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How Can I install and register in Video Converter Ultimate for Mac?

Please copy and paste link below into your browser to download the full installer. Firefox is recommended.

After the installation, open the program, click Main menu>Register to open the registration window, then copy and paste the following registration info to it:


Tips: Please ensure there’s no trailing blank when entering your licensed E-mail and registration code.

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I have paid for the program, but why is it still showing as unregistered?

1. Make sure you activate the program with your licensed e-mail and registration code. Launch the software, go to the top menu, choose Software name > Register, you can check it there. After registration, the program will be registered as a full version.

2. If you want to remove the limitation of the trial version, such as watermark. You need to converter your original file again via the full version.

3. If you already register the software, it asks you to register it again while you use it next time:
a. Make sure you are logging in with the admin account.
b. If there are many accounts on your Mac,you need to register the software under each account.
c. Try to perform Disc Utility to reset all permissions. Go to Finder/Applications/Utilities/DiscUtility and select Macintosh HD /Click Repair Disc Permission.

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How do you uninstall Video Converter Ultimate for Mac?

To uninstall the application, drag the application to the Trash bin.

If you could not uninstall the application by dragging to Trash, you can use a third-party application, AppCleaner, to uninstall it completely.

AppCleaner link:

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How do you update Video Converter Ultimate for Mac?

Click on “Video Converter Ultimate” on the top menu bar. Go to “Check for updates” to update manually.

To set up automatic updates, go to Video Converter Ultimate> Preferences. Under the General tab, go to “Check for update” and select how frequent you want the software to check for updates.

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How to upgrade Video Converter Pro for Mac.

Launch the product and click the main menu, select the Check for Updates option.

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How to register your software and unlock to the full version?

When you purchase the software, you will receive a licensed email and registration code electronically. You will need these to register the software.

There are two ways to register the software.

Method 1. When you turn on the application, click the key icon on the top right of the window.

Method 2. When you turn on application, go to “Video Converter Ultimate” on the top menu bar and select “Register” in the dropdown menu.

A registration window will pop up for you to enter your Licensed Email and Registration Code. It is recommended to copy and paste your email and code from your email to avoid any mistakes.

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