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I just love this software

I just love this software, the toolbox is amazing, its clean its easy to understand and to use. you can convert videos, you can record screens you can make gif videos, you can rip sound and convert it to all kind of formats, If you are a youtuber or into the animation industry or just want to mess around with the powerful features of Wondershare Uniconverter you need to make yourself a favor and buy it!

by Mario|2020-01-07 07:00:43

Tried All The Rest, And Wonershare Is Still The Best

When Wondershare changed Video Converter Interface I was peeved.. So I set about finding my new favourite video converter. I went back to using the old version for a time, I requested a return to the old interface, meanwhile trying every similar product I could get my hands on. At least a year later uniconverter is now once again my new favourite video converter, and I am humbled to admit it. Mainly I am useing uniconverter to rip my DVD movie collection to NAS/media server.

by Geoff Taylor|2019-12-21 15:00:13

Excellent video converter software I ever use

Great software for video editting and conversion. It is easy to use and have batch operation. Really handy.

by Simon Kwan|2019-12-03 20:12:47


Ich bin einfach nur begeistert was dieses Programm alles kann. So ein sauber arbeitendes Programm mit diesen vielfältigen Möglichkeiten für den Preis habe ich noch nicht gesehen. Videoverarbeitung war für mich gestern, Nun kann ich endlich alles das schnell und einfach umsetzen, was mir vorher nur mit riesigem Aufwand und viel probieren auch nur zum Teil gelungen ist.

by Alex|2019-11-26 06:44:53

DVD Memory

I have used many different video converter programs. This software is very good. I really like it.

by Katsunori Takahashi|2019-10-31 07:57:03

Awesome program!

It was 2am and I needed to complete a project for a 9am church service. My program CyberLink PowerDirector was unable to produce my project because it had .MOV files in it. I panicked and went to the internet looking for a solution and found this program! It was a prayer answered and miracle for me. I downloaded the program, it easily and quickly converted 6 small .MOV files to mp4's and I was able to complete my project and actually get some sleep before going to church where my project was very well received. I'm very grateful I found this program when I needed it!

by Edie|2019-10-14 06:46:35

Best Video Converter in the Industry

I have used many different video converter programs. None of them compare to Wondershare UniConverter. This is the best program and is so easy to use. There is also a user guide to help those who might need help with the program.

by Greg Pierce|2019-09-10 17:56:08


I am so very happy with this product. It has allowed us to use another product to produce overheads and then convert the production to an MP4 format. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

by Mike|2019-08-25 03:16:04

Wondershare is Wonderful

This product has been a lifesaver for me. Tried other conversion software but that failed to work. This program converted my MOV files to MP4 so I could use it in Adobe's Premiere Element.

by Dietrich Schaefer|2019-05-22 07:54:34

Excellent software!

I bought another software to download youtube videos from Wondershare a few years back. Without hesitation, decided to go with Wondershare again when I saw that they also have a video converter. Have to say I am not disappointed at all! Thank you, Wondershare for creating these efficient software with user-friendly interface. Definitely getting my money's worth back!! Keep it up.

by Ruby|2019-05-16 22:38:50

Excellent development of 2019.

This version 11 compelled me to say that UniConverter (as it is called now) is functionally superior to all its contemporary software. It is fast, comprehensive in function and even the font has become attractive and pleasing to the eye. To me this is only possible if the team is highly Professional, Competent, who are consistently and constantly thinking about the user.

by Shahid Khan|2019-05-11 13:11:31

More than video converter

Usually I don't write review for any product I use, but this will be my first review for this software, powerful,smart,easy to use and gets more advanced by time. I really thanks the team who working hard on this software to make it better and for the unlimited updates.

by Stevans|2019-05-09 11:42:26



by 艾韶|2019-05-04 23:43:47

Wondershare UniConverter Review

The Product is wonderful specially due to easy features and it has many options of video formats

by Rajiv Singh Tanwar|2019-04-21 19:25:49

Video conversion

Very effective and high quality. But it will be much better if you can incorporate Audio Normalizing to automatically get same level throughout a video, as compared to another video. Just the volume level doesn't help

by Richmond|2019-04-04 02:01:11

It would be better if the program would allow us to add a intro (10-15 sec) in everyvideo

It would be better if the program would allow us to add a intro (10-15 sec) in everyvideo

by coldmani|2019-03-22 19:57:39

So EASY to USE, SO INTUITIVE, SO COMPREHENSIVE for Putting All Kinds of Files onto my iPhone

I LOVE this product (Converter Ultimate)! Its SOOOOOO easy to use, soooooo INTUITIVE, sooooooooo comprehensive for being able to put ALL KINDS of files from my Windows laptop to my iPhone quickly and effortlessly (Youtube videos, home videos, DVD videos, Yahoo News videos, URLs, ...). GREAT GREAT product

by Ken|2019-02-25 11:25:59

Outstanding Ease of Use, Excellent Product

For starters I'm not a techie by any means, but I was in trouble. I had an old DVD I had created 14 years ago, and was in danger of losing the only copy. I shopped around online and was dreading downloading some new product, then I remembered I had purchased Wondershare Video Converter a while ago for some unrelated purpose. So I brought it up, checked it out, and ran the conversion with no problems. Documentation was clear, product ease of use was excellent, and I got the job done. Very impressed! Thank you for a GREAT PRODUCT!

by Jim Kelly|2019-01-27 07:39:11

video converter

video converter is very good is fast in security I like this product I recommended this product very very good product

by SAUL PORTILLO|2019-01-15 21:00:58

Long Time User - Still here...

I've been using WS for years, probably from inception. I use WS to download videos from Youtube and turn them to audio or I can capture any video on the screen and more! I had to format my drive and needed to download my lifetime problem!

by Steph Wynne|2018-12-20 19:23:45

The new compression feature is GREAT

I've used Wondershare for about a year now to convert hundreds of AVI and MKV video files to MP4's. It has always worked great and overall I have been pleased with the the software.... if i had one complaint, it was the difficulty to reduce the file size. The interface to adjust bitrate, resolution, audio, etc.. was not intuitive enough to show how the changes I was making would effect file size within the same screen. However, the new Compression feature is great and even better you can Compress the file size (with minimal loss in quality) and Convert to a different format all at the same time... This just improved on one of the best video converters out there.. Well done Wondershare!!!

by Mike W|2018-11-25 19:31:14

Love this App!

Super easy...started using it right away. No learning curve. I have over a hundred DVDs of old family VHS tapes. I'm converting from the native format on those DVDs to MP4 so I can share clips via my iPhone. Ultimate Video Converter does the job! I've already converted 20 DVDs to MP4, and shared with family and friends. Great experience, start to finish! Thank you, Wondershare. Also thanks for being available on the Mac App Store!

by Jean|2018-11-04 13:35:04

Converts well

I've used it to convert hundreds of files and several formats. I haven't had a single problem

by William Feldman|2018-11-02 09:44:31

Unbelieveable "hidden" features

Oh... my... God!! My grandmother is 72 y. o., still very active and a movies/ TV series aficionado. And, of course, owns a HUGE 4:3 aspect ratio TV, which she won't change for anything in the world. I've discovered that, by clicking the "Crop" button, on the left side, under the video loaded, a new world opens: I was able to set the desired aspect ratio, switching from the original 16:9 to the desired 4:3 and from the initial 1280x720s and 1920x1080s to some 4:3 fitting formats (highly customizeable), like 960x720, 853x640, 768x576 etc. And, then, I set the subtitles' font, size, color and I added a green, eye-relaxing outline. Now, my granny doesn't even need her glasses! And the conversing speed is i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e! Amazing software.

by Pompilius|2018-10-21 04:15:22

Simply the best, easiest tool to use

I find this tool and their mobile go and other functionality second to none. The video Converter works flawlessly I find and is so quick on my msi laptop

by John H|2018-10-14 17:16:46

Been a Great Tool of everyday Life

Love Love Love for conversions. Great Program, Great Company. Cant fault. have Been Using for .... A long long long time ;-)

by Benn|2018-09-27 03:10:56

Nice app

This is a very very very very very very very very very very very very much useful and good app

by Megh Dobariya|2018-09-21 06:23:03

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

The ultimate easy to use converter. It has trimming, cropping, basic color editing, preset LUT's and watermarking capabilities. MANY file output choices.

by UPI|2018-09-04 11:13:18

What a wonderful software

I play video games all the time and upload them to YouTube, but to upload 15GB is too much, thus I find this software. it's super easy to use and have speed conversion WHAT!!! can I use my VGA to fast my converter video like bitcoin and to make 15GB to 900MB that's so cool so thank you Wondershare for make yet again one of the top video and audio converter.

by TonyGnaplos|2018-08-27 13:13:41

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Would like to say it is nice to actually get a product that, after you pay for it, actually does what it said it would do. Thanks Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Great Software

by Hina Ch|2018-08-12 16:40:33


works like a charm - and fast! the conversions worked great and have saved my video collection

by Tom|2018-08-08 16:39:33



by 徐先生|2018-07-13 20:47:57

No.1 converter worth recommending

Thank you very very much both for powerful product feature and supreme after-service support, I'll recommend Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate because I think it is the number one!

by Enrico Guerra|2018-07-04 19:50:10

Wondershare Video Converer Ulimate

Well let me say im happy with the sofeware and company I been using this since apr 2013 and no problems

by Daniel Mingorance|2018-07-03 08:09:25

Just some suggestions

Excellent work. I think You should add size estimating to gif maker. personally, I do the process over and over to get the ideal result and it takes a lot of time. Thank you.

by Jay Abkar|2018-06-27 02:37:23

Rego number

Your rego number is not the short one it has 32 digits copy it and save somewhere

by John|2018-05-28 23:41:34

The Best Video Converter I've Ever Found

Over the years I've tried a lot of video converters but I was always searching for the best. I've been using the paid version of Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate since 2013 and have never had to look for anything else. It is just the best video converter out there. Last week I lost my boot driver in my computer and have been slowly reinstalling all my favorite software. Today I downloaded Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate, I installed it, put in my registration Key and it worked perfectly. Thanks Wondershare for making that part easy too!

by Kit Kimes|2018-04-24 06:41:06

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

I was having problem with my VLC player so I followed the instructions which the give it works fantastic

by Vikas|2018-04-14 04:03:24

I can't live without it

I'm using Video Converter Ultimate since its version 4. It is simply so useful than I can't live without. It works great, make fast conversions with no errors. Full of features. Highly recommended.

by Adrian|2018-04-13 08:18:34

Wonderful - Wondershare!

Not only did I LOVE this program for the value packed options, but got so excited about the creators, I bought almost every program that wondershare has marketed. They are all great programs.

by Sue Kamalo|2018-04-06 03:13:57


I was looking for a video converter software and got A LOT more from Wondershare. Really! Me and my girlfriend are amazed at how much value you get for it. Thank you and keep up the good work!

by Marcelo|2018-03-11 18:19:39

The bees-knees

Wondershare Ultimate Converter is the bees-knees of video format converters. I've had it since 2012, but had to reinstall due to resetting Windows 10. The registration had my old email address, so couldn't retrieve the keygen. Contacted the company, who sorted me out in no time, updating my details and sending all relevant links and registration info. Like I said, bees-knees software, bee-knees company.... Thanks Alice. Chris

by Christopher Corcoran|2018-03-06 08:46:06

A+ Software and Support!

Have been a very satisfied user of several of their products for seven years now and have found their customer support to be fantastic!

by Rev. Bob|2018-02-28 12:51:08

Must have if you are a Club DJ, Mobile DJ or Videographer

Hello, I am so blown away after using the Wondershare Video Converter Software just for a few days, now I use it quite often. In my opinion, this is a Must have if you are a Club DJ, Mobile DJ or Videographer. You will not be disappointed, I have done a lot of research tracking down and testing applications software that would come up short. I was looking for an application that would be intuitive with options, but also easy to use. I took a chance and ordered this application and I have been pleased to find out that this application works as it is described. I have been recommending it to all my DJ friends and colleagues. Thank you for the great work designing this application and I look forward to any upgrades that come you up with in the future! GC

by GC|2018-02-25 18:15:09


goodvry good this application, I feel hshshs hahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha sjsdbsd asides asd as das aid and. Asda sd asd a sad s and sad asd and as d and a ds

by pepe|2018-02-01 09:56:35

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review


by Adam|2018-01-29 03:26:04

Wow! Easy!

I really love this software! Video Converter Ultimate is very easy to use! Works the way I want it to do! Love it! I wish I purchased the Life time updates. I didn't want to spend much money without trying it out. Now, that I've tried it and love it!

by Debbie|2018-01-14 14:42:41

Totaly professional

I can't praise this company enough, I first purchased video converter about 7 years ago so when i had to download the program again after a problem with my laptop all I had to do was give my email address and all my details came up and was still entitled to the premium converter. As far as the program itself . well I love it and the new interface is just brilliant and quite easy to navigate. Well worth the money.

by Mick O'Toole|2018-01-14 12:46:12



by SUNDER RAJ|2018-01-13 03:31:14

excellence program

I love the video converter, really is a good program . thank u very much. If u have any more good ones please let me know. really appreciated

by eddielyn galanos|2018-01-09 01:12:13

it's vvery good

simple and very easy converting working best app in catgory in the same app besst app i love for choosing this app

by amirht|2017-12-23 09:04:50

One Stop Shop For Video & Music Download & Conversions

You may have used other programs to download music and needed another to download your videos, or maybe you found a two in one product. but good luck converting them to the file format you need. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate: allows full manipulation of the downloaded file, it is fully 4k capable allowing manipulation of the data rate. do you like the music but don't need the video? it auto converts at your command also allowing rate manipulation. Do you like a streaming service? Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate allows you to record what you see on your screen again with full manipulation of the size and rate got to leave the room but don't want your recording filling your hard drive to capacity, it allows you to set a timer when to stop recording. want to make a GIF they have you covered as well, I'm sure there's more to the program, down load the trial version and see for yourself for my uses Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best product I've used.

by Fred|2017-12-20 06:36:08


I've been working on a Christmas present for my mum as I have no money. I can't tell you how much its stressed me out. I found this free trial and it just fixed every issue I had! I'm so happy. So quick and easy! When I have money I will 100% be buying this. All I can say is thank you.

by Dani|2017-12-19 07:14:39

Very pleased with the program

So far I am very pleased with this program, I have used many before but so far this 1 is ok.

by Uranis|2017-12-06 18:51:20

Deserve your name "Wonder"

I have to admit I am impressed by this update and product. Thank you for your great work. You really deserve your name "wonder". Cheers!

by JEAN M Phillips|2017-11-29 21:49:37


Amazing product and great support. I had a problem with video downloading, and requested for a refund. The technical support team lead by Mr.Echo went all out and successfully resolved the issue. Never came across such prompt and persevering support. Thanks a ton.

by PREM AMAN|2017-11-27 06:14:31

Nice improvement

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has made a nice improvements lately. Better experience than before, keep up the good work!

by Will|2017-11-22 23:33:50

A Great Buy

This is such CONVERTER! It does way more than I thought. I got a great buy. Thank you!

by Robert|2017-11-20 22:13:01

Fast, easy and reliable converter

After purchasing this software i have saved alot of time, with batch conversion of my blu ray and dvd collection. The conversion is fast and with great quality. I highly recommend this software.

by Andreas|2017-11-20 08:33:02

El me3jor

Wondershare Video Conjverter Ultime es el mejor de todos en su tipo, Funciona de maravilla y Mantienen un excelente servicio a los clientes

by Oscar E Aguero|2017-11-19 07:17:16

Best software

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best software for converting all video and audio files. Thanks for providing so easy-to-use product.

by Behnam Ghorbani|2017-11-16 22:32:39

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

انه يعمل بشكل جيد

by ansporteur|2017-11-12 19:28:37

Nice and Efficient

It's very nice and efficient app, like it.

by Arioba|2017-11-06 21:33:08

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

. In RAI, WonderShare Video Converter and LimeMaster does everything, and it is better than any other product available. For cost, this should be "no mind" for anyone who has an interest in downloading and converting video. Ten stars, in fact

by Mostafa|2017-11-01 09:17:24

Best stream downloader, bar none!

