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35+ fun and amazing Easter ideas [with Party Ideas and Game Ideas]

Easter is a memorable holiday in the calendar. Besides bearing religious significance, Easter is also that day when friends and family converge to party and play games. But besides the usual family-favorite party traditions, which other Easter ideas do you have in mind? Coming up with something unique can activate the good vibes of this special day. So, if you're planning to throw an Easter party, this listicle has some Easter ideas for teens and adults to liven up the Easter mood. Ready to play?

Part 1. 20 fun Easter ideas for teens and adults

#The best 10 fun Easter ideas for teens

1. Easter cooking with teens.

easter ideas

Easter is the time to relax and have fun. But if you look closely, this is also the perfect opportunity for your kids to learn some cooking hacks. Remember that making a holiday meal for all can be stressful and tiring. So, include them in the table decorations, menu planning, and cooking.

2. Outdoor treasure hunting.

fun easter ideas

Does your teenage child know each corner of the map by now? Then, take him and his friends on a treasure hunt with a timer. Just ensure they are hunting in safe locations. Also, the teens should have enough water and work in teams.

3. Egg race.

easter ideas for teens

Sounds fun, right? I'm sure your kids will love it. First, have teams on their lanes behind the starting line. Then each group should get an egg and a spoon. They'll then carry the egg on the spoon and walk it to and around the chair before going back to the line without dropping the egg.

4. Egg tapping.

Egg tapping

Egg tapping, egg boxing, or egg fight is a traditional Easter game that's super simple. Each participant gets a hard-boiled egg in this game and knocks the egg off each other without breaking their egg. Just make sure they don't cheat with alabaster or cement.

5. Egg matching halves.

Egg matching halves

Hers is another Easter game that your kids will undoubtedly love. In this game, your teens must match the tops and bottoms of each egg while keeping in mind the colors. How quickly can you match the eggs? Less than a minute?

6. Backward egg race.

Start by dividing the group into two separate teams and then place the teams into pairs. Then, each couple will stand back-to-back with each player getting an egg. When the play starts, the player will race to their linked teammate and hand them the egg. The egg will rotate to each team.

7. Chocolate sculpture.

Each player gets a bar of chocolate, and a timer is set for a minute. The players will then use the chocolate bar to create a sculpture using their teeth. The most impressive sculpture wins. Don't be biased, though!

8. Double bunny race.

Players form pairs, with each team getting a balloon. Then, mark the start/stop lines at least 40 feet apart. The pair will race to the finish line while kicking the balloon. Remember, the teams can't unlink their arms. Also, the balloon mustn't land on the ground.

9. Rabbit hunt.

Rabbit hunt

Get several small bunny stickers and put as many stickers as there are players on kiss candies. Then, mix the kiss candies with other unmarked kiss candies and arrange them on a grid pattern on the table. Each player will flip over the candies to find the sticker. If they don't see the sticker, they eat the candy. Interestingly, the player who eats fewer candies wins.

10. Easter egg roll.

Get plastic eggs and put a penny inside each egg to add weight. Then, give each participant a plastic Easter egg and a straw. Then, the teens will sit side by side at a long table and use the straw to blow the egg to the flow. The person who blows the egg down first is the winner.

#10 best creative Easter ideas for adults

1. Bath bomb egg hunt.

Purchase some bath bombs and other organic ingredients for your fun Easter egg hunt while taking a bath with your partner.

2. Recipe Easter egg hunt.

Purchase multiple plastic Easter eggs and fill each egg with a wide assortment of recipes for meals and treats. The recipe inside the egg your partner chooses is what you'll cook. Sounds yummy!

3. Easter egg race.

The famous Easter egg race makes another appearance on this list. That's because no one is too old for a fun egg race. Don't drop it, though!

4. Money egg hunt.

Candies are cool. But adults might beg to differ. You can place some $100 notes inside a few lucky eggs.

5. Beauty Easter basket.

Even if your better half claims to have all the beauty products there are, she'll still find this Easter bunny cosmetic bag irresistible.

easter ideas for adults

6. Movie-lover Easter basket.

An Easter basket for movie buffs is one of the best Easter ideas for adults you can come up with. Get a fun card game to test their knowledge as you munch away a bowl full of popcorn.

7. A travel basket.

easter games ideas

Is your other half often traveling upcountry or for business trips? Prepare them for a trip with a carry-on duffel with several luggage tags and an in-flight skincare kit.

8. Chocolate truffles.

Easter is never complete without the indulgent chocolate treat. Adding these tasty chocolate balls to your Easter basket will add some sense of luxury and class.

9. 3D bunny coffee mug.

3D bunny coffee mug

You can brighten up the coffee sessions of your loved ones with a surprising 3D bunny coffee mug. The cute bunny will appear inside the cup once they take a couple of sips.

