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Best 3 MOV to TS Converters to Convert MOV to TS Easily

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:27:59 • Proven solutions

Converting MOV to TS has become easier than ever before, thanks to the UniConverter. Read this article to know how to manage the tool to convert MOV to TS.

“I have a movie file in the MOV format that I wish to convert in TS to store on my DVD. What is the easiest method to convert MOV to TS? Moreover, is it possible to learn the technique on how to use the MOV to TS converter?”

If you have a movie or a general video file and wish to transfer it to a DVD, it is convenient to change its format to TS. It is because a TS file is a more compatible file type than the rest on a DVD. Moreover, we all know that a DVD generally carries a limited storage capacity. The TS file becomes all the more convenient under such circumstances. It compresses video data using the standard MEPG-2 video compression.

Here, we will share which software is the best in converting MOV to TS. Additionally, we will discuss the brief comparison between MOV and TS file format.

Part 1. Best TS Converters to Convert MOV to TS File

Video conversion could be a time-consuming process. Picking a fast, reliable, and affordable converter holds the utmost importance under such a scenario. Wondershare UniConverter ticks all the boxes as it supports MOV to TS conversion at a 30 times faster rate than your standard file converter.

Other than MOV and TS, the program as much as 1000 different file formats. The interface is light and intuitive, which makes the whole file conversion extremely convenient. Below are some of the top features of the UniConverter.

  • It offers to edit videos professionally.
  • You can compress the video’s file size.
  • It can burn or rip DVD error-free.
  • Versatile toolbox: Add video metadata, GIF maker, video compressor and screen recorder.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7.

You can download the UniConverter on your PC or Mac now and follow the guide listed below to learn how to use the program to convert the MOV file to TS.

Step 1 Run the UniConverter and add the MOV file.

Upon installing the software on your respective system, click on the UniConverter’s icon and run it. Click on the Converter tab and import the MOV file to the interface. Proceed to the next step after that.

Add .mov files to UniConverter

Step 2 Change the settings and select the output format.

After uploading the MOV file to the program, click on the Gear icon next to the clip. From there, click on the Video tab and search for TS. Select the format and pick the resolution for the new video. Moreover, you can change the video’s additional settings such as bitrate, frame rate, and encoder.

Select TS as the output format

Step 3 Initiate MPEG to TS.

Go to the bottom part of the interface and select a new destination on the PC/Mac for the TS file. After that, click on Convert and wait for the program to finish the task. Play the video on the UniConverter or any media player of your choice.

That’s it!

Convert MOV to TS

Part 2. 2 Online MOV to TS Converters You Cannot Miss

If installing a dedicated converter isn’t convenient for you, then you resort to online platforms that allow converting MOV to a TS file instantly. Even though you will find countless online tools to convert a MOV file to the TS format, only a few are efficient. Here, we will share information on the two online MOV to TS converters and the guide to use them correctly.

2. OnlineConvertFree

If you are looking to convert one or more MOV videos to the TS format, use the OnlineConvertFree tool. It is light, fast, and completes the job at 100% efficiency. The platform supports numerous other video file types and converts to your choice for free.

Convert MOV to TS with OnlineConvertFree

The steps to use the online service to convert MOV to TS are as follows:

  • Go to the official site of OnlineConvertFree.
  • Click on Choose Files and add the MOV file.
  • Select TS as the output format.
  • Click on Convert and wait for the online tool to complete the job.
  • Download the TS file after the conversion.

Part 3. Extended Knowledge About TS and MOV Format

If you wish to know more about the TS and MOV format and curious about the fundamental difference between the two file types, then this section is for you. We have arranged for a comparison table that will clear all the confusion.

Formats MOV TS
Introduction MOV is a container file for a video that was introduced by Apple. Its other name is the QuickTime File Format. The videos in MOV format are encoded with the MPEG-4 codec. MPEG developed the TS or Transport Stream file format. It was first used as a go-to format for HDTV.
Compatibility It is compatible with Apple devices, Windows, and several third-party media players, It is mainly used for videos stored on DVD, Blu-ray, or online media broadcasting.
Picture Quality HD HD


After reading this guide thoroughly, now you would be able to judge which out of the three platforms to convert MOV to TS is suitable for you and your device. Each service is convenient and fully capable of completing the task without any hassle. Still, if you are looking for a tool with better speed and extra reliability factor, then opt for the UniConverter.

Free Download Free Download

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