Convert Videos for Mac

How to load converted files to iMovie?

For general iMovie questions, please follow the link below:

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How to convert NTSC to PAL?

The software cannot switch between NTSC and PAL automatically. You will need to manually change the resolution and frame rate.

Please change the output settings as follows:

Resolution: 720 x 480
Frame Rate: 29.97fps

Resolution: 720 x 576
Frame Rate: 25fps

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How do I speed up conversion?

Here are some tips to speed up conversion:

1. Set the bitrate and resolution lower to help increase the conversion speed.

Tips: To learn how to set parameters, please refer to the link below:

2. For converting DVDs, you can speed up the conversion by loading the main movie then going to Video Converter Ultimate > Preferences from the top menu.
Under the Convert tab, Go to “Load Contents in DVD” and select “Main Movie Only” from the drop down menu.

There are several factors that affect the conversion speed.

1. If there are other applications running at the same time during conversion, it is occupying too much of the CPU’s resources resulting to slower conversion speed.

2. For DVDs, it is possible that your DVD drive’s speed may not be functioning optimally.

3. The hardware configuration of your Mac may not be sufficient to handle the type of conversion.

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How to shorten conversion time?

Commonly speaking, the factors below would affect the conversion time.

1. The size of video. The larger video usually means longer conversion time.

2 .The output quality setting. The higher quality for the output file, the longer it takes. It is suggested to select Format>Common video instead of HD movies. Meanwhile, click Option next to Format to enter the dialog, lower the parameter of Resolution and Bit rate accordingly.

3. The hardware configuration of your Mac.

4. External environment during conversion. If there are many other programs are running at the same time with the conversion and occupy the CPU resource too much, it will also affect conversion speed very much.

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How to verify your output file size before conversion?

After loading the video file and selecting an output format, you can check the output file size under the Target information. See screenshot below.

Note: The output file size is only an estimation.

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How to convert an iMovie project file?

Video Converter Ultimate doesn’t support loading iMovie projects directly. You will need to export it first from iMovie before loading it to the application.

1. Launch iMovie. Go to the Share icon> File.
2. iMovie would typically export the video to a MOV file.
3. You can now load the exported file to the Video Converter Ultimate application.

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How do you set custom video and audio format?

Click the settings button (the gear icon) on the top right corner of each output format. A pop-up window will appear for you to set your own parameters. Please note that the default setting is usually recommended for the particular format.

To create a custom format, click “Create Custom” button on the bottom of the window. Name the customized format; you can re-use this format settings later.

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How do you load AVCHD files?

To find the AVCHD file, go to Finder and drag the file directly to the software.

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