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How to Convert M4A to AVI on Mac

by Christine Smith • 2022-03-22 13:55:40 • Proven solutions

Often, we find ourselves in a position where media players or smartphone devices do not readily support M4A files. Perhaps, that is because the M4A files were created and marketed by Apple to run on iOS devices. And is the reason why you may require to convert M4A to AVI or any other file format that is more easily playable across several devices and players than the former one. Well, if that is the case, you’ve reached the right place. We have specifically tailored this post to help you understand the step-by-step process of converting M4A to AVI in multiple ways. Let’s explore.

Part 1. How to convert M4A to AVI on Mac

As a Mac user, you must be struggling to convert files from one format to another due to its compatibility issues. iOS is not compatible with numerous file formats, and hence iOS users need to convert files from M4A to AVI often. This conversion could be difficult; however, you no longer need to shed your valuable time over it! Here’s how you can convert M4A to AVI file type with the utmost ease on your MAC device!

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is an excellent software that is easily compatible with MAC devices. Using Wondershare UniConverter, you can interconvert files between different formats within seconds without compromising even a bit on the clarity of the file. It's hard to find M4A to AVI converters on MAC. This is because MAC OS hardly allows you to download any software; however, Wondershare UniConverter is highly compatible with MAC and does not give a single run time issue. If you are looking for an M4A to AVI converter, then Wondershare UniConverter must be your trusted software!

Wondershare UniConverter

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Well, if you are wondering how to convert files from M4A to AVI on your MAC device, it's not rocket science! Follow these simple steps and convert your files from M4A to AVI on the go!

Step 1 Import the file which you want to convert from M4A to AVI.

Once you have set up the Wondershare UniConverter, select the Converter tab on the left panel. Now, you need to import the M4A file, which you want to convert to an AVI file. You can do this either by the drag and drop option or to browse the files and select them.

add files

Step 2 Select the file type you need.

After you are done importing the file, you must select the Output Format option at the bottom. Select the Video tab and choose the format type which you require. In this case, it is AVI.

choose the format

Step 3 Convert M4A to AVI.

Then you must click on the Convert button. After doing this, your M4A file would be converted to an AVI file. This would be done within a few seconds. You need not do anything. Wait as the Wondershare UniConverter takes care of the file conversion!

Step 4 Save the files to your MAC device.

Once the conversion from M4A to AVI is done, you have to click on the Finished tab, followed by Open. There you go, the conversion is done, you can now access your AVI converted file!

Part 2. How to convert M4A to AVI online

The online version of UniConverter, which is often a more space-friendly alternative, is for all the memory conservation geeks! You can use the online UniConverter to convert files from M4A to AVI online. This is free to use open-source software and can be accessed from all devices irrespective of the operating system. The online version of the UniConverter is no less than the downloaded software, and both of them have the same high functionality! However, the online version is more space-friendly as it is completely online, and you needn’t download any software!

Step1: Open online UniConverter.

To start with, you need to open the online version of the UniConverter on the browser you prefer. It could be Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other web browser.


Step2: Import the file which needs to be converted.

After you have opened the online UniConverter, you need to import the file which you want to convert from M4A to AVI format. You can do this by dragging and dropping or you can click on Choose files and import the file which you want to convert.

Step3: Select the format you want.

Once you have uploaded the file type, you must select the file format you want to convert your file to. You will be offered various file types, search through them, and select AVI. Once you have selected AVI, click on CONVERT. Now, your file would soon be converted from M4A to AVI. After it's done, click on Download. Doing so would ensure that your file is downloaded safely to your device.

choose the format

Part 3. How to convert M4A to AVI free

Wondershare Free Video Converter does offer its users free to use version. Using this free tool, you can perform several tasks. Tasks such as video conversion, video trimming and merging, video editing, and some more can be done with ease. However, the free version does not include certain things that are included in the paid version. We would highly recommend you switch over to the paid version of the Wondershare UniConverter. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of the Wondershare Free Video Converter.

add files


● It is totally free and does not have any hidden charges

● You have access to all the features such as video trimming, merging, and editing

● You can use the free version to convert audios and videos into a wide range of file formats


● The free version has a watermark on it, which is not present in Wondershare UniConverter

● The Wondershare Free Video Converter does not give you access to tech-support whereas Wondershare UniConverter gives you access to premium tech support

● While using the free package, you will encounter endless ads, whereas the paid version is ad-free.

Step 1: Open the Wondershare Free Video Converter.

Firstly, open the Wondershare Free Video Converter on your device, then import the file which you are interested in converting from M4A to AVI. You can import the files through the drag and drop” option or choose the file manually.

Step 2: Select the required file format.

Once you are done importing the file, you need to select the format you need your file to be in, which in this case is AVI. Select AVI from the numerous options available. After selecting the file, you must click on Convert.

Step 3: Download the file you just converted.

Once the conversion is done, the” option will be enabled. Click on the Download All option, this will help in downloading the converted file, and it will be saved to your device.


As we have seen, this article explains how easily you can interconvert between file formats, for instance, M4A to AVI conversion. Using the above-mentioned software, you will be able to perform conversions of files within a matter of a few minutes. Using Wondershare UniConverter or the online version of UniConverter, you can perform numerous tasks with the utmost ease. Wondershare UniConverter is like an all-in-one utility software and is the solution to all your video editing needs. It makes dealing with video editing tasks much hassle-free and is truly a promising software!

Free Download Free Download

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