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Common Problems

How do I retain the ID3 tags of the converted DRM files?

An ID3 tag, also known as metadata, is the way to describe information relating to the file that you are working with. It can contain information as in the track name, artist, etc. If you wish to learn more about ID3 tags, click on this link for more information: here

Due to the properties of video formats, you can retain the ID3 tags of specific file types, like MP3, WMA, M4A, M4B and M4P files if you convert them to the MP3 or WMA format.
You can also retain the ID3 tags of WMV, ASF, and M4V files if you convert them to the WMV or ASF format.

The software only acquires the ID3 information after completion of the conversion. Once the file has been converted, you are able to them get the ID3 tags for the output file.

If you have chosen the correct output format and are unable to obtain the ID3 tags, contact us and let us know the format of your source file, and the output file. Also include a detailed description of what you were doing so that we can investigate for you.

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How to improve the output file quality.

The output video quality depends on many factors, such as source file, computer configuration, and the output parameters you choose. For a better output quality, it is advisable to close other unnecessary programs to make sure the computer is not over task first. For more suggestion, you can follow the steps below:
1. Be sure that the video plays well on the computer and it is not damaged.
2. Click the Settings button to select High Quality and keep the default parameter.
3. If the source file and the output format you choose are supported for High Speed Conversion, you can click Menu>Preferences>Convert to enable High Speed Conversion.

If it doesn't work, click this link  to upload the video, then contact us the share link when you finish.

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How do I transfer converted or downloaded video to my device wirelessly?

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate supports transferring your converted or downloaded videos to your iPhone or Android mobile device wirelessly. The following steps will explain the process to transfer the file.

1. Ensure that your computer and the mobile device are both on the same network.
2. Open Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, and click on Menu>Preferences>General to enable Wi-Fi Transfer Reminders.

3. Once your video has completed the conversion process, the following pop-up will appear. Click on Transfer Now.

4. For a downloaded video, click on the Transfer Recent Downloads option as seen below.

5. You will need to download and install the free Wondershare Player App onto your device to be able to transfer the videos. See below as to how to get that player for your device.

6. Once you have installed the Wondershare Player App on your device, you will be able to use the scanner to scan the QR code that appears. Once you scan the code, the wireless transfer will start immediately. For more details on how to work the wireless transfer, click on How to connect?

7. After your transfer has completed, you can then use the free Wondershare Player App to watch the video on your iPhone or Android device.

Note: Only the iPhone and Android devices are support presently. The iPad is not currently supported for wireless transfer.

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What can I do to play a video on my DVD player?

If your DVD player is able to play directly from the computer using a USB connection:

1. Check the official webpage for your DVD player to see what formats it supports.
2. Load the source file into the software and choose the best format that is supported by your DVD player in the Output Format section on the right of the window.
3. Upon completion of the conversion, plug a USB cable directly between the DVD player and the computer and play back the video.


If your DVD player is only able to discs:

1. Click on the Burn tab, and then click Add Files to load the video you wish to burn.
2. Insert a blank DVD that is compatible with your player into your computer. To verify the discs that are compatible, follow this link:
3. Choose the correct TV Standard for your country. Follow this link to view one that works for your country: . Depending on your location you will choose either PAL or NTSC.
4. Click Burn to start the burning process.
5. When the burn has completed, you can now play the disc on your DVD player.


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Which TV Standard should I choose?

There are three main television standards used throughout the world: NTSC, SECAM and PAL. NTSC and PALare the most commonly used ones.

After clicking above link, you will see the page as below, then you could find the TV Standard by Entering country, Country Code, ISO Code or checking the Tablet directly.

After confirming the correct TV Standard of your country, please follow the steps below to select it from our program:

1. Go to the Burn tab.

2. Drag the source video into the program and choose the More menu.

3. Select the right TV Standard under the More menu. The burned DVD will not play on your DVD player if the TV Standard is not correct.


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How do I start the Wondershare Media Server?

Wondershare Media Server supports streaming video to your TV using many different popular streaming devices. The steps below will allow you to setup your streaming depending on the device you are using.

1. Media Server supports the following devices shown below. To be able to ensure smooth transfers you need to make sure both your PC and chosen streaming device are attached to the same network (LAN/WIFI).

2. Click on the Wondershare Media Server icon to start the software. The Media Server will automatically search the network (LAN/WIFI) for available devices to connect to.

3. Once you have connected, click on Scan or Add Files to load the videos you want to stream.

4. After loading your videos, choose one and send the video to the TV to view.

Note: If you are running a Smart TV, and it supports the DLNA protocol, you will be able to follow this guide to stream directly to the TV.

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What is GPU accelerate and how to use it to speed up conversion.

GPU encoding alllowes the product to use new NVIDIA® CUDA™, AMD® and Intel® Core™ technologies to convert any DVD and common videos in all popular formats 6 times faster.

You can follow the steps below to enable it and speed up the conversion. 
1. For NVIDIA® CUDA™, AMD® technologies
1) Follow the steps below to check the processor of the graphic card on your computer is included in the following link.
Click Start>Run and enter "dxdiag".
Click OK to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window. You can check the type of the graphics card ( ) and its driver under Display tab.

2) Make sure your graphics card has a latest driver, if not, you can download the latest driver for your graphics card from the link below for installation.
For NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology:
For AMD® technology:

3) Load a video or DVD to our program using Add Files / Load DVD, and select Enable GPU Acceleration under Menu>Preferences>Convert

4) Choose a needed format from Output Format section, and click the Settings button to choose a H.264 encoder under Video Encoder.
5) Click the Convert button to start the conversion. After the conversion, you can click Open Folder to find the output file.

2. For Intel quick sync video Technology
If you are using Intel graphics card, the product will perform GPU encoding with Intel Quick Sync Video technology, which is built in 2nd generation Intel Core Processors or above only. You can download the latest driver from the link for installation for a better GPU encoding performance.  If you are using 1st generation Intel Core Processors, you can download Media SDK 2.0 from the link.(

The operation steps to enable GPU accelerate are similar to that of NVIDIA® CUDA™, AMD® technologies above.

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