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3 Online DAV Editor: How to Convert DAV to MP4 Online Free?

"How to convert DAV to MP4 online for free? My system's media player is unable to play DAV files, and my old PC isn't powerful enough to run a file converter. Is there any reliable online DAV to MP4 converter that can do the trick? If yes, how can I manage the online tool to complete the task?"

It is not a secret that DAV files are compatible with a handful of media players. Moreover, it is a challenging task to run DAV files on Android or iOS devices. Whenever such a problem arises, the viable solution is to convert DAV to MP4 online. If you do not know which online tool is suitable for the said task, you have come to the right place. We have shared the step-by-step guide on the best DAV to MP4 converter online. Moreover, we will discuss the most reliable alternative to online converters.

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Part 1. 3 Recommended DAV to MP4 Converters Online

Given the rarity of DAV files, only a small number of online DAV to MP4 converters are capable of completing the job. You can follow this section to collect information regarding the DAV to MP4 converters online, such as the guide to managing the tools and their additional features.

1. Online-Convert

Online-Convert is a multi-purpose and user-friendly online file conversion tool. It works on the browsers of all platforms and devices. Other than converting DAV to MP4, you can change the audio/video codec, bitrate, and video resolution. It also supports more than 50 video formats.

Online DAV to MP4 Converter - Online-Convert

The instructions to convert DAV to MP4 using Online-Convert is as follows:

Step 1. Access the online converter from any browser.

Step 2. Click on Choose Files to import the DAV media.

Step 3. Choose a Preset for the video. Moreover, you can change the screen size, frame rate and manage audio settings.

Step 4. Click on Start Conversion, which will initiate the processing.

Step 5. Press the Download button to save the MP4 file. You can also upload the converted video to Cloud or download it as a Zip file.

2. Video Converter Online

It is another intuitive DAV to MP4 online converter that offers you to upload a file of up to 4GB. Additionally, it supports well over 300 file formats, including MP4. The tool provides complete user security as its servers remove the uploaded content within a few hours.

Online DAV Converter - Video Converter Online

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to convert DAV to MP4 online using Video Converter Online:

Step 1. Open the tool on any browser.

Step 2. Click on Open File to upload the DAV video.

Step 3. Select MP4 as the output format and choose the video resolution.

Step 4. Click on the Settings Tab to manage the audio/video codec.

Step 5. Click on Convert to start the file conversion.

Step 6. Simply hit the Download Button to save the file. You can also upload the MP4 video straight to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

3. Minitool Video Converter

If you want to download app videos online or edit them, another good option is to check out Minitool Video Converter. Not only is this converter great for converting DAV to MP4 and other formats, but it is also very reliable and completely free to use.

convert dav to mp4


This free video converter supports 1000+ conversion formats including 4K/FHD/HD MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, M4V files and audio formats like high quality MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, AAC, AC3. MiniTool Video Converter enables you to convert batch files at once.

Part 2. Extra Solution to Change DAV to MP4 in Higher Quality than Online Ways

Online converters are undoubtedly convenient. However, they offer a limited amount of functions compared to an offline DAV to MP4 file converter, such as Wondershare UniConverter. The reliable program is available for Windows and macOS users.

Moreover, it can convert DAV files to MP4 and 1000+ additional file formats. It is also a handy video editor. You can also merge multiple videos quickly with the UniConverter.

The features of the Wondershare UniConverter are as follows:

  • Convert DAV to MP4 or other 1000+ formats at 120X faster speed than online tools.
  • Batch compress DAV and any format files quickly without compromising quality.
  • Saving online videos in any format and size.
  • Burn videos into DVDs with fabulous templates.
  • Nice AI-Based features like Subtitle Editor, Auto Crop Video for social media platform, Batch remove Background from images, etc.
  • Complete toolbox including Fix Media Metadata, GIF Maker, CD burner, Image Converter, etc.

Download the UniConverter on your computer and install it. Once you do that, please follow the step-by-step guide listed below to convert DAV to MP4 with the UniConverter.

How to Change DAV to MP4 in Higher Quality than Online Ways?

Step 1 Launch Wondershare UniConverter

Click on the UniConverter's icon and run it on your system. Under the Converter section, click the +Add Files button on the top left corner to import the DAV file(s).

Launch the UniConverter

Step 2 Customize the DAV File to MP4

Click on the Gear icon to access the file settings. Under the Video Tab, select MP4 as the output format. If needed, it supports to custom the new video resolution and manage the audio/video codec. Hit Create to finish file customization.

Customize the DAV File

Step 3 Start DAV to MP4 File Conversion

Select the new File Location by navigating to the bottom part of the interface. Click on Convert or Start All to start the process. It will merely take a few minutes for the process to finish. That's it.

Start DAV to MP4 File Conversion

Part 3. Tips about Converting DAV to MP4 for Playing & Editing

Here are some tips related to the DAV to MP4 conversion for playing and editing.

1. Can VLC play DAV files?

If you have default settings enabled on the VLC player, then the software will not be able to play DAV files. However, you can change the Demuxer Module to play DAV files on VLC. The method is as follows:

  • Click on Tools. From the drop-down menu, click Preferences.
  • Click on All and then select the Demuxer option.
  • Under the Demux Module, select H264 video demuxer.

2. How can I edit a .dav file and save it as .mp4?

You can easily edit .dav files and save them as a .mp4 video using the Wondershare UniConverter. The tool supports more than 1000 file formats. Moreover, you can crop, trim, and cut the files. Additionally, it can remove audio from the video. The method is as follows:

  • Launch the tool and click on the Video Editor option.
  • Add the .dav file and apply the editing feature.
  • Click on the Cog button and select MP4 as the output format.
  • Hit Save to finalize the settings.

Try this tool to convert and edit your DAV files at high speed now!

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Part 4. FAQs about Converting DAV to MP4 

1. What's the benefit of converting .dav to mp4?

The great thing about converting .dav to mp4 is that you can play them on any device, and since it's such a popular format, you don't even have to find a compatible media player.

2. Convert DAV to MP4 just because it is a very popular format?

If your file doesn't play on your computer or mobile device, you can convert DAV to MP4 for free using a compatible media player. MP4 is a very popular file format that is easily supported by most DVD/Blu-ray Disc players.

3. What should you do if your DAV file cannot be opened or run on your computer?

If DAV files won't open or run on your computer, it's basically because you don't have a compatible media player to play them. In this case, you will need to download a DVD media player that can play the file or convert DAV to MP4 or other popular video formats like AVI. You can download DVDFab Video Converter as it supports all video file formats.

4. How to convert DAV to mp4 online?

You can convert DAV to MP4 online using a compatible media player encrypted with DAV codec. After downloading the media player, you will select the DAV files, upload them to the player, and then convert the DAV to MP4 or any other popular file format.

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Online DAV Editor: How to Convert DAV to MP4 Online Free?

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