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All Methods to Convert M4A to AIFF in 2024

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-20 11:37:21 • Proven solutions

Converting YouTube video files to your preferred video is not less than a dream come true. Many people are looking out for tutorials on how to convert M4A to AIFF that can help you download files in AIFF format. This is the right place to learn. In this article, you will get to know about some of the major ways to convert M4A to AIFF files directly from YouTube.

One can easily use the AIFF format on apple devices like iPhone and iPod. These files support the best quality audio and provide enhanced bass and sound. Here are the most used ways to convert from M4A to AIFF format.

Part 1. What is AIFF format

AIFF stands for Audio Interchange File Format and is used to store music on Apple devices. The audio in AIFF often contains 2 channels recorded at 44.1 kHz of the sampling rate. AIFF format files are known as the CD-level audio quality as it has the same specifications. A one-minute song takes up to 10 MB of space in AIFF format using tools convert M4A to AIFF online on the web.

This is similar to the .wav format when the sample rate and size are taken into consideration. However, the AIFF format is equivalent to five times the size of an MP3 file at 256kbps quality. The AIFF format is not used frequently nowadays, but people still use M4A to AIFF converter for purposes like recording, mixing, and mastering.

When it comes to the final version of the project or the song, people convert them into other formats. These formats include MP3, MO4, MOV, and many more to make it accessible for the audience.

Part 2. Convert M4A to AIFF with Wondershare UniConverter

Video converters like Wondershare UniConverter are available for Windows and MacOS platforms. Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) offers a wide range of video and audio formats in which you can convert YouTube videos directly. The task to convert M4A to AIFF Mac format is challenging for some software, and that is why you should choose software that doesn’t hamper the quality of the video.

The converter stands among the easiest to use video converters and editors with high-quality output. It comes with an M4A to AIFF converter, which allows you to reduce the size of big files without hampering the quality of the video file. Not only YouTube, but the converter is also compatible with up to 10,000 sites on the internet without any hassle.

Wondershare UniConverter

Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.
  • Video Compress Tool – The video compressor tool is used to maintain the quality of the file without harming the pixel size. Wondershare UniConverter is equipped with such a tool to provide highly compressed videos or to convert M4A to AIFF online with high-quality output
  • Video Editor – You can add outstanding features, crop videos, change ratio, and add subtitles to your video. It is straightforward to use, and one can get amazing results from the editor
  • Download files from up to 10,000 websites – Yes, you can download any video from YouTube, including other 10,000 websites on the Internet
  • Burn DVD – Make a DVD for your favorite movies to gift it to your loved ones with the Wondershare UniConverter
  • One-stop solution – Download,convert M4A to AIFF Mac, or burn video files to any format you want. This tool does it all

Step by Step Tutorial:

Video converters can be challenging for beginners, so we are providing a tutorial to show you how to convert video files. Here’s how –

Step 1 Get the file uploaded.

Open the converter and select Converter from the left tab. Click on the Add Files button and add files by using the open box. Select the files which you want to convert.

add files

Step 2 Select the output format.

Once you’ve successfully imported the audio file, now you need to select the output audio format and quality as per your need. To select the quality and format, go to the Output Format, and select your preferred quality and format from the windowpane, as shown in the picture below.

choose the format

Step 3 Convert M4A to AIFF format.

Now that you’ve selected your preferred format and quality, it is time to convert the video file to audio. Now, Check the High-Speed Conversion button located on the top right corner and then select the file location from the bottom tab. Once you’ve decided the path and quality, click on Start All for multiple conversions of files.

Step 4 Access the files.

Go to the Finished tab given at the top. Find the downloaded file and click Open to access the converted audio file.

Part 3. Convert M4A to AIFF online

AIFF format is considered one of the most used formats for mixing and sound recording. There are many online ways to find how to convert M4A to AIFF on the Internet. The best way is to use online UniConverter. AIFF is used to get high-quality output from the audio used whenever a sound is put into mixing using iMac or any apple devices.

UniConverter stands among one of the top best converter on the internet today. It provides a wide range of features to the users to convert M4A to AIFF formats. You don’t have to download it on your PC like other software; this is a web platform where you can convert M4A to AIFF online in easy steps. You have to upload the file, select the preferred output, and do the conversion without any additional time.

Step 1: Add the M4A files to the videos to the webpage by clicking on the Choose Files option. Select the M4A file from your PC and add it to the online converter.

add files

Step 2: Once you’ve selected the files, choose the format and quality of the file you want. Click on the AIFF format from the audio tab and proceed with the quality.

choose the AIFF format

Step 3: Once you are done uploading the files and selecting the audio quality, go on to proceed with the conversion of the file. Click on CONVERT and check to notify when it is finished to know about the status of the file conversion. Download the file and access it to use the same for your audio mixing on iMac.

Part 4. How to convert M4A to AIFF on Mac with iTunes

Converting a video file using iTunes can be quite challenging. It takes a lot more technical knowledge of such software before you proceed. There are many ways to convert M4A to AIFF that and software you can use for conversions. However, if you’ve decided to use iTunes for the same, we are here to guide you through the whole process.

You need to follow a few steps, as mentioned in the section below. We will explain every step to make sure you don’t get deflected while using iTunes. Let’s see how to do it –

Step 1: If you already have iTunes, proceed to open it or download it if you don’t have it on your system. Launch the software, and click on File then Preferences option. After that, go to the General tab and proceed to the Import Settings.

import setting

Step 2: You will come across various encoders on this option, which will let you convert files easily. In this case, go for the AIFF encoder to convert M4A to AIFF files. Proceed to the next option to select the quality from Sample rate, Bitrate, and channels. Click on OK once you are done with all these steps.

choose the AIFF coder

Step 3: Now, head over to iTunes and add videos using the Files > Add File to Library option. Select the M4A files you want to convert.

ready to convert M4A to AIFF

Step 5: After selecting the file, head over to Files > Convert > Create AIFF Version. This will convert your M4A file to AIFF file format.


It is a little hard to grasp all the knowledge to convert files into different formats. We hope you’ve learned about almost everything in the tutorials above. Conversion of M4A to AIFF can provide you a high-quality audio file, and if you want to mix and master some new music, these converters are your go-to tools.

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