I have been using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for a number of years now. Although I sometimes use it to convert video formats, my main application is in downloading videos from YouTube and other sources for inclusion in my PowerPoint presentation lectures for my university classes. I have, over the years, purchased at least three competing products. and I have consistently found that Converter Ultimate outperforms them. In fact, I have ceased updating two of the competing products because I feel that doing so has become a waste of money. The frequent updates assure that the Ultimate remains current in its ability to handle YouTube streams, and with every update, my download speeds and conversion times to WMV files (it's a PowerPoint thing) seems to dramatically improve. In my opinion, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate does it all, and does it better than any other available product. For the cost, this should be a 'no-brainer' for anybody who has an interest in downloading and converting video. Ten stars, actually!

by Moss Parker|2017-10-20 10:15:00


Me parece un producto super recomendable, también nos brinda una amplitud de elementos que nos van a ayudar en el proceso que queramos realizar

by Maria Jose Garcia Cordero|2017-10-16 23:07:00

Best $20 I ever spent

You WILL get your money's worth! I bought wondershare video converter ten years ago. I haven't had cause to look for anything since, I'm a Medic/Firefighter & I watch movies & tv episodes on my ipad between calls. This program converts my DVDs for me & there are many, many options to choose from- encoders for every file type & every type of device, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, audio & video quality... you can modify as needed for higher quality or smaller file size. it does many more things I know nothing about! Tech support is satisfactory. I haven't really had any problems with the software, just my lack of knowledge how to use it sometimes.

by Ike Frye|2017-10-11 06:34:26

Yes! Finally a user-friendly converter! Definitely worth buying.

This is the best file converter software that I have used, and the price is reasonable.

by Beth|2017-10-10 17:58:06


Thank you so much for the best app video converter. please do more the best feature

by Loeun|2017-10-09 01:20:21

I love this application

I love this application and am proud to say that it is the best on the market and gives you a bang for your buck. Thank you to the creators of Wondershare Video Ultimate. May God bless you all.

by Robert J Tucker|2017-09-12 02:43:30

Good product with considerate service

I sent an email to customer service and I received a response within 24 hours. The tech offered 7 steps /suggestions with links with photos and numbered steps. I went through all 7 steps and was successful in solving my issue- getting my problem solved- to allow for the ability to convert the DVD tracks QUICKLY!!!! Thank you so much for restoring my faith in this product and your tech service get kudos!!! thanks so much!!!!

by Valerie McKee|2017-09-04 02:36:31

Well done!

Congrats on an excellent app and what is proving to be an invaluable tool for this video producer. More features than I expected, fast, sure-footed converstions for every conceivable type of file I‘‘ve thrown at it. Well done!

by Michael|2017-08-30 23:01:38

I LOVE THE NEW APP! Please add chapter markers for merging video files

I LOVE THE NEW APP! You have done such a great job. Looks, feels and works so well. It's so fast as well. Thank you! I did request a feature about a year or two ago to add a button that would CREATE chapter markers when merging MP4 or M4V video files. Use each video's file name(minus the file extension) as the Chapter Name. I was hoping to see this feature in this new overhaul/update as there were quite a few users that thought this was a good idea. Lots of positive comments on my last request for this feature. There are NO OTHER apps that do this and I think it would be a selling point for you. Either way, thanks so much for a great app.

by Jeff|2017-08-30 18:58:04

The best video converter I have used

This is the best video converter I have ever used, it's so easy to use.many thanks. My product version is

by Keith Hawley|2017-08-28 01:38:32

Great update

Great update to a great program! The product version is

by Gerald Hart|2017-08-22 18:23:01

wonderful software

it's a wonderful software to me. thanks for having it. i keep praying to the wondershare for long live

by Muhajan P. Hadjula|2017-08-18 00:59:57

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (Mac) ( Feedback

I have been very happy with the program. All the above possibilities make me fascinated!

by Ralf Würtele|2017-08-17 23:47:01

love the updates

This Lifetime Is For My Second Laptop i've been a satisfided coustomer for a long time . love the updates you have made. Thank You, Noe Silguero.

by Noe Silguero|2017-08-16 19:03:04

Extremely easy to use for the Windows version 10.0.7

You people are doing a great job, for a while, I wasn't sure but I'm glad I kept my fingers crossed. All I can say is "Keep it up". Great program and extremely easy to use for the Windows version 10.0.7.

by Gary r warmoth|2017-08-15 23:39:08


It is very excellent software for converting media formats to each other and it is very so much easy to work

by Adabi Mahyar|2016-11-02 15:09:21

good thing

I started putting my dvds tv & movies on a portable hard drive to play through my Roku and i got this video converter here and it's great, lets me resize the screen, removing the black bars, in which i hate. and more .............Now i can turn my portable hard drive into my own DVR...

by leigh|2016-10-30 22:25:42


I purchased this because I needed to process a video that was filmed in multiple segments from a helicopter tour of Maui. I needed something relatively inexpensive and easy to use. At first I was skeptical, but the transitions are seamless!!!

by Sean Shugar|2016-10-30 19:18:59

Best Buy EVER

It's the best software you can buy to save your DVDs on computer. It has too many options and so fast. Is it anything it can't do?!

by Angelos|2016-10-30 10:50:28


Convierte los archivos bastante rapido, coverti un album completo a mp3 en menos de un minuto :)

by oiana|2016-10-21 05:15:55

Dell Inspirion 1500

This is one good converter. I've truly enjoyed its quality and being able to control all my media. I especially like the variety in the aspect ratio to where I can change the view of the video. I won't need another video converter with this one.

by Bueman Jones|2016-10-14 08:36:28

Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Love it. Could use a few new improvements and additions, but is great.

by Johnny|2016-10-08 21:07:06

Top Stuff

Very easy to use, lots of features included and not over priced.

by Steve|2016-10-03 16:17:07

The best tested by me

Words are useless. It's the best I know. As simple as that. Easy to use, excellent image quality. Two features should be added: (1) soft coded subtitles, (2) some sharpening function.

by Florin Coter|2016-10-02 04:59:05


The best quality video, easy to use. I tested 10 leading converters before is decided to buy this one. 10/10 so far. converted videos play very well on ipad and android via a media server. Top product and reasonably priced.

by DG|2016-10-01 19:04:46


very very helpful

by hanie|2016-09-29 03:29:21

BLAZING FAST video conversion

I never use quicktime player to convert video formats anymore. Video Converter Ultimate is faster than REAL-TIME ! Way faster. Wish I had this years ago. Indispensable !

by Alex Johnson|2016-09-28 19:57:07

Easy and Fast!

Everything is easy about Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Download was simple and installation fast and smooth. Converting video files was faster than I expected and the new file very easy to find. I love this fast and easy software.

by Ken|2016-09-28 12:04:19


I use this product and Iam very satisfied

by Victor Carlos Kutika|2016-09-27 22:30:12


i made this

by stanley|2016-09-25 17:07:13

ottimo davvero. meglio di così non si poteva fare

davvero un grande programma, complimenti!!s

by samuele|2016-09-21 14:50:24

Suggestion for added function

Hi there, Using it for 2 years now and it does make the job just fine. If you are hesitating, well, stop. And just go for it. It is good value for money. This being said I would like to suggest a definitive improvement. Allowing the coding of soft sub-tittles. Right now Wondershare Converter Ultimate does allow only hard coded subs, which is a pity as some freewares are proposing this option. Kindest to all DocDChn

by DocDChn|2016-09-13 03:59:56

best converter

i have been a DVDFab user for years. All of a sudden, the product does not work. I tried to install on a newer system and different issues come up. I did 1 quick search and found the review from PC World on the Video Converter product. All I have to say is WOW. Easy to use, fast processing, and everything works as advertised. What else can you say I am done with DVD Flop. I have 5 licenses of Video Converter Ultimate as I am loading it on all of my systems so that I am not restricted on which one i can convert DVDs. Again, this is the real product to own.

by mbell|2016-09-11 06:36:31

Great product but...

It's great, but there needs to be a "Pause" checkbox option for each download, so that downloads can stack in a queue. Once a download has finished it should automatically start downloading the next file sequentially. This should be an option - sequential downloads, rather than the default which is simultaneous.

by Jona|2016-09-04 07:53:49

Video converter ultimate

Great for video conversion and screen cast. It is very fast and has good options for combining many videos to one.

by Sam|2016-09-02 01:03:21

Amazing Experience

it is a great software to make your video, it helps me a lot to make documentry, it is so easy to use, friendly is usage.

by Lakhan Pal|2016-08-29 13:51:45

The best

Excellent convert, is amazing! Was this review helpful?

by Peter|2016-08-26 06:56:06


i have used many time it works good

by zeba|2016-08-16 06:08:28


Having searched web sites to find DVD to DVD copy software for Windows 10, that wasn't written in 'Clingon' I found this. Struggled a bit to see how it worked but I think I have sorted the basics. I have managed to copy an old DVD taken from an old VHS tape, onto a new DVD disk. Well pleased. Thanks...

by Geoff|2016-08-13 07:04:42

read about it in a computer mag

I have found this converter the easiest one to use and the most powerful. Try the others and then buy this one you wont regret it.

by steve|2016-08-12 22:37:44

it is Amazing programe

really it is soooo good program and useful

by amr bakri|2016-08-11 04:23:05

it is Amazing programe

really it is very useful for me this program is amazing thanks all team for this.

by amr bakri|2016-08-11 04:18:52

I'm in love with wondershare converter

Wondershare is one of the best video converter I have ever had, appreciate for your amazing product.

by nassim moradian|2016-08-10 03:39:59

Very good program

I was looking for a video converter ultimate that can do a lot of things and this is the one!

by Igor|2016-07-26 21:39:51

Nice Apps

5 Stars

by Marte Samson Jr|2016-07-26 19:23:22

Excellent Converter

I have used several types of video converters. This one, without question, is the best one yet!

by EMTTammielee|2016-07-14 06:26:15

So Good Video

I like and i need program

by OD Victory|2016-06-27 22:34:42


You just saved my giant hairy butt! I spent hours trying to figure out how to convert a 16x9 format video to 4x3 in several video programs with no results beyond an ulcer and grayer hair. With VCU, once I spent about five minutes figuring out how to do it, BINGO! it was done, and the quality was exceptional. Bless this program, bless the company, bless the developers, and bless all their pets and children.

by MGBV|2016-06-21 07:50:38

Excellent converter.

Excellent converter . Thanks.

by Heather W.|2016-06-14 15:00:02

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

I am grateful hopeful my show will be amazing outstanding Ase'

by Chryst|2016-06-04 21:06:32

Brilliant - Always Using it!

I use this practically everyday for download videos and song and converted films when I go away. Its the best around and converts films that are 2 hours long in about 20 minutes! This would be made so much better if it was able to convert blu-ray disks, this would be the icing on the cake. A must have!

by Liam Hughes|2016-06-01 01:40:02

Tried the rest now got the best!

Very rarely do you come across a product that does what is says, this one does deliver 100%. No stability issues. Clean simple user interface. Easy to use. Conversion rates and finished video quality as good as it gets. Worthy of its price point. I do not usually write reviews, but this product is worthy of my time,I challenge you to find better.

by James|2016-05-27 03:20:13

great product

amazing to convert and record videos

by jessica|2016-05-24 15:28:03



by ABUBAKER|2016-05-21 02:18:04


you shar

by ngwe win tun|2016-05-20 23:21:31


goood! nice w3ork

by viitoria|2016-05-19 20:19:28

So far I like what I see....

After trying several inexpensive software packages to convert a Youtube video to a DVD format I can play in a DVD play.... (none of which worked), I somehow came across Video Converter Ultimate in one of my web searches. I then searched for reviews of the software and came across a Youtube video review and liked what I saw. I immediately purchased and downloaded Video Converter Ultimate based on that review. It was simple to download and convert to MPEG2 so I can play the video in a DVD Player. (By the way.... all the other software packages I tried didn't even have MPEG2 as an option!) Interface is fairly intuitive. I now have the video on DVD. I have not yet played it but based on what I've seen so far, I suspect it will play. Will update my review after I've viewed the video. At this point in time.... This software gets 5 stars from me!

by dmw18045|2016-05-18 20:19:28

best of the best

very interesting software good work guys!

by roman|2016-05-17 09:39:23

Love the software

this software is very good fast and do his job very good

by swana|2016-05-09 01:51:02

Easiest way to convert

I tried so hard to find a video converter and I have a friend specialized in video editions and he recommended me, now I'm here to recommend to everybody because it's easy and it's not expansive. It definitely worth it!

by Flávia|2016-05-08 20:44:35


one of the best converters out there, it convers 1080 full hd into youtube h264 without compromising quality the best program in the buisness

by brandon|2016-05-05 21:18:11

Thank You so much!

I was truly thankful to find this program. I had a very large movie file 70 GB that needed to be compressed. Wondershare did the job! Compressed my movie to 5.5 GB and did not compromise the quality of the movie. It does a million other things however the speed of downloading and converting is what I needed and it's hands down the best application! Love IT!

by Girlonamission|2016-05-04 07:53:04



by morteza sharifi|2016-05-01 10:03:18


What an amazing program. Converts my video''s perfectly. Not only my video''s. Also Audio is been converted perfect. The program must have 6 stars.

by M.J.C Moonemans|2016-04-27 07:30:49

the title itself says its wonderful!!!

i love this app and helps me with my work and i can do it like a pro even though i''m not a professional and its really amazing and two thumbs up.

by archelle therese pabillore|2016-04-26 05:45:31

Wonderful software(review)

This software is very nice and easily to use, have many settings that we can''t find at another software, i like the effects in this software as it has many types.....

by Lee Yan|2016-04-20 07:25:17


i love Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

by hermann|2016-04-19 02:57:08

Fastest video convertor ever

i have a wifi mycloud hard drive which i store all video library (more than 500 movies and TV Series) so that i can watch them on the go on my iPad . But all of my movies were of a MKV format, so i needed a video convertor to convert them to MP4 format so i can watch them on my iPAD. i have tried many movie convertor but all took a lot of time to convert (8hrs+ each) which i did not have. And last week I stumbbled on Wondershare Video Convertor and give it a try. Wow i was amazed of the speed in witch it was converting my media. i wanted to purchase this product but my finacial status did not permit me for now phis wonderful product.

by Pascal Vassalotti|2016-04-16 07:34:21

100% Gold Standard Converter!!!!

