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How to Export VLC File to .wmv Format

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:01 • Proven solutions


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  11. 3.12 What Is an WMV File

VLC video playback software is a freeware that is created by VideoLAN. Many tech experts have recommended VLC as the de-facto playback software for any video watching task. But with portability and the need for better quality videos, the need to use local system file formats has seen a rise in the trend of using WMV file format.

Part 1. Why People Convert VLC to WMV

Below lists 2 common scenarios the best explain why people will need to convert the VLC file to WMV format.

  • To get a consistent file format for easy handling and, at the same time, to retain the quality.
  • It is good to convert VLC to WMV format for Windows users to get the best out of their computers.

Part 2. VLC Supported Output Formats

VLC is open-source software that has large community support for its constant upgrade and advancement. The VLC has catered to different types of users and seeks to support various formats that will help run various types of video and audio. VLC can transcode or stream audio and video into several formats depending on the operating system, including:

Container Formats Audio Coding Formats Streaming Protocols Video Coding Formats

3GP, ASF, AVI, DVR-MS, FLV, Matroska (MKV), MIDI, QuickTime File Format,

MP4, Ogg, OGM, WAV, MPEG-2 (ES, PS, TS, PVA, MP3), AIFF, Raw audio, Raw DV,


AAC, AC3, ALAC, AMR, DTS, DV Audio, XM, FLAC, It, MACE, Mod, Monkey's

Audio, MP3, Opus, PLS, QCP, QDM2/QDMC, RealAudio, Speex, Screamtracker 3/S3M,

TTA, Vorbis, WavPack,[d] WMA (WMA 1/2, WMA 3 partially)

FTP, HTTP, MMS, RSS/Atom, RTMP, RTP (unicast or multicast), RTSP, UDP

Cinepak, Dirac, DV, H.263, /MPEG-4 AVC, /MPEG , HuffYUV

Indeo 3, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2, RealVideo 3&4, Sorenson

Theora, VC-1, VP5, VP6, VP8, VP9, DNxHD, ProRes, and some WMV

Part 3. How to Export VLC Files to Local PC

If your concern is about how to export your VLC files to your PC, then the below-mentioned steps will clear all the queries related to that. Here we like to share the process with the help of the latest iTunes installed to your system and updated iOS device. Let us look at how you can export files from you VLC iPhone to PC, and then we will see the conversion process:

Step 1. Open the iTunes and connect the device from where you want to export vlc files.

Step 2. Select the device in the interface. (As shown in the screenshot)

select the device

Step 3. Click on the “File Sharing” option on the left-hand side

share files

Step 4. It will show a list of apps that can share the file to your computer. Select VLC from the list

file sharing

Step 5. Now drag-and-drop the files from the interface to the PC, which you want to export.

 drag-and-drop the files to export

This way, you can export VLC files to the PC

Part 4. How to Convert Exported VLC Files to WMV Format

After exporting VLC files, it is now time to convert the exported file to WMV. While much online software and free software are available on the market that can do the task pretty easily, the free tools like VLC to WMV converter free and VLC to WMV converter online have various disadvantages:

  • Slower conversion rate.
  • Lack of depth regarding the selection of quality and frame quality.
  • Internet connection is required throughout the process of conversion.
  • Constant ad pop-up, which takes a toll on your net connection.

Therefore, to overcome the above disadvantages, it is important to look for an alternative that will help you to complete the task with ease and convenience. One of the most trusted and advanced software available in the market is Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). It is an all-in-one tool that you will ever need to solve all your video-related tasks. Be it from converting video format from one type to another or editing the videos to get that professional touch, Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is here with you. Its main features are listed below.

Wondershare UniConverter logo Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate)

Your Complete Video Toolbox

video converter ultimate
  • Convert to 1000+ formats, like AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, etc.
  • Convert to optimized preset for almost all of the devices.
  • 90X faster conversion speed than any conventional converters.
  • Edit, enhance & personalize your video files.
  • Burn video to playable DVD with an attractive free DVD template.
  • Download or record videos from video sharing sites.
  • Versatile toolbox combines fixing video metadata, GIF maker, VR converter, and screen recorder.
  • Stream your videos from Windows or Mac to other devices, including Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360, or PS3
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6
security Security Verified, 5,942,222 people have downloaded it

Now let us see how you can use Wondershare UniConverter to get VLC to WMV convert a file:

Step 1 Add the files.

You will need to add the required file to the interface by using the add file button, located on the top-left side of the interface.

add files

Step 2 Select the preference of the output file.

After adding the file, you can individually select the file's output format, or you can do it for all the files in one go.

1. For individual file: Select the drop-down menu, as shown in the image. Then select the preferences as suitable. Then click on the convert button on the right side.

2. For batch: Select the drop-down menu, as shown in the image. Select the preferred output, as shown in the pop-up box. After that, click on start all at the bottom of the screen.

convert in batch

Step 3 Get the converted file.

You can open the converted file in two ways:

1. Follow the finished tab where you can see an intuitive list of all the converted files.

get the converted file

2. Click on the folder icon down below to see the folder where converted files are saved.

choose the folder to find the file

Now you know how to convert VLC files to WMV format so, sit comfortably while leaving conversion to expert software. Wondershare UniConverter is the only tool you will ever need to solve your problem at hand.

* Some of the above codec formats may need to be supported by system.

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