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How to Convert WAV to MP2 in 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-20 11:37:23 • Proven solutions

With the increase in technologies, there are even numerous audio formats that have come into play for some reason and so do conversions, like convert WAV to MP2. WAV is one of the most common audio formats. WAV format, a product of IBM and Microsoft, is very recognizable. The main advantage is that both MAC and Windows support it. MP2 is a lossless version of the WAV format and is used for the high compression that it provides. Hence WAV to MP2 converters are the best possible solutions when you have memory issues to deal with.

Part 1. How to convert WAV to MP2 with Wondershare UniConverter

When it comes to WAV to MP2 converter, there are many available in the market, be it online or a WAV to MP2 converter freeware software. Out of them, the WAV to MP2 converter that works presumably the best is Wondershare UniConverter.

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is not just a WAV to MP2 converter; it has a stock-hold of other features too. The incredible thing about the converter is that unlike other converting WAV to MP2. It has over 1000+ audio/video formats that can be converted to. And what’s more interesting is the speed to convert WAV to MP2 or any other conversion in Wondershare UniConverter is 90X times faster than any other video or audio converter.

video converter logo Wondershare UniConverter for Mac/Windows

wondershare uniconverter
  • Fast and efficient Audio/Video conversions in over 1000+ audio/video formats
  • You can easily convert multiple audio or video files in just a single click as it offers batch conversion functionality
  • Unbeatable high-speed conversion up to 90x times faster than any other video/audio converter in the market
  • On top of all, it supports conversion in lossless quality even when you perform high-speed downloads or conversion
  • Offers the functionality to download videos from over 10,000+ sites in just one click
  • Moreover, it performs lightning-fast downloads and that too for 8K/4K videos
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Step by Step Tutorial

The Wondershare UniConverter is pretty simple when it comes to the process or the interface. We have listed below the steps to convert WAV to MP2 using Wondershare UniConverter.

Step 1 Installation of Wondershare UniConverter.

You can download the software from Once the download completes, open the setup file and install Wondershare UniConverter for the ultimate experience. After the installation is complete, you can now proceed to run the software and begin the conversion process.

To convert WAV to MP2 to WAV format, you will need to select the Converter tab from the main interface with nearly 9 other modules.

Now, either you can drop and drop the files or select the file from the laptop by clicking on the folder that appears on the screen.

add files

Step 2 Selecting the output format.

Once you have the file has been selected, now we need to determine what should be the output format. For this WAV to MP2 conversion, we will choose MP2 as our output format. This option is present under the Audio tab that you can access from the bottom by clicking the drop-down menu next to Output Format. You can also make changes in the quality settings for the processed file along with the output format if required.

choose the output format

Step 3 Convert the file.

The final step involves clicking on the Convert button once you’re done with making all the necessary selections. If you have more than one file that needs to convert WAV to MP2, then you can select all the files to convert WAV to MP2 and then click on Start All. This option ensures that all the WAV to MP2 conversions happens simultaneously.

convert WAV to MP2

Step 4 Locating the converted files.

Once all the WAV to MP2 conversions have taken place, you can either access the file from the bottom of the pane or open it directly from the explorer.

Note: For the location of the output file, look at the bottom of the window, just below the output file format, and hit the Folder icon next to the File Location.

open the converted file

Part 2. How to convert WAV to MP2 with Total Video Audio Converter

A straightforward and simple to use audio video converter, the Total Video Audio converter is genuinely remarkable. The Total Audio video converter is not only known for the number of formats that it can convert to; it is also known for its speed to convert WAV to MP2. Even with the high-speed conversions, the Total Audio Video Converter can maintain high quality when it comes to the final output. The Total Audio Video Converter can convert, edit, download, burn DVD, transfer. In other words, it is yet another powerful tool to help you with the conversion of WAV to MP2 files. Let’s understand how to get it done.

To start, you can download the software from Once the file is download, run the setup, and you are good to launch the software and start your WAV to MP2 converter.

Step 1: Select files

For converting WAV to MP2, you need to click on the Convert section. Here you can either click the Add Media button to import the files to convert WAV to MP2 or you can drag and drop the files.

choose the file

Step 2: Choose Output File Format

There are several formats other than the convert WAV to MP2 format by the Total Audio Video converter. Here you need to select the appropriate output format.

choose the format

Step 3: Convert Videos

You can select Convert All in case of converting WAV to MP2 in a batch or Convert if a single file needs to be converted from WAV to MP2.

convert WAV to MP2 free


● Support for multiple audio and video formats.

● Fast conversion

● Easy to use


● Substandard output quality

● Sorely outdated

● The interface is not up to the mark

Part 3. How to convert WAV to MP2 online with Convertio

Convertio is one of the WAV to MP2 converter freeware. It is a fantastic free and browser-based converter. No software installation is needed. It would help if you had an Internet connection for this straightforward tool. Also, Convertio is one of those few tools that offer OCR also.

Step 1: Select files

Let's start to convert WAV to MP2. You will either need to click on Choose Files, choose the files from the computer, or even drag and drop the files on to the browser.

add files

Step 2: Selecting the output format

The next step involves selecting the output format of the file that you want to be converted. For a WAV to MP2 conversion, you will need to select an MP2 file format here.

choose the format

Step 3: Convert the file

Finally, once the output format has been selected, click on Convert to start the conversion.

convert WAV to MP2

Step 4: Download the file

Once the conversion has been completed, you can hit Download and save the converted file.

download the file


● Browser-based tool

● Support audio conversion formats

● Easy to use


● Requires internet connection

● Slow conversions

● Reloads are required mostly during conversion.

Part 4. What are MP2 and WAV

WAV format is one of the oldest designs when it comes to audio formats. It is the only software that has been developed by Microsoft with collaboration with IBM. Hence the beauty of this software not only in the granularity it offers in terms of the quality; it is also compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

On the other hand, MP2 is developed by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group). It is an audio compression format. The MP3 format was derived from the MP2 format for further compression purposes. It is mainly used in digital television broadcasting and digital radio.


The main thing that you have to consider is when you convert WAV to MP2 is that we need to understand that WAV Is a higher format compared to the MP2 format. WAV files are known for their quality due to the granularity of the audio data they hold. Due to this level of granularity, it then affects the size of the file. Due to the large size, it sometimes becomes to take this file onto smaller devices or smaller media, like smartphones or pen drives. Hence the need for a WAV to MP2 converter.

As far as the MP2 file is concerned, it is a much-compressed version of the WAV file. Hence it is also known as having a lossless quality. However, even if the MP2 file is a compressed version, you don't want your audio experience to be compromised. Hence a very critical aspect of this entire process is the right WAV to MP2 converter.

Hence, it is essential to have a great WAV to MP2 converter that will take care of this compression along with being able to maintain the quality of the file. Not only does Wondershare UniConverter take care of this essential requirement, but it also provides a host of other features that make it worthwhile to invest in this tool.

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