It does exactly what it says it does. Best of all is the speed of converting videos. A great converter for all to use.

by Julian Pang|2016-03-31 21:57:38

Good editing software

This worked phenomenally for my video project!

by Carl|2016-03-31 20:24:28

very good apps

congratulations.keep your hardwork !

by eppy|2016-03-29 09:09:15

Wondershare is Wonderful!

My work calls for accurate conversions on virtually all available platforms today. What an absolute pleasure to have a system that actually works without any frustration! Well done guys! I''ve been using it for years and I''ll be doing so until I kick the bucket! Three cheers!

by Piet Human, Johanneburg, South|2016-03-26 15:30:15

Very good Application

Application is very fast and simple. I propose to add identification duplicate video files

by Michael|2016-03-19 14:08:18

GREAT software application

I am still amazed of all the things you can do with this software. When I am prompted to install an upgrade I am always amazed what I thought was GREAT to be AWESOME! This is a must for all.

by Richard Duckworth|2016-03-17 16:15:48

It is 30X faster

I had a hard time believing it could be 30X faster. I thought that was sales bunk, but it is true! Just spend the money and buy it, you will save a lot of time.

by VW|2016-03-15 12:16:02

30X Faster Video Conversion

Haha, when we check "High speed conversion supported", video conversion take one minute. I knew how it did. It copy source video data and only convert source audio data. So quality video don''t change.

by Minh|2016-02-28 09:55:38

Very good editing software!

Definitely surpassed my expectations and is a great simple but useful video editing tool!

by Patrick Kelley|2016-02-25 21:52:03

Excellent product

I have been using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for about about 4 years with free upgrades. LOVIN'' IT!! I put 5 stars, saw it came out 3 so re did

by George F Weldin|2016-02-17 11:15:33

GREAT Product!

I love Wondershare Filmora and Video Converter Ultimate. Easy to use and Fun.

by Joel|2016-02-11 14:17:21

Good utility but freezes are frustrating

Nice product. I like the ability to choose between all movies or main movie when converting a DVD. However, I wanted to queue up several DVD''s to convert to MP4''s. When I do, the program freezes (I tried 5-10 times). Individually, they convert quickly and easily. 5 stars when this issue gets fixed.

by Brian|2016-02-05 07:16:52


Your product is fantastic

by asd|2016-02-04 04:20:04

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

wonderful i like this..

by chanette|2016-02-03 18:28:27

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

thist is ok

by Babak.Khosravinia|2016-01-21 18:43:12

love it

it is the best app

by qiara|2016-01-21 17:54:42

Wonderful !

I wanted to cast a ".ts" file video, but it seems that Chromecast doesn''t support this file. With Video Converter Ultimate, i can cast it without conversion. There is no other pc''s application who can do that. I tested to convert any file, it is awesome, too fast ! Thank you !

by MENG|2016-01-20 15:04:59


I so like it.

by Kanye|2016-01-12 00:05:40

This software does everything except wash the dishes!

Incredibly fast and without glitches -- this is the way software should work and this converter does. Multiple formatting options allow you to do just about anything with a video and done with quality. Thank you for putting out a quality piece of software, it is appreciated.

by Susan DeLuca|2016-01-07 17:26:29

Video Converter Ultimate

The main reason I bought this application is for downloading. It is user friendly and very very fast in downloading. I like it very much. Previously I used AVS for video conversion However after I had Wondershare VCU, I don''t want to use AVS for conversion due to speed. I bought for my kids too and they like it very much. Wondershare VCU is a very good and not to be missed.

by MYINT OO MAUNG|2016-01-04 08:55:29

Every device.........Except Roku

I can not figure these video conversion tools out. Video cenverters always have a quick select for conversion to Apple TV but never a quick select for Roku! Oh, by the way Wondershare, Roku is one of the most used streaming devices in the U.S. Apple TV is barely in the top 5 depending on which source you choose to quote. I did not even find a source that rates them in the top five according to the most used. I was just trying to give Apple TV the benefit of the doubt. I love Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and I still highly recommend the software if you have video that needs converting but I knocked two stars off because I consider this an extreme oversight. Oh, I know you can just select one of the formats that Roku supports but there are optimization settings within those formats that can improve the quality of the conversion. If you can have a quick select for the lesser used streaming devices, then you most assuredly should have a quick select button for the Roku device. That being said, the software is excellent for downloading streaming content on the internet.

by PT|2016-01-01 04:28:06

Wonderful program, and well worth your consideration.

I had a Windows-Xp, Media Center computer with a lot of old recorded TV shows, and when the motherboard died I had to buy a Windows-8 computer and then discovered that the new computer wouldn''t play them even though they were originally generated by a Microsoft Windows program. After a lot of searching I found Wondershare. It is absolutely, a wonderful program, and well worth your consideration.

by Kevin|2015-12-30 08:01:40


this program is very useful and amazing!

by louise|2015-12-29 16:59:38

Love this Product!

My husband recommended this software for a project I am doing and I wasn''t sure about purchasing it. I am glad I did. I''ve never used software like this and it was really easy to use.

by Christine|2015-12-29 12:13:05



by SPEEDO|2015-12-24 17:08:49

Video Converter

It''s different from what I''m use to but it''s simpler and easer to understand

by Holly Reneé|2015-12-22 13:26:17

how good it is

it good i like the aill the souned and tile it good for beginners and more then windows movie maker

by benjamin|2015-12-22 11:53:00

Best App for the Video converter

The best app to convert the video

by hari|2015-12-22 08:56:28

Worked like a charm!

I had to convert 4K video to 1080p HD and this application took care of that for me in a matter of minutes. The final converted video looked great in our finished production.

by hasan|2015-12-21 22:51:34

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Love to use this product, always fast, effective and user-friendly.

by Justus Httingh|2015-12-20 22:41:04

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review


by herbert|2015-12-10 21:41:18

Excellent But Not Perfect

Simply put: Wondershare is committed to producing the highest quality of products and more than fair in pricing. Yet, it lacks just one feature: to allow the ''output folder'' selection to include: original source folder! This way you can input multiple files from different directories for simultaneous conversions without making each group a separate procedure. This would minimize the time it takes to convert scores of files as I do daily.

by Kevin Foggie|2015-12-05 04:25:34

I like this editor but...SUGGESTIONS!

I love this editor and all the special features it has but....I think that it should be possible to add a little separate video in the corner just like some gamers do. It would also be wonderful to be able to favorite your favorite text styles. People should also be able to download more sounds.

by Meena|2015-12-03 20:53:19

Editing made Easy

My first video creating experience became really smooth as soon as I got my hands on ''wondershare'' video editor online.The cut and crop advantage really got me going since not only it was unnecessarily lengthy, but being my first video, it was also full of flawed takes and repetitions. I could erase the corners successfully off each screen and from the total footage , without getting frustrated once, just because of this amazing video editor. About the advanced functions, I am really satisfied about the effects! I''m really looking forward to write further updates on this as soon as I get to use it more in future !

by Monirupa Chakraborty|2015-11-26 13:34:08

Video conultimate

this thing is just so good!

by Denille Grace Floreta|2015-11-26 11:32:51

windows 10

Does wondershare work with windows 10

by willy|2015-11-25 21:13:02

video converter

Wondershare video converer is very fast but my ps3 console say DATA IS NOT SUPPORT. Missing AVI codec.

by Tomislav|2015-11-25 01:32:37

Fantastic application with minor flaws

Excellent application, I bought it some time ago for hardcoding subtitles into ripped movies so I could use on Apple TV. Does the job very well hardcodes the subtitles and gives you various options to edit the subtitles too. There are a few minor flaws however and I''m not sure if it can be fixed or if that''s just the way it is with hardcoded subtitles: The flaw is basiclaly if you hardcode the subtitles onto the movie the subtitles appear on the screen of the movie rather than the bottom black section( wide screen movies). When you soft sub, that is you name the file the same as your movie file the subtitles appear along the black segment so it doesn''t get in the way while watching the movie. But once you hardsub it using Ultimate Video Converter it becomes embedded on the movie. So I''m hoping this is something that can be fixed in the future but if not, then it''s still a very good program since it does the job. Second problem is the media streaming. When I tried to stream movies to my Apple TV the quality was lowered and there seemed to be stutters once every few seconds. If the streaming works properly then obviously that would be even better because that way I don''t have to go through the time to hardcode my subtitles into the movies. Thanks Wondershare, Gary

by Gary|2015-11-24 17:23:19


very good

by dante|2015-11-24 05:32:15

Worked Like a Charm

I had to convert 4K video to 1080p HD and this application took care of that for me in a matter of minutes. The final converted video looked great in our finished production.

by Randal|2015-11-18 22:21:01

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

have used this converter for years and absolutly love it

by jean anderson|2015-11-14 11:21:45

finally something that works!!!! I love it!!!!

After 2 days of frustration trying to convert the video''s that I paid and downloaded to my computer so they will fit onto a dvd, I tried so many programs, than I found this one, the trial version would cut off 1/3 of the video so I purchased it and it converts and burns to my dvd like magic! The quality is great and the whole video fits on the dvd! I am so happy I could kiss the creator of this program, God, how I hate computers when trying to find the right program to do what I want it to do. And this program does so much more. I am a photographer and have mastered programs to do slide video''s easily, but something like changing the format of a video to fit a dvd you would think it would be just as simple? NOPE, anyone looking for a good program to do this, look no further, I probably tried every free or trial one out there for you already, and this is the one you need, it is sssoooo easy to use as well, and it costs way less than so many other trial one''s I tried out, I mean, it''s a win, win situation. Often times for doing anything with pictures or movies you need more than one program, but not for what I need to do with this video, and I could not be happier, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I hope my review helps someone from going through all the frustration I went through, cause God know''s time is precious enough without having to spend 2 days trying to figure something out to do something so simple.

by crazy happy|2015-11-13 23:35:25


I just can say WOW - Best Of The Best

by Karim|2015-11-13 11:56:58

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review


by behrouz|2015-11-09 04:55:15

Good buy

One of the best program you can buy, one of a kind! Ive been using the download features all the time from many websites, thank you!

by Igniz|2015-11-08 15:27:31

Great Job

does a great job & is fast too

by George|2015-11-06 05:03:00

Worked great converting MOV files to MP4

I was unable to get MOV files to play on a slow laptop (1.3ghz processor). Quicktime had assorted problems and no other movie player was able to play them. They played fine on two faster desktops (3 ghz and 3.4 ghz processors). I downloaded Wondershare Ultimate and did some trial runs converting to MP4, AVI and WMV. I found the MP4''s worked perfectly on the laptop. The other two formats worked much better than the MOV files did on Quicktime - which either couldn''t start or froze the program on the laptop. My tests with the other formats was admittedly very limited and, while they worked on the faster machines fine, they did not work as well on the laptop''s slower processor. But, for me the goal was to get something to work on the slower laptop so I could show movies of a recent vacation to Alaska to friends and I was ecstatic to get something to work so well. I proceeded to buy the program and converted 46 files from MOV to MP4 and all worked better than when played on Quicktime! I did this in two shots; dropped 10 MOV files into the window and converted and then dropped another 35 files to convert. The program handled the load test very well, multasking 4 files at a time. The converted MP4 files were all perfect. The MOV files were 4.1 GB and when converted to the MP4 format they were 2.6 GB. All of that probably took about an hour or so.

by Len|2015-11-05 19:15:57


I did not try converter to 3D reason that i did not gave 5 star, but everything that I did download was excellent.

by Luiz Lopes Gomes|2015-11-05 09:55:56

Best HEVC 265 encoder on the market

If there ever was an all in one software this is it. Plus the level of Tech support is excellent. Dont be fooled, I was and I wound up throwing my money away until I found Wondershare.

by Alan|2015-10-31 12:36:50


I Stumbled across this video editor by accident while I was trying to find solutions for problems in Windows movie maker. I downloaded the free trial and instantly fell in love, the sound effects and pips were definitely my favourite. Although I had the watermark, it was faded and didn''t interfere with the video, of course it would be nice if there was no watermark though. Maybe only one small con would be that the face blur doesn''t stay on the whole time and there are times throughout the video where faces can be seen ( maybe it''s just my computer though). It was so easy to use and if I ever create a YouTube channel, this will definitely be my number editor! :)

by Daniella|2015-10-30 03:42:34


I had a last minute flaw that couldn''t be changed on another video editor''s software and I downloaded this and finished my whole video in the trial version in about 3 hours. Awesome Job with this software and I will be buying this! Thanks so much guys! #AWESOMMMEEE

by Kaleb|2015-10-21 15:08:50



by abdullah|2015-10-12 09:00:05


it is great the problem is that i am unable to register it

by richard|2015-10-09 07:26:43

Awesome software

This is an excellent software and helped me in many ways converting my old videos... I had no problems at all in the years I have used it.

by Gerry Romero|2015-09-22 18:25:39

Best app ever

I''ve just been using power director 14 for my lg 4K tv and I was trying to convert h.265 videos but the hardware acceleration is greyed out so for a film it takes 77 hours which I''m very disappointed about so I came across this it took half the time I definitely would recommend this best app ever no more using other daft programs

by Stephen|2015-09-20 23:16:21

Misleading marketing

I can tell that this would be a good app, but the free version only allowed me to convert 1/3 of the tracks. I wouldn''t be annoyed about this if it had been advertised on the website. However I am unwilling to buy a product without trying out it''s capabilities first.

by jbrown|2015-09-16 10:43:43

Wonders off Wondershare

This is by far the No. Uno!! then you talk about video converters. I have great pleasure working with Wondershare Videoconverter. I do a lot of converting to smaller size videos from Adobe After Effects as this is the easy workaround dealing with big size avi files to MP4 for the internet. Yes i am very well aware i could do this in AAE, but i want to keep high quality avi''s for testing purposes. Therefore Wondershare Videoconverter is one of the great tools i use and so easy to use. I love this tool and the price is low considering that you get :-)

by John Grandt|2015-09-11 08:51:47

Video Converter Ultimate

Fantastic program this is the best application in my toolbox! ....would love to see you add background recording feature & then the program will be perfect :)

by Al|2015-09-07 20:43:19

Brilliant app

this app was extremely helpful in compiling all my videos, adding special effects and even personalising my video Thank you so much!!!

by Aarthi|2015-09-05 02:32:49


Im very happy to have your company to be my Film maker, very excellent editing viwiewing,high definition good quality picture, also very helpful,and fast reply,excellent provider.

by Faafe|2015-08-31 01:15:53

Great Suff

I can get a lot done for my clients really quick. We love it!

by Beat Designers|2015-08-28 08:45:45


I love this software!

by Z|2015-08-26 08:25:19

Excellent product

Excellent product, easy to use.

by Sadroo Lalani|2015-08-24 22:26:39

Really easy!