10. Wondershare UniConverter - Video Toolbox

Wondershare UniConverter

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wondershare uniconverter 13

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Part 2. 10 best Easter party ideas in 2022

1. Boiled egg bunnies.

easter party ideas

Do you want to leave your Easter guests speechless? Then, surprise them with some cute boiled egg bunnies.

2. Set up a kid's Easter table.

ideas for a easter party

Setting up a fun Easter egg table is a great idea when your Easter party is geared towards teens and young children. Adults will also enjoy some cocktails on this fun Easter table.

3. Play an emoji game.

Play an emoji game

Playing an emoji game with 100 rounds is sufficient to make this Easter fun and memorable. Here, players only need to predict the phrases using emoji hints.

4. Bake an Easter egg cake.

Bake an Easter egg cake

Isn't this the tastiest Easter treat for the house party? Place the Easter cake alongside other mouthwatering Easter desserts.

5. Dipped color-blocked cookies.

Dipped color-blocked cookies

A plate full of tantalizing color block Easter cookies will attract the crowd. These cookies will sure look lovely on the table.

6. Bunny party hats.

Bunny party hats

These adorable bunny hats will make everyone on the table look cute and lively. The long ears, pink nose, and adorable whiskers will make the Easter party look like a bunny celebration.

7. Egg ornaments in the backyard.

Egg ornaments in the backyard

The chances are that the Easter party will move outdoors to your backyard. So, boost the Easter feeling by hanging egg ornaments from the trees and bushes.

8. Read an Easter book.

Read an Easter book

Kids will definitely love some story-telling sessions at the Easter party. Fortunately, there are several Easter books to purchase online.

9. Temporary Easter tattoos.

Temporary Easter tattoos

Pre-schoolers and toddlers will love some temporary Easter tattoos at the party. These tattoos can also be applied at birthday parties and school parties.

10. Easter-themed table linens.

Easter-themed table linens

You can transform your traditional white table linens into Easter-themed table linens with some stamped bunnies. This one is relatively easy to achieve.

Part 3. 10 best fun Easter games ideas in 2022

1. Bunny hop sack race.

easter games ideas

A sack race is a fun family challenge, especially when your favorite cousin/niece comes visiting with their whole family. Just get a few sacks and then create the start and finish lines.

2. Glowing egg hunt.

Glowing egg hunt

Adults can set out for an egg-hunting mission after the kids have retired to their beds. You can even hide several glowing eggs around the house.

3. A beer hunt.

A beer hunt

All you need in this simple Easter game is a few bottles/cans of beer, depending on the number of participants. However, there should be a 'gold beer' and a reward for whoever finds the beer. Interesting, right?

4. Egg rolling game.

Can you use only your nose to roll an egg to the finish line? This Easter game is undoubtedly one of the most interesting on this list.

5. Egg drinking game.

No, you don't necessarily need to drink raw eggs. Instead, the attendees will get a drink with a plastic egg inside. Then, you'll place a note inside the egg instructing the player the number of sips to take. Note, however, that this is for adults only.

6. Truth or dare.

Truth or dare

This one will keep you busy and laughing after the egg drinking game. Just slip pieces of paper with questions inside the plastic eggs and enjoy.

7. Egg toss.

In this game, players stand on opposing ends and begin throwing an egg at each other while stepping backward. The last player with an unbroken egg wins.

8. Egg dart.

You can make a wooden target similar to a dartboard and begin throwing eggs. Although this game can be messy, it's still fun to try.

9. Easter egg treasure hunt.

Nothing entices adults and kids to an Easter game like a chance to find a treasure. Here, place notes with clues to find the grand prize inside the Easter eggs.

10. Fitness challenge egg hunt.

Fitness challenge egg hunt

Finally, challenge your gym-going peers to a fitness match during the holiday weekend. Fill the plastic eggs with notes with fitness challenges like ten press-ups, ten sit-ups, 20 squats, etc.

Part 4. Frequently asked questions about Easter ideas

1. What can you do at home for Easter?

There are many Easter ideas to try at home with your family. For example, cook an Easter meal together or play a bunny jump game in the backyard. There's no shortage of options!

2. What is the most popular Easter activity?

There's no one-size-fits-all Easter activity. That's because tastes vary. While some might prefer gardening or playing a sport, others may choose to stay indoors and cook or watch movies. So, choose what works for you and the family.

3. What do families do on Easter Sunday?

Again, different families have different Easter Sunday traditions. However, experience has taught us that families prefer painting and decorating eggs. But, of course, that's after a morning trip to the church.

4. What is the most important thing about Easter?

Celebrating the Easter holiday is vital to many Christians because it marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Now you should be more than prepared for the Easter holiday after reading this post. The thing is that Easter is about celebrating the sacrifice that Christ made for us by partying and playing some games. So, use the Easter ideas above to ensure success of the day.

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