WMV, FLV, and DivX, including HD variants. Additionally, the software enables downloading 4K videos from video-sharing platforms and even facilitates burning 4K videos to DVDs.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac.

  • This application allows you to both play 4K videos on your device and directly download them from YouTube through its built-in downloader.
  • With Wondershare UniConverter, you can effortlessly convert 4K/8K videos to formats compatible with various portable devices and platforms.
  • This video converter shows no apparent drawbacks.

2. HandBrake

handbrake 4k converter

HandBrake is a powerful and user-friendly free video transcoder, capable of handling 4K video files from your hard drive. It offers a range of ready-made profiles, but the real appeal lies in its extensive customization options, allowing you to adjust every aspect of your video, including codec, frame rate, resolution, subtitles, and more.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • The 4K video converter is freely available as open-source software.
  • The converter is capable of transforming 4K videos into various formats.
  • The interface may be challenging for beginners to navigate.

3. Movavi Video Converter

movavi 4k resolution converter

Renowned for its user-friendly interface and advanced video editing capabilities, Movavi Video Converter stands as one of the most popular video conversion software options. It offers high-quality video output and supports an extensive array of formats.

Compatibility: Windows & Mac.

  • You can concurrently trim, merge, and convert multiple 4K videos using this software.
  • This software assists in converting 4K clips for seamless integration with video editing programs such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, and others.
  • The free version lacks access to certain advanced features.

4. VLC Media Player

vlc 4k quality converter

VLC Media Player is a widely-used, free media player capable of handling various file types, both audio and video. It also functions as a versatile 4k converter, enabling playback and conversion of 4K videos, as well as supporting 8K/Blu-Ray/1080p/720p formats. Additionally, the converter offers features like clip recording, video looping, speed adjustment, and even streaming online video downloads.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

  • The software boasts support for an extensive array of file formats, including MKV, WebM, WMV, MP4, AVI, MP3, and more.
  • The software facilitates playback of 4K, 8K, and Blu-Ray content.
  • Converting 4K videos in bulk can be resource-intensive and time-consuming.

5. Freemake Video Converter

freemake normal video to 4k converter

Freemake Video Converter is a user-friendly software that easily converts 4K videos to your preferred file format. Additionally, it offers video editing capabilities before conversion and supports an extensive range of video and audio formats.

Compatibility: Windows.

  • The software is compatible with all popular formats as well as some rare non-protected formats.
  • The software employs pre-configured format settings catering to a diverse range of devices.
  • The software will apply watermarks and include annotations on your video.

6. Any Video Converter

any 4k to 2k converter

Any Video Converter lives up to its name, supporting 4k resolution converter and 200+ formats, such as MP4, AVI, and MOV. Moreover, it can convert DVDs and CDs to common video formats and download them from 100+ sites. Additional features include video cropping, color correction, audio extraction, and video splitting.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac.

  • The software enables both downloading and converting of 4K videos.
  • It provides swift conversion speed.
  • The conversion speed is comparatively slow.

7. WinX HD Video Converter

winx 2k to 4k converter

This 4k quality converter offers seamless HD video conversion on both Mac and Windows. It supports a wide range of formats, including HDTV/HD-camcorder videos, Blu-ray videos, 4K UHD videos, and more. With 83x faster conversion, it comes with device presets for various platforms like iPad Pro, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android, and others, making it a versatile choice.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac.

  • You can convert 4K videos into numerous formats, such as MP4, MKV, AV1, M2TS, AVI, WMV, MOV, and others.
  • This software enables downloading and converting online 8K/4K/HD videos from more than 1000 websites.
  • The user interface style lacks a futuristic design.

8. MacX Video Converter Pro

macx 720p to 4k converter

MacX Video Converter Pro is a proficient normal video to 4k converter, featuring default capabilities for 4K movie conversion, downloading, and editing. It boasts swift conversion speed.

Compatibility: Mac.

  • This software is the preferred choice for converting all popular HD and SD video formats into 4K video files.
  • With this software, users can download 4K movies from online video websites and enjoy 83X 4K video conversion speed.
  • The free trial restricts file control options.

9. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

pavtube 4k quality video converter

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a robust program encompassing various features, including BDMagic, DVDAid, video converter, and video editor. This all-in-one solution offers super-fast conversion speed when transforming 4K videos into other resolutions.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac.

  • Similar to other converting programs, it supports the conversion of various file formats, such as AVI to WMV and more.
  • As an editor, you can trim or crop videos according to your needs.
  • The installation process is excessively time-consuming.

10. EaseFab Video Converter

easefab 4k video converter

EaseFab 4k resolution converter stands out as a user-friendly tool for converting 4K videos. With a comprehensive range of features, it offers a professional-grade video conversion experience to its users.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac.

  • The software can convert 4K videos to various formats, including 1080p or 720p HD, and even SD video formats.
  • In addition to its user-friendly interface, the software offers exceptional conversion speed and high-quality output.
  • The free trial version of EaseFab comes with restrictions.

Part 3. How to Use UniConverter to Convert 4K Videos

UniConverter is your ultimate solution for 4K video conversion. With a modern interface, this 4k quality video converter encompasses essential features like video/audio converting, recording, compressing, downloading, and editing. Supporting almost 1000+ formats and preset profiles for mainstream devices, it also offers advanced options such as video transfer, batch processing, and DVD burning for more experienced users. Here are the steps to use UniConverter to convert 4K videos –

Step 1: To begin, open Wondershare UniConverter on your PC. On the Home interface, choose "Converter." Next, click on "Add Files" from the right window and import the 4K video you wish to convert.

uniconverter 4k video converter

Step 2: Access the Output Format menu located in the lower section of the main window. Navigate to the Video tab, where you can choose your desired output format from the list on the left. Finally, select your preferred resolution from the options on the right.

uniconverter 4k video converter

Step 3: Go to the High-Speed Conversion tab in the top-right corner. Specify the destination folder in the File Location field at the bottom. Finally, click "Convert" (or "Start All" for multiple files) to initiate the process.

uniconverter 4k video converter

Step 4: Upon successful conversion, the word "Success" will be displayed below the Convert tab. Navigate to the Finished tab at the top to review the list of converted videos presented in the interface.

uniconverter 4k video converter

This article presented a comprehensive review of the top 10 4K video converter, each providing distinct features for smooth video conversion. Whether you're a videographer or a video enthusiast, UniConverter guarantees delightful and efficient 4k resolution converter. We strongly endorse Wondershare UniConverter for exceptional multimedia transformation.

Christine Smith
Christine Smith Jul 03, 24
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