I never review but have just converted three vob video files to mp4 format and it was really quick and really easy - very happy with this product!

by Kris from NSW Australia|2015-08-24 02:23:55

Simply The Best (and I think I may have tried them all.)

Where do I start start? Great interface. Fast conversion Straight forward Installation Works right out of the box Or tweak it as much as you like The registration process is friendly and easy and never hassles me if (and when) I make changes to my computer.

by Geoff Taylor|2015-08-24 01:47:12



by jerelle|2015-08-21 00:57:46


so good

by vj|2015-08-21 00:49:12

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Perfect...............just what I wanted. Works easily and anyone can operate (successfully) this program.

by Doug Lundberg|2015-08-19 13:33:01

the best

it''s really very good

by dylan|2015-08-14 03:22:55


I have been trying to convert my documents into the formats I can read, translate, edit and pass to my Supervisor. Yet I can not figure out what to use, how I can, so I tried Wondershare Total converter and got the result. Wondershare is an excellent software and it is a problem solver.

by Danjuma Alayin apaji|2015-08-11 03:34:42

really great

very very useful worth the cost

by adamya|2015-08-04 19:15:31

wonderfull product

Ihave to make video for my son"s first birthday. now it makes me easy to make video.

by parshotam Hira|2015-08-03 03:15:35

Best Videos

I made a DVD for my son''s high school graduation and this program made it very simple to convert my iMovie to a DVD. Very helpful!!

by Ryan|2015-07-31 14:11:34


its actually good and easy to use it. And it also had many choices to users to choose base on users mind.. So it actually is a good apps for me

by JIN|2015-07-28 23:25:07


it is very easy to edit videos, montage them and etc!! And very helpful too!!

by eyad mohamed|2015-07-27 23:27:32

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

it''s good

by abhishek|2015-07-26 23:01:32


Realy gréât .... And you can connect with Apple TV and show all you re vidéos or films... In two clic ....! Great !!!

by Cuvelier|2015-07-25 01:07:20

Fastest Video Converter

This Software was really simple, fast, efficient and reliable. It converts videos 50x more faster than compare to any software. I really loved to use this application.

by Hamza Ehtesham Farooq|2015-07-23 03:40:15


I would add a 6th star if I could. This program helped me accomplish exactly what I wanted, which was to convert some old home movies of when the kids were small, as well as some vacation videos, for viewing through my apple tv devices throughout my house. It did the job perfectly!! What an excellent product, I recommend it to everyone I know!!

by Grant E|2015-07-22 12:15:39

Superb Video Converter

After trying over a dozen video converters over the years, this one is a gem. It really actually works and has a very intuitive interface. There are a couple of minor glitches such as the app sometimes* freezes when its converting a video, but patience pays off. The Youtube download functionality is awesome. * I mean 1 out of 10 conversion of a 1.5 hour movie.

by John|2015-07-21 07:19:40


wow it cool

by odbat|2015-07-17 22:26:03

So easy to use

Terrific product for anyone from beginner to advanced,so,so happy with how straight forward it is to use.Thanks

by Mr G|2015-07-08 23:17:52

Best of the Best

Totally flexible and easy to use. The whole family of Wondershare software are top notch apps. I have both the Converter and Editor. Both are great! Can convert any format to any other format in any size and shape you want.

by Tommy L|2015-07-08 18:25:36

Easiest Video tool ever....

I''ve been using Wondershare Ultimate for a couple of years now and to me there is no comparison for easy of use and maximum functionality. It works great with DVD''s and especially it ability to download videos from the net.

by Phill|2015-07-05 16:50:42

Awasome App

I really loved this thing! It is so amazing to use, I''d to thanks wondershare for that1

by Carlos|2015-07-02 14:23:35

Wondershare video converter ultimate


by Checo|2015-06-29 20:54:02

Amazing App

I needed to make a video compilation for my friend for her birthday.Wondershare made it way too easy when i was struggling with lack of time.

by Subhashree.S|2015-06-28 22:06:58

this app

this is very nice app for pc

by ali|2015-06-26 18:54:32

Fast and Easy

I tried the trial version amongst many others out there and this was the fastest and most user friendly esp for a non techie person. I really like this program and the design.

by Helena|2015-06-24 15:38:04



by JC Gueco|2015-06-22 22:26:24

Alternate to Sony Vegas Pro

This is probably the best alternative I found for Sony Vegas Pro.

by JC Gueco|2015-06-22 22:23:22


its really awesome...with HEVC format conversion also being there and with all mobiles of leading brands being there...i am truly keep up the good work...& video editing features are great too...

by Karan Kapur|2015-06-21 01:27:33

its good

will I do like it

by dean foss|2015-06-16 08:29:32

Wondershare Video Editor

This works great and it easy to use. I would recommend this product to friends.

by Kathy Meade|2015-06-15 10:21:11

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Thank You

by amir|2015-06-13 00:28:32

Video Converter Ultimate


by mean mao|2015-06-09 12:46:17

Best friendly and easier editor ever!!!

It is an excellent video editor. It is easy to use and have a bunch of features others video editors qualified as easier do not have such as audio editor and audio detach/enhance. It allows a lot of formats so I did not need to use a converter!

by Natalia|2015-06-05 21:19:20

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Very good

by Robert Lalramhluna|2015-05-28 23:45:39

great for MKV to MP4

Had trouble finding programs to convert my big 3-4 GB MKV basketball games files as I would have to cut clips from the big file down to the second. Other programs would either lose a bunch of quality or the time cuts were way off ''cause of the big file frustrating me. This fixes both of those for me.

by Sam Recollet|2015-05-28 17:50:57


it is amazing

by gvijay|2015-05-27 23:06:22


I have a school project that need video editor to finish it. And this app really easy to use for beginner like me. Thank you so much, I think this app is the best

by Muhammad Al Sofri|2015-05-23 04:37:15

Excellent application ever.

I''m using this app since last three years.It is one of my favorite windows app. wondershare gives regular updates. Thanks.

by Hari Modi|2015-05-22 23:44:14

Nothing better!

I have tried out a number of similar applications and though they all seem to do the task they are intended for each had its own setbacks. Some were complicated to configure, others were slow in processing while a few had very unintuitive GUIs making them difficult to use and appreciate. I came across a very review of Video Converters and saw that VCU had very enthusiastic comments so I decided to give it a try. In all honesty, I downloaded a cracked version in order to get the full premium experience before buying (having purchased a number of "lemons" in the past, I sometimes do that with "limited" trial versions which I then purchase or uninstall accordingly) . It took me two days and 5-6 conversions to become a proud and registered user of this application. I sincerely think that you need nothing more!

by Costas G.|2015-05-18 13:25:57

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

umm,,i wanna tryit

by flaca|2015-05-13 14:23:13


Your product is fantastic

by John Lee|2015-05-12 00:46:06

The best software for converting video

I bought this so I convert my Home and Away videos to MP4 and save them to the Seagate 500GB Wireless Mobile Storage (Red) then play them on my iPad/iPhone.

by Matthew Trompf|2015-05-08 01:17:55

Video Converter Ultimate

This is a powerfull program to get all your video''s in a few steps converted. It is easy to use and there are also integrated tools to fix brightness, contrast or the color of the video, to trim or bring special effect to your film. In a few clicks you are ready to convert any video-file into your own favorite video-extenstion. It is absolutely a must for all movie-lovers, or any movie you like to create.

by EJEBeulen|2015-05-03 03:47:49

Pretty Good

No virus, Free, works! Only thing: there is a watermark if you get it free. However, writing a review and following a few steps will help remove it.

by HZ|2015-05-02 01:20:14



by JAVIER|2015-04-30 18:37:11

This will take some beating

I was not sure when thinking of purchasing this program after buying several other so called converters and finding them to be not that good, but I went ahead and bought it. Well I am really amazed as to what this program can do apart from convert, it is the best I have ever had by far. Converting to any thing you can think of, DVD Ripping, utube downloading, Sreaming via wifi to TV. Video recording This is the Beez Kneez of coverters

by Norman Trowell|2015-04-29 08:01:01

video converter helpfu;

this video converter is easy to use and very helpful for my personal videos thank you

by mellisa hernaez|2015-04-29 05:11:14

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

This software works very well. If compared with other converter''s then Wondershare Ultimate has much speed of converting. Output quality is 99% same as original. I liked to work with this software.

by Aden|2015-04-23 10:48:53


This product is great, it is amazingly east to use and using easy mode can come out with some really interesting videos.

by Andy Martinez|2015-04-22 23:59:03


do the dew what

by joeyzkie25|2015-04-21 16:53:10

Liked it,

I had just by using this Software and i found it preety cool, It is user friendly and i m very happpy with this software as it is user friendly,

by Pehnavafashionmart|2015-04-21 02:48:29

User friendly

This is Awesome. i like it, it is user friendly had no problem

by Ankit Goyal|2015-04-21 02:44:30


Its wonderful, I could copy alot of video''s I''ve been looking for so instead of spending money to buy them I could copy them and there really good quality transfer.

by Robert King|2015-04-20 10:46:30


I found this to be an excellent product. It has amazing features that I keep discovering. It converts video types very easily, it allows editing, it is simple to use and even has a media server for broadcasting to other devices that are available on your wi-fi. A very well written product.

by PB|2015-04-19 09:21:54


I have been looking for a streaming device to watch my movies on my computer and never found one until now. The quality is excellent. The speed is great and I see no lag. The only thing that I would like to see is to have Wondershare send the menu to the TV so I can pick what I want to watch from my living room instead of from my computer. That would be a great advantage and very cool

by Frank Di Michele|2015-04-19 09:12:35

Going GooD . But doesn''t seem compatible with Facebook videos for downloading

Am happy for my decision to purchase this software and satisfied with it .. Looking forward for upgrading it. For the time am facing issues as it refuses to download videos from Facebook most of the times.... And I then have to download it manually via "Video Recorder" option in this software. Which is very much annoying, as it hardly detects the video to be recorded. Though its a very nice function. But I feel helpless when I can frame manually the video to be recorded when it fails to detect itself ... Please do something for it .... I love your products..

by Haroon|2015-04-18 01:31:33

Excelent video editor

This is the better video editor. It''s so simple to use. I love it!

by Matias|2015-04-14 17:39:39

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

I have purchased Converter Ultimate and just need you know that it is a most wonderful program. I love using it and find it intuitive and reliable. The transfer via wifi feature is brilliant!!!!!!!! There is so much more that it can do, I know, and I''ve not even begun to use it to its fullest.

by brian crichton|2015-04-12 21:29:55

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review


by ayman|2015-04-08 10:42:02

The best converter for daily users

It has everything necessary for a daily user. Trimming,rotating,merging,crop,change aspect ratio (Possible manuelly-Pan&Scan function),basic enough effects. Also,burning (Even to iso file).Download videos as an extra.Even by converting to desired formats..It doesn''t only do this works,but also does perfectly.Functions are really working good.İt doesn''t only convert,but cares videos health and quality.Thank you.

by ibomi|2015-04-06 07:28:48


I honestly don''t know where to start. This software is remarkably addaptable. I am awed at all it can accomplish. To call it a ''Video Converter'' is to place limitations on it''s performance. It does not just ''convert'', it downloads, edits on large or micro scale, enhances quality, remixes; in short: ANY video you are working with can be improved in SOME way by this remarkable software. I have been a successful artist for decades, and I would never want to be without this versitile tool. Thank you for your time and attention.

by Richard Anderson|2015-04-04 13:37:49

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review


by YO GAMIIAY|2015-03-28 17:04:17

I recomend this program to any one needing to transfer video.

It did every thing I needed and more, vary happy with it. I do a lot of transfers from sd cards though laptop and back to different sd card, works great. . use to be a bit of a problem before but now. down loads are good quietly video.

by Earl Coleman|2015-03-27 04:02:33

Need More Template

Can You update the Template available for use when burning a dvd and can you make it where you can move the title to anywhere you want it.

by Quincy|2015-03-25 16:32:06

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review


by smiley|2015-03-25 09:59:23


product does exsacly what it said it does. 30x faster downloading. reconmoeneded

by Paul Conte|2015-03-22 14:28:21

Video converter ultimate

Great product and very pleased with the quality and ease of conversion process. I recommend this product for others as outstanding!

by shantikolla|2015-03-16 13:17:40

All in One Media Player/Server/Converter/Burner and Streamer

Just bought this yesterday while looking to redownload handbrake, and it caught my eye because it also had a server slash burner. Ive been looking for a replacement media server for years, the others are either too slow, to limited or too complicated for my wife and kids. This sucker hums is simple to use and you can even download/convert videos from most tube sites at close to the same price tube downloaders alone.. I can stream and convert to my Apple TV and stream to the kids Roku, smart TV and many Ipad and iphone apps.Havent had it a day and im loving it

by Scott Abbott|2015-03-07 21:06:26

Tested Free Download....Impressed

I am a Semi Pro Photographer and do a lot of videos presentations, and have to share on multiple devices such as tablets, computers, cell phones. I receive a lot of video files in different formats and need to convert them all to a few formats needed for my professional software to insert into. The first thing I noticed was the increased speed of the conversion compared to 2 other products I use. . Second Item I noticed was no degradation in the quality of the audio or video on the converted files. I have tested on my iphone, ipad, laptop, computer and the files run great. I am very impressed and will purchase the software.... Highly recommended...

by Bryce H. Nolting|2015-02-23 17:03:30

Simple and Perfect

This software looked sketch when I first bought it, but I took the plunge and it works amazingly well and is quick and simple to use. I have already used it ton and have been extremely happy with it...good stuff.

by Scott|2015-02-19 16:44:16

Makes my JVC camcorder useful again...

The proprietory software that came with my camcorder became useless after Windows Vista went out the window. I have kept the old videos in the camera''s hard drive for lack of a place to put them for functional editing. Now, with Wondershare''s easy to use converter, I can now change my old videos'' .tod format to a more useful format to edit and save. I can now free up the storage space on the camera and start using it again. After a week of using this converter, I have already converted approximately 25 video clips. I really like this software.

by Tom Daley|2015-02-06 16:37:56


Running Windows 8.1 64-bit system. Set up to run in Windows Compatibility Mode: Windows 8. Flawless intuitive software.

by Jay Stiffler|2015-01-31 14:56:28

Great Product

Works great most of the times and when it does not the customer service is prompt and friendly

by Mohamud|2015-01-30 18:33:55

Additional features i hope!!!!

