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How to Convert MPA to WAV on Windows and Mac

by Christine Smith • 2021-07-14 12:41:28 • Proven solutions


Today, there are many file formats for storing audio. Some of the most popular file formats include MPA and WAV. While MPA saves losslessly compressed audio, WAV, on the other hand, saves high-quality, uncompressed audio. Therefore, you may need to encode MPA to WAV to enjoy top-quality sounds. So, keep reading to know the best methods to convert MPA to WAV losslessly.

Part 1. How to Convert MPA to WAV with All-in-one MOD to MPG Converter

Wondershare UniConverter is the best computer app to convert anything to anything. With this simple-to-use software, users can convert MPA to WAV without losing quality. You can also encode MPA to OGG, MP3, AU, M4A, and any other audio format you know. As expected, this app also lets users edit audio settings like channel, bitrate, sampling rate, and volume. Best of all, users can trim and merge audio.

Wondershare UniConverter - #1 Desktop Media Converter

  • It can convert between 1,000+ file formats, including MPA to WAV.
  • It edits audio settings like channel, sampling rate, bitrate, and trimming.
  • It supports editing of video files by cropping, rotating, trimming, applying effects, compressing, and more.
  • It downloads videos and audios from 10,000+ video-sharing websites like Vimeo, YouTube, Likee, etc.
  • It’s 30x faster than other computer file conversion, editing, and downloading apps.
  • It’s the best MPA to WAV converter for Mac OS X 10.9+ & Win 10/8/7.

Now apply these simple steps to convert MPA to WAV using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1Load your MPA file.

Install and run the app, then click the Audio Converter tab. Now open your MPA file location, then drag and drop it on the converter. Another way is to click + Add Files to open your local storage and upload your audio file.

Load your MPA file

Step 2Trim MPA audio (Optional).

Do you want to chop off some unwanted parts of your MPA file? In that case, click the Trim icon on your audio thumbnail to open the trimming window. To start cutting, drag the trimming handles at both ends to set a new audio duration. You can also enter specific start and stop times to get a more precise output.

Trim MPA audio (Optional)

Step 3Convert MPA to WAV.

First of all, select a folder path on the File Location section. After that, click Output Format, hit Audio, then choose WAV from the available formats. You can also select an output quality or bitrate. Finally, press Start All to begin converting MPA to WAV.

Convert MPA to WAV

Part 2. How to Convert MPA to WAV Free

Apart from the UniConverter, you can also use these offline and online apps to convert MPA to WAV.

1. Total Audio MP3 Converter

Total Audio MP3 Converter is a free, open-source computer app that can convert MPA to WAV and vice-versa. This software supports batch conversions and can convert between 150 file formats. Interestingly, it allows users to edit audio by cutting, adjusting ID3 tags, and change the bitrate. But unfortunately, the editing functions are pretty limited.


  • It supports more than 150 file formats.
  • It’s a free, open-source app.


  • Limited editing functions.

Total Audio MP3 Converter

2. Audacity

Audacity is another free, open-source audio converter for Windows and Mac. This well-respected software supports a mountain-load of audio formats, including MPA and WAV. That said, this program allows users to export audio to OGG, WAV, MP2, MP3, FLAC, and other audio formats. It also allows users to trim, merge, adjust the bitrate, and perform many different audio editing tasks. Overall, it’s an excellent audio converter to have.


  • Free, open-source app.
  • Supports multiple audio format outputs.


  • No video support.


3. Online UniConverter

If you’re a fan of Wondershare products, use this simple website to convert MPA to WAV on your favorite web browser. This website is simple to navigate and supports most audio and video formats. Unlike offline apps, it allows users to upload MPA from local storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox. When converting MPA to WAV, users can adjust the channel, bitrate, sampling rate, and encoder. Sadly, it supports a maximum of 100MB per session.


  • Free to use.
  • Excellent audio editing tools.


  • 100MB conversion limit.

Online UniConverter

4. AConvert

AConvert is another accomplished name in the online file conversion space. Here, users can convert audio, video, image, archive, and document files. Like most online converters, AConvert allows you to convert both cloud and local files. You can also retouch audio by changing the sampling rate, bitrate, merging, and trimming.


  • Super-simple to use.
  • It offers basic audio editing functions.


  • Ad-supported UI.


Part 3. Extended Knowledge of MPA and WAV Format

File Format MPA WAV
Developed By Moving Picture Experts Group Microsoft and IBM
Description MPA is an audio format that contains MPEG-2 compressed data. This compression method allows MPA files to be smaller while maintaining high-quality audio. Today, MPA uses MPEG Layer III coding standards. WAV is a standard audio format typically used to save waveform data. This file contains audio with varying bitrates and sampling rates. WAV files are usually uncompressed, giving them the big file size, albeit high-quality audio.
Associated Programs Apple QuickTime Player, Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC, and other media players. Windows Media Player, VLC, Apple iTunes, Winamp, Wondershare UniConverter, etc.


Up to this juncture, you should easily convert MPA to WAV or any other standard audio format. Remember that Wondershare UniConverter comes with many functions that you can’t find on the other offline and online apps. Therefore, use it for the best file conversion experience.

Free Download Free Download

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