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Best 8 Ways to Convert MP2 to WAV in 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-20 11:57:29 • Proven solutions

MP2 Format? What is that? Are MP2 to WAV converters available? Most of us are more used to working with MP3, and if you are an editor, then probably the WAV format. MP2 is not a very popular format and stands for MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File.

Unlike WAV format, MP2 is supported only by individual audio players. Preferably the WAV format, a product of IBM and Microsoft, is very recognizable. The main advantage is that both MAC and Windows support it. MP2 is, therefore, is not a very frequently used file format, and often MP2 to WAV converters are the best possible solutions.

Part 1. Convert MP2 to WAV with Wondershare UniConverter

What a recommended MP2 to WAV Converter must have?

If you have an MP2 file and are unable to play it, convert MP2 to WAV format would be ideal. It is comparatively easier to invest in an MP2 to WAV converter rather than look for different software for different file formats. In this case, even choosing the right MP2 to WAV converter is very crucial. The converter that you choose should be able to convert most of the file formats that are available to other popular file formats. Also, another aspect that needs to be considered is retaining the complete quality during the conversion.

The Solution: Wondershare UniConverter

Several MP2 to WAV converters are available online that help you with various file conversions. However, from all the ones that are available online, Wondershare UniConverter takes the cake. The Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is the perfect blessing of digitalization and the fantastic stuff that is possible. The extensibility of this tool can only be understood when you have used the tool for a while.

video converter logo Wondershare UniConverter for Mac/Windows

wondershare uniconverter
  • The audio and video converter is another killer aspect of the Wondershare UniConverter as it can effectively convert files to device-specific formats.
  • Wondershare UniConverter has been built on a colossal engine that not only supports MP2 to WAV conversion but it also supports the lossless conversion of numerous audio formats and 150+ video formats.
  • The 90x times faster conversion speed of the Wondershare UniConverter is better than any other converter out there.
  • It even enables you to download 8K/4K videos from 10,000 + sites and that are completed in the blink of an eye.
  • Be it compress, convert, edit or even backup or burn a DVD, Wondershare UniConverter is an ultimate toolkit that offers all of this with just a click of a button.
  • And not to mention, the GUI is pretty straightforward and user friendly. It incorporates all the modules by Wondershare UniConverter very beautifully.
safe download Security Verified. 7,851,625 people have downloaded it.

Moreover, want to record some videos in DVD quality for meetings or online lectures? Do it with Wondershare UniConverter. The Wondershare UniConverter can record videos in high-definition digital quality from any online or offline platform. Besides, you can choose to share these videos seamlessly with family and friends.

Step by Step Tutorial

Getting started with Wondershare UniConverter is relatively easy and straightforward. Here’s how to convert MP2 to WAV using Wondershare UniConverter.

Step 1. Install the software package and get started.

Head to and download the software. Now, install it and then launch the Wondershare UniConverter. To convert MP2 to WAV format, you need to select the Audio Converter from the main interface. Now, drag-drop the files that you need to convert into the conversion board.

add files

Step 2. Opt for the output format.

Once you’ve imported the file, the next step is selecting the output format. Below the conversion board, hit on the Output Format setting and opt for the Audio tab, followed by selecting the output format and quality as per your preference.

choose the WAV format

Step 3. Initiate the conversion.

Once the relevant selections have been made, you can click on Convert. Or, if you’re going to batch convert MP2 to WAV files, you can click on Start All for initiating the conversion for all the files simultaneously.

Note: You can find the output file location at the bottom of the window below the output file format.

convert MP2 to WAV

Step 4. Accessing the converted audio files.

Once the conversion has been completed, you can click on the Finished and directly open the output file from there. Or you can open the file location that you have selected and access the file from there.

get the converted file

Part 2. Other 7 ways to convert MP2 to WAV

Now, we have looked at Wondershare UniConverter and the simplistic method, which allows quick file format conversions. Other than Wondershare UniConverter, there are other MP2 to WAV converter free online as well as some MP2 to WAV converters that can be installed also. Before you decide to go for the Wondershare UniConverter, let’s look at the other converters that are available.

