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2024 Most Unique Valentine's Day Cards You Can't-Miss

by Kayla Morrison • 2024-02-20 11:37:16 • Proven solutions

Your significant other should not just get that expensive gift or a dinner treat on Valentine's Day. This is the perfect time to remind him/her of your affection with a well-coded message. That said, Valentine's Day cards have been here since time immemorial. You can use a card to pass the message perfectly without breaking the bank. So whether you're looking to make funny Valentine's Day cards or something cute and romantic, this article has multiple options for you.

Part 1. How to Make the Perfect Valentine's Day Cards with Online Templates

In this part, we want to learn how to make romantic Valentine's Day cards using free online apps. Let's dive in!

Solution 1: Make Valentine's Day Cards with Canva

Canva is one of the most popular video and GIF-making websites. Here, you'll get hundreds of card templates to choose from and add your personal touch. The options range from romantic and traditional to funny and playful. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Open a Canva account using your Google or Facebook account, then find a card design type using the search tool. Click a Valentine's Day card template on the left pane to begin editing it.

Step 2: Now it's time to customize your Valentine's Day card to make it stand out. With Canva, you can add unique texts, filters, stickers, shapes, backgrounds, and more. You can even add his/her photo to the template and customize it accordingly. Don't be intimidated by the layout because Canva is super-duper simple to use.

Step 3: Finished with the design? Click the Ellipsis icon in the top-right corner to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Slack, and more. You can also click the Download icon to save the Valentine's Day card locally.


Solution 2: Make Valentine's Day Cards with Fotor

Fotor is another top-class website for designing memorable Valentine's Day cards. Here, you can edit a photo, make GIFs, create a collage, make designs, and more. Fotor offers you more than 100,000 design templates and 1,000,000+ stock photos. So, let's discuss how to make Valentine's Day cards with Fotor.

Step 1: Visit Fotor, then open the Design feature before clicking Card layout.

Step 2: Now choose a card template or begin designing your own unique card from scratch.

Step 3: Click the Import icon to add your photo from local storage. Interestingly, Fotor lets you add multiple pictures to the design template.

Step 4: You can customize your template further by adding texts and unique elements such as stickers, lines, effects, illustrations, and more.

Step 5: If everything is clear and polished, click the Export icon and download your Valentine's Day card to PNG, JPG, or PDF file.


Solution 3. Make Valentine's Day Cards with Wondershare VidAir

Wondershare is a household name in the desktop file editing department. With that said, the company is already making inroads in the online video and template design space, thanks to Wondershare VidAir. Like the first two options, this app is straightforward to use and lets you choose hundreds of free card design templates. You can also choose the design aspect ratio.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare VidAir on your web browser, then select a design template.

Step 2: After selecting a template, click the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to open the editing window.

Step 3: Now select one of the hundreds of free photos to add to the design template. Alternatively, click the Upload icon and add a picture under the Photo tab.

Step 4: Now start customizing the template with unique stickers, filters, texts, and even change the image positioning.

Step 5: Click Export to download your Valentine's Day card. That's it!

Wondershare VidAir

Part 2. Top 15 DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Now let's discuss some DIY methods of making Valentine's Day cards for him or her.

1. Recycled Magazines

Using recycled magazines is one of the best ways of making Valentine's Day cards for kids. Your child will love this DIY project as you only need to get him/her a glue stick and let them play with the papers. So, rip out red and black catalogs from magazines and tactfully glue them onto white paper.

Recycled Magazines

2. Pop-up Cards

If you're always fascinated by pop-up cards, Valentine's Day offers you an opportunity to express your creativity. They are not only simple to make, but also brilliant. Just don't tell Mr. Handsome that this one is for him.

Pop-up Cards

3. Fingerprint Cards

You will need craft paint, a black marker, alphabet stickers, and card stock to make the perfect fingerprint cards. Use the black marker to make cute little beetles or a caterpillar. Overall, it's the best way to make cute Valentine's Day cards.

Fingerprint Cards

4. Hugs & Kisses Mason Jar Valentines

This is one of the most popular Valentine's Day DIY ideas you can find. The project is super-easy to put together. Just get a pint-sized mason jar, Hugs & Kisses pintables, and Baker's Twine.

Hugs & Kisses Mason Jar Valentines

5. Confetti Heart Valentine Card

Here is a quick and brilliant DIY Valentine's Day Card idea. You need a plain card and envelope, card stock or colorful paper, a heart hole punch, and white glue. Now use the glue to make a big heart shape on the plain card, then sprinkle the confetti on it. Be sure to rest your hands, though!

Confetti Heart Valentine Card

6. Printable Friendship Bracelet

If you want to make memorable Valentine's Day cards for friends, here's the perfect idea for you. However, make sure you get a colorful bracelet to create the perfect card.

Printable Friendship Bracelet

7. Using Folded Paper Hearts

If you have elementary school kids around the house, they'll be excited by this DIY Valentine's Day card idea. Start by cutting out folded 3D paper hearts and glue them on the card stock. Draw at least 3-5 heart shapes of varying colors for the best results.

Using Folded Paper Hearts

8. DIY Flower

Gather your card stock, a heart punch (if you have any), and scissors to begin making an Oscar Award-winning Valentine's Day card. Remember to let the colorful hearts lay on each other to resemble book pages.

DIY Flower

9. You're Both Winners

When it's about the game of love, you're both winners. Well, this playful card idea reminds your S.O that they have your undivided heart.

You're Both Winners

10. Sand Art Valentines

Whether you're a kid at heart or you're actually a kid, you'll undoubtedly love making this DIY Valentine's Day card. You only need heart-shaped sticky boards and pour sand on top of them. Remember to add a few colorful words.

Sand Art Valentines

11. Origami Valentine's Day Card

This is one of my all-time favorite Valentine's Day card ideas. Get a card stock base, a lace, square contract-colored paper, and fold an origami heart. Old book pages should work as well.

Valentine’s Day ideas for him or her

12. Polka Dotted Cards

Is your S.O in love with polka dots? Show him/her that you care with this special Valentine's Day card.

Polka Dotted Cards

13. Heartfelt Valentine's Day Card

Heartfelt Valentine's Day cards are fun, easy to make, and budget-friendly. Get pink and red craft papers, white craft cards, glue sticks, scissors, and "love" or "xo" letters.

Heartfelt Valentine's Day Card

14. Valentine's Watercolor Printables

If you trust your artistry skills, do a watercolor Valentine's Day card. You can make a heart gem on a 4x6 card and email it to your Valentine.

Valentine's Watercolor Printables

15. Shaker Card

This one is inspired by sweet red and white hearts on white space. You'll love watching the hearts dance away as you shake the card!

Shaker Card


If you thought that this is a Valentine's Day post, I'm sure you've already had a change of mind. That's because the cards fit perfectly on any occasion. After all, love is for every season!

Kayla Morrison

Kayla Morrison

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