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The 9 Most Popular Lol Recorders For Game Lovers

League of the Legend or simply "lol" is a popular online multiplayer games among the gamers community published by the RIOT games. A lot of the gamers are crazy about playing this game with their friends since the gameplay is very addictive. Many gamers screen record the "lol" because they want to share their gameplay experiences with their friends or they want to gain popularity as well as they want to earn many by increasing the viewers on their videos. Now the question is how to record lol, there are many lol recorders however in this article we will show you 9 of the best league of legends record applications.

Part 1. How to Use The Built-In Screen Recording Function of LOL?

Lol recorder comes with a built-in replay function to watch your later on but we can use this functionality for our recording purpose. When the gameplay ends, you can replay the whole gameplay and even download it. Since we are interested in saving the gameplay, in other words saving the recording so just to follow the steps below.

Step 1: First step is to start a gameplay and wait for it end.

Step 2: Once the match is ended you can go to history of the matches where you will see the download button in the upper right portion of the screen besides advanced options as shown in the figure below.

Step 3: Click on it and it will be available in League of Legends highlights.

league of legends built in replay saving

This is one way to avoid any third screen recorder but it's not suitable for real recording. There are many disadvantages related to it. You cannot commentary and record in this mode, you cannot do any editing on the recorded videos, there is no option of streaming option and you don't have any choice of muting sound or any other settings. Therefore, we here will introduce you some best lol recorders.

Part 2. 9 lol recorders to help you record the best game videos

1. Wondershare Uniconverter

The amazing screen recorder from Wondershare Uniconverter is best for screen recording and do video editing as well many other capabilities of video compression and conversion into formats. Using this application has its own perks lets discuss it in detail. It can be used to capture league of legends gameplay since it's a complete package a screen recorder should have.

main layout of the uniconverter


  • This screen recorder is user friendly.
  • The graphics are very elegant and engaging.
  • Record your screen, audio, and webcam all together.
  • It has a lot of other features beside being a screen recorder such as video compression, converter, and editor.
  • It can be installed on all windows versions as well as Mac OS versions.
  • Require low systems specs.

You can record any specific and single window with wondershare uniconverter and you do the other tasks at the same time.

Supports Full Screen recording.

Supports custom area recording from a particular area of the screen

It offers free trial

No watermarks on your video

Have both intro and outdoor editor which makes it a full package


The full version is paid

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter — All-in-one Video Toolbox for Windows and Mac.

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

Edit videos on Mac by trimming, cropping, adding effects, and subtitles.

Converter videos to any format at 90X faster speed.

Compress your video or audio files without quality loss.

Excellent smart trimmer for cutting and splitting videos automatically.

Nice AI-enabled subtitle editor for adding subtitles to your tutorial videos automatically.

Download any online video for teaching from more than 10,000 platforms and sites.

2. VideoSolo Screen Recorder

VideoSolo is another best screen recorder out there to record league of legends with just a few clicks. Like the rest of the screen recorder, it can record high quality videos of the gameplay and with audio and webcam included. It also comes with a variety of features.

main interface of the videosolo screen recorder


  • Any on-screen gameplay can be recorded with this recorded without any lag or watermark.
  • Make high-quality recordings of your voice, computer audio, and webcam.
  • In real time, you can draw, annotate.
  • Take a snapshot on the recording area.
  • A powerful game recorder that allows you to record the smoothest gameplay possible.
  • It can record with high fps without any issues.

The GUI of the VideoSolo is user friendly.

The interface is elegant with good graphics.

Available both on windows and Mac.

The application offers a free trial.

Record in full screen.

Switching option to custom area selection from the screen.

You can even record a particular window or tab of an application running on the system.


Mac users doesn't have all the features.

Only basic in free trials, full access unlocks in paid version.

3. Fraps

If you are a gamer, you would have probably used this application for fps and benchmarking. Fraps is not only a screen recorder but it's a benchmarking tool to shown stats of the games you are playing. However, it's a perfect screen recorder if you want it for recording of league of legends. You can get one by going to its official website.

a screenshot of the fraps gui


  • Real Time video capturing, play and record your game at the same time.
  • Very simple GUI of the application, best for beginners.
  • Benchmarking tool and compatibility with many games.
  • Take Screenshot by using shortcut keys.
  • Automatic time stamping of screen shots you take.
  • Record sound and screen at the same time.

Videos are saved in very high quality up to 7680x4800 resolution.

Set custom frame rates up to 120.

The software is totally free which makes it a best one.

The software is available online installation file which makes it easy to install.

Compatible with all versions of windows.


No webcam recording

No functionality of recording a single tab only

4. LiteCam

LiteCam for Windows PC is perhaps the most amazing, user-friendly, and efficient professional screen recording program available. Streaming films, webinars, live game play, and more can all be captured and recorded in full HD on your computer screen. You can use this screen recorder for lol recording.

litecam graphics interface layout


  • Records video at very high quality up to 1080 pixel.
  • Video can be sent, shared, and viewed.
  • Convert your video recordings to MP4 or WMV format.
  • High compressing of videos with no loss.
  • Record at a maximum frame rate of 30 fps. The RSCC also speeds up encoding and reduces CPU utilization, allowing you to record HD videos without lag.
  • Start or stop a recording when a set amount of time has passed. After you've finished, you can set your computer to turn off on its own.

Difficult settings are reduced due to the user interface's simplicity of LiteCam.

Learn easily how to record loland your screen in a simple, quick, and reliable manner.

You can record in full screen as well as select custom area to screen record.

Available as an installation file that makes it good for PC users.

Available for android, Mac, and windows versions.

Equipped with a lot of features.


Full version is paid.

Encoding issues reported by some users.

