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I love this application

I love this application and am proud to say that it is the best on the market and gives you a bang for your buck. Thank you to the creators of Wondershare Video Ultimate. May God bless you all.

by Robert J Tucker|2017-09-12 02:43:30


I can not express how unhappy I am with the latest update. I followed your user guide and still am unable to complete the burn process, Your program was always very easy to use, now it is crazy complicated. I buy disks and then make a backup copy, this is what I have used your program to do for many years. Now I will need to find another program to do what should be a very simple process. Thank for nothing.

by Tony Talerico|2017-09-09 06:53:29

Good product with considerate service

I sent an email to customer service and I received a response within 24 hours. The tech offered 7 steps /suggestions with links with photos and numbered steps. I went through all 7 steps and was successful in solving my issue- getting my problem solved- to allow for the ability to convert the DVD tracks QUICKLY!!!! Thank you so much for restoring my faith in this product and your tech service get kudos!!! thanks so much!!!!

by Valerie McKee|2017-09-04 02:36:31

Well done!

Congrats on an excellent app and what is proving to be an invaluable tool for this video producer. More features than I expected, fast, sure-footed converstions for every conceivable type of file I‘‘ve thrown at it. Well done!

by Michael|2017-08-30 23:01:38

I LOVE THE NEW APP! Please add chapter markers for merging video files

I LOVE THE NEW APP! You have done such a great job. Looks, feels and works so well. It's so fast as well. Thank you! I did request a feature about a year or two ago to add a button that would CREATE chapter markers when merging MP4 or M4V video files. Use each video's file name(minus the file extension) as the Chapter Name. I was hoping to see this feature in this new overhaul/update as there were quite a few users that thought this was a good idea. Lots of positive comments on my last request for this feature. There are NO OTHER apps that do this and I think it would be a selling point for you. Either way, thanks so much for a great app.

by Jeff|2017-08-30 18:58:04

The best video converter I have used

This is the best video converter I have ever used, it's so easy to use.many thanks. My product version is

by Keith Hawley|2017-08-28 01:38:32

Great update

Great update to a great program! The product version is

by Gerald Hart|2017-08-22 18:23:01

wonderful software

it's a wonderful software to me. thanks for having it. i keep praying to the wondershare for long live

by Muhajan P. Hadjula|2017-08-18 00:59:57

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (Mac) ( Feedback

I have been very happy with the program. All the above possibilities make me fascinated!

by Ralf Würtele|2017-08-17 23:47:01

love the updates

This Lifetime Is For My Second Laptop i've been a satisfided coustomer for a long time . love the updates you have made. Thank You, Noe Silguero.

by Noe Silguero|2017-08-16 19:03:04

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