How to make a YouTube intro video easily for beginners

Want to learn how to make a YouTube intro quickly and easily? Here is the perfect guidepost. A video intro is like a cover of a book. Without a well-thought-out opening video, most YouTubers would easily click the "next" button and skip the video. In fact, a killer intro can make a somewhat average YouTube video look very professional. So, having said that, let's hop in and learn how to make a YouTube intro video for your channel easily. It's easy, actually!

Part 1. 3 things you should know about a YouTube intro

Before we learn how to make a intro for a YouTube channel, let's first discuss some vital things about this opening video scene.

1. How long should a YouTube intro be?

The intro basically summarizes what the YouTube video is all about. Or rather, it can be the niche of your YouTube channel. As such, the YouTube video intro should be as short as possible without leaving out vital information. For the best results, your YouTube video intro playback should be anything between 5 and 10 seconds. Anything beyond that can put off some viewers who are eager to get down to the main video.

2. What should you say in your YouTube intro?

As said before, the YouTube video intro should summarize what you'll be discussing in the main content. Therefore, avoid those long, drawn-out sentences like "click this link," "subscribe to my channel," and so on. Instead, just greet the viewers and quickly tell them what to expect. For example, say, "Hello guys, today's video is about how to make a DIY bookshelf at home. Let's get started!"

3. How do you add an intro to a YouTube video?

After creating a YouTube video intro, you'll obviously want to add it to your main video. Fortunately, there's no need to splash a fortune on a high-end program like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. That's because you can get something free and effective like Wondershare Intro & Outro Editor. We'll discuss this intro maker for YouTube in the next section.

Part 2. How to make an intro for a YouTube channel

We'll learn how to generate YouTube intro videos offline and online on desktops in this part. Let's go!

#Make YouTube intro video with Wondershare UniConverter (for beginners)

Wondershare UniConverter is the perfect desktop-based YouTube intro maker. It houses AI-powered tools to make your video more attractive and compelling. For example, it has a smart trimmer for cutting out silent parts of the intro clip or cropping out unwanted objects in the video. Also, it boasts an excellent background remover for helping you create a unique studio-like background for your video. And yes, you can perform quick edits like trimming, cropping, and applying effects to the YouTube video before converting to YouTube. So let's learn how to exploit these features.

wondershare uniconverter 13

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AI-powered features such as Smart Trimmer, AI Portrait, Background Remover take your YouTube intro video to the next level.

Add intros to YouTube videos easily and quickly.

Batch add intros or outros to videos without any hassle.

Support more than 1,000 file formats.

Compress your video, audio and image files without quality loss.

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Change YouTube Intro video background with the AI Portrait tool:

Step 1. Run UniConverter on your PC and tap AI Portrait on the home page. You can also locate this tool on the Toolbox tab.

how to make a youtube intro

Step 2. Then, tap Add Files on the left side of the window to browse and upload your YouTube intro clip.

how to make your own youtube intro

Step 3. The white background color will be applied when your video is loaded successfully. Of course, you can change that to a different color or choose one of the image templates. Or, tap Add Image to add a thumbnail picture of the video as the new intro background.

how to make a good youtube intro

Step 4. Last but not least, enable the Preview toggle to crosscheck the video before clicking Export. Remember, you can add the same background to multiple YouTube videos.

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Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded UniConverter to try its advanced features.

Edit and convert the intro video to YouTube:

Step 1. Click the Converter tab on the left menu bar, and then tap Add Files to browse and upload the intro video with a new background.

how to make a cool youtube intro

Step 2. Next, tap the Trim icon on the video thumbnail to split and cut the YouTube video. To trim the video quickly, just drag the handles on each end to reduce the playback duration to the recommended 5-10 seconds.

how do you make a youtube intro

Now tap the Subtitle icon. Here, you can apply a cool subtitle to your video. While adding a subtitle/caption, you can customize the font type, size, color, subtitle positioning, opacity, and so on. Also, remember that this program supports common subtitle files like SRT and SSA.

make youtube intro video

Step 3. Upload the main video on the Converter window and choose YouTube as the Output Format. Lastly, tap Start All to convert the intro and main YouTube videos to YouTube.

how to make a intro for youtube channel
Try Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

Add the intro video to the main video:

Step 1. Click the Home button on the left pane and open the Intro & Outro tool.

make your own youtube intro

Step 2. Press the Adding tab and tap Add Files to upload the main YouTube video. Now navigate to the right pane and add the Starting Video, which is the intro YouTube video.

upload the main YouTube video

Step 3. Click Preview to replay your YouTube video with an intro and then set a File Location. Now disable the Preview toggle and press Start to save the YouTube video. That's all!

Try Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

#Make a YouTube intro with Adobe Creative Cloud Express (for semi-pros)

If you have some video editing skills, use Creative Cloud Express to make your own YouTube intro online from scratch. Here, you'll find thousands of licensed video templates, pictures, and soundtracks to use on your intro clip. But note that Creative Cloud Express only exports videos to MP4, which is perfect for YouTube.

Below is how to make a cool YouTube intro with Creative Cloud Express:

Step 1. Run Adobe Creative Cloud Express on your PC or mobile browser and click Start from Scratch or select a video template.

Step 2. Next, click the Video button on the editor to upload your intro clip and trim it to the recommended duration. Then, tap the following blank template on the timeline and upload the main YouTube video.

upload your intro clip and trim it

Step 3. Now proceed to customize the videos with unique themes, captions, texts, etc.

customize the videos with unique themes, captions, texts

Step 4. Lastly, tap the Play button to preview your YouTube video before clicking Download to save it on your local drive. It's that simple!

Part 3. FAQs about how to make a YouTube intro

1. How do you make a fun YouTube intro?

You can do some tricks to make your intro short and sweet. First, ensure the theme of your intro video matches that of your channel or video content to maintain consistency. Also, it's a great idea to brand it so your users can recognize your brand whenever they come across your video. And yes, apply subtle background music to capture the viewer's attention immediately.

2. How do you make an intro for YouTube on Android?

To be honest, not so many Play Store apps can help you generate a cool YouTube video intro. For this reason, you should use an online program like Adobe Creative Cloud Express. Also, remember to flip your phone's screen to the landscape mode for the best results to have more editing control.

3. What songs can I use for the YouTube intro?

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the perfect song for your YouTube intro. That's because most music tracks you listen to are actually copyrighted. So, use the royalty-free soundtracks on Adobe Creative Cloud Express. But overall, you can use any song on your YouTube intro video as long as the owner allows you to use it.

4. Where do YouTubers get their intro music?

Most YouTubers avoid licensed music like a plague, and so should you. And come to think of it, you don't need to spend a fortune on YouTube background music. So, stick to non-commercial or stock music like most YouTube creators out there. Interestingly, your fans probably won't give a hoot about the music creator as long as it rhymes with the intro video.


Overall, don't let your YouTube intro video exceed the 10-second duration mark unless it's overly necessary. Also, make it more captivating by adding low-volume background music and branding. Plus, use Wondershare UniConverter to edit and convert your intro video to YouTube without losing quality.

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