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Top 5 online movie makers you must try

"Is there a free movie maker online where I do not have to register an account? I am looking for easy ways to edit films and haven't been able to pick a suitable online movie editor."

Despite the limited amount of utilities available on an online movie maker, its convenience is no denying. You can quickly edit/create films without having to download/install any software. Moreover, such movie editors online offer to share the produced film directly to social media platforms. This guide will discuss the top five online movie makers that are easy to access and require no registration!

Part 1. 5 best online movie makers you must try

1. Flexclip

movie maker online

Flexclip is free to use online movie editor, which offers a vast library of stock-free videos to create an attractive movie from scratch!

Key features:

  1. It offers several animated elements, such as text, overlays, and logos.
  2. You can access millions of stock-free media files from the platform.
  3. The platform enables you to create movies via built-in templates.
  4. It enables you to add background to any video.
  5. With the watermark editor, you can add text or images of your choice.

Simple UI.

Multiple video editing functions!

Online tutorials for newbies!

Social media integration!


The online movie maker freezes frequently.

"Flexclip is where I made my first video. Go ahead and watch it. That video talks about why I am creating a video. I am making another video with Flexclip."

— By Syed Farrukh

2. Movie Maker Online

movie editor online

Though the majority of online movie makers have limited features to offers, MovieMakerOnline is another story. The tool offers a complete platform to edit films, such as adding transitions and effects!

Key features:

  1. You can trim or stretch the video.
  2. It offers various video resolutions, including HD.
  3. The platform has a sufficient royalty-free music collection.
  4. It lets you to add colors to videos.
  5. The animation maker feature is available as well!

It doesn't imprint its watermark!

Registration is not necessary!

It enables you to add 100 files!

It deletes uploaded content within a day!


You can edit only 10 minutes' worth of content!

It is buggy!

"It offers proper timeline-based editing with titles and effects, plus a catalog of royalty-free music and stock images to help complete your projects."

— By Cat Ellis

3. Adobe Spark

online movie maker

Key features:

  1. The split-screen function is available!
  2. You can add music or photos from Adobe's wide variety of stock-free media.
  3. It can resize the movie online.
  4. The online movie maker offers a theme library.
  5. It lets you share the completed video to Google Drive.


A comprehensive library of free video templates!

You can also make social media posts with the service!

Offered by Adobe!


You have to register for the service!

"The interface is so user-friendly. Adobe is notorious for being difficult to learn. The templates are easy to scroll through and choose from, and the options are endless and easy to manipulate."

—By Sally Williams

4. Kizoa

online movie editor

Kizoa is an efficient and fast movie editor online that works flawlessly on all modern browsers!

Key features:

  1. You can create online collages with the tool.
  2. It lets you post the movie straight to Facebook or Youtube.
  3. The tool enables you to preview the movie after editing.
  4. It offers plenty of templates, transitions, and music are available.
  5. You can set the video transition effect's speed as well!

Easy to navigate!

Rapid uploading speed!

It also offers smartphone apps!

Free ecard library!


It remains stuck during rendering!

"I have been using Kizoa for over a year to showcase my work to clients, and it's the best way."

— By Catherine Cochereau

5. Magisto

online movie maker download

Magisto Windows movie maker online is among the top platforms that quickly come to everyone's mind regarding movie-making! It is fast and loaded with helpful editing features!

Key features:

  1. Stock-free music, videos, and images are available!
  2. It lets you add your logo and text.
  3. You can customize the video effects and colors!
  4. The platform lets you add your music as well.
  5. You can select a style for the video before editing it!

You can perform HD downloads on the platform!

Free trial!

Smartphone apps for iOS and Android!

A Cloud storage facility is available!


Required registration!

"Magisto has a great library of templates and music to chose from. It is effortless to use, but that then becomes its shortcoming."

— By Ian Smith

Part 2. The best movie maker software for Windows and Mac

uniconverter windows movie maker

An online movie maker will always leave you wanting more, as it is simply impossible for such platforms to offers features similar to a desktop movie editor, such as the Wondershare UniConverter. Moreover, the platform is highly reliable as it is simply not a video editor. Besides, you can manage the video quality, compress it, and even change the file format at a 90x conversion speed.

Here are a few killing features of UniConverter Windows movie maker:

1.The Subtitle Editor offers you to synchronize the subtitle with video. Moreover, you can customize its color, size, and position.

online movie subtitle editor

2.The tool's Smart Trimmer can automatically cut out the useless parts of the video, saving time and effort.

movie smart trimmer online

3.Using the Background Remover tool, you can change the background attributes of the file!

movie background remover

4.The updated Watermark Editor lets you erase any watermark on the video and replace it with your customized text or image!

online movie watermark editor

5.Use the fundamental Video Converter function to change the file format of any movie available.

movie converter online

6. AI Portrait: AI Portrait is a value-added feature of UniConverter. You can change any video background with it. It is the best auto video background changer and remover, which can 100% automatically remove the background from your videos. Besides, there are different templates for you to replace the video background. With artificial intelligence, You don't need to have professional programs or skills. Therefore, UniConverter is a good one among film editing softwares.

AI Portrait uniconverter

7. Auto Reframe: Intelligently identifies the actions in your video and reframes the clips for different aspect ratios, which can save your time and effort.

Auto Reframe uniconverter

See what users of UniConverter have to say:

"User-friendly interface, Simple and easy to use, Convert videos without affecting their quality, Frequently updates in the software, great video converting speed."

— By Sherry Naik

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter - Best Movie Maker for Windows and Mac

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

An easy-to-use movie maker to edit movies anytime anywhere.

Create custom subtitles, or download and modify subtitle files easily.

Add or remove image and text watermarks from your videos effortlessly.

Automatically trim your videos and make video editing easy and time-free.

Original quality video conversion with full GPU acceleration. 90X faster conversion speed.

How to edit a movie using the Wondershare UniConverter? [Basic editing tutorial]

Step 1 Run UniConverter.

Launch the software on your Windows PC, and click on the Video Editor option on the left! Next, select which tool you wish to use from the interface, such as Trim, to edit the movie!

run wondershare uniconverter

Step 2 Edit the video.

After selecting the function, a new editing window will open. Edit the movie accordingly! Click on OK before proceeding to the next step!

uniconverter edit video

Step 3 Save the movie.

Select the File Location and the File Format of the edited video. Lastly, click on Save to complete the editing process.

save movie wondershare uniconverter
Try the easy movie maker — Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

Part 3. Creative tips | How to make a movie appeals to everyone?

Content creators upload thousands of videos on the internet, yet only a few become viral or trendy. The majority of uploaded content doesn't get noticed because the creators forget to make it appealing to everyone. Here, we will discuss some tips that will help you in making a video go viral!

  • Music

Music that fits the tone of the video is necessary to keep the viewer attached to the video. If the music is out of place, then the video will not appeal to the audience in the way you had hoped!

  • Concise

Internet viewers do not care for movies/videos with a significant length. Therefore, making the video short and to the point is vital, enabling the person watching to understand the message entirely.

  • Compelling Intro

The intro should be gripping. Nowadays, you can get the assistance of any online movie maker and use a ready-made intro template for your movie!

Part 4: Conclusion

This part concludes our post on the movie maker online. After that, it is entirely up to you which online movie editor better fits your needs. However, for a more comprehensive video editing experience and to enhance the quality of the video, Wondershare UniConverter is the best choice which offers you extensive features.

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