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15 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas in 2024

by Kayla Morrison • 2024-07-03 14:34:00 • Proven solutions

You don’t need to go overboard to purchasing expensive Halloween costume for the spooky season during these challenging times. Instead, you can employ some easy Halloween makeup ideas that will transform your face into a creative Halloween character. So, whether you’re looking to turn into a scary ghost or a cute little character, these 15 simple Halloween makeup ideas have you covered. Let’s dive in!

1. David Bowie

Straight from his sixth studio album cover, the Aladdin Sane, you can transform yourself into David Bowie with some bold makeup products. Just purchase a color case and create blue and red lightning bolts. You can separate the bolts with a black liner if you want before applying a metallic lip gloss. That’s it!

Halloween Makeup Ideas - David Bowie

2. Unicorn Makeup

This simple Halloween makeup idea should work wonders for you and your 3-year old child. It’s entertaining, but the main center of attraction is the believable horn. First, apply your rainbow colors around your eyes and then add a pink color makeup on your cheekbones and the forehead. Finally, use your bright pink lip gloss and put on that bright rainbow wig.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Unicorn Makeup

3. The Joker

If you like the Batman theme, you can apply the Jared Leto The Joker makeup idea. To get that distinctive look by using green washable paint on hair. Now apply a white color foundation over the entire face and then apply a warm, red shade around the eyes to make them look sore. Lastly, use red lipstick and smudge it outward to create the signature Joker smile.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - The Joker

4. Witch Makeup

You can also transform yourself into a sexy Gothic Witch with some easy makeup tricks. Start by applying a mixture of dark grey and black colors around your eyes and then use a black eye marker to create a thick outward eyeliner. Next, put on floating eyelashes and then use a lipstick marker to create that witchy look.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Witch Makeup

5. Scarecrow Makeup

You can decide to do things a little differently by embracing a scarecrow makeup idea. Begin by painting two large orange circles on your cheeks and a unique orange triangle on your nose using an orange liquid lipstick. After that, apply the same lipstick over your lips and let it dry out.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Scarecrow Makeup

6. Skull Makeup

In this easy Halloween makeup trick, you only need two products. Paint your eyes to give them a smoky black look and then use a white eyeliner to draw white skull lines on your lip. Now paint a dark color on your nose with dark blue around the edges.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Skull Makeup

7. Sugar Skull Makeup

Here, do the generic white paint to look paler and then create the easy line work. Mark the shape of your eyes using a black eyeshadow and then paint the entire circle red. Now use the black shadow to dray a spider web and then draw black lines on your lips.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Sugar Skull Makeup

8. Deer Makeup

Deer Makeup is one of the easiest and cutest Halloween makeup ideas you can find. First, use any face paint to make dots along your cheekbones and forehead. Then, use brown eyeliner to line your lips heavily. Finish up with a pink shimmer eyeshadow.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Deer Makeup

9. Scary Halloween Makeup

You will definitely like this spooky idea. Wrap a transparent plastic bag around your head and then use a while cello tape wrap it. Next, paint your eyes black and do the same on the areas around your mouth. Use the white tape to cover the remaining parts of your face, bar your mouth and eyes.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Scary Halloween Makeup

10. Angel Makeup

In this idea, start by putting on your white angel wings and then apply a glowy foundation. Now apply some white or silver grainstones around your eyes and cheekbones, and you’re ready to rock it out.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Angel Makeup

11. Pumpkin Makeup

To make a catchy pumpkin Halloween makeup, all you need is a black eyeliner and orange eyeshadow. Use your orange eyeshadow to draw a pumpkin texture and then create a black triangular shape on your nose and eyes. Add the orange eyeshadow on the inside of your lips and then draw a skeletal black line on your mouth.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Pumpkin Makeup

12. Vampire Halloween Makeup

Vampire Halloween costumes have become somewhat familiar these days. So to look unique, you can use a vampire Halloween paint. This makeup idea will make you look both fabulous and scary. Of course, you need plenty of fake blood.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Vampire Halloween Makeup

13. Cracked Doll Makeup

Remember the story of a creepy doll that haunted the owners every night? Here’s an opportunity to make it real. Firstly, apply your foundations, and then use eyebrow paint that matches your hair color. Make your eyes look bigger and then darken them. Lastly, paint some cracks on your face to make it look like the Annabelle Doll.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Cracked Doll Makeup

14. Ghost Makeup

Here, you need a wig of an older woman’s hair and your makeup kit. Start by applying your foundation on your face, including your lips, and then paint your eyelashes and eyebrows white. Paint a light purple color around your eyes and finish it off by wearing your wig.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Ghost Makeup

15. Zombie Halloween Makeup

With the zombie Halloween makeup, you don’t need to purchase any fancy product as you probably already have what you need. This simple Halloween makeup idea will make you look creepy and outstanding at the same time. The good thing about it is that it’s not too scary. So you can dress up as a zombie to your school’s Halloween party.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Zombie Halloween Makeup

You don’t need to be a pro makeup artist to create these easy Halloween makeup ideas because the designs are tailor-made for newbies. So, if you don’t have the time to prepare that unique Halloween costume, choose one of these makeup ideas.

Kayla Morrison

Kayla Morrison

staff Editor

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