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Road to Wealth How To Make Money on Twitch

There are many live-streaming platforms on which people can watch video games for entertainment. Twitch is one of the famous platforms in which users can watch and stream live content. According to reports, around 30 million users watch videos on Twitch daily. Along with tons of live streaming of video games, you can also find ASMR, life hacks, cooking tutorials, and art videos on Twitch.

With the constant growth of Twitch, you may be wondering how to make money from Twitch. There are different opportunities and ways that can enable you to earn income from Twitch. By reading this article, you can find different helpful methods for making money on Twitch.

Part 1: A Brief Introduction to Twitch

Twitch is a secure live streaming platform where you can find gameplay videos and other activities related to lifestyle or entertainment. The streamers on Twitch broadcast their live gameplays, tutorials, life hacks, and other videos by sharing a screen with the viewers. The viewers can also subscribe to their favorite Twitch channels for daily updates and alerts.

what is twitch

While watching live streams on Twitch, you can also give your feedback and comments side by side. Moreover, streamers also save the broadcasted live streams on their channel so that viewers can view them anytime they want. You can also access and use the Twitch app on your iOS and Android devices.

Key Features of Twitch

Twitch offers various distinct features that make it a highly reliable platform. To learn about its main features, proceed to the following section.

  • On Twitch, viewers can interact with their favorite streamers during a live chat. If the streamers have given permission, a live chat can be included during the live stream. In this live chat, you can give comments and reactions through emojis.
  • To find your preferred content easily, Twitch has various categories. Through these categories, you can quickly discover and explore your favorite channels. Moreover, you would also be able to find game-specific or other sorts of content.
  • To get more functions and features, you can add extensions and plugins on Twitch. There are multiple types of Twitch extensions, such as Spotify playlists, leaderboards, voting polls, etc. Being a streamer, you can use these extensions to increase viewer engagement.
  • Viewers can get rewards such as access to play free games on Twitch. To do so, you can link the Twitch account to other game applications. If you also spend specific hours viewing a particular category, you can earn rewards like exclusive game items and beta keys.

User Groups on Twitch

There are various user groups that indicate the diversity on the Twitch platform. In this part, you can find out different categories of Twitch channels below:

  • Video games
  • E-sports
  • Special game events
  • ASMR videos
  • Podcasts
  • Music streams
  • Food and cooking
  • Art and Craft
  • Beauty and body art

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Part 2: How To Make Money on Twitch as a Beginner

If you are a beginner and aim for Twitch income, this section will help you. In this part of the article, we will introduce 5 easy yet useful methods you can apply to make money on Twitch.

1. Be a Twitch Affiliate

Beginners can make money by becoming a Twitch affiliate. There are various Twitch affiliate programs that streamers can join to generate income. You can select an affiliate program according to your preferences and put the affiliate link in the channel's description. You can also put the affiliate link in the banner of your Twitch channel.

When your viewer taps on the affiliate link, he will be redirected to the product’s page. The product’s company will give you a commission. You must fulfill some requirements to become an affiliate, such as at least 500 total minutes and 7 unique broadcasts in the last 30 days. You should also have an average of 3 concurrent viewers over the previous 30 days and a minimum of 50 followers.

2. Make Money Through Donations

If you are able to create a dedicated audience on your Twitch channel, you can collect donations. There are several viewers who support and show appreciation for the content of their favorite streamer. Such viewers give donations so that their streamer can continue to provide quality content.

One of the largest Twitch donations is $75,000. However, receiving a small number of donations on Twitch is common. Thus, to receive donations frequently, you must work hard to create captivating content on your Twitch channel.

use the twitch donation feature

3. Twitch Bits

Do you know about Twitch bits? Bits function as a digital currency on the Twitch platform that is used to make the live stream interesting and entertaining. Your dedicated viewers can use “cheers” to appreciate your content.

It will also show an animated emoji whenever a user sends you a "cheer." One bit is equal to $0.01, which means you will receive $0.01 every time a user sends your "cheer." Thus, receiving Twitch bits can act as a source of Twitch income.

twitch bits feature

4. Use Twitch Ads

After becoming a successful Twitch partner, you can add ads during live streams. According to Twitch's new percentage-based mode, you will get the 55% of the revenue of each ad that you will play on your stream.

However, Twitch ads can help you earn a decent income when the viewership on your Twitch channel is high. So, if you are able to get high viewership, you can run 2 ads every 45 minutes to generate high Twitch income.

5. Upload YouTube Videos of Previous Streams

You must have heard that YouTube is an excellent platform for earning financial income. Once you have broadcasted your live stream on Twitch, you can later upload it on the YouTube channel. This will also help you grow your audience on the YouTube platform. Thus, along with making money on Twitch, you can also use the YouTube platform to generate revenue.

make use of youtube

Part 3: How To Make Money on Twitch for Old Hands

If you are already using the Twitch platform to earn money, you should try more professional ways to grow. In this part of the article, we will introduce you to the best 5 methods to earn Twitch income for professional streamers.

1. Take Part in Tournaments

If you have become a pro after streaming and playing a game for 2-3 hours daily, you can take part in multiple tournaments happening all over the world. Many game tournaments take place online, which will help you to generate Twitch income by streaming from your home. 

This way, you can get new fans as well because people love to watch game tournaments, and you can even build good relations with other players and streamers.

2. Twitch Subscriptions

Twitch subscriptions can also help you in earning money. If you are able to produce quality content, you can offer subscriptions to your audience. Through subscriptions, viewers can watch the content on the Twitch channel conveniently. You can set up to three subscriptions, such as $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99, on your Twitch channel monthly.

implement a twitch subscription model

3. Partner Up With Brands

Various brands and companies look for influencers that are famous on the Twitch channel. Thus, you can partner with different brands and get sponsorships if you have high viewership. These brands will give you a monthly commission as you will help them promote their company on your Twitch channel.

4. Merchandise

Many famous Twitch streamers sell merchandise by giving customized t-shirts, bags, sweatshirts, or mouse pads. You can also create merchandise on your Twitch channel to sell personalized products. You can add the link to your product's store on your channel. By using the given link, your viewers can explore and buy products from your store.  

sell your products

5. Sell Games

Once you have reached the stage of being a Twitch affiliate, you can sell games for Twitch income. You can select any game from the Twitch store by giving the description on your channel. By adding a “Buy Now” button, you can compel your viewers to buy your game. If you are successful in selling a game, you will receive a 5% commission from the generated sale.


Earning income from online platforms like Twitch is becoming common. If you don’t know how to make money from Twitch, this article has provided all the required details. By exploring this well-structured guide, you can find different methods that can assist you in gaining useful opportunities for generating revenue on Twitch. Thus, follow the recommended methods and grow your Twitch channel to earn financial income. 

People Also Ask

1. Is it worth starting a Twitch channel?

It depends on your expectations and goals to start a Twitch channel. If you want to broadcast your gameplay to a larger audience, Twitch is the best platform. However, to earn income from a Twitch channel, you would require time and effort. If you can produce quality content on Twitch, you can enhance your chances of earning financial income.

2. How long should you stream on Twitch as a beginner?

To become a successful streamer on Twitch, you should be consistent in producing the content. Being a beginner, you should stream at least 2 to 3 hours a week. Moreover, you should create your schedule to post content on Twitch 3 to 4 times a week. With your continuous presence, you would be able to build a stronger community on your Twitch channel.

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