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20 Best Things to Do on New Year's Day 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-21 13:43:55 • Proven solutions

“New Year, New Life” has always been a quote that everyone likes to embrace. But the meaning of it is to begin with new hope and positivity and to change the old habits that need to be changed. Most of us have gone through a rough year because of COVID situations. But that is not a reason good enough to not look for a brighter year. People all over the world are still keen to celebrate the last day of the current year and welcome the coming 2022 with a hope of better standards of life and fulfillment. But often people are not able to think of the best ways to celebrate and be a New Year, a new day. Further in this, we discuss ideas on how to celebrate the New Year of 2022 in a state of bliss and what are the best things to do on New Year.

Part 1. 10 best Things to Do on New Year's Day

Just because there are plenty of things to do on New Year's day, one can do on New Year’s that it might be hard to figure out what they actually want to do. Hence we have listed some of the fun things to do on New Year’s Eve that you can try celebrating in the year 2022:

  • A New Year party- Partying is the most common idea that everyone does on the New Year's day celebration or in any special event in their lives. It gives a sudden boost and is the best way one can enjoy an evening with their friends. Alcohol and food are a major attraction to these kinds of parties and social gatherings. Partying is amongst the best things to do on New Year's Day.

New Year's day celebration

  • A family get-to-gather- Starting the year with family and close ones could be very meaningful to one’s life. Spending an evening of the first day of the year can bring everyone close to each other. One can organize get-to-gathers at some private farmhouse or someone’s residence. This adds more meaning and memories to one’s life. This is one of the best things to do with kids on New Year's eve that can make your kids happy as well.
  • A fancy restaurant/bar visit- One can go to a posh restaurant or bar to enjoy their New Year’s eve with dear ones. This could be a really good idea to make the beginning memorable by visiting a five star rated place. These kinds of places give an ambiance that soothes the mood and could be a grand experience for the day. Considered to be one of the fun things to do on New Year's eve, you can surely try it out this year.
  • Getting a tattoo- Getting a meaningful tattoo can be one of those things that you are going to remember for your entire life. Every time you see the tattoo you are going to remember the incident regarding it. It can possibly resemble your thoughts or something you like very much. Thus getting a tattoo could be exciting as well as memorable fun things to do on New Year and when the year starts.

family get-to-gather

  • Shopping- Shopping is one of the best New Year’s eve things to do for all the people who love it. It could be another way to engage their New Year’s Day. You can probably select a new wardrobe for the coming year or even shop for the necessary items you will need. Buying new clothes, shoes or decorative pieces can enhance the mood of an individual. You can also buy New Year gifts for your near and dear ones to present them in the occasion.
  • Long drive- Getting into a car with your friends or family and going on a drive outside the town or to some destination could be refreshing too. Feeling the fresh air on your face while you are with your loved one can feel quite relaxing. While you can take breaks at places and enjoy the scenery as well. If you are searching for the best things to do with kids on New Year's eve, then a long drive is the best thing to do.
  • Going away from the town- One needs to go away from all the hustle to enjoy the quietness and peace. So if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful beginning to the year then going away from the town can prove to be a good idea. You can go to some distant place, maybe the outskirts of town where one can enjoy being alone in their mind. One of the best things to do on New Year’s Eve with family is that you go out with them and spend some quality time.
  • A solo trip- Going for a solo trip at the beginning of the year can give a confidence boost to one’s personality. It not only allows you to have a new perspective but also to enjoy nature in a peaceful manner. Solo trips are often quite motivating and can help you to give the kick for a new beginning.
  • Staying in nature- We have been locked in our houses for the most part of the year and it has affected our system and mind. Visiting a place full of greenery and plants, under the open sky can help to heal one’s mind and body. Just simply being away from the noise and everyday chores can help to reduce one’s stress and anxiety, giving enough time to think and plan activities for the coming year.
  • Give your house a new outlook -  We spend a major time span of our entire year at our house. So to give an outlook means to change or work on the interiors of one’s house to bring a positive impact in the coming year. One does not have to completely change their interiors, but they can add small things like an indoor plant or a soothing light setting that helps one to relax.

