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25+ creative Easter egg hunt ideas and egg painting ideas

The spring season brings warmth and Easter holidays that everyone is looking forward to. Adults and children like to indulge in fun activities like Easter egg hunts and painting to spend quality time.

You can get inspiration for Easter egg ideas that would make your holidays in 2022 memorable with your friends and family. This article will discuss tons of original Easter egg hunt ideas and egg painting ideas understandably.

Part 1. 10 fun and creative Easter egg hunt ideas for 2022 Easter

This section will discuss 5 amazing Easter egg ideas, each for both children and adults. Applying these Easter egg hunt ideas can make the festive time enjoyable yet productive.

#5 Easter egg hunt ideas for children

Get inspiration from the following Easter egg ideas to involve your children in a fun activity:

1. Puzzle Easter egg hunt.

Solving puzzle games is one of the most iconic ideas as it proves to be good for your child's brain development. You can create a puzzle of words or quotes and hide it inside Easter eggs.

easter egg ideas

2. Chocolate egg hunt.

Who does not like chocolates? Spread the Easter eggs filled with chocolates and cookies around your home and make your kids find them.

easter hunt ideas

3. Scavenger Easter egg hunt.

A scavenger hunt is perfect for outdoor places to make the Easter egg hunt more interesting. Spread the Easter eggs with objects outside your house, and participants will collect the objects in a limited time.

easter egg hunt ideas

4. Make a word from Easter eggs.

For this idea, you can fill Easter eggs with different alphabets and spread them all over the garden. Kids will find these eggs and make a word out of their egg hunt.

easter egg coloring ideas

5. Collect Easter eggs.

To make your kids remember colors and shades, you can design an Easter egg hunt game to collect color-coordinated eggs.

easter egg filler ideas

#5 Easter egg hunt ideas for adults

Easter egg hunts are not only restricted to kids, but adults can also enjoy them by using the following Easter hunt ideas:

1. Find the name egg hunt.

You can make the egg hunt interesting for teens by playing name hunting. Write alphabets on eggs, and participants will collect the alphabets to form their names out of them.

easter egg painting ideas

2. Easter quotes egg hunt.

You can write motivational quotes on Easter eggs, and the participants will read them aloud to others.

adults easter egg hunt ideas

3. Challenge egg hunt.

To make the egg hunt more exciting, you can challenge other participants, like any physical or singing activity.

Challenge egg hunt

4. Truth and dare egg hunt.

Truth and dare is the classic game for adults and can be played on the occasion of Easter. You can play this game by writing on Easter eggs, and the finders will either choose truth or dare to complete their task.

Truth and dare egg hunt

5. Guess the movies egg hunt.

If you want to play egg hunt at home, you can write any dialogue or scenario of a particular movie and hide it inside Easter eggs. Participants will guess the movie and will be provided with incentives.

Guess the movies egg hunt

Part 2. 15 fun and creative Easter egg painting ideas

Decorating and painting Easter eggs is the most interesting and fun-loving activity. In this part, we will suggest 15 creative Easter egg painting ideas as follows:

1. Easter egg garland.

Make an egg garland of Easter eggs with the help of a strong thread, and you can hang it in your living space.

Easter egg garland

2. Polka dot eggs.

Polka dots are always in fashion, so you can also apply them to Easter eggs. Use the vibrant color combination to make polka dots.

Polka dot eggs

3. Button Easter egg.

Do you have spare buttons at your home? It's time to use them in decorating Easter eggs to give them a unique look.

Button Easter egg

4. Glittered Easter eggs.

Activities involving glitter always attract kids, so use glitter glues in painting Easter eggs. You can make an interesting pattern on eggs with the help of glitter glues.

Glittered Easter eggs

5. Threaded eggs.

If you want to paint eggs through an easy approach, you can use colorful threads available at your home. Just wrap the eggs with threads, and your Easter eggs will be ready.

Threaded eggs

6. Foil paper eggs.

Have you ever seen an Easter egg wrapped in foil paper? You can utilize shiny foil paper in wrapping eggs and enhance the look with colorful ribbons.

Foil paper eggs

7. Neon-colored eggs.

Neon colors always catch the attention of a viewer. So, you can make use of neon colors in painting Easter eggs.

Neon-colored eggs

8. Deep gold eggs.

The deep golden color is another amazing option to embellish Easter eggs, classic yet simpler.

Deep gold eggs

9. Chicken inspired eggs.

Cute chick Easter eggs always impress the children. You can draw chicken faces on eggs with the help of markers and paints.

Chicken inspired eggs

10. Rainbow colored eggs.

You can also make a rainbow pattern on eggs through water paints. Or you can paint eggs by using the color combination of the rainbow.

Rainbow colored eggs

11. Floral designed eggs.

Flower designs give refreshing vibes and are easy to design. Draw floral designs on eggs and decorate your garden with them.

Floral designed eggs

12. Glaze paper eggs.

You can use glaze or chart paper to decorate Easter eggs reasonably. Just draw some illustrations on paper and wrap them around the eggs.

Glaze paper eggs

13. Silver metallic eggs.

Silver metallic eggs are another creative way to give Easter eggs a shiny outlook.

Silver metallic eggs

14. Vegetable/fruit inspired eggs.

Vegetable or fruit-inspired Easter eggs like strawberries, cucumber, and many more are always delightful to see.

Vegetable/fruit inspired egg

15. Printed Easter eggs.

You can use vibrant color combinations and patterns to create printed Easter eggs to give vintage vibes.

Printed Easter eggs

Part 3. Keep the happy Easter egg painting and egg hunting moments!

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Part 4. Frequently asked questions about Easter egg ideas

1. What can I put inside Easter eggs besides candy?

There are tons of options to put inside Easter eggs, such as necklaces, rings, cookies, coins, toys, lipstick, stickers, etc.

2. What do 8-year-olds put in Easter eggs?

8-year-olds can put stickers inside Easter eggs of their favorite cartoons or characters. Also, they can put other items like toy cars, clay, coins, and stamps.

3. What can I use to decorate Easter eggs?

You can use watercolors and crayons to paint Easter eggs. Once done, you can decorate it with buttons, ribbons, glitter, and tissue paper according to your choice.

4. Can you paint eggs with watercolor?

Yes, many people use watercolors to paint their Easter eggs as it's a convenient way to decorate eggs. Moreover, you can use crayons, oil paint, and other items to embellish them.


Easter season allows adults and kids to be productive and creative by decorating Easter eggs. If you want to start preparation, read this article, get motivation through Easter egg hunt ideas, and apply them in upcoming Easter.

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