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SWF to MP4 Converter: How to Convert SWF to MP4 Online Easily

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:28:12 • Proven solutions

MP4 has quickly become one of the biggest standards for online video. The problem the many website owners face is that they have a fair amount of content in flash format SWF. If you want to download a flash video and convert SWF to MP4 for posting online or watching on any type of cell phone, you must find a program that capable of quickly converting SWF to MP4. One of the quickest ways to convert SWF to MP4 is with the help of an online converter.

Online converters are an excellent way to convert files because they're absolutely free to use, they don't require the use of any type of software installation, and you can quickly get your file converted without much technical knowledge.

The big problem with using online converters, however, is that they always require an Internet connection. They take much longer than software-based options. They can add watermarks, and they can send out unsafe files and toolbars, and more.

With all of these risks and with all of the hassle that comes with online converters, it is important to find the right websites capable of doing a great job.

Part 1. The Best Online Conversion Tools for SWF to MP4

1. Flabaco

Flabaco: The original purpose of this website was to convert old flash banners for advertising into brand-new MP4 formats for in-game advertising, mobile advertising, and more. The program does a particularly good job of converting SWF, and the creators only ask for appreciation donations to keep the service up and run. Overall the process is fairly quick, and you can convert one file at a time to download the completed MP4 file when it is done. This program doesn't offer much in the way of customization, however. Most users just get one format for the conversion with some quality loss.

Online SWF to MP4 converter Flabaco

2. Convertio

Convertio: This easy conversion process allows for easy online conversion from Google Drive, your computer, or a link. The online converter also makes it easy to save files directly to your dropbox folder as well. This added feature and the drag-and-drop menu make the process of finding and converting files much easier. However, the problem with this converter is that the conversion process is slow, and there is often a queue for the use of the service. With all of the competition and a 100 MB maximum file size, users can be fairly limited using this service when compared to others.

Online SWF to MP4 converter Convertio

3. This service offers easy conversion of over 21 different file types from SWF. This gives users lots of choices, but the main problem is SWF to MP4 conversion on this website can only be done with one type of conversion, and there is a minimal quality loss. Users are also asked to register in order to convert files. The problem with this is that it features just one more step that users will have to go through in order to access the converter. Overall this service works well, but it is considerably slower than some other online solutions.

Online SWF to MP4 converter Convertio

4. Files conversion

Files conversion: Dan’s file conversion tools offer several quality measures for their SWF to MP4 conversion. Users can select a smaller quality and a very high-quality conversion and resolution for the output file, which results in minimal quality loss. Having the option of different resolutions makes this a highly customizable online experience. It doesn't require any type of registration, and the conversion process is relatively fast as well.

Online SWF to MP4 converter Convertio

Part 2. The Overall Steps to Convert SWF to MP4 Online

Once you have identified which program would be the best one to use as an online provider, keep in mind that the steps of converting SWF to MP4 with these services are relatively easy.

  1. To get started, simply enter the URL of the website you have decided on using. On most of the main pages, you will find the prompt to identify the file you would like to convert.
  2. Find the SWF file that you would like to convert and upload it to the online conversion site. The upload process generally takes a few minutes, and you can start setting up your output format after that.
  3. After selecting the output format like MP4, you can set up the output folder area that works best for you. With the output folder selected, you can click the conversion process and wait in the queue for your turn to use the online conversion.
  4. After the file has completely converted, you can download the converted MP4 files for sharing and editing later on.

Part 3. The Better Option to Convert MP4 to SWF

Sometimes you probably want to convert MP4 to SWF too. Converting MP4 to SWF can be done much easier with the help of a program like Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). Instead of having to wait for online conversion, uploads, and downloads on the conversion process, you can simply do the entire conversion on your desktop computer, even without access to the internet.

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) also comes with a full editing suite, resolution/file output changes, and more. If you are tired of struggling with online video editors and you would like a much faster/more flexible solution for video conversion, you should strongly consider downloading Wondershare instead.

Wondershare UniConverter

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  • Burn videos to DVD with customized free DVD menu templates
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