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10 best movies for Easter to watch with loved ones in 2024

Easter in 2022 will be celebrated on 17th April worldwide, giving people a perfect time to relax and take a break from their hectic routines. Most of us want to enjoy and celebrate the holiday season with our loved ones by cooking delicious meals and watching good Easter movies.

During holidays, watching Easter movies entertain us and deviate our minds from our normal life. You would find tons of movies to watch, but this article will recommend the top 10 Easter movies in Netflix that you should give a try with your family and friends.

Part 1. 10 best Easter movies to watch with family, friends, and loved ones in 2022

Follow this part to know about the best and must-watch Easter movies in 2022.

1. Rise of the Guardians

Director Peter Ramsey
Release Date 2012
Rating 7.3/10
Runtime 1h 37m
easter movies

Rise of the Guardians is the animated fantasy movie that your kids will love it. The story revolves around Santa Claus and the Easter bunny playing their roles as guardians of the Earth. They aim to save the world from the evil Pitch Black conspiring against the world.

The screenplay of the movie is based on the best-selling books of David Lindsay, "The Guardians of Childhood," and "The Man in the Moon." The film did pretty well on the box office as it grossed about $307 million worldwide. The film also got recognition in Golden Globe awards for the best-animated feature film of the year.

2. The Greatest Story Ever Told

Director George Stevens, David Lean, Jean Negulesco
Release Date 1965
Rating 6.5/10
Runtime 4h 20m
easter movies for families

If you want to watch historical biblical accounts, then the greatest story ever told is a good option to watch with your family. The film is based on some of the major events mentioned in the New Testament about the sacrifices of Jesus Christ. The film also got popularity by the cameo of John Wayne, who delivered some of the iconic dialogues. The film got 6 Academy Award nominations and is greatly remembered as one of the classic history and drama films.

3. Easter Parade

Director Charles Walters
Release Date 1948
Rating 7.4/10
Runtime 1h 43m
easter parade movie

Easter Parade is a romantic musical movie that you can enjoy with your friends this Easter season. The story's plot revolves around a nightclub dancer Don who hired a silly and beautiful girl as a dance partner. Ann Miller and Fred Astaire had been cast for this musical movie. The music of Irving Berlin was the main selling point of this film which produced many iconic songs like "A fella with an umbrella."

The film got huge success and became one of the highest-grossing films in the 1940s. Furthermore, the movie got highlighted in American Film Institute in various categories.

4. Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo

Director Saul Blinkoff, Elliot M. Bour
Release Date 2003
Rating 6.3/10
Runtime 1h 5m
best movies for easter

Kids who adore Pooh would love to watch this animated comedy movie during the holidays. The characters of the movie are Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet, who decide to visit Rabbit to celebrate Easter. But the group of friends witnessed chaotic moments when Rabbit canceled the plan to celebrate Easter.

The movie would be a great watch for kids looking for a comedy-drama movie with their favorite character Pooh. The music is given by Mark Watters, who has successfully funnily depicted the Easter theme.

5. Son of God

Director Christopher Spencer
Release Date 2014
Rating 5.8/10
Runtime 2h 18m
movie with easter bunny

If you want to preach the teachings of the New Testament to your family, watch the Son of God this Easter season. The movie showed the struggle of Jesus Christ when He left his home to spread the teachings of God to the people.

During Jesus's journey, he came across many followers through His persona. However, enemies of Jesus are conspiring his death due to His rising support. This movie is a must-watch to comprehend the struggles and sacrifices of Jesus.

6. Mary Magdalene

Director Garth Davis
Release Date 2018
Rating 5.9/10
Runtime 2h
easter bunny movie

Mary Magdalene, a movie starring Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix, depicted the story of a feminist woman who became a true follower of Jesus. Mary Magdalene has healing powers and left her village to find a sincere path. Later, her encounter with Jesus made her believe in revolutionary ideology to serve humankind.

The film portrayed a platonic relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus and narrated the story of their struggles. This movie is available on Netflix and can be a great watch with your friends.

7. Come Sunday

Director Joshua Marston
Release Date 2018
Rating 6.0/10
Runtime 1h 46m
easter movies in Netflix

Come Sunday is a Netflix original movie that is based on the radio interview of Bishop Carlton Pearson that got aired on the episode of "The American's life." The protagonist of the movie asks some astonishing questions about the existence of God and hell by risking his entire family and life.

The movie amazingly portrays the risks and questions that arise from faith in God. Give a watch to this film to experience the true enlightenment of an individual who has the courage to question the Church's doctrine.

8. Hop

Director Tim Hill
Release Date 2011
Rating 5.4/10
Runtime 1h 35m
good easter movies

Hop is one of the most popular animated and fantasy movies that every kid should watch in his childhood. The plot of the story is based on Fred, a naïve individual who injured an Easter bunny accident and was forced to treat him as a guest on Easter.

The music of this Easter bunny movie was given by Christopher Lennertz, making the film more exciting. The cinematography of the movie is also a great treat to the eyes, and your kids will be hooked throughout the movie.

9. The Ten Commandments

Director Cecil B. DeMille
Release Date 1956
Rating 7.9/10
Runtime 3h 40m
easter movies The Ten Commandments

Do you want to watch an old historical event with your family? You must have heard the name of The Ten Commandments, a movie based on Moses' journey and upbringing.

When Moses got rescued by Pharaoh's daughter, he spent his childhood under Pharaoh's reflection. To save the Hebrews from slavery and torture, Moses decides to stand against the kingdom of Pharaoh. This religious drama movie can be enjoyed with your family members and will surely leave an impression on your minds.

10. The Shack

Director Stuart Hazeldine
Release Date 2017
Rating 6.3/10
Runtime 2h 12m
easter movies The Shack

The Shack is a thriller movie that you would enjoy with your friends at home. The film's protagonist, Mack Allen, who lost his daughter in a tragic death, received some mysterious letters. He presumed that these letters were from God and could get back his daughter by visiting the place called "The Shack."

The intriguing story got more complicated due to major revelations in the film. Mack Allen, played by Sam Worthington, exhibited some exceptional acting skills giving the audience an amazing experience.

Part 2. How to save Easter movies to PC or phone to watch at home?

Do you want to watch Easter movies anytime on your devices? The best way is to download the movies on your PC or phone through reliable software. By doing so, you won't need an internet connection and can enjoy the best movies for Easter at home.

To save the Easter movies, use Wondershare UniConverter for a successful download. The downloader function of UniConverter is capable of saving movies in various desired formats. For your convenience, you can download the entire video playlist at a single time. You can set the resolution, size, and subtitles using this platform with a few clicks.

wondershare uniconverter 13

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To save the Easer movies on your computer, read the following instructions given below:

Step 1 Access UniConverter Downloader.

Start with launching Wondershare UniConverter on your computer. On its user interface, click on Downloader from the left panel.

Access UniConverter Downloader

Step 2 Paste the movie URL.

Copy the URL of the video or movie from its streaming site. Now navigate to the Downloader window again and tap on Paste URL. The software will automatically paste the copied URL of the movie.

Paste the movie URL

Step 3 Modify the settings.

From the displayed window, set the settings of video like resolution, size, and subtitles. Once done with the settings, tap on Download to save the movie on your computer. If you want to watch the saved movie on your phone, you can transfer the file through this tool. You can also watch it on PC by playing the movie on UniConverter's media player.

Modify the settings
Try Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

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The most comfortable way to spend the Easter holidays is by watching good content in movies. This article contains the best movies for Easter along with their summary and ratings so that you can pick and choose easily. So watch these recommended movies and spend quality time with your kids, family, and friends.

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