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AV1 technology enhances your streaming, browsing, and TV viewing experience


As many of us are aware, AV1 is a groundbreaking technology that aims to revolutionize video compression and transfer high-quality video while keeping file sizes small, resulting in smoother playback and crystal-clear visuals. AV1 has transformed video compression, whether you're streaming your favorite shows on Netflix, viewing videos on your TV, or surfing the web.


For digital media creators, streaming services, and online platforms, AV1 is increasingly the preferred option. Its outstanding abilities minimize bandwidth and storage costs while also giving viewers better video experiences. We'll look at the topic of Netflix av1, determine whether AV1 is compatible with Television and whether web browsers support this innovative codec. Ready to discover how AV1 is transforming the video streaming industry and improving the viewing experience like never before?


In this article
  1. Does Netflix support AV1?
  2. Does AV1 work on my TV?
  3. Browsers supporting AV1 video displaying

Part 1: Does Netflix support AV1?

Netflix has become one of the biggest platforms that provides streaming services. You must be happy to listen that AV1 supports Netflix. Netflix is now using AV1 to stream select titles on compatible Smart TVs and gaming consoles to ensure a seamless viewing experience for users. While the AV1 encoding ensures compressed 10-bit video at the highest quality, it's important to note that HDR support is not fully integrated yet.


Netflix added AV1 streaming functionality to its Android mobile app in February 2020. Netflix aimed to improve the video streaming experience for Android smartphones by using AV1. Netflix users can now enjoy their favorite episodes and movies with even better clarity and efficiency, establishing Netflix's position as a leading supplier of high-quality streaming entertainment.



Netflix offers a diverse range of video formats to cater to different devices and provide the best viewing experience for its users. The video formats that Netflix typically supports include AV1, VP9, Dolby Vision, and HDR 10. It ensures that the content on Netflix is accessible to a broad audience with varying display capabilities. Additionally, Netflix AV1 supports various HDR technologies to enhance the visual quality of its content.


Netflix av1 streaming is now on Television


Netflix has made a significant improvement to its television streaming by implementing the AV1 codec. This video codec promises to deliver superior video quality, resulting in a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience for its users.


Netflix has already started broadcasting AV1 content to televisions, demonstrating its confidence in this technology. Some streams have achieved bitrates close to the maximum allowed by the AV1 standard. The AV1 5.0 version can achieve peak bitrates of up to 30Mbps, while the 5.1 version pushes that limit even further to a top speed of 40Mbps.


Part 2. Does AV1 work on my TV?


After exploring AV1's compatibility with Netflix and its streaming capabilities, let's turn our attention to whether AV1 works on your TV. It is essential to understand how AV1 works with various television models since it directly affects how well the content streams on your TV and how enjoyable your viewing experience will be.


These smart AV1 TV models come equipped with codec technology, allowing you to stream and playback high-quality content while using less power and enjoying better compression.


  • Amazon Fire TV devices with Fire OS 7 and above
  • Samsung 8K QLED Smart TVs (2020 or later)
  • Samsung The Frame 2020 (later)
  • Samsung The Serif 2020 (later)
  • Samsung The Terrace 2020 (later)
  • Android TV devices with Android OS 10 and later


1. Amazon Fire TV devices with Fire OS 7 and above


Fire OS 7 is the operating system utilized in the latest Amazon Fire TV devices. A user-friendly interface and access to various apps and streaming services, such as well-known websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others, are available to users of Fire OS 7 and above.




With AV1 support, users can stream high-quality movies effectively, resulting in superior compression and improved video performance. This leads to a more enjoyable viewing experience with reduced bandwidth usage, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite content on Fire TV devices with exceptional visual quality.


2. Samsung 8k QLED Smart TVs


The latest innovations in Samsung's 8K QLED Smart TVs deliver excellent visual quality and an immersive viewing experience. These TVs can broadcast premium content with compression because they support the AV1 codec. Users may watch spectacular 8K HD videos without sacrificing video quality due to AV1 support, even at lower bitrates.



3. Samsung The Frame 2020 (later)

Samsung The Frame is a unique smart TV that works as art when not in use. It is an outstanding 4K QLED display that provides brilliant colors and fine details and puts your favorite movies, TV shows, and artworks to life. The UI of the TV makes it simple for users to access their favorite streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video.