5. OBS

OBS Studio is a free and open-source program that allows you to record your screen and stream it live. The application comes with several functions that you can use. You can use this software if you're a professional who's working on a project. You can use OBS studio for recording league of legends gameplay and enjoy.

the main menu layout of obs studio


  • High-performance real-time video/audio capturing as well as mixing.
  • Create scenes with window grabs, photographs, text, browser windows, cameras, and capture cards, among other things.
  • Use custom transitions to create an infinite number of scenarios that you can easily switch between.
  • Record a specific tab running on your pc and do other task at the same time.
  • The simplified Settings menu allows you to fine-tune every aspect of your transmission or recording with a multitude of setup options.

You can record in full screen.

The interface is very user friendly.

The graphics used are very elegant.

Available on all platform's windows, mac, and Linux.

Free and open source.

Records in very high quality.


It would be beneficial to have the ability to customize the interface's color palettes.

The ability to use a variety of scene transitions, including as hard cuts, fades, and wipes, and to apply them freely between takes.

6. FlexClip Recorder

In the screen recorder FlexClip is another amazing app for video editing and creation. The application can screen record you the league of legends and you can even apply rich animated elements. Not only FlexClip is also equipped with a lot of royalty free stock media. However, the recorder is online and it can be accessed on any platform with internet.

a snippet of online screen recorder of flexclip


  • Do screen record in full screen mode.
  • Adjust screen record modes.
  • Audio and mic can also be activated during the screen recording.
  • The application has free editing capabilities.
  • More than 3M animated text and elements.
  • Editing is totally free.
  • More features.

Online screen makes it easily accessible.

Light weight screen recorder.

The screen recorder is very easy to use and good for beginners.


The recorder seems to record only screen.

The recorder doesn't individual tabs.

7. BandiCam

Bandicam is the greatest screen recorder for PC since it can capture everything that happens on any computer screen in high-definition video. Many gamers utilize this application for lol record. This program can also record a game that uses Dx, OpenGL, or Vulkan visuals or capture a specific location on a PC screen.

gui of the bandicam


  • Record videos in HD and draw animations over it.
  • Record the webcam, audio, and scree together.
  • Capability of mouse effects on the screen while recording.
  • Put Chroma key effect while capturing your computer screen.
  • With its record scheduler, you can record by settings different times.
  • Record a pre-existing video on your computer.
  • Different modes of screen recording.

Record in full screen and adjusted screen.

Suitable for games recording since it uses dx and opengl.

Record games with very high quality such as 4k.

Show live fps on games while recording.

The GUI graphics are very elegant.

The interaction with the application is basic.


The ability to capture single tab screens is missing.

The entire bundle is paid for.

8. Screen Grabber Pro

Screen grabber pro is another desktop screen recorder available to record the screen of league of legends. Screen grabber pro can also be used to take screen shot and save them. The recorder also comes with the annotation and editing functionalities. You can grab the installation file from its official website.

the main menu gui of screen grabber pro


  • Record your screen in multiple modes such as region, full screen, only audio, web cam or together.
  • Automatic screen recording scheduler.
  • Set your personalize hotkeys for different functionalities.
  • While recording use the mouse cursor effects.
  • Upload is quick and is done through FTP.
  • Direct sharing with platforms like YouTube.

The recorder lets you record in way many modes.

Recording multiple audio source together with web cam and screen recording too.

The output formats of saving videos are multiple so choose the one of your likings.

Direct sharing of screen shots to many social platforms upon taken.

The graphics on the application are very alluring and worked on.

Available both on windows and Mac.


No single task or tab recording with other activities.

No watermark removal options.

Free trial is very basic

9. FonePaw Screen Recorder

Many of the online gamers uses FonePaw for recording the league of legends without any issues. This recorder lets you record webcam, audio, and screen while you are playing that's a suitable recorder for games. The free version lets you record a short video up to 3 minutes which lets you to check it for free.

the fonepaw recorder


  • Multiple Screen recording modes.
  • Record audio, web, and other input source along with the screen together.
  • Allow real time annotations while recording your game.
  • Having extra features such as setting hotkeys, preview clips, continue unsaved recordings.
  • Schedule recorder lets you record automatically.
  • Noise cancellation capabilities let you record audio without distortions.

The interface is very easy to operate on.

The graphics on the application are vibrant and engaging.

The application is specially designed for game recordings.

Available both on windows and Mac.

Wide users, which guaranty less issues.


No recording modes for single tab recording.

The free trial is very basic.

Part 3. How to record lol in an easy way?

Now lets us show you how can you record LOL with UniConverter - that is an easy way to do. Let's go through the following steps to know how we can record an application using it.

Step 1 Launch the UniConverter Recorder

First, you need to launch the UniConverter and you should see the following windows below. Then navigate to screen recorder.

switching to application recorder

Step 2 Selecting Recording Mode

Now, you will see different recording modes but we are interested in lol record so we will use application recorder. So, click on it, you will see trial message continue with it and you will a new window shown below.

application recorder menu

Step 3 Select League of Nations Window

Next, we should click on the select application and since the league of legend will be on background so we should switch to that. We can also do that by shortcut keys "Ctrl + Tab" as shown.

switching to application for recording

Step 4 Start/Stop LoL Recording

Finally, you will see the recording menu of the UniConverter and recording button got active as red shown in the figure. Click on it and the recording will get started. This is how you can record lol with UniConverter which is the best application for it.

start recording with recording button

Part 4. Summary

The internet is full of a lot of screen recorders but we have compiled this list after a lot of research. Many gamers don't have any idea about using a perfect way of how to record lol but after reading this it isn't the case. After reading this article I hope you will find yourself the best screen recorder for lol recording.

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