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Everything about Easter 2024 you need to know

when is easter 2022

Easter is greatly celebrated by Christians every year as the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This Christian festival is celebrated with great significant biblical meaning of hope and belief. The origin of Easter can be traced to the New Testament, where Romans and His resurrection crucified Jesus on Easter Sunday after three days. That's why the Easter holiday symbolizes new life and hope for Christians globally.

Since Easter has religious importance in the Christian calendar, one should know why do we celebrate Easter. As Easter 2022 is coming soon, this article will highlight the reason behind its significance and various ways of its celebration.

Part 1. When is Easter 2022?

This year, Easter will be observed on 17th April 2022 on Sunday. The Holy week lasts for 7 days, including Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. You can check further details in the Easter 2022 calendar given below.

easter 2022

Part 2. Why does Easter change every year?

Have you ever pondered upon why does Easter changes every year? Easter date is not pre-determined as Christmas holiday; in fact, it changes every year. The reason is that Easter dates are determined from the Jewish calendar, which is based on lunar cycles. On the other hand, the Christian calendar is based on the solar year, making it complicated to set an Easter date.

Since the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred after the Passover, a Jewish festival, the followers of Christianity use the Jewish calendar, to be precise. The Jewish festival of Passover varies annually depending on the first full moon; as a result, the Easter date also changes every year.

To be accurate, people have used ecclesiastical tables to determine the full moon since the 16th century. In the Western Christianity sphere, Easter is always celebrated on Sunday after the Jewish festival of Passover. Since the Paschal full moon changes, Easter dates can vary between March 22 and April 25 in the Western world.

Part 3. Why do we celebrate Easter?

The origin of Easter can also be found in pagan celebrations where the name "Easter" has been derived from "Eostra," which means the goddess of resurrection. That's why you may have witnessed Easter eggs and Easter bunnies symbolizing resurrection and fertility.

why do we celebrate easter

The history of the Easter celebrations started in the 2nd century as a day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians enjoy this festival with full commitment and joy as Easter personifies a hope of salvation for mankind. The followers of Christianity believe that Jesus was crucified by Romans and His death will bring salvation to humankind.

In the New Testament, it is mentioned that when Mary Magdalene visited the tomb where Jesus was buried, she found it empty, and an angel announced that Jesus had conquered the death by rising. So, after the three days of crucifixion, Jesus was resurrected from death, symbolizing hope and eternal peace for His followers.

easter origin

Christians celebrate Easter as their faith exhibits that the sins of humankind have been compensated with the death and resurrection of Jesus. That's why to acknowledge the sacrifice of Jesus, which resulted in the forgiveness of the sins of humankind, Easter is commemorated for centuries with great honor and dedication.

Part 4. How do we celebrate Easter?

easter dates 2022

Easter is celebrated by Christians and people belonging to different spheres of the world. There are mainly two approaches to celebrate Easter: Traditional custom and Modern custom. This part will discuss both customs and celebrating ways in detail.

Celebrations in Tradition Custom

In traditional custom, the religious affiliation with Easter is observed and honored through following ways:

Making traditional Easter eggs.

Egg, as an object, has been associated as a symbol of life and rebirth. Since the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus was an important event in Christianity, the egg was traditionally used across Easter.

Observe historical events.

Orthodox Christians observe the biblical importance of Holy week and days such as Palm Sunday, which starts the Holy Week, Maundy Thursday that depicts the last supper of Jesus, Good Friday on which Jesus was executed, and Easter Sunday on which Jesus was resurrected.

Attend church services.

easter sunday 2022

Many people also attend Easter services in Church to ponder upon the message of Jesus and to acknowledge his sacrifice for human beings.

Read Easter story.

Parents also teach and read the Easter story to their young children to preach the historical significance of this day. The Easter story can be found in both the Old and New Testaments.

Self-reflect and meditate.

The Easter holiday is a great opportunity to reflect on personal thoughts, the purpose of life, and an optimistic outlook of life through the teachings of Jesus Christ. People make use of this opportunity to self-reflect through meditation.

Celebrations in Modern Custom

Another custom to celebrate Easter holidays is through the modern approach. You can enjoy the upcoming festive season of Easter 2022 through the following ways:

Decorated Easter eggs: You can design Easter eggs filled with chocolates and other treats such as jellies and candies. While being a treat for the children, decorated Easter eggs surely look great and mesmerizing.

colour easter egg

Easter Egg Hunt: Easter egg hunt is a game for children. After decorating the Easter eggs, people hide them for their children to find. It is a popular activity on Easter.

easter egg hunt

Make Easter food: You can plan Easter brunch or dinner with your loved ones and try delicious Easter recipes. Making and eating food on holidays is the most common way to celebrate the festivals.

easter food

Design cards: As the holiday season reconnects people with their friends and families, you can design and make customized Easter cards. You can wish them the health and luck of your loved ones through Easter cards.

easter card

Watch Easter movies: If you want a relaxing way to enjoy the Easter holidays, you can watch Easter movies and dramas available on many online platforms.

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Easter hasboth religious and historical value for the followers of Christianity. This article has touched upon Easter's important details that will make you aware of knowing its historical significance. Easter in 2022 is coming soon, so mark your calendars to celebrate the holidays with full dedication and joy.

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