clean house

10 fun things to do with kids on New Year’s Eve

Kids are easy to please and they just need a lot of care and attention. Mainly kids are attracted to colorful things and can be made happy by little efforts. To involve your kids in a fun activity during New Year’s Eve can be hard to find, so here are some ideas listed down below for your kids to enjoy:

  • Arrange a picnic – Kids love going for picnics as we know. So taking them out to a nice picnic spot, and providing them with attention, care and love can give a boost and encouragement to your kid. One could go to some zoo or some huge garden to enjoy the day. One can even go to a historical place, where they can set up a picnic spot and enjoy a new beginning of the year.
  • Mocktail party- You can arrange a fancy cocktail party for the kids and their friends for the evening. One can get different colorful juice and soda and serve them in attractive glasses. In the mean, when kids have their own party, elders can enjoy their own time in peace. This way you can go back and take a look at your kids and make sure that they are all enjoying their time.

Mocktail party

  • Enjoying food- Kids love colorful, fancy food as a fact. There are various recipes made especially for the sake of cheering up kids. One could arrange such a diner on New Year’s Eve by booking a child-friendly restaurant, where you might want to avoid alcohol. Having a good diner could uplift the moods of a child and even better if the dinner is consumed with his/her friends.
  • Entertaining games- This generation of kids are way more into video games and social media than outdoor games and activities. So one can keep their kids involved in some interesting video games or some board games like Monopoly or Chess. This not only entertains the kid but also enables the elders to prepare for the special New Year’s diner.
  • Making cards- Making handmade greetings card for friends and relatives could be another aspect of involvement for the kids. They can sit with colors and pens and other interesting stationery to make greeting cards for their dear ones. This not only engages them but also increases their concentration and lastly, they are going to do some creative activity.
  • Baking – Cooking or baking with kids in the kitchen can turn out to be fun. Let your kids help you while making the batter of the cake or cookies and you can watch them do things with their tiny hands. Cooking brings creativity to your kid’s life and gives you the bliss of watching your kid bake food.
  • Visiting grandparents – Kids mostly stay away from their grandparents these days. Grandparents have a huge influence on a kid’s life and children are mostly fond of their grandparents. So one could take their kids to their grandparents’ house as a surprise on New Year’s Eve. Thus making both grandparents and kids happy, moreover, you all can have a grand meal together to make it more memorable.
  • Visiting an amusement Park- Taking your kids out for New Year’s Eve could give a boost to your kids to start the year with a happy and refreshed mood. There are plenty of rides and entertaining outdoor games which involve the children, while the adults can enjoy the rides made for them. Hereby the kids get to be in a child-friendly environment where they can play with other kids and spend a happy New Year’s Eve.
  • Watch a movie- Go through some animated movies for kids and select one for the special eve. Kids love to get involved in animated visuals, they find the characters to be pretty interesting. With this movie, one can put a cherry on top by arranging a comfortable and cozy corner. One can add titbits, like popcorns, nachos or ice cream which will enhance the experience of watching a movie.
  • Bursting firecracker- Bursting firecrackers at 12 am at midnight has always been a sort of trend. It gives a festive feeling for some time and we can see colorful lights over the sky. Kids are really keen on firecrackers and seeing colors over the sky. So taking your kids to burn some crackers could be an exciting task to perform at midnight on New Year’s eve.

Bursting firecracker


New Year’s Eve denotes the ending of a year and the beginning of another. Everyone forgets all their problems and anxiety on this day to celebrate the journey of life. They celebrate the fact that a year of their lives had passed by welcoming the coming year with joy and amusement. Everyone plans the day according to their convenience, but sometimes one can go a little outside their comfort zone to celebrate the day with near and dear ones. All that matters, in the end, is being close to one’s loved ones and celebrating a new start and a new approach towards life.

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