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Best Way to Convert MP3 to MP2 in 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-20 11:37:23 • Proven solutions

This article deals with how you can convert one file format to another using free online tools. It also includes a step-by-step procedure of how to convert your audio files from one format to another. The next part of the article then goes on to elaborate on 6 online tools with which you can perform MP3 to MP2 conversion. We then give a brief glimpse of what MP2 and MP3 formats are and why it is necessary to convert from one to the other. Conversion from one format to another is done for more quality of the output video and sometimes to save space.

Part 1. How to convert MP3 to MP2 on Mac/Windows: Wondershare UniConverter

If there’s any converter that can make your life easier to complete the conversion task, then it is none other than Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). This tool is a fast, powerful, easy to use, and professional tool to convert, edit, trim, merge and compress videos and audios. It is a hassle-free and effortless way to convert the MP3 file to MP2 format.

The user interface is friendly and intuitive. A great feature in trimming is available to trim a file and save it as multiple files based on your preference. This tool can convert audio for popular audio players such as iPod classic, iPod touch, Zune, and all kinds of other MP3 players.

This tool supports a huge number and video and audio formats to play it on various devices. Moreover, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use- anyone can do it. This application is 100% safe to use and doesn’t install any third-party applications during download.

video converter logo Wondershare UniConverter for Mac/Windows

wondershare uniconverter
  • Converts audio files to almost any major audio/video file format
  • All-in-one tool to convert, edit, trim, compress and merge files
  • You can adjust audio bitrate, sample rate, audio channel, and select an audio encoder
  • Fast and reliable, with absolutely no loss in quality after conversion
  • er-friendly and intuitive interface
  • You can easily download videos/audios from 10,000 websites
safe download Security Verified. 7,851,625 people have downloaded it.

How to Convert Audio Files:

Step 1 Add the file you want to convert.

Open the Wondershare UniConverter and click on Converter on the left Navigation menu bar of the application. Now Import the required audio file by clicking the +Add Files button or drag and drop the file you wish to convert to the MP2 format.

add files

Step 2 Select Output Format and quality.

When the file is imported, click on the Output Format drop-down at the bottom. Here you can choose the desired output formats and quality whether you want the video to be Same as Source by clicking on the corresponding option depending on your requirement.

Note: You can even trim, crop or preview the original audio and output quality before conversion.

choose the format

Step 3 Initiate the conversion.

Finally, click on the Convert button on the top right corner of your screen. Once the conversion has been completed, it will be indicated by Success. You can then click on the Finished and directly open the output file from there.

Part 2. How to convert MP3 to MP2 free online in 4 ways

1. AnyConv

AnyConv is an online converter tool to convert files from one format to the other online. With this tool, it is possible to do MP3 to MP2 free conversion online without downloading anything. This free MP3 to MP2 converter can convert documents, images, audio and video files, ebooks and archives. AnyConv supports up to 300 file formats and is 100% free.

Once the conversion is done, all input files will be deleted, and so will the output files after 24 hours. So your files will be completely safe and private and cannot be accessed by anyone. You can convert a maximum of 60 files in an hour. Each file size can be up to 50 MB.

To Convert files from MP3 to MP2 online using this tool:

Step 1: Click the Choose File button to select an MP2 file on your computer. Your MP2 file size can maximum be up to 50 MB.


Step 2: Click on the Convert button to initiate the process of conversion from MP3 to MP2.

Step 3: Once the conversion is over, you can now download your MP3 file.

2. Online Audio Converter

Online Audio Converter is a free online app that converts audio files into the format you want. Since the process is done online, no installation is required. You can convert multiple files, all at once, and before conversion, you can select settings like frequency, bitrate, quality, etc. It is easy, fast, and completely secure because your files will automatically be deleted from the server a few hours after the work is done.

Convert from MP3 to MP2 online with this simple step-wise tutorial:

Step 1: Click on the Open Files button or drag-drop it into the interface. Or, you can select an MP3 file from Google Drive, DropBox or URL.

open files

Step 2: Click on the More option and choose the MP2 option. You can then select the Quality from the four options available – Economy, Standard, Good and Best.

Note: Using Advanced Settings options on the right, you can set the bitrate, sample rate and even make the file “Fade in” or “Fade out” by clicking on the corresponding settings.

choose the MP2 format to output

Step 3: Finally, click on the Convert button at the bottom to begin the conversion process. Once the conversion is done, you can download your MP2 file by clicking on the Download option.

3. Convertio

Convertio is a software that converts files online from one format to another. It supports more than 300 different file formats. Since all conversions take place in the cloud, it will not consume any capacity from your computer. In addition to audio and video files, Convertio can also convert ebooks, presentations, fonts, and images.

How to convert MP3 to MP2 using free Converter working:

Step 1: Click on the Choose Files button and select the files that you want to convert to the MP2 file. The maximum file size that you can upload is 100 MB.

choose the file

Note: With the Add more files button, you can add multiple files.

Step 2: Then click on the MP2 file option from the drop-down box. Lastly, click on the Convert button to initiate the conversion.

choose the format

Step 3: Click on the Download button to download your file.

4. MP3 Cutter

MP3Cutter was formulated in the year 2018 as a simple free tool for people to cut their Audio files, including MP3 files. This tool is completely web-based, secure and free. It works across all browsers and is optimized for mobile. The tool is hosted on Amazon Cloud. All your files will be deleted after 24 hours, thereby securing your privacy.

How to Convert MP2 to MP3 online with this tool?

Step 1: Click the Choose File button to select your MP2 files.

choose the file

Step 2: Click on the Convert button to initiate the conversion process.

Note: On the editor page, you can adjust the properties of the target MP3 file like “Audio Quality,” “Fade In/Out,” and “Audio Sample Rate” from the Advanced Settings tab below.

convert MP3 to MP2

Step 3: You can then download your MP3 file using the Download option.

Part 3. Tips for MP2 and MP3

MP2 is an audio file extension found in music files and sound files with MPEG Audio Stream. MP2 audio files are so-called because they represent MPEG Audio Layer-2 compressed files. They are designed to reduce the file size of the audios. MP2 format remains the standard format of audio files for digital radio and television broadcasts.

MP3 is, without doubts, the most commonly distributed audio file format in the world. This file format allows an audio file to be reduced in size, making it easier to download from the Internet and then store it. The MP3 file format is generally used to play audio files on MP3 players, iPods and mobile phones.

The audio is compressed with loss of quality, but the loss is negligible for the typical user, and the file size is usually less than that of the original files.

MP2 audio files are playable only on some portable media players, so it absolutely imperative to convert MP3 to MP2 files.


Wondershare UniConveter is an online tool that is versatile, robust and quick – it hardly takes any waiting time to upload files and download the output. You can process multiple files in batches to save a significant amount of conversion time. It works several times faster than other conversion tools available in the market. Moreover, your files will be super safe and secure. The conversion from MP3 to MP2 will be of high quality and done easily using this tool. If you are looking for a versatile tool with which to do multiple things, then Wondershare UniConverter is the ideal product for you.

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