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Burn Videos to DVD

How do I burn audio files to a CD?

As Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate doesn’t support burning audio files to a CD, try these free alternatives.

Burning CD’s using iTunes:

For MP3, M4A, AAX, or AA files you can use iTunes to burn them to a CD with the following instructions.
1. Click File>Add files to library to load the audio files into iTunes, and then create a playlist by clicking File>New Playlist.


2. Drag your chosen files from your iTunes library into the new playlist.


3. Right click (right mouse button) on the playlist and choose Burn Playlist to Disc.


Burning CD’s using Windows Media Player:

To burn your WMA files to a CD follow the steps below to use Windows Media Player.
1. Right click (right mouse button) a WMA file and select File>Add to Library and it will be added to your Windows Media Player.
2. In Windows Media Player right click (right mouse button) the file and select Add to>Burn List.
3. Click on the Burn tab, and then select Start Burn to transfer the data to a CD.


Note: If the audio file you are trying to burn to a CD is DRM protected, you will have to ensure that you have authorization for the file. Otherwise the programs will be unable to complete the burn task as requested.

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How to speed up burning DVDs?
The burning speed depends on the length of the source file, the output settings and the computer configuration. Here are some tips to improve the burning speed:

1. It is advisable to select Fit to disk instead of  High Quality for the output DVD. The higher the quality is, the more time the product will take to burn it. However, there will be some quality loss.


2. As the recording function is very CPU sensitive. Closing other unnecessary applications is advised. You can press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your keyboard then select task manager to close other  unnecessary applications. Make sure you save any work before you close an application. You can also use this link to help you prioritize the tasks in windows task manager.


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How to improve the output quality for burned DVDs?

If there is a special codec in the video or the burning process doesn’t perform well, the output quality may be poor. Here are some tips to improve the output quality for burned DVDs:

1. Please make sure the video plays well on both your computer and in our program.

2. Update your DVD driver and make sure your blank DVD disc is compatible with the DVD drive. To update the DVD driver, simply right-click My Computer > Manage > Device Manager > DVD/CD-ROM drives and click the drive to update it.


3. Select video quality as High Quality from the options in the Burn to DVD window.


If it still doesn't work, please tell us more details such as the DVD disc and DVD drive you’re using. Meanwhile, please send us the source video file. If the file is larger than 20MB, you can upload it to and send us the share link for downloading.

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How do I load a DVD into Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate?

There are two ways to load the DVD into the software.

1. Click on Load DVD and select the DVD drive of your computer, and then choose the Video_TS folder and that will load it for you. You can then choose Main Movie or All Movies according to what you want to copy.

To see the difference between these two modes, visit this link.

If you need to load the DVD from an IFO file, follow these instructions:

1. Once you have inserted a disc, you can select Load IFO Files>Video_TS and choose the biggest IFO file, which will contain the main movie. This will allow you to bypass some of the unnecessary parts of the DVD and decrease the conversion time.

Tip: To find the biggest IFO file, right click (right mouse button) on the IFO, and choose properties to check the file size.

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How do I load all of the movies from a DVD into Wondershare Video Converter Ulti

Click on the Load DVD button and then choose the correct source drive, and then choose the VIDEO_TS folder to load the disc. You will then get the following option as shown below to choose All Movies from the DVD.

Tip: To make All Movies the default setting click on Menu>Preferences>Convert and then set the DVD Load Mode to All Movies.

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How do I copy my DVD to a new disc?

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is not designed to do a direct copy from disc to disc. To make a copy of your DVD you will need to rip the DVD information and convert it to a common video file, then burn the converted file to a new disc. The steps below will explain the steps to do this.

1. Click on the Convert section, then choose Load DVD and select the VIDEO_TS folder to load the DVD into the software.

2. Choose the format from the Output Formats that you wish to convert the DVD into.
3. Click on the Convert button to start your conversion. Once conversion is complete you can click on the Open Folder option to be taken to the file location.
4. Click on the Burn tab on the top of the software window, and click on the Add Files button to bring the newly converted file from the output folder.
5. Customize your settings for the DVD under Burning Settings, and then load a blank disc, and click the Burn button to transfer the video to the new disc.

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