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It's that easy to make your own funny Easter memes and emoji!

What makes the Easter wishes and celebrations interesting every year? As we know that Easter in 2022 is coming on 17th April, and people across the globe are looking forward to spending spare time with their loved ones.

In the age of social media, people express their gratitude towards Easter celebrations through Easter memes and Easter emojis. Through memes and emojis, you can virtually express and wish Easter holidays to your friends in the most creative way. You won't need to write long paragraphs; instead, just by sending funny Easter memes, you can incredibly wish the festive season instantly.

Part 1. How to create your own Happy Easter memes and emojis?

Want to know how you can create your own Easter memes and emojis? For this, you would need an efficient tool that can quickly craft emojis and memes with amazing fonts and colors. We will strongly recommend you Wondershare UniConverter make Easter emojis free.

The user interface of UniConverter is easy to understand and does not require special skills to execute the tasks. Also, it supports all the popular video and image file formats, and through some clicks, you can design your own funny Easter memes. The output quality of this tool is also high-end and professional that goes greatly compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Follow the below steps to make Easter emoji using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Use subtitle editor(optional).

Begin the process by launching UniConverter on your computer. Open its main interface and click on the Toolbox given on the left section. Now select Subtitle Editor by clicking on it.

easter memes

Step 2 Add text to the video.

To add subtitles, you can either import video from your device or can download it from a free website like Pexels. Once done, add subtitles and click on Export to save the file on your PC.

happy easter memes funny

Step 3 Create emoji.

Now go to GIF Maker available on the toolbox and import the video you recently saved. Afterward, click on Create GIF to make emoji out of the video.

funny easter memes for adults
wondershare uniconverter 13

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Part 2. 20 best funny and religious memes and emojis to share on Easter

In this section, we will devise the 20 best funny and religious memes and emojis that you can use in this Easter season with your friends.

#10 best funny memes and emoji for Easter

Following are the best funny Easter memes that you can share in the upcoming Easter season:

1. Eat sleep and repeat: Who spends their Easter holidays just by eating and sleeping? The cycle keeps repeating in a loop until the holidays are over.

religious easter memes

2. Spend Easter in pandemic: Nothing can be expected good from Easter during a pandemic. We can either stay at home or maintain social distancing.

easter memes religious

3. When a mother goes shopping: We all can relate to how we looked in our childhood when our mother went shopping for us. Of course, in some hilarious outfits!

easter emojis free

4. Happy Easter for gamers: Easter brings a lot of opportunities with it, like a perfect chance to play games, PlayStation, and Xbox all day long.

easter emoji

5. Spending Easter in pajamas: When introverts don't like socializing, they spend their quality time at home in their pajamas by watching movies and eating unlimited snacks.

funny easter memes

6. Make Easter eggs wear a mask: When Easter eggs take the pandemic too seriously and wear masks to fulfill SOPs.

easter emoji iphone

7. When adults still want an Easter basket. Who does not like to receive gifts and Easter baskets from their parents as kids? But being an adult, you have to face the harsh reality of not being on the receiving end.

easter memes and emoji

8. When the Easter egg hunting game goes wrong: Everyone designs and creates interesting Easter egg hunting games to enjoy the holidays. However, the holidays can be turned into a nightmare when egg hunting terribly goes wrong.

best easter memes and emoji

9. Nothing special about Easter! Some of us can feel and relate that the Easter holidays hold nothing special and you are actually feeling bored in spending holidays at home.

popular easter memes and emoji

10. When Good Friday is great Friday: For foodies, a Good Friday can turn into a great Friday when we treat ourselves to a luxurious feast and delicious food.

easter memes When Good Friday is great Friday

#10 best religious memes and emoji for Easter

Here are 10 religious and inspiring memes that you can share this Easter season:

1. A ray of hope: Hope and ambition inspire us to achieve our goals. Share inspirational memes and quotes to give the motivation to work harder with sincerity.

religious and inspiring memes

2. Show gratitude: Every one of us is blessed in our own ways. Easter season brings an opportunity to show gratitude by thanking God for all the positive aspects of life.

Show gratitude

3. Be forgiving: Forgiveness is an incredible trait that every human being should have to live a peaceful life. Make this time of year to forget the sorrowful experiences of life by sharing biblical verses.

Be forgiving

4. Self-Reflection: Pondering upon thoughts by self-evaluation is a great way to be a better version of ourselves. Motivate people around you to self-reflect about their habits and mindsets.


5. Give a fresh start: Starting from scratch with a good spirit can make our problems much easier. A fresh start can solve the problems in an organized manner with a new outlook on life.

Give a fresh start

6. Words of wisdom: Inspiring quotes and verses can spread the words of wisdom in the most effective way. Share famous quotations that have the power to influence people.

Words of wisdom

7. Power of love: Love is the strongest emotion and can do wonders if applied in the right direction. This emotion is not only restricted to human beings; in fact, it can involve passion, goals, work, or any other thing that makes an individual happy.

Power of love

8. Heal your scars: Sometimes moving on from traumas and worst experiences can be hard and complicated. However, the healing ability of time can fade the scars in their own way.

Heal your scars

9. Welcome to the spring: Easter comes in the spring season depicting that after every cold and depressing time, there is the warmth that shows every sorrow is temporary. Wish and welcome each other about the arrival of the spring season.

easter memes and emoji 22Welcome to the spring

10. Have faith in God: Faith in God can make the person stronger even in his hardest times. A strong faith in God can inspire individuals to be better people and can stop the individuals from sins.

Have faith in God

Part 3. Conclusion

Memes and emojis are the best way to express ourselves virtually without typing any word. In Easter 2022, wish your loved ones with funny Easter emojis and memes to make them laugh and enjoy the festive season. This article has come up with amazing Easter memes that are unique and creative in nature.

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