Burn Videos to DVD for Mac

How do you keep DVD chapter markers?

Go to Video Converter Ultimate on the top menu bar, and then go to Preferences. Choose “Keep DVD Chapter Markers” under the Convert tab. Load the DVD files.

Currently, only formats for Apple devices will retain chapter markers. Go to the Devices tab near the bottom of the window and select an Apple device (ie. iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc).

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How to rip DVDs created by a DVD recorder?

The DVD created by a DVD Recorder falls under homemade DVDs category. The structure of a homemade DVD is typically different from a commercial one.

Copy the files from the DVD to your local hard drive and then convert single VOB files.

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How do I rip commercial DVD with CSS Encryption?

Most commercial DVDs are protected with Content Scramble System (CSS). This is to prevent them from being illegally copied. CSS is a Digital Right Management (DRM) and encryption system, utilizing a proprietary 40-bit stream cipher algorithm.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is able to convert videos and rip most DVDs except Commercial DVDs. However, you can try third-party softwares like the Free DVD Protection Removal Plugin provided here. It can help enable the software to rip both common and commercial DVD movies.

Check out the guide for installation steps:

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How do you load all episodes from the DVD?

Test the DVD on the computer. If it plays properly, launch the software and click “Video Converter Ultimate” on the top bar menu and go to “Preferences”. Under the Convert tab, go to Load Contents in a DVD and select All Titles from the dropdown list. Then load the DVD and try again.

If the instruction above does not work, try testing more DVDs to narrow down the cause of the error. It can be a certain DVD with a special protection codec in it or if the error occurs on all your DVDs.

In this case, please contact us with the information of the DVD such as title, region code, purchasing link from Amazon (if applicable) for us to test.

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How to burn DVD in Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

Click Burn tab, after you select Burn in Copy/Burn selector, you enter the interface as below.

1) Load videos

Drag directly, or click Add button or Show Media browser to load video files from local disk. You can select subtitle(load subtitle file) and audio track from the drop down list of Audio track switch and Subtitle Selector.

Note: DVD and audio files are not supported.

2) Edit files (optional)

You can edit the imported files before burning to a DVD. Click the Edit button, you can trim, crop, add effect, add watermark and adjust loaded subtitle.

3) Output settings

Type text in the Name box to name the new DVD. There are four output types for you to choose in Burn to box: SuperDrive, DVD Folder, .dvdmedia, and ISO File. If you choose DVD Folder, .dvdmedia, or ISO File, you can choose folder location to save your DVD file in Destination box.

On the bottom of the main interface, you can choose several types of DVD Menu. Select the Aspect Ratio of your DVD: 16:9 or 4:3. You can also choose the Quality: Good, Better or Best. Click the drop down list of Select blank DVD type to select the output DVD type: DVD(D5) or DVD DL(D9).

Click the Preview button to preview your DVD. If you complete the settings, click the Burn button.

Tip: Click Video Converter Ultimate > Preferences on the top menu bar. In the Burn tab, you can choose the Video Mode: NTSC or PAL,  Burn Speed and Play movies in sequences without returning to the main DVD menu.

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How do I copy my DVD to a new disc?

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is not designed to do a direct copy from disc to disc. To make a copy of your DVD you will need to rip the DVD information and convert it to a common video file, then burn the converted file to a new disc. The steps below will explain the steps to do this.

1. Click on the Convert section, then choose Load DVD and select the VIDEO_TS folder to load the DVD into the software.

2. Choose the format from the Output Formats that you wish to convert the DVD into.
3. Click on the Convert button to start your conversion. Once conversion is complete you can click on the Open Folder option to be taken to the file location.
4. Click on the Burn tab on the top of the software window, and click on the Add Files button to bring the newly converted file from the output folder.
5. Customize your settings for the DVD under Burning Settings, and then load a blank disc, and click the Burn button to transfer the video to the new disc.

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