Yes i was almost perfect and i hope for next version, 1.You make a desired file sized for less configuration. 2.Web optimizer for less space without losing much quality, 3.Direct YouTube upload, built in browser YouTube Or other free movie site. 4.Video to Gif.

by Dr. Grimm|2015-01-27 15:19:09

Simlple application with great out come.

A awesome application to work with digital videos. It really maintains the graphic resolution and audio sounds. Cool app.

by Tonny Daniel|2015-01-26 06:52:25

Superb software

I''ve used the trial version and this is the best product to convert or download from the website to your PC or your Androids. It has various different settings to format the size, resolution to suit the hardware you are using. Thumbs up for this one!

by Zul Othman|2015-01-23 16:50:02

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

I work 24 hours with Bluray This software is my most important and effective conversion. I really don''t know what to say ,but it''s very powerful. Thank you so much to make such a professional program.

by michael|2015-01-22 19:44:48



by ROBERTO PABON ( RUFFINIMAGIC )|2015-01-21 20:27:49

Love it Love IT

Did I say I love it. OK I just works and that''s all you can really expect from anything you buy. I rip my DVD''s (for my own personal viewing) and have improved for viewing formats on others. I also have the Video Editor and media player. the Media player is filled with options but i find it to be very buggy. This company deserves to be successful 5 stars on both products. The player needs work though :)

by Scott|2015-01-21 19:11:01

5 star

very... very good....

by debie|2015-01-08 05:18:44

Great Converter

I tried for hours to put a home video on dvd and was unsuccessful with all the microsoft built in programs. I downloaded a couple free programs and couldn''t get my home video to play in a dvd player. After downloading this software I got my dvd burnt and playing within 20 minutes. The only issue I''ve seen is that it doesn''t do subtitles, and depending on the home movie I couldn''t get it to burn in 16:9. Small issues since it actually burnt. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

by Dustin|2015-01-07 19:27:29

Just Great

It dos what it claims, it does it well, it does it fast, it just does it!!!!

by Dave Wilber|2015-01-07 17:05:11

Great product and it keeps getting better.

I''m thoroughly enjoying the new and easy-to-use local media streaming capabilities!

by Oh Shizzle|2014-12-26 12:47:28

The best of its kind.

I find this program is the best I''ve come across for all my video conversions. Sometimes you''ll find you need to use a specific program for a particular job, but this one does just about anything, consistently. It''s amazing that it is actually free, and is well worth a donation..

by Beauregard d''Ripley.|2014-12-18 04:54:29

Blazing software results!

I''ve had the chance to try the trial version now I have the ultimate video converter full edition. it works so blazingly well it is so stable, can work on 5 files at a time, the actual quality of each video that I can put on my phone now is 6 times that of my original files that I used to play on my phone and the compression of each files while keeping the same quality is amazing!!!. H.265!!!

by Graham G|2014-12-08 09:41:17

Best video converter on the market by far

this is an incredible converter. I used it once as a demo, then bought it. There hasn''t been many videos it didn''t want to convert, and so god damn quick. The only suggestion (hope for future updates) is to make the editing page full screen. It seems a little lazy to just have that small screen, when I''m sure it wouldn''t take much to make it adjustable, making this far and away the best vid converter available.

by Frank|2014-12-08 05:01:11

A great piece of software!

In almost every respect Video Converter Ultimate is an outstanding piece of software which is uncomplicated and doesn''t need a handbook to get great results very quickly. The only additional functionality that would make a great difference applies to the following scenario. A DVD box set contains more that one DVD. On each DVD there are, say, 10 episodes. Some DVDs store all of the episodes as one long file, with 10 index points. Currently with some discs "Ultimate" cannot *automatically* chop up the long file into 10 individual episodes corresponding to 10 individual files that could be accessed separately. I have to revert to CloneDVDmobile which can do this automatically. I''m sure that Wondershare will get this feature into "Ultimate" soon.

by Greggus|2014-11-27 14:05:30

Excellent BUT

A great program in every respect. I have only two complaints. !. The program took seconds to load from its own installed shortcut? When I create my own shortcut The program loads instantly ?? 2, I would have liked choice in whether I installed the download helper and its associated windows services. I had to disable the feature myself. I would consider myself a bit of a geek, so these complaints probably dont apply to most people. Overall Video Converter is probably the best of its kind because of the balance between simple attractive user interface and yet plenty of options when you want them. Very close to being a 5 star program.

by Geoff Taylor|2014-11-22 13:51:17

Soooo Easy to use

I have used many programs over the years to covert video files and to download from sites such as YouTube,....where have you been all my life! I was able to use this program without any instructions at all, the simplicity of use yet the ability to do so much at such speed....excellent! Yes I''m am giving this a five star review, but the ultimate praise is that I am buying the upgrade version!

by MCM1701|2014-11-21 09:20:10


I purchased Wondershare Video Converter over a year ago and I have come to love it. I use it to edit and convert video and audio clips to the format I need. I also use it to combine clips, which is such a crucial need for me. I just now upgraded it after postponing forever and can''t wait to see what new/improved features it has. The only reason I''m not giving it a 5-star is because there''s one or two small features I''d like to see on it---maybe they are on it and I just haven''t discovered them yet. :) Definitely worth the money in my opinion.

by Sara Miles|2014-11-16 06:34:50

Beyond expectations

Who is Wondershare? I did not know but I took a chance on their product because I was impressed by their trial version of Video Converter Ultimate. I have been using this product for over 9 months with constant "WHOA!!" and WOW.... While other programs failed me this VCU proved its metal. Thanks guys. WHat''s next on the list of programs.??

by Mark L. Gordon|2014-11-15 11:27:14

No learning curve needed

It is sooo easy to understand. I did not have to figure out whether to use H2 something encoding, 192 bitrate etc. all the things I dont understand. Simply added 4 video files, clicked on [Output format] and selected MP4 HD. Done!! Thank you!!

by Douw|2014-10-23 23:58:27

Great Wondershare team and Software

Powerful software and user friendly with beautiful layout for both individual and professional. I Feel great happy for great cooperation of Wondershare Team. I just give 5 stars cause you can''t find a greater software for converting as this one. This product is very amazing and easy in use .

by Arshad Malik|2014-10-22 03:39:20

wonderful service

so far a great product very excited to continue using it to add to my video collection

by Jarod R|2014-09-30 08:04:37

Very good!

Extra conversion speed. My DVD Video on my Pocket PC instantly.

by Martin|2014-09-22 09:49:38

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

I Used this Video Converter and its Awesome among the others

by update|2014-09-15 13:48:03

Video Converter Ultimate

I use this program all the time.. I download from you tube.use the converter..the only thing that bugs me when making dvds there are not enough temp plates of different subjects to add to the start of you building your dvd or movie are what ever....but other than that you can''t beat it...great product..and customer service is johnny on spot...

by Cliff Price|2014-09-13 06:38:53

Awesome Video converter

I Used this Video Converter and its Awesome among the others

by Vincish K.V.|2014-09-05 03:05:12

wondershare video coverter

What a wonder , simple program , great for use older people ,

by richard robinson|2014-08-31 04:08:30

Great greater Wondershare

I use this gem and I love the UI and the speed of this blazing software... It has all you ever need to make the best out video converting... I just gave 5 stars cause you cant find a greater software for converting as this one!!! Cant wait to see Vs. 8 ;)

by The Blackchild_Cx|2014-08-29 12:25:44

On a higher Level

This has got to be one of the most feature rich softwares I have seen in some time. Wondershare has raised the bar with this one. Love it!!!

by John Ramos|2014-08-27 19:43:27

best video converter

this was awsome we can convert any type of videoaudio files easily......

by nikki|2014-08-26 21:06:12

Awesome Product

This product is amazing. I record my own gameplay videos from my XBOX and I love converting them. It is an awesome trial as well. Hopefully I can afford to get the full version soon.

by J.|2014-08-25 01:02:20


64 yrs. young with very little knowledge in making video''s .... used the Microsoft Movie Maker .... it was easy also ... ...But I have found this the easiest thing ever to do .... My grandkids love the video''s that I have made for them ...well worth the money

by Ronald Martin|2014-08-13 16:16:29


This is by far the most powerful and Innervated Software for all your DVD needs.. I am Glad to have Bought it, and will never try another...

by glyn|2014-08-13 02:18:16

the fastest video converter just got better with the inclusion of HEVC

you are the best, keep up the awesome work. and as Steve Jobs once said "eat plenty and don''t be foolish".

by wawawiwa|2014-08-12 11:28:06

became the lifesaver of my company

as a videography person. I always get camera phone videos. that need to be made to play on facebook or some special device. i get items that people want burned. and with the latest software out there. my at home based company was unable to give the customers what they needed. Then a year ago this item was introduced to me. it has been the best thing to add to my company. all employees have this on there computers. and laptops. we are able to function more as a team. and it gave me time to branch my business out as well. this product gives you so much more than you would expect for such a small price.

by danielle robinson|2014-08-07 03:03:12

Best in its Class

This product is absolutely the best in its class. With flawless conversion and wifi transfer this product really does stand out against all the rest.

by Hayden McArthur|2014-08-01 23:13:04

Converter & Downloader In One!

This is awesome software. Everything in one! Clean and simple to use. Nicely laid out. Easy to download youtube or iplayer videos. Wondershare knows how to create great software that works. Well done!!!

by Donovan|2014-07-31 01:01:44

Программа хорошея но очень много недостатков.

Делает слишком маленький битрейт. Можно сделать чтоб много языков перевода и субтитров можно былабы в фильме.

by Вадим|2014-07-29 21:09:47

Windows DVD Creator

Thought this was a good program to use, from my trial which yes took about 3 mins but in actual fact when I came to burn the same disk after purchasing took 40 to 50 mins. This wasn''t a big problem as such. My biggest fault with the program - be warned you can only upload one song. So if you have a 30 min dvd think seriously if you want one song on repeat for that length of time! I have only had program a few weeks and I''ve gone in to retrieve some projects and its telling me they are lost. Wondershare support team are investigating so I just hope there is a way of getting them back or many hours will have been wasted!

by Theresa Mechan|2014-07-29 13:28:45

Almost Perfect

Many times I just want to add metadata to an MP4 container already encoded as avc((H264)/aac without changing the format. I think it would be much faster doing a copy of the encoding instead of converting before saving. Anyway it is an exceptionally easy to use tool.

by Ernie D|2014-07-29 02:15:56

بسیار کاربردی و قوی

سلام بجاست که از شما تشکر کنم و آرزوی موفقیت بیشتر برای شما بخاطر تولید این نرم افزارداشته باشم ،بسیار نیرومند و ساده و کاربردی طراحی شده با احترام و تشکر از شما حسین

by حسینی|2014-07-28 08:27:33

Wondershare Performance

This is a great and in my opinion powerful converter tool. It''s very easy to use for beginners and not confusing like some of the other converters you see now days and the conversion times are very fast. All in all if you are look for a converter that is great too use but simple then this is the product for you.

by jaleesa dennis|2014-07-27 16:07:43

Excellent Converter

I have used this converter once so far to test it out before i bought it and absolutely loved it. It converted way faster than vlc ever would and is very simple to use. Great product.

by Joshua Clarke|2014-07-24 17:03:40

Brings my Photo Montage Videography to life

I was skeptical of the product when I purchased it. I mean seriously, this is my lively hood. this is my monetary way of life. The moment I did my first clients family function using this software. I was in love. and have never looked back. It allows me to take simple things like camera phone videos, and different little videos that people capture and place them together for a amazing video. also make things Facebook view able. I can''t imagine life with out this anymore.

by DixieWitch Robinson|2014-07-20 23:51:32

one of the best converter

one of the best converter i came across so far, it would be the most best if available for free ;) :D

by Ammar Dohadwala|2014-07-18 03:44:37

Este é o melhor conversor de vídeo

Quem experimenta o wondershare video converter ultimate, não vai querer outro, ele é simplesmente demais, super rápido e a imagem é maravilhosa. Se você ainda não conhece, eu recomendo, não deixe de experimentar.

by Ana Paula Farias|2014-07-15 09:00:04

é o melhor!

mas só deveria ser vinculado as extensões do google chrome

by Juliana dos santos|2014-07-09 20:03:25

best converter ever!!

I have converted many mp4 videos to WV files and I must say it has the smoothest video and greatest quality of any conversion software out there!!

by Tony Watkins|2014-06-25 00:14:38


best converter for PC by a mile!!

by Tony Watkins|2014-06-24 23:56:50


This is by far the greatest video conversion tool ever!!

by Tony Watkins|2014-06-24 23:42:17

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

The "ultimate" video converter. Easy to understand, manage, navigate and results are of utmost quality.

by G_Anne|2014-06-22 01:06:56

I like this software!

It's awesome! I now can watch any video I want on my iPhone!

by Chris M|2014-06-13 00:33:37

Very complet and good software

Excellent software, very powerfull. Fast conversion to all formats. I like it !!

by ISNARD|2014-06-11 13:48:14

amazing software

This is the BEST product I have ever tried,For my work i need a product i can rely on & works seamless & quick. this amazed me how ultimate this product is. And i have tried loads of different products in the past I have tried Nero, WinAVI, All video convertor and Roxieo NXT. Wondershare video convertor beats all of them hands down. This product works so FAST i couldnt believe it,.

by mark francis|2014-06-03 03:51:24

By Far the Best Video Converter Ever!

It's hard to find an Audio/Video Converter that fits your needs. In the past I've used Axara Video Converter and until now I thought it was the best. Too some it still is, if you like all the complicated settings. I need something fast and simple and I found it in Wondershare. Browsing the internet I found a free trial and converted 1 free movie from FV4 to MP4 with GPU accelerated Support and took less than 5 minutes where as Axara would take over an hour. Thanks Wondershare. How do you do that? Why do some take so long and yours is so fast? What I liked the most is it take one format and makes an exact replica in another format with out making any setting adjustments. I do want to mention that if you do make any adjustment to the quality it can take longer. Version 7 Video Converter Ultimate is the best! Thank You wondershare.

by Bryan Thayer|2014-05-29 21:39:38

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

i love it ;)

by didou|2014-05-28 10:04:31

Best ever converter!