1.Online Audio Converter

Online Audio converter is like the name suggests an online audio converter. It is free and doesn't need any installation. It has a simple interface and can connect to various online storage for quick conversion.


● Works in a browser. No installation required 

● Can directly connect and convert files from online storage platforms

● Over 300 input file formats supported


● Requires internet connection

● Can only convert to various audio formats

● Might be jammed

Online Audio Converter


Another remarkable audio converter tool, Convertio is a free and browser-based converter. No installation is required, and the interface is straightforward and easy to use. Convertio is genuinely one of the incredible all-in-one converters that meet all expectations. In the wide range of services offered by Convertio, it also includes OCR, making it a precious tool.


● Works in a browser. No installation required

● Over 3416 audio conversions

● Easy to use


● Requires internet connection

● Slow conversions

● Need to reload sometimes



Online-Convert is a free online audio converter tool that comes with an easy to use interface. They also have customer service support that is ready to assist with any problems or issues you might be facing. Online-convert is safe and reliable software that supports a variety of audio format conversions. Also, the website is considered to be extremely safe since there are no malware or anti-ware pop-ups that are experienced on the website.


● Works in a browser. No installation required

● Customer service support

● Easy to use


● Requires internet connection

● Limited functionality in the free version

● May be affected by website situation



AnyConv is a fantastic free audio tool that allows you to not only convert but also download files from various social media websites, like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion and so on. The interface is relatively simple, and you can achieve the desired results in a couple of clicks. However, the installer comes bundled with additional software, which is better avoided than installed on the system.


● Easy to use

● Good format support

Excellent filters and effects


● Requires internet connection

● Slow conversions

● Extra software bundle


FreeConvert is another free and secure advanced MP2 to WAV free online video converter tool. It is known to support over 350 video formats, and even the interface is relatively simple to use. The advanced of this online video converter has some customizable options, like the target format, video resolution, CODEC support, and orientation settings. Along with this, it allows you to compress video files and even do batch processing. However, the file size is restricted to 1GB.


● Works in a browser. No installation required

● Batch processing up to 20 files

● Works with compression as well as conversions


● Requires Internet connection

● Slow conversions

● File size restricted to 1 GB


CoolUtils is one of the best MP2 to WAV audio converters that deserve mention. It has conversions possible even for the rarest of file formats to widespread formats. The main drawback of the application is its interface. The CoolUtils Interface is highly complex and can make it difficult for first-time users to navigate. The complete version of the software is priced; however, the users can sign up for a 30-day trial before purchasing.


● Rip CD and even convert CDA to lossless or various other compressed formats

● Command-line interface integration for the conversion of audio file format

● Easily download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 files

● Change the format of SoundCloud videos


● Interface relatively complex

● No Mac support

● The trial version doesn't convert complete audio file



MP3 Cutter and Editor is a free and a straightforward and little audio editing tool, which can be used for small scale purposes. However, it is compatible only with MP3 and WAV files. There is no support for other formats like WMA and AAC. An excellent choice for a tool if adjusting the audio and clipping of the audio are the only things that you need. Simple to use interface with self-explanatory buttons and sliders.


● Online Audio Cutter

● Easy audio trimming

● Extract sound from a video


● Only compatible with MP3 and WAV files

● No effects or filters

● Can't edit channels separately



The age we are living in is truly digital. No aspect of our lives has not been touched by technology. To the extent that there are new tools and technologies are being developed every day. And new technologies are launched even as we speak. We are faced with a similar situation when we talk about something as simple as MP2 to WAV converter. There are innumerable MP2 to WAV converter free online as well as there is MP2 to WAV converter that is paid online, and there are the desktop versions that are installable on your system. Each MP2 to WAV tool would have its own set of pros and cons.

Finally, it depends on you as the requirement varies for each person. If you are a video editor or a specialist, then probably a desktop MP2 to WAV converter software, like the Wondershare UniConverter would be a great choice. The Wondershare UniConverter encompasses all the possible and frequently used options when it comes to MP2 to WAV conversion or even editing for that matter.  And the best part of Wondershare UniConverter is, once installed, you can complete your work without an Internet connection. Edit, record, and share your videos seamlessly with the Wondershare UniConverter.

Select the tool that best suits your requirements.

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Christine Smith

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