Users may see high-quality videos with better compression due to the AV1 capability included in The Frame models released in 2020 and after. The AV1 compatibility of the Frame enables a smoother watching experience, offering fresh and colorful graphics while streaming content from numerous web channels.


4. Samsung The Serif 2020 (later)


A Samsung ‘The Serif 2020’ is a high-end smart TV that distinguishes itself with its unique style and advanced features. Because of its distinctive structure, the Serif 2020 can be put anywhere in the room, and its removable stand gives you a little more flexibility in where you put it.




The modern video codec is included with the Serif 2020, allowing customers to experience high-quality material with effective compression. The serif version 2020 and after also support AV1, enabling users to see high-quality videos with better compression.


5. Samsung The Terrace 2020 and later model


The Terrace is an outdoor TV that is resistant to the weather and other environmental factors. To enhance image quality and upscale non-4K material for a fascinating viewing experience, it utilizes the use of Samsung's Quantum Processor. Terrace additionally has AV1 support in models from 2020 and after. It supports many streaming platforms and allows seamless communication with other smart devices, giving customers access to a variety of content.




6. Android TV devices with Android OS 10 and later


Android 10, sometimes referred to as Android OS 10, is an essential update to the Android smartphone and smart TV operating system. A system-wide dark mode, updated privacy settings, touch navigation, and increased security measures are just a few of the new features and enhancements it provided.




A great option for streaming services and media playing on Android TV devices, the AV1 video codec also enables users to experience high-quality video content with lesser data use. As AV1 becomes more widely used, we can see more content offered in this format, giving customers more options for watching high-quality video content on their Android TV devices.



Part 3. Browsers supporting AV1 video displaying


As we've covered AV1 support in smart TVs, it's also essential that we study its compatibility with web browsers. The presentation of AV1 videos is becoming more popular online, and several browsers are starting to support this effective video codec. Let's explore the browsers that support AV1 and how it improves consumers' access to internet video.


1. Chrome

Chrome versions 70 to 114 fully support the AV1 video format. As a result, users of these Chrome versions may watch AV1-encoded movies on various websites and services. Users may stream AV1 videos with better video quality, quicker load times, and less data use because of Chrome AV1 support.


2. Firefox

On several websites and platforms, AV1-encoded videos may be accessed by Firefox users using these versions (67-113) of the browser. 65 and 66 of Firefox AV1 support are only partially supported, they might not be as reliable or well-optimized as the ones that have complete support.


3. Opera

Starting with version 57 and continuing to version 95, the Opera web browser supports AV1.

This compatibility shows how dedicated Opera av1 is to keeping up-to-date with web technology and giving its customers access to the most recent developments in video streaming. Versions 10 to 12 of Opera Mobile do not support AV1.


4. Safari

The user-friendly design and quick performance of Safari are well renowned. Users can explore the web quickly and effortlessly because of its effective and responsive design. But Any version of Safari for iOS or the desktop does not completely or partially support the AV1 video format. As a result, users of Safari may not be able to play AV1-encoded content directly within the browser since Safari has native support for AV1 videos.


5. Android browser

If you are using an Android browser version 97 or higher, you should have no issues playing AV1 video content as these versions fully support the format.

The accessibility and performance of AV1-encoded videos on Android devices will be further improved when more devices and browsers accept AV1 compatibility, and it becomes a standard for video content delivery on mobile platforms.


6. Edge

If you're using Microsoft Edge versions 79 to 103, you'll have full support for the AV1 video format.

One of the fascinating aspects of Edge is its integration with the Windows operating system, which makes it compatible with AV1. Now that Edge is based on the Chromium engine, it benefits from system-level AV1 support on Windows devices. This integration ensures smooth playback and improved performance when streaming AV1 videos on compatible Windows computers.



We have looked at the world of the AV1 video format and its compatibility with many different systems. We found that Netflix has adopted AV1, streaming a few titles to compatible Smart TVs and gaming consoles using this innovative codec. Although Netflix AV1 with HDR is still being implemented, Netflix creates new opportunities for improved video streaming. We found that AV1 works well on a variety of smart TVs.

AV1 is here to enhance your experience with video streaming, no matter whether you're a Netflix user, a smart TV user, or a browser journey. Engage yourself in the AV1 surroundings to experience the future of high-quality video.

Kendra D. Mitchell
Kendra D. Mitchell Feb 01, 24
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