Converts to everything formats, more faster...

by Gerdus|2014-05-28 07:50:23

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

This is the BEST product I have ever tried, I have tried Nero, WinAVI, All video convertor and Roxieo NXT. Wondershare video convertor beats all of them hands down. This product works so FAST and does what is says it will.

by Joe Rigsby|2014-05-26 19:35:49

Exelent video converter sw

This software makes it possible to make copies of your dvd's very easy.

by Flemming|2014-05-26 10:20:50


After hours of headache trying to make an .mp4 created on a PC work on a mac, this solved my problem by converting to a .mov file. Thank you!!

by Elaine|2014-05-12 22:22:31


This is a very good product!

by Dinh Luu|2014-05-06 08:45:45

One of the best converter

This is one of the best converter i have ever seen if not the best.

by Christopher|2014-05-04 15:35:03


Good sotare

by Antohin Akas|2014-05-04 03:54:55


Simly Wondershare Is The Best Of The Best

by Karim|2014-05-01 21:37:09

Atif hashmi

Very faster converting frndss it is best software

by Atif hashmi|2014-04-23 09:59:34

wonder full

Share for all

by vinhspy|2014-04-23 02:37:19

awesome & best quality software

i use many software of wondershare. all of these are working very well.i satisfied the service provide by wondershare.

by njsaini|2014-04-21 06:39:18

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Surpasses all the other Video Converters on the market

I have downloaded and tried other Video Converter software from 3 (Three) different companies and I can honestly say Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the Ultimate converter to use.

by Walter Magutin|2014-04-09 01:26:47

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is by far the best out there. I have recorded many clips over the years I have used it - with very few hitches. Those that arose were relatively insignificant and were addressed in a matter of hours by Wondershare's extremely efficient Technical Support team. If your aim is to capture video off the Internet - from YouTube, for example - Video Converter Ultimate will do it for you 95% of the time and convert the video you make into one of many popular formats, which you can go on to edit with a facility within the Converter itself or import your video (as an mp4, say) into a more comprehensive programme such as Sony Vegas or Avid to make a very professional-looking video with FX, colour correction, titling, etc. I have found it easy and intuitive software to use and at such a modest price I can thoroughly recommend it and doubt you will be disappointed.

by Peter Preston|2014-04-07 09:12:59

Excellent Software

I converted some movies to digital and they look great!

by Alex|2014-03-28 19:34:57

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review


by flissi|2014-03-26 08:09:04

Well-done, perfect media converter, but this can do some improvements!

Conveinent converter for buck conversions. (not only video but also audio.) This converter also solves great issues on file play-back in different platforms as several open-source devices don't sopport Windows Media files (e.g. *.asf, *.wmv, *.wma). But media file merging is still a great issue when making different converting tasks and it sometimes merges unsuccessful as some interferrences occurred.

by BF5 x ExpoFrontier|2014-03-25 19:22:41

Good Product Video

Best of the best product sir, may be everyone to interest this product

by Bheni Supriyanto|2014-03-24 00:31:38

Best app

I've been using this software for the past three years now and I have tried several others however non come into comparison to wondershare video converter and the add on down loader used with this software.

by Steven T.|2014-03-20 22:39:37

Muy buena aplicacion

LA verde que estuve viendo varios convertidores y este es el que mas me convencio de todo!!!

by Fernando|2014-03-15 17:33:11

Ultimately Wonderful!

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a conversion of Wonder!

by Hank|2014-03-15 00:28:30


The best ever for iPhone, iPad and AppleTV !

by Tom|2014-03-12 14:23:33



by PRAVINSIBH PARMAR|2014-03-05 10:02:08

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

very good

by joseph|2014-03-05 07:43:14

Simply the best

Have tried most and hands down Wondershare Video Converter is the best there is at converting video both well and fast.

by Geoff Taylor|2014-02-26 00:43:44

I like it

great software, thank you

by julie|2014-02-25 02:01:54

job well done but need to do more

I would like to express my feelings towards he use of the converter. it is with sincerity that i express this feelings and would not want anyone to take it personally. for the few days that I have used it on the trials, I have seen magic at work when it comes to conversion of files from one form to another. With downloaded files with IDM which are FLV in nature need to be changed to the form that can be played on a normal DVD player through a flash disk. The forms include .VOB and DvIx files which has been amazing considering the hassle of having to buy dvds from shops. for this it is definitely a THUMBS up for the converter. the second thumbs up goes to the ability at which it can download videos from YOUTUBE. not even IDM can do a better job like this software. its amazing. of course it has no limits it can download from any site without any problem. from Viooz, Megashare, Megaupload, Rapidshare and the likes with no difficulty. how cool is that. well, lets review the other side of the coin. i mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, there is a black spot in every white sheep. this software it is very sensitive to internet connection. once an interconnection has gone down, the downloads automatically stop, unlike IDM which can continue downloading until a connection is completely severed. at the same time I have noticed that while downloading files, one must make sure that the computer is always active. if by any chance it sleeps,,,,, and the screen goes blank, the downloads are affected and during playing, the screen goes dark at that same particular time. with the function of a player embedded in it. who will be in need of a VLC. i just download and watch with the same device. who would have thought of that. CONGTRATULATIONS

by ruth|2014-02-24 03:13:17

superb converter

this is really a superb converter to me ... l like it very much!!!!!!!!!!

by bornikson pathang|2014-02-24 00:29:21

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

I have been using the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate since its version 5.x. It is very fast and multi files can be converted at the same time. I recently downloaded the version 6.8. It is quite wonderful, the video trim function become more powerful than before and I like the self-input start time and end time very much. The time line which I can drag the video playing time become more smooth. The output file size is not very big but with a quite good video quality. To conclude, it is a simple but very powerful video converting software.

by Wansy|2014-02-23 20:12:14

Awesome Video Converter

The most simplest converter tool out there. Hands down. One click and drag and thats all it took. I recommend this to anyone who needs a hassle free converter.

by Danny G|2014-02-13 18:22:21

I like like Wondershare Video Converter.

I was able to use their Video converter on another computer. Very cool. I edit or a church and we purchased another computer which I do the editing and conversions for different TV stations. I was able to use it on the second computer without paying double. I'll Facebook this to all my friends and associates. I like Wondershare products. Thanks, Jim

by Jim Spears|2014-02-13 11:42:10

Awesome Program!!!

I swear everyone, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has got to be the best program on my computer! Without it, and Wondershare Player I'd be living a pretty boring life, so don't just set there reading this review, go download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, you can try it for free, YOU'LL BE AMAZED!!!

by Brad Judd|2014-02-07 04:44:38

Video Converter Ultimate

This software, downloads YouTube videos really good.

by Heather|2014-01-25 13:39:41

vid converter ultimate

I have tried other softwares and none can compare to the ease of converting and editing . I am a regular customer of wondershare products and will be for a long time. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR>>>>>>>>>>>

by Bluestar|2014-01-20 21:06:36

Excellent product have used it for years

I have used this product for probably 4-5 years now. I love this company. Well worth the money. I have used it to copy the movies I own to a format that I can put on my Ipad. That way I don't pay for the movies twice! Love it!

by MET|2013-12-26 13:45:57

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

It's a good software and easy for handling. I just tried with the trial version and it's very helpful and file even can convert into the format that I want within a short period.

by CC|2013-12-22 03:30:59

User Friendly

Powerful software and user friendly with beautiful layout for both novice and professional. It is uncluttered, but it has got all the tools to convert to any output format - Video, Audio, HD, Web, 3D.

by Edosa Eweka|2013-12-19 23:40:51

Video Converter

I Use Wondershare video converter and i realize that it is the best video converter i have ever used i thought that total video converter is the best video converter but i am wrong Wondershare is the best video converter

by Bilal Qureshi|2013-12-14 05:46:48

Best Video converter out there

Wondershare is by far the best and most affordable video converter out there. It takes out the hassle of converting video files and is easy to use. They also have a top notch tech support department. I emailed them an issue I had and it was after hours to reach a tech. I got a quick reply just a few hours later and had my issue resolved. This will be the best purchase you can make if you need a video converter.

by Joe B|2013-12-06 20:35:06

I am in love!

This has turned out to be a great product for our family. We have a little one running around the house now, so home videos are very important for me to catch it all. This software is so easy to use!

by Kat|2013-12-02 11:04:37

best app ever

want to let everyone know... i found the best app on the internet...WONDERSHARE video converter rips, it burns, it even makes french fries....well it doesn't make fries but that would be awesome. its simple once you get the hang of it...put in (any) dvd, upload files, tweak them the way you want them(crop, add effects, set what type of file you want it converted too, set video and audio preferences {make the file small and ok quality or BIG and AWESOME quality}and add subtitles) doesn't end there its not just dvd files you can convert...your personal home movies, downloaded files off the internet pretty much unlimited possibilities(if your not expecting french fries). there it is my two cents my rating for this app 6 stars if that's possible

by william|2013-12-01 13:15:47

Super Product

Before I found this product, I had to have two different products to do what this one program does. The price was reasonable and did it ever perform as advertised. Would recommend this product.

by J. Thompson|2013-11-29 17:33:18

M Lovin It

Its a gr8 software ... user friendly interface, easy and fast ... you can convert unlimited number of vdo files into your desired format in v. little time ... i love it :)

by Naziah|2013-11-26 06:36:57

GREAT PRODUCT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by JEAN ANDERSON|2013-11-24 08:17:59

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

is okey

by Bibi Love|2013-11-19 03:05:15


This product rocks!

by Tammy|2013-11-12 15:46:28

I was a skeptic, but....

I have 6 video conversion utilities on my pc, but they are all being un-installed, why? I installed and thoroughly tested Wondershare Ultimate for 2 weeks and it works as advertised, it's well worth the price. Pros - easy to use; has specific settings for converting a video to play on xbox 360, PS3, even Wii; absolutely will convert .mkv movies; did I say it was easy to use? Cons - have not found one yet. Really folks, this one works!

by Phil Dunlop|2013-11-02 13:26:04

The software I've been looking for, for years!

I have tried several free and paid video converters over the years. Some worked OK. Some worked very poorly. My most recent purchase (last year) was Any Video Converter. I tried in vain, even with the help of tech support to get that product to sync the audio with the video. It never worked correctly. It had several override settings which were supposed to make matters better. No matter what I tried, it didn't work correctly. I only recently found Wondershare Video Converter. This is the software I've been looking for, for years! it is incredibly fast when compared to other converters. The picture looks great, the motion is fluid. The sound is great and it is perfectly synced with the video. This product is so easy to use, too. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for producing a quality product that does what it says it will do!

by Jim Colwes|2013-10-30 23:03:15


this is everything I've been looking for

by Kingaliyou|2013-10-27 10:11:12

Holy Crap Amazing

How did I even make videos before I had this? If this uninstalled from my computer I would be completely clueless to the existence of some inferior method somewhere on my computer.

by Joe|2013-10-26 14:30:05

Great product

It is great soft. Only one problem. For inserted subtitles it is good if you can "move" the subtitles on vertical position.

by Nicolae|2013-10-26 10:15:49


Easy to use and fast conversion

by shubham|2013-10-24 09:39:10

Outstanding With AMD FX Series 8 Core Processor

I've been using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for over a year with excellent results with everything from converting imported VHS home movies to converting DVD collection. I recently built a new computer with an AMD FX 8350 processor, and discovered some amazing performance with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Marginal core utilization with Windows 7 is well documented and and I had typical results with my system until I use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate with more than one video being processed at a time. With an FX series processor, converting more than one video at a time increased core utilization up to 100% ! The results are absolutely amazing. Convert two videos of the same size and the core utilization increases with both videos being converted in the same amount of time it takes to convert a single video. Convert three videos and core utilization goes to 100% and all three vidoes are completed with less than a 5% increase in time over a single video! I recently converted a mix of 16 AVI and DVD format vidoes to .MP4. Source files range from 1.5 GB to 16 GB and outputs to .MP4 format ranged from 160 MB to 640 GB using the trim function. All 16 were completed in just over 12 minutes with 100% core utilization the entire time. I highly recomend Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate with AMD FX series porocessors

by Gary S|2013-10-23 05:11:30


what a god send , fantastic and fast ,. Does what i want it to wish this was out years ago .

by mary nortcliff|2013-10-18 17:23:03


easy and quick conversions and output to disc. Excellent

by Gary|2013-10-08 15:37:01


its amazing video converter.most usefull option in thise trim the video and re-trim the video.thanxxxx.

by konda|2013-09-26 03:18:57

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

I frequently use the software to convert music & video files between popular formats. It is wonerfully easy & fast. One point i want to mention is that there is sometimes a read error when it converts and this would be a less check on the read data. Anyway, it's good.

by SIN Ngai man|2013-09-16 01:28:17

good one

nice product

by sean|2013-09-14 15:39:04

I like it

So far i havent had any issue with the video converter ultimate. I love this software and its well worth the money.only issue I have would be in the dicont they give for buying software after a big purchase. i didnt have a use for the one program they offered and they wouldnt allow it to be transfered to least that is what one operarator told me. Still love the software

by Cody Miller|2013-09-14 14:45:18


I'm using it each time when I need to convert a video. Also working as a DVD burner. Worth the dollar! Thanks Wondershare!

by Adrian|2013-09-12 10:30:33


Wondershare has been a lifesaver for me in sharing video of classes I give with my students ... used to use flash drives ... now easily convert and burn dvd's. I love this product. Works like a charm every time ... great quality videos too.

by Ellen Turgasen|2013-08-30 22:21:31

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Its amazing!

by Hasnain Ali|2013-08-13 09:11:31

Went from Adobe Encoder to Wondershare, NOT going back

From Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, Wondershare is my one stop solution for all taks from youtube video downloads, to MP3 file conversions and now Video conversions. The UI is very understandable and well designed. I used to be an Adobe CS5 Encoder user, no more! Great job guys!

by Jimba Michael|2013-07-15 00:49:26

Easy to use. It works.

This is very good value for money. Combines the download, converts with total ease to various formats. I don't usually do reviews but this one is worth it.

by Mark|2013-07-03 08:17:08

A must have for all video editors

I have to say having tested and purchased so many converters since I have used Wondershare there is no going back. The interface is simple and easy to use and with the ever changing workflows this is a must have converter. Many of the different codecs for editing in both Avid and Final Cut can be found within this tool. Fast file transfer and lossless video from downloading off the net. I love it (:

by Emma Collins|2013-06-25 12:24:04

Great Converter

One-Click for easy idiot proof conversion to whatever media you'd like to use to play back. I've recommended this Software to many people who love it just as much as I do. Thanks guys!!

by Dan|2013-06-21 07:49:44


best software for downloading videos converting and adding subtitles. I am very glad to be one of its use also all the dvd features are very good. overall it is an ausmmmm product!!!!

by Pawantanay Tripathi|2013-06-20 03:40:02


wooow very very fast... convert processing.... the real amazing

by tantowi|2013-06-05 21:02:56

Good Software

Very Good Software Best for Converting Videos And Musics

by John Jefferson A. Ca|2013-05-22 23:47:31


Wondershare Player did a perfect job - it plays different kinds of videos I have.

by recard|2013-05-20 03:40:49

Best Converter Ever

THis products beats anything on the market by leaps and bounds, period. The staff is helpful if you have any questions. This is so good, I scrapped every other converter that I owned. GET IT. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!

by Rudy Pataky|2013-05-17 12:21:01


I have owned and kept tabs on the Wonderhare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac throughout several generations of its development to become a sleek, intuitive and automatic downloader, converter, editor, home DVD converter, DVD copier, DVD burner, and much, much more. The major changes in layout and conception to this product over the last years have brought it to absolute perfection!!!

by borisoff22|2013-04-25 20:13:37

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is great

Till now I have been using Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate and for example on 42 min classic mp4 video converted to xvid in 8 minutes, Xilisoft 11 minutes. I have only one problem, converter would download but not convert youtube videos.

by Allesandro|2013-04-15 10:00:31


fastest video converter I've tried.

by Yukean|2013-04-11 02:07:47


Only just purchased it but tried it out first. I must say after messing about with other programs to convert my downloaded videos, such as roxio easy cd creator. This absolutely blinds them not just the speed and quality settings but how easy it is to use . I don't normally leave feedback but this deserves one.

by Mick|2013-04-09 17:53:15

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

This Software is Awesome...Love It!!! Works Great! bought it about a month ago....tried other download/converters...This is the best by far.

by Frank|2013-04-04 10:41:34


good software

by DJman|2013-04-04 01:10:42


This may be the first time in my life reviewing a product, after hours....upon hours....upon HOURS of failed video conversions not coming out correctly, audio not working, or whatever issue, I decided to try this software left me speechless and almost with tears of joy. Converted my first file in 1/4 of the time DVDFab did it, except the end result actually worked across the board, unlike DVDfab or others I have tried. Just use this software, these guys actually know what they are doing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

by Rich|2013-04-03 21:08:53


I had about 800 videos that I converted to AVI and MP4 format to install on a 3tb hard drive. The whole process was greatly improved by Wondershare Viseo Converter Ultimate.

by Kenneth Kindorf|2013-04-01 04:51:39

this is the best video converter software in the world.

this is the best video converter software in the world.because the converter speed is very fast 315MB FLV change to MKV only less than 2 minutes and the video is very well.

by cheekian|2013-03-25 22:21:33

The best Converter ever

Honest to God i' ve been examined most of the converters but VVCU was the best of them in every context.

by Abolfazl|2013-03-25 12:48:21


great Software

by ibra|2013-03-18 07:56:08


Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the one that I searched for. I provides the ability to convert from one format to many others conveniently. Moreover, it includes video-cutting feature that usually requires another tool. I may say that with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate I would save a lot- for both financial aspect and computer-resource view. Perfect.

by Nguyen Hieu Nhan|2013-03-17 06:21:15

Amazing Speed / Amazing Quality

645 .wma music files to mp3 in 12 minutes flat? Oh my goodness. 128 kbps resolution. Who'd a thunk it?

by David Weigel|2013-03-16 11:11:21

Great Software

I have DVDFAB and am trying to convert my dvd's to MP4 to play through Plex on my Roku. Also needed to make the MP4 or .ISO files one file for each disk that have multiple episodes. Well DVDFab that I really like failed on both parts. So I tried Wondershare Vidoe Converter Ultimate WOW it works just like they say. The mp4 plays great and all episodes fit and play one after the other. That was critical as using Plex on the Roku, there is no DVD Menu. Setting up, selecting and creating the mp4 was abreeze. I did two test runs and both worked perfectly. I have been leary of buying until I can try a full version. The others will only let you burn or create 5 min, that is a joke. Loved it so much, Ibought it last night. THANK you Wondershare.

by Jim D|2013-03-13 13:05:41

supab extrodnary software

it was very helpful to encodes the one format to other of same size and same quality .there is no change when we compare to original file. try it

by vikas|2013-03-04 04:37:28

Outstanding tool!

I've been searching for a program to burn my home movies on to dvd for a bit and was having issues getting them to play. I saw this review on CNET and decided to give a shot. This one else did not disappoint. The speed to burn was lightning fast without issues. Batch support is a definite plus. Add to that the format conversion process was also super fast. I wish I found this program earlier. I could've saved a lot of time. Great job to the Dev's.

by Samuel Melendez|2013-02-26 08:51:01

Super easy

Extra software ! Easy, great "download" function ! works nice on chrome. Quality software.

by Jakub|2013-02-18 10:12:46


Just awesome :)

by Andrew|2013-02-10 22:21:45

So many great tools in one app!

Not only is the user interface super simple and easy to navigate (especially when backing up purchased videos and iso files)...but the most useful feature is the ability to download videos from any site. This application knows if there is a video on the site; in one click you can save the entire video to your computer.

by Russell K - from For|2013-02-04 18:09:14

Simply a Delight

It is pure delight when you run across a software that does exactly what it says it will do. And that has a beautifully simple, logical, sensible interface. This is such a software. Thank you, developers.

by Glen M. Danielsen|2013-01-29 14:08:47

Quick and Easy

Fast application and easy to use. Good stuff

by Mark|2013-01-20 22:31:47


Really well-designed software. Subtle interface contains a very rich feature set without being overwhelming. I love the ability to select a rectangle of final video while converting. I love the flexibility of the final video size. This software does everything I need, and it always works great. THANK YOU!!!

by Bruce|2013-01-20 12:20:37

video converter ultimate

I m Iranian I love wondershare video converter ultimate

by Mahdi|2013-01-18 10:31:37


great software! thanks

by Martin|2013-01-09 08:06:11


I have always been satisfied with Wondershare Video from my first purchase and never upgraded but after reviewing this upgrade I can't wait to get started.

by Mildred|2013-01-05 10:00:59

Thank god for wondershare

You Have saved me from iMovie's unhelpfulness stupid final cut pro's log and transfer, and microsoft's confusing interface crap that can't change formats. I dearly thank you.

by Will Ouren|2013-01-02 21:17:13

Video converter

Thank You!

by Uldis|2012-12-22 12:07:55


I just finished converting my first DVD...and all I can say is WOW. I have tried a couple different options including VLC & Handbrake along with other competitors of this and NONE of them worked as well as this. The audio and video quality are amazing at 720p and best of was VERY easy and no setup was required. I didnt need to know the appropriate audio or video settings. Just needed to start the applications, insert the DVD, pick the source (which was iPad2 in my case) and click Convert! Amazing

by George|2012-12-19 19:16:41

Great interface and features, output quality needs improvement

Been using Wondershare's video converting tools for 2 years. They all offer a really easy and feature rich interface, which makes the tasks a breeze. This is where their products are really superior. The quality of the encoding, however, leaves something to be desired. Even at high bit rates, I find my h264 encodes to be a bit blurry. If they could optimize the encoding and make it comparable to the quality of Handbrake, they would have hands down the best most desirable product on the market. I love the company and their support, but as it stands I find myself using a 2 step solution, ripping an uncompressed DVD with MakeMKV and then transcoding with Handbrake. I get MUCH better quality for backing up my DVD's, but alas it takes twice the work.

by Raphael|2012-12-14 14:11:20


what an amazing piece of software -- you should win awards! Nice update too -- even better now.

by rob|2012-12-12 16:13:42

Greatest Video companion

I have been using different software that has left my Computer encumbered with different hidden files and slowed it down until I discovered wondershare! Perfect for almost every codec and video on the planet! Wow!!

by Chapa Bupe|2012-12-04 12:44:48

Just Great

Well worth the money. Does everything I need, I love it! And best of all now I can watch all my movies on my iPad. Thank you!

by jason|2012-12-03 14:21:30

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

It is wonderful and extremely fast and with quality for size

by tatoox|2012-11-30 10:02:48

wondershare is really wonderful software

There is a big solution for video conversions ....... " Awesome software "

by Suresh Kumar|2012-11-28 11:38:17


This softwear is better than other

by Muhammad Yousuf|2012-11-24 06:23:37

I needed this so badly...

I use a lot of video while teaching, both online and live- which means that I need different file formats for different purposes: iMovie compatible for editing, flv for webinars, and quicktime (mov) for embedding in power point presentations. Add to that, I usually get my video clips from audience members, so they come in all different formats! Wondershare Video converter makes it possible for a non-technophile like me to look like a pro!

by NKarman|2012-11-22 19:58:17


Very intuitive, very fast, and version 3 is even more awesome.

by Paul Osborne|2012-11-21 09:21:59


For professional use!!!

by Hilton Costa|2012-11-20 07:30:16

Great Product

This videoconverter is a very powefull tool. I've been using a few, and they were all timecomsuming, and very unstable. With WVC I just sat back and waited. Got all my 40 Gb of home video AVCHDs converted into a format my jailbroken ATV2 can read in no time! I am still impressed! And with that great interface! So easy to install and just start matter what format you're converting to or from. This is what all software should look like!

by Tomas Larsen|2012-11-20 05:12:05

Customer Service

Had a bit of a problem with my version that I purchased. Emailed the folks there.....within less than a day they had me up and running! Thanks for the GREAT customer service!

by George|2012-11-17 13:42:35

Absolutely Amazing

As a web bus. owner, I am often in the need to find conversion programs for videos. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate does exactly what I want in an easy-to-use format. It even converts to mobile devices. Now, that's awesome ~ this is truly amazing.

by webowner001|2012-11-08 08:06:53

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

This is the true ultimate media enjoyment that I was looking through Internet. It should be a one-stop solution to all my needs on enjoying media with my idevice: download youtube video, convert dvd, convert all videos and audios, I want to share my cheers with all of you guys.

by Matt|2012-11-07 11:27:02

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac Review

Thanks to Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, I can get the files from my favorite rare DVDs to my Mac and quickly burn lots of copies to DVD to share each great new movie find with friends!

by Eliza M.|2012-11-07 11:25:52

Just awesome

This program does exactly so what it advertises... simple conversion to 2D-3D conversion, extract audio from video clips & converting DVDs are never so easy. I recommend it to every friend of mine. :)

by Kingshuk De|2012-11-07 11:25:10

powerful, support YouTube downloading

Powerful, it has more features that other Mac converters have: converting dvd, trim, crop videos, add subtitles or watermarks, etc. While you use it as a trial version, it won’t give you 3 min time limit actually. The best part is it has downloadable feature supporting YouTube video with all levels of HD.

by Logan464|2012-11-07 11:23:17


This is the exact tool I want. Besides converting to all popular formats and devices, it also supports download YouTube and other web videos, convert and burn DVD at ease. A full pack and must-have for all movie lovers.

by Nick|2012-11-07 11:22:18

I'm thankful

All of the functions it provides get used almost on a daily basis and it makes my life so easy. Your programs, support, customer service, sales language... all A +. I retired from consulting and Customer Service and Marketing were the core of my professional live. Believe me, everyone I know and meet gets the introduction to Wondershare at some point!

by Mike|2012-10-30 09:51:08


Gonna try it

by Jason|2012-10-20 03:45:45

Video Converter recovered my camcorder files

Only after returning from 2 weeks of videoing in China did I find that my new SONY DCR camcorder was incompatible with Mountain Lion (and maybe all Mac OS.) My hours of video were trapped on memory cards with no way for me to upload and edit them. With Video Converter, I was able to transfer all my files to iMovie. The software is pretty easy to use. There are three steps: Transfer from camera to Converter, convert, upload to iMovie. I did run into two problems: 1. several files failed to transfer from the camera to Converter and 2. of the 800 clips that transferred, the last 150 or so failed to convert to Mac-readable format. With a little patience, I was able to find simple answers to both at the Wondershare web site Troubleshooting/FAQ pages. I highly recommend this software if you find yourself in a similar fix.

by Kiwini|2012-10-18 03:44:43

Wondershare Video Converter

Now only got the free upgraded above version and registered it many changes are there and going to test. But altogether I am always satisfied with this WONDERFUL WONDERSHARE. Thanks for the upgradation. kumar srinivas photo/video journalist India, TamilNadu, Chennai city.

by kumar srinivas|2012-10-17 10:13:47

Convert Anything

Thank you video converter ultimate for the brilliant work. thumb up 7 stars. It convert anything. what a great software.

by Satisfied|2012-10-14 10:57:12

Gave me access to files I thought were unusable on my Mac

I saved dozens of files from my Panasonic camcorder which creates them in .MOD format. I could view them on my Mac but when I finally found the time to use them in iMovie '11 it would not read them. Your software read them easily and converted them to .MP4 so I could use them. I found this during the evaluation process. That was enough for me. I bought the product

by Zac|2012-10-13 05:31:40

I never review but..

This software is amazing. I normally stay away from flashy websites but this software is really great and user friendly. All 5 stars from me guys.

by Arek Noetzelmann|2012-10-12 21:59:18

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Excellent video converter. And work perfect on my compter.

by Lisa|2012-10-11 16:03:40

Excellente..happy with

Hands down easy to use ...

by Dallas|2012-10-11 00:03:02

Video Converter Ultimate

I had some issues with the registration key working but I had GREAT customer service! They were attentive and responsive. Made buying the software 100% better!

by Kathy Ivanov|2012-10-10 11:14:34


This program does everything I wanted in a straight forward process so that I can copy my own dvd's for backup and convert output for mobile phones or tablet use. This will make me in my 60th year look like an expert!!. So happy!.

by Brian Miles|2012-10-08 15:47:33

really good

i love thos vidoe Converter this reaaly good buy it

by harry hawes|2012-10-05 15:42:19

Great Product

I have found this product straight forward and very easy to use.

by John|2012-10-03 16:55:33


It works very well!

by Anni|2012-09-21 17:08:51

the best

i love Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best video converter

by angel|2012-09-21 14:46:44

Great Stuff!!!

This thing is amazing, i am telling you, a little costy, but totally worth it! i deleted whole bunch of crappy converters i got from web after i got this one. truly the best video converter around! Thanks wondershare!

by Sean|2012-09-21 10:04:30

Impressive Solutions for Video Conversation

I am amazed at the simple UI and fast conversation without using up excessive computer resources.

by Tom Sawers|2012-09-21 09:59:13

The Best Converter Out there!

I use this to put all my 90's Sit-Coms on my computer, then on my Nook Tablet to watch on-the-go, and it is fast and just amazing! It has made it easy for me to carry my beloved memories I have attached to Episodes I can now watch on the go--Thanks to "Wondershare"!! Thanks A Billion for all the hard work into the bestest quality video converter you can buy!!

by Robert Bob Weber|2012-09-20 00:52:30

Prompt help and a super program

I discovered that YouTube was no longer available to download. Wondershare came to the rescue. Their customer service gave a very quick response. Wondershare really is a wonder. It downloaded and converted a 2 hour video in minutes.

by Ralph Andrus|2012-09-19 06:12:56

it's supernatural!

Everytimes I convert a video/song.. I got a ghost bumps because it so amazing with such lighting fast and good design!!

by diden|2012-09-18 08:42:37

Searched around a lot and found VCU

I spent days looking at all the different video converters. I meticulously went through an analysis of cost and functionality and reviews. I also got VE with my purchase and have never looked back.

by Patrick Nelson|2012-09-18 00:18:55

Amazing Wondershare Audio/Video Utilities

Wondershare has the most impressive and easy to use products on the planet. Video Converter Ultimate outdoes all the other video coversion utilities and is easier to use! Combine that with their VideoPad and you have a video editing studio on your PC. Also try AllMyTube for downloading videos from the internet. These products are priced right and work beautifully.

by John Miller|2012-09-17 19:28:07


It's easy, it's fast and it's amazing!! Thank you Wondershare.

by jmmonfire|2012-09-12 23:42:01

Excellent product Missing an important feature!!

This has to be an excellent converter I had ever used. I had tried AVS and TVD but nothing like this one. Its faster and and the batch conversion is awesome. But what I heavily miss in this product is that of custom settings of bitrate, resolution, codecs etc. The inbuilt settings are not sufficient plus most of the time it doesn't match and increases the size of the video and create much trouble. But undoubtly its fast, easy and reliable. I hope the developer take note of the missing feature available on other products to include in this one to make it the king of converters. 4 stars for missing the feature.

by Pearl|2012-09-10 03:20:41


The new version is very amazing,thank you !

by Aldrich|2012-09-09 10:10:35

simply the best

it gets 5 stars because it is easy to use and download vids from any web address plus u can convert make multipal vids into one convert vob it fits all my dvd needs worth every penny

by bishop|2012-09-05 17:50:06

Just gotta love it!

The DRM converter is awesome, and the streaming videos too! well worth $60.

by Tyler|2012-09-03 11:35:47

A great solution to a real pain

Had video from Sony HandyCam HDD camera. Needed to convert from PC to Mac for editing in iMovie. Looked on heaps of forums tried upgrading Mac OS and software as per chats,plus tried other free software - all a hassle with either no result that worked or poor quality output. This product is great and works quick on batches and is idiot proof (me). Great value for maoney - well done and thanks.

by Malcolm|2012-08-30 09:05:14


THE BEST BEST BEST!!! Intuitive interface, swift response and fast conversion, impressive editing feature... I can't recommend it enough.

by Appleguy|2012-08-14 12:48:06


I'm satisfied with this software. It’s very useful to me and I think to everyone too. Thank you!

by Ferdinand|2012-08-14 12:45:48


Fulfil My all needs.

by Hari Modi|2012-08-13 14:59:49

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

its awesome,excellent quality

by abhiram chebiyyam|2012-08-12 17:14:41


nice thing

by bilal|2012-08-12 17:06:39

Really saved my life!

Really saved my life! I tried to upload my first video to website, but it kept saysing too big and it's already the smallest file I can do with my WMM. I searched on the internet and tried this software.Then begin to change parameter setting as guided. It works! Great thanks to Wondershare develop team!!!

by Eric_2011|2012-08-11 23:24:56

Wondershare Video Converter

Product performs 10/10 as advertised. Thank you so much!!! Lightning speed conversions.

by Chris|2012-08-09 00:00:39

Wondershare Video Converter for Mac Review

Work as advertised, thanks!

by Dr. Paul|2012-08-08 07:25:41


this product is very good!

by mark|2012-08-07 15:17:08

Best Product

Best Video Converter in the World

by Bedar|2012-08-06 22:39:38

Great product

I've used a lot of differant converters, but always come back to Wondershare

by Grant Shramek|2012-07-31 02:15:46

A must-have for couch potato

This software does everything for videos I could ever want. I download my favorite YouTube video, drag it to this program and choose Apple TV as output---Now I am watching it on sharp HDTV. Yes, I'm a couch potato, and just enjoy it!

by Jerry|2012-07-20 15:24:27

Good job, Wondershare!

Good job, Wondershare. I've tried the free version, now go to the paid one, LOL!

by Hobart|2012-07-20 13:17:55

Wondershare Video Converter for Mac Review

This Mac video converter rocks. The best part is so many video formats and configured presets provided. With it, you can convert videos to window media player and new iPad with easy steps.

by Ernest|2012-07-20 13:16:10

Comprehensive, Powerful and Easy to use

It's one of the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use conversion software I've ever found. Converts any video files to Final Cut Pro for editing at a pretty decent speed.Thank you!

by Emmanuel|2012-07-18 07:49:06

Easy and impressive editing feature

This software embeds easy and impressive editing feature, trimming, rotating, cropping, etc. I'm always confused with the size of videos because though my iPod can auto-fit the size, but the screen is not clear enough. But this software helps me out to solve this problem perfectly. Thanks.

by Francis|2012-07-12 07:51:55

Loved it so much - bought it!

This is SO COOL! I just edited some Bon Jovi videos of mine and watermarking them via FCP is soooo daunting. If only VC could fade in & out I'd be set!

by Afsha B|2012-07-11 19:04:34

User-friendly and Considerate

This software is very user-friendly and considerate. I convert my AVI files to iPod in only 3 steps, and it allows me conversion multiple files at one time, amazing!

by powerguy|2012-07-10 17:36:28


I planned to import some MP4 files to iMovie, but they grey out. I don't know why, maybe just too strange. I searched on the internet and tried this video converter because it receives very good comments. I have to admit that this is really amazing. This video converter assessed the situation and automatically knew what format it was in and all I had to do was choose the output format, and convert. Now I have uploaded 4 converted files edited by iMovie to YouTube, thanks a lot!

by Sebastian_ivry|2012-07-10 15:50:38

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

very good!

by Alex|2012-07-10 14:42:13

Suitable for both beginners and professionals

This program is straightforward enough for beginners to use though provides a lot of preferences for professionals, really love it!

by Mark_dawf|2012-07-09 22:44:12

simple to use

This software is dead-simple to use and is capable of converting any video format, including DVD or DRM protected DVD you throw at it. I’ve yet to have a failure with it. Hihgly recommend it!

by Power_smith|2012-07-09 22:32:25


Great software for converting video from my sony camera

by Joe|2012-07-05 14:12:27

exceedingly useful

I've done some research on the internet and finally decided to donate on this tool. I found it's exceedingly useful to handle the encoding and burning. If you're also looking for such tricks, give it a whirl.

by Bob_Clinton|2012-07-04 13:30:20

absolutely the ultimate pack for movie lovers

It's absolutely the ultimate pack for us movie lovers. I favor it mostly because it supports downloading videos from YouTube directly and convert them to other video formats at ease. I just need to specify the URL for the video and choose the output file after downloading, that's it!

by Gary|2012-07-03 20:12:25

stable and comprehensive

It's the most stable and comprehensive multi format video converters I've ever used. really love it!

by Malcolm |2012-07-03 20:08:25

make things all easier

After buying this genious software, all things turns to be easier: convert videos from computer to iPad, trim video files to the desired length, merge several videos into one, crop the black edge to full screen, and more.

by Johnson |2012-07-03 18:32:10

Wondershare Video Converter for Mac Review

Let this program convert all types of video clips on Mac, don't be troubled with incompatibility issue any more.

by Bruce|2012-07-03 18:28:03

Wondershare Video Converter for Mac Review

Make usability and effectiveness into consideration, this is the software worth donating.

by George_Smith|2012-07-03 18:25:11

great converter

This is a great converter I wanna to recommend. Besides essential conversion ability, it has rich features like trim video, download YouTube video, record streaming videos and even burn to DVD with hands-on templates, really cool and meet all my requiremnts!

by Bill|2012-07-02 21:13:26

the best software I've used

It's the best software I've used. cause it converts all videos I need with amazing quality and fast speed. In a few clicks, the conversion is done and never ruin any movie night!

by Mark|2012-07-02 21:11:07

very convenient to tranfer videos between Mac and mobile devices

If you want to convert and transfer songs or music videos from your Mac to your mobile device and is not sure what audio or video formats are supported by your device, use this video converter. It directly offers the presets and usually works great on your device.Try it!

by Bob|2012-07-02 19:32:24

works like a magic

If you plan to use your new iPad for watching movies on the plane or in a road trip, this is the best video transfering software you can use for YouTube video, torrent video, or recorded AVCHD or DV files. It works just as it says, simple and efficient, and the quality is excellent.

by Tomas|2012-07-02 19:30:19

Love it

It imports videos directly from DVDs and record videos with no limit. Really love it!

by Vivian|2012-06-29 14:49:51

imprssive 3D effect

This software reads and write an variety of file types, and the 3D options are really impressive.

by Zachary|2012-06-29 14:47:52

practically perfect

This is practically perfect video converter software, even beginner can dive right into this product and start using it within minutes.

by Osmond|2012-06-29 13:22:09

simple and easy to use

Extremely easy to use to convert any video to or from other video formats, no need a learning curve for newbies.

by Ogden|2012-06-29 13:15:57

easy to use

This application is very easy to use and the step-by-step instructions online is quite helpful. Thanks

by Paddy|2012-06-29 13:11:36

stylish and simplistic

This is rather stylish and simplistic, offters tons of formats and configured presets, also allows to set your own profiles, thanks you guys!

by Richard|2012-06-29 13:09:32

Extremely easy to use

It's extremely easy to use, and worked really well and were fairly fast. Stronly recommend it!

by Spencer|2012-06-29 12:58:45

worth buying

very good software, worth buying

by Wythe|2012-06-28 12:44:21

very fast

it converts very fast, cool!!!

by Xavier|2012-06-28 12:42:37

All-in one tool

This is the true all-in one video converter ultimate that I was looking for on the internet. It troubleshoots all my problem on enjoying media with my iPad now. Really thank you guys.

by Daniel_steel|2012-06-27 17:41:49


This program is just what I need.I give it A++++!

by Dana_lynn|2012-06-27 17:32:58

nice program window

Very simple to use, nice program window, converts a lot of popular formats, works faster than I expected. I recommend it.

by Jaydeniqe_abc|2012-06-26 10:47:15

fast and good quality

Simple to use and did what it said. I tested some of my DVD collections and download some YouTube videos and convert them for my iPad, fast and good quality.

by Ethanpoi_2001|2012-06-26 10:44:38

convert perfectly

It converted my .mkv file to .mp4 and played on my iPod touch perfectly. Thanks.

by Brayden797|2012-06-26 09:03:42

Wondershare Video Converter for Mac Review

I recommend giving Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate a try if you're a movie lover. It helps to convert any video/dvd/audio to desktop, tablets and mobile phones. It also supports downloading from YouTube and other websites.

by Jack461|2012-06-26 09:00:55

Game Changer

This product has saved my butt quite a bit since aquiring it about 4 mos. ago. Easy to use and delivers every time! I love it! Thanks Wondershare!

by Larry Smit|2012-06-22 00:43:10

It is the beast

I have a lot of promlem with vob video file but now all of my problem is solve

by Morteza Gholizade|2012-06-13 23:36:06

Great Product for the money

My saga started out simple. Convert a DVD movie to put on my portable devices so i can watch them later. I tried several so called "top notch" programs. as it turns out they all had their own issues with either taking far to long, or the final output having small pix elating even though the bps were the same. I then found wondershare and gave it a try. Worked very well with no issues and the output is crystal clear. They also support so many devices out of the box whereas many others do not. I would recommend this to anyone.

by Jim|2012-06-11 19:47:33

So glad I found this Software

I did a google search for converting DVDs to watch on the Ipad and this software came up. Tried the trial version with a short video I had and it worked flawlessly. I followed the simple instructions for using Itunes to move my video to the Ipad and there it was! I was so delighted at how easy and quick this was I bought it immediately so I could do all my videos.

by Pat|2012-06-11 09:29:32

Awesome Application!

Ive used other video coveters in the past and hands down, Wondershare Vid Converter is the best out there. Its very intuitive to use, fast, with a clean looking application window. Recommend as a must have for your Mac.

by Jr|2012-06-09 19:21:43

Amazing Conversion software

I don’t usually take the time to review software but this is an amazing program that deserves praise. It has a simple interface but packs a lot of bells and whistle so to speak. It’s allowed me hardcode subs, merge defaced files, and much more without having to download multiple software to do those specific task. Thanks developers for such a great product.

by Joe|2012-06-03 16:08:19

a video pros

a video pros.

by fr.en|2012-05-30 15:00:35

Great support

I have to agree with the other reviewers: the support received from the team at Wondershare (Momo) was excellent. While I did have a few problems with the product (I initially only bought the DVD creator) we managed to solve them all and I am now a very happy customer.

by Meina|2012-05-08 19:06:46

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

very good

by lucy|2012-05-07 18:48:17

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review


by lily|2012-05-07 18:35:27


Works great. But it is a little expensive to buy.

by Karl|2012-05-03 11:28:13

Great Tool!

This tool is not only great for video conversion and extracting audio from video—it’s a nifty little editor as well. Just last week, I was able to cut up one of my favorite films, take just my favorite scenes , and upload it to the web to share with my friends.

by Kayliegh S.|2012-04-24 11:59:24

Perfect Playback

Thanks to Video Converter for Mac, anything on my Mac is on my iPhone, iPad—I can even convert all my MP4s to play perfectly on my son’s PSP. Now I can take my movie collection anywhere and share it online and off.

by Steve W.|2012-04-24 11:58:54

Very Good

Very good program.keep working

by Bruno|2012-04-24 03:21:40

i love this product

my family entertainment has been so inhanced because of 3D video's of family events.ty vcu creater

by zee|2012-04-22 14:39:31

Zeer goed produkt

Ik ben zeer tevreden over de converter ultimate. maakt van gekochte dvd's perfect mp4 voor ipad

by Jan|2012-04-12 02:57:02



by nochsan|2012-04-11 01:56:08

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

I have been an advid user of Nero for many many years. Now that I have tired Wondershare I will never go back to Nero. The user friendly interface is what sold me on this product. Anyone at any age will be please to use this. Thank you Wondershare for making a wonderful product that anyone can use with ease. Sandra

by Sandra|2012-04-10 17:01:37


The product comes with 2 computer downloads. The first one went perfect! Awesome product and easy to use. The second instalation has not worked at all. I keep trying to register it to get rid of the watermark and everytime it says it is registered but the watermark is never gone. Support is trying to fix the issue but even after trying it several times it still won't register properly.

by d. Iott|2012-03-12 02:28:22

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Nice Program 455454545454

by Tanks|2012-03-06 11:08:23

I have been a supporter and a big fan of Wondershare

I have been a supporter and a big fan of Wondershare.

by dfdfd|2012-02-23 13:39:35

Very good

Would like to say it is nice to actually get a product that, after you pay for it, actually does what it said it would do. Thanks

by Helen|2012-02-23 13:31:02

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Thank you for the special offer on the 5 in 1 Video Converter Ultimate. This is exactly what I have been wanting from Wondershare. One program that does everything. I can't wait to try it out!

by John|2012-02-23 13:29:53

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Outstanding response time and very pleasant response messages. Hard to find good companies who respond to their customers like this, so I know I picked the right company for this type of software.....keep up the great work!

by siuh|2012-02-23 10:10:45

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

I am still waiting to see how my case will end up. I hope everything will be okay because so far it looks very professional and nice company.

by sunbb|2012-02-23 05:49:08


No problems encountered - just wanted to thank the support team for their prompt and helpful response; particularly over the Christmas / New Year period. Thanks to Queena.

by pert|2012-02-23 